ChäoS;HEad, Episode 2

Unable to bear the shock of the murder scene, Takumi managed to put it aside, as if it was a delusion. Too busy with Yua, he is however caught back by someone he would never wish to meet even in his worst nightmares…


Takumi is startled to see the same girl he saw at the staking crime scene, and falls down. Clueless about the reason of his reaction, “she” tries to figure what’s going on, but as her only answer, Takumi begs for his life. Using her catch phrase “bishi!”, the girl tries to calm him down and helps him to stand up, but Taku is still completely flustered, slaps her hand out and claims he saw her killing someone. Sulking, she can’t exactly get any more upset than that.

“Bishi”! That was actually the thing I was worried… They didn’t screw much Rimi’s character (despite the first encounter and this one have been greatly changed).
I was however expecting a much bigger commotion from Takumi, he sounded kinda tame, but heh

For your information, Rimi was not supposed to be shown at this stage of the plot. She is supposed to appear few events later after “Yua’s arc”. Ironically enough, this scene is very faithful to the original, aside of the actual context of it.

Takumi then asks who she is, and she wonders if she doesn’t make fun of her. That said, she reconsiders it when she notes how Takumi isn’t coming to school regularly. Hence, she wonders if he “really” forgots her name and stares at him quite insistently.
Takumi is in trance and mutters her first name, Rimi. Quite happy by his answer, she confirms her identity as Sakihata Rimi. While she is relieved by the fact Takumi “did not forget”, he is rather wonder “how” he knew her name to begin with.

This was definitely a mixed bag right here (what’s up with mahou shoujou Rimi? XD). Unfortunately, talking about it would be quite a huge hint, but well, it is time for some white trigger!

[White Trigger]

I really don’t understand why the scripters mimicked the manga, and put a straightforward clue that Rimi induced a strong “suggestion” on Taku about her name. That was really not necessary, as the conflict with Daisuke would have been enough. Furthermore, it has some conflict in the end… I mean, how come Rimi has any effect on Taku’s anyway? I would understand from Takumi himself, but Rimi? huh…

Soon enough, Daisuke enters in the fray and checks on them. Rimi is telling him what is going on while Takumi is still taken off guard by this situation, as if it was normal that both he and Rimi was hanging around. Daisuke snaps him out of his thought and confirms he “should” know her ever since last year.
Clueless about what Daisuke is talking about, Takumi still cannot comprehend the situation and Daisuke shows him a picture of the three of them.

Takumi snatches the cell phone and still can’t believe what he is looking at.

Yet perhaps another spoilerish moment, so I assume no comment for this scene would be wiser here.

Back at his “base”, Takumi is very gloomy and desperate. Soon enough, Seira appears and tries to calm him down, claiming Rimi is just a delusion. Takumi is still wondering about that, but Seira suggests him to set it aside and to play a bit his usual MMORPG. Back to his usual geek mode, he is however startled to see Rimi in his very room, bloody and holding one of these cross shaped stake. Cerain to be killed, he however snaps out of this delusion and sees nothing…

Now that was ugly… Honestly, the quality dropped badly here, with Seira and Takumi: the first screenshot of this pack is rather very sloppy I believe and it is unfortunately not the sole case in this episode…

Bloody Rimi is an anime original delusion, but was quite fine for the mood I would say, especially that it should demonstrate how Taku feels so bewildered and unsecure as soon as Rimi shows up. Funnily enough she still looks tame, “gore” wise, considering how she is stained by blood in the game XD.

…Though Rimi is INDEED here and just look at his figures collection. Still completely stunned to see her, Takumi tries to figure out if it is still a delusion, but after pinching his own cheek, he is stuck with reality. Rimi is commenting about his Seira’s figure, and even mentioning the upcoming “awakened” version, surprising Takumi even more. As she claims he himself told her about that, Takumi can’t believe that and asks her why she is here.
Rimi was worried about him and wants to gets him some drink, but he tells her to leave. Startled by this reaction, Rimi is forced to do so, as Takumi asks her twice.

Ironically enough, they spent more efforts on Seira’s figure design instead of Rimi… huh…

At the police office, the police homicide investigation cell is having a meeting concerning the stake murder case. Inspector Ban is asked to give his report, but he nonchalantly leaves it to his kohai, Suwa. The later then shows to everyone a video recording from a parking nearby. The camera actually recorded Takumi who was fleeing from the crime scene the very next moment after the said crime occured, still holding the stake.
The police has now a clue, albeit a bit vague: male, around 15-20, student at Sumei academy.

This was rather a good change of timing, if you ask me. I never understood why they were so late to give this scene in the game, as it is just a good opportunity to increase doubt about Takumi. Amusingly, Ban always reminded me of Columbo in the game, so I wonder if he will keep his touch in the anime, but it looks good so far about him and Suwa.

The next day, Takumi is still playing ES, trying to forget about Rimi. As he hears some knocking, he is surprised to see Yua here. However, he actually forgot about his promise to pre-order the new Seira figure with her, due of the insane situation with Rimi. Both are going to the shop, but quietly.
They then bump on Nanami on their way, and the later is obviously surprised to see a girl with her useless brother. Wondering if it is his girlfriend, she however gets told that he just accompanies Yua for some figure shopping. Both girls are greeting each other, but Nanami then “assaults” Takumi and can’t help but give him forceful advice so he doesn’t screw up with Yua.

The scripters did another fine job in adding Nanami here, adapting the actual scene already (as explained before, Rimi never showed up that early, so there wasn’t that “forgetting the promise” issue). Ironically speaking, this scene reminded me how Mei is trying to take care of Youhei in Clannad XD (yes totally different, but it is the “carrying imouto, useless ani” effect).

Both finally arrived at the shop, and Yua is having lots of fun while shopping. At the end of the day, she wonders if she can have his e-mail so she can go there with him once the figure arrived, but also to get a deeper bond with him. Obviously, Takumi is just shocked by that.
A while later, he indeed receives a mail from her. Yua was quite happy during the day and hopes she will be able to greet him good morning should they meet each other at school.
Seira was quite troubled by that, and by fear and most likely jealousy, she asks if he will reply. Takumi realizing what is going on, assured her that he is not interested in 2D and deletes the e mail right away, making Seira quite happy.

Well… I do wonder why they swapped Grim for Seira… Sure it is funny to see Seira all flustered about the possible “side switching” for Taku, yet… they are doing a bit too much about Seira being all an “alive delusion”. In the meantime, Grim just was a random guy at the start of the anime and doesn’t show up at all… duh…

As you can read my comment, in this scene, Taku was actually talking with Grim, his online friend and ES guildmate, about his situation. The later was amused by that, thinking he was rather talking about an eroge. Of course, Takumi is still cautious and paranoid about Yua’s behaviour at that given time.
This change is subtly leading that Taku was already attracted by her, and his “love for 2D” impersonated by Seira just screamed warning… something like that.

The next day, Yua tries to see if Takumi is at school, but she can’t find him in his classroom. Rimi noticed her and asks who she is looking for, as she might do that for her. Yua tells her about Takumi, though he is obviously absent. Yua is disheartened to hear that but Rimi then asks if they are friends. Yua confirms, which surprises Rimi as she didn’t expect Taku to befriend a beautiful girl like her. Yua explains her that they only went buying stuff together, but as Rimi asks if something else happened, Yua assures her they didn’t do anything aside that.

Completely original scene again, yet I didn’t feel anything positive or negative here. It might be a simple and cliché attempt to hint romance or so… or even triangle… The scripters are a bit taking too much liberties but heh…
Also… what’s up with the budget this week? Honestly Rimi was downright ugly in the mediam camera pan, it was scary as heck…

The next day, Takumi is going to school, still thinking Rimi is a delusion. Suddenly, he is called out by Yua who is running at him. She noticed him from afar and wanted to catch him up. As stated in the e-mail, she then greets him good morning. Taku is surprised to see her still doing such efforts despite he ignored her e mail and wonders what she is expecting from him.
Then, he goes a happy delusion, Yua going all moe, confessing her love and jumping on him. Totally startled by this wishful thinking, he is then snapping out of his fantasy.
Yua was wondering if he read her e-mail, and Takumi confirms it halfheartedly. Yua is glad as she thought it didn’t reach him due the lack of answer from him, but Takumi then walks again without saying anything.

Looks like it is your generic “my wife!” delusion trigger XD. Admit it, you felt jealous of him, heh? XD
Meanwhile, I’m surprised that Taku was THAT tall. I never noticed much before, but the first cap of this scene shows how a big guy our hikikomori is.

Oh yes… the animation of their walking motion was really pitiful… almost like they were gliding…

Yua tells him she was looking for him yesterday, but as he wasn’t present, she thought he might got sick so she was worried. Takumi is then telling her that he doesn’t go to school regularly andgot treated like a hikikomori. However Yua doesn’t believe he is like this, and even praises him as he still goes to school even if it is painful for him.
Takumi is still gloomy and states he is a disgusting otaku, but Yua says that she pretty much likes him as he is. Unknown to this sudden feeling of happiness, Takumi remains silent after what Yua says.

Then, the school chime rings, and Yua is going, but then tells Takumi that she will wait for him at the courtyard, as she would like to go home with him. As she leaves, Taku is pinching his cheek, confirming it is not a delusion nor a dream.

Simple yet effective, they chosed the good way to demonstrate how Taku is unable to believe his situation. I assume that it is to counter the lack of “what’s up with this? I’m in an eroge?!” effect, though he seems more like daydreaming than getting a struggle between his fantasms and his caution.

After school, Taku passes next to the courtyard and can’t believe that Yua is actually waiting for him. Completely moved by her, Takumi believes she won’t betray her and she might save him.
She then notices him and asks him to go home with him. on their way, they cross paths with Suwa who is trying to find a clue at school.

If they could add Nanami and Ayase in last episode… What about Sena? I fear that they will basically cut short her screentime despite her role (well… duh, scratch that… she had a minimal screentime to begin with).
Now, Suwa’s invetsigation looks more logical with the investigation scene shown beforehand, humu.

Yua and Takumi are sitting on a bench next to a lake. As he is contemplating this peaceful situation, Takumi then notices the gero frogs attached on Yua’s bag and feels like a deja vu. He then remembers that he saw a bag like this with 3 frogs in Room 36, the room nextdoor, where he saw that New Gene wiki.
Yua then notices what he is staring to and wants to give one of the frog to Takumi but awkwardly make her bag drop, spilling its content… full of newspaper articles, all about New Gene.
Takumi is startled by the situation and asks why Yua has such things, but she remains silent, which creeps him even more. Regretting the trust he was about to give to her, Takumi concludes that Yua approached him with an objective in mind, nowhere close of falling in love with him.

I’m actually impressed by the details they put here: they replicated nicely the original BG, and the textures and all were nice… well a bit too nice for consitent balance of the episode: I wonder if they will make a proper job in keeping this series on an “average” value for the quality, because right now, I’m not really impressed and it is quite scary to see such problems despite we are only at the second episode.

As he tries to run away, she grabs his arm. Unable to shake it off, Takumi is taken offguard and Yua is firmly sticking his back. As he behaviour turns into a complete 180°, she apologizes and claims she has something to tell him, in a very creepy way.
She then draws a stake out of her bag, the very same used for the staking murder. Under the pressure, Takumi shakes his head, desperately trying to figure if it is a delusion, but he is stuck in such situation. Yua tells him that she found that in his room.

Takumi is completely creeped by the whole situation and concluded that Yua believes that Yua actually thinks that he is the culprit behind the New Gene cases. As he is about to explain himself, she releases him suddenly. Staring each other in silence, Yua then tells him that she didn’t want to do anything else aside of making him aware of the situation right now.

Creeps scored nicely here. They sticked faithfully with the original scripting. I would however nitpick the fact that it was a bit unconvincing for a girl like Yua to be able to restrain a big guy like Taku that quickly. I would rather expect him to shake her more violently, but her being able to stop him in the same fashion. It is possible of course, but he was more like a very easy target than anything else.
Ah well, props to Yua’s VA for the very cold demeanor and succession of hammering lines (implying well some obsession and attempt to shake Takumi, in order to make him face the reality).
And…Holy… these stakes are really getting bigger and bigger Oo. They almost look like short swords/knifes…That begins to be quite awkward as they don’t seem exactly practical or whatever. Again a terrible consistency issue.

Yua then asks him if he has any precognitive power which sounds completely off to him. Yua then draws out the picture Shogun sent him before, freaking him out. Yua wonders why he had such image, especially a day before the said incident. Takumi claims the image was sent by Shogun… Frightened completely, Takumi believes Yua is actually shogun and beg for his life, but Yua tells him she found the image in the cache data of the PC in Room 37, the one that Taku usually uses.

She then shows him a log between him and shogun but… weirdly enough, the timestamps don’t match at all. Worse, it seems that shogun lines are dated a day later. She then concludes that he is Shogun.

I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t push Yua’s reasoning to the very end. What is missing is how she actually investigated deep down in Taku’s private life. Meanwhile… I find it amusing that the animators did put “sono me dare no me” in this very moment, despite they didn’t use it properly before nor during the chat between Taku and Shogun.

As I mentioned it, Yua went much more deeper in her research. She actually investigated Takumi’s habits through the help of his classmates: she figured that he is going to @café during at some specific days of the week, and conveniently, the day Shogun sent the image, he was supposed to go at the net café.

Back at his room, Taku is playing mindlessly ES, broken.




Overal Thoughts:

Well, this episode wasn’t bad at all. They did a very good job at keeping everything like in the game: pretty much keeping a proper story progression, and setting up Taku in this madness.

I’m however very disappointed by the quality once again. This episode was really sloppy, both in quality and animation aspects. They did a lot of disproportioned faces and traits here and there (especially Rimi’s), while the walking animation wasn’t impressive at all. I admit that C;H wasn’t looking stellar in term of visual aspect to begin with, yet I wonder how come they are unable to do something better than usual “soso” harem romance series in such regard, despite they have studio madhouse backing them up. If only this was as neat as Casshern or Kurozuka (both by the same studio this season), it would have been excellent.

That aside, the visual aspect didn’t impair much the plot and the execution, which were, as I said, nice enough. They didn’t skipped details as big as in episode 1 (though Grim’s disappearance is quite a downer here).
Even if the tracks aren’t impressive, I must say they were able to time them well (especially for Yua and Takumi’s last scene), though they are still too discrete.

Next episode should bring more insight for Takumi, while Ayase and Kozupii will have (perhaps?) a proper introduction.

7 Responses to “ChäoS;HEad, Episode 2”

  1. 1 Epi October 22, 2008 at 7:58 am

    Wow this anime is pretty creepy to say the least, most probably because I’m watching it at night in the dark.

    Please keep up your multi-coloured reviews, they are very interesting to read, and the best I could find out on the net.

    As a ‘first-time’ watcher of this series, I think it has been done pretty well so far. I think there were a bit too many hints (how many times do we need to see the 3 frogs?) within the show, but overall it is quite mysterious and creepy. And sure the animation isn’t Gundam quality, but I think it’s pretty good for what it is, no complaints here.

  2. 2 Avisch October 22, 2008 at 10:47 pm

    Yeah really. I really love comparison posts like this (a few were done for Higurashi once). So thanks.

    Yua really annoys me, mostly because she took advantage of Taku, but more because Taku was actually beginning to trust her (and therefore he’s going to be moving more to 2D)

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