After so much trouble to attract Youhei’s attention, Mei can’t help it but try to make him able to be back at the soccer club.
Tomoya and Nagisa are assisting Mei in this difficult task, but an unexpected result will emerge.


At school, Youhei is once again skipping classes, making Tomoya concerned again. Later at the drama club room, Kyou wonders what’s going on with Mei and mentions how she, Ryou and Kotomi saw Mei and Tomoya having fun the other day. Kotomi would like to have fun with her, letting ler listening to her violin play, but Kyou doesn’t believe it is a good idea, for obvious reasons.
Nagisa explains that Mei is concerned about Youhei, and in a flashback, Mei believes that if she manages to make Youhei play soccer once again, he might become the coold brother he was befpre.
Kyou is however is optimist about that idea because of the incident that has happened, which Tomoya agrees. Both twins also bring up the facts that the soccer club members aren’t exactly the kind of people anyone would tag along with.

More continuity, and as usual, I really like this little details, such like these three knowing about Mei etc. Kotomi’s “Ijimeko” gag worked wonder here XD

Afterschool, Nagisa and Tomoya joined Mei and they discuss about the fact that Youhei is nowhere to be found, even asking to Sanae is no good. Hence without him around, it would be difficult to make him back to the club. Tomoya is still concerned about the inevitable troubles she will get through in asking to the soccer club members, but Mei is strong willed and will go alone. Of course, Nagisa and Tomoya won’t let her go alone and stick with her.

The three of them are trying to convince the soccer club members to let Youhei play back soccer. However the later are absolutely not fancying the idea. Mei says that at this rate, youhei wouldn’t be any good, but they believe he was no good to begin with.
They are laughing at them, stating how losers are being in groups (Tomoya being the same as Youhei, Nagisa forced to repeat) and Tomoya gets angry, but nagisa stops him right on the spot.

I was expecting jerks, and my expectations weren’t betrayed. The way they were behaving reminded me a lot of the delinquent episodes of FMP? fumoffu.
That said, I think they pin pointed right “how they would brush them off”, even if mentioning Nagisa is a bit weird in the whole argument (I don’t think she was ever popular or noticeable, until perhaps one of them is in her classroom, which wouldn’t be far fetched either).

They are then discussing with Yukine. Although Tomoya is concerned how they are barging again in the reference room with more problem, Yukine is fine and she got used to have guests consulting her for numerous problems.
Yukine asks what happened with Youhei with the soccer club in order to understand the situation.

When Youhei entered in the first high school grade, he joined naturally the soccer club but the senpai and other players weren’t anything respectful, using their kohai as their slaves, and youhei exploded and started the fight after one of them threw a can at him.
This is the very moment he met with Tomoya who also had a fight when both were brought to the staff room and since then, they sticked with each other until now.
Because of the fight, he was not able to participate to the next matches and he left the club.

Yukine wonders if he would enjoy playing soccer if he could get back in the club. Mei doesn’t know about it, but there isn’t much option about it.

Yukine then explains about her brother, who was also a delinquent. Of course, they are surprised about that, and Yukine then comments how she was scared of him before, now she is able to know him better. He has good points, but he is simply unable to bring them out himself.
Tomoya comments how Sanae felt the same about Youhei and Yukine believes that Youhei has good points, even if it isn’t soccer.

This is where Yukine looks really very similar to Sanae in term of personality. Same smooth and understanding aura, she gave good points even if it is difficult to realize it, as Youhei was doing the jackass quite recently.
I really liked how they hinted Yukine’s route here, and I’m looking towards it.

The next day, in the classroom, Tomoya asks what Youhei was doing yesterday, but the later is just vague. Of course, Tomoya brings again the matter about Mei and asks him if he is worrying about her, but Youhei is “fine” and pretends he doesn’t have time to worry about her, as he is busy with Sanae. Tomoya is astonished and asks if he is serious, and Youhei nonchalantly confirms so.
Tomoya tries to knock him some sense, but Youhei still claims that Mei doesn’t care about him. Tomoya is pissed off and screams him to stop fooling around, grabbing his collar.
Everyone in the classroom are taken aback by the situation and Ryou tries to stop him, but without much success. Tomoya points him out what Mei is doing with the soccer club, but Youhei doesn’t pay heed much to that, completely clueless about what he is trying to say. As Tomoya glares at him, Youhei does as well, ready for a brawl.
Then, Kyou and Kotomi barge in to stop them.

Tomoya, still angry, leaves the classroom.

Nakamura gave again a nice “angry” Tomoya without being uselessly loud. It certainly delivered well how Tomoya was quite fed up with Youhei’s complete disinterest to Mei, deserving some punch in the process.

Afterschool, Tomoya tells to Nagisa and Mei what happened, and Youhei is still nowhere to be seen.
As Mei is pumped up after what Yukine said, she wants to try again with the soccer club. As Tomoya is standing up to go with her, Mei still says she would be fine alone, but Nagisa disagree that it is a bother for them. Ironically enough, as she is standing up, Tomoya asks her to go home as it might get ugly, so him and Mei would be enough. Nagisa doesn’t back off and will take care of Mei should there be a fight or so. Unable to argue more about that, Tomoya let her do what she wants.

This is a very fine proof and subtle detail how Nagisa grew over the series.
If we compare with her mindset in season 1, her weak willed demeanor would end instantly in her awkward “hah… is that so… okay”. Nagisa grew quite brilliantly and steadly, and it is quite nice to see her proactive and not the “damselle in distress” as she was at the very start of Clannad.
And this is of course not the only details for this episode, same goes for many little details in the late part of S1 and in the first 3 episodes of AS.

The three of them are asking the club captain again, but he claims there is “merit” that is missing, and Mei asks if she can do ANYTHING.
The captain doesn’t care about that. As he is about to join the other members for practice, Mei and Tomoya gets in his way and Tomoya even bows down, The captain is amused by their efforts, and he tell them they will take care of the balls.

Speaking of development for Nagisa, Tomoya is also a good indicator of that. Of course, Tomoya was never shown as a backbone and violent delinquent, but he is really shown doing his best for people close to him, despite it was something he would never do spontaneously before (remember? he was complaining how he hated the city, how his life was monotonous etc. It changed nicely over time, and the basket ball and baseball matches are just more evidences of that).
And yet again, these guys are really annoying…

Tomoya, Mei and Nagisa are ready to get any ball, but the soccer club members are abusing their service: they are shooting balls “innocently” out of the goal, in a very rapid succession, leaving no rest to them.
They are exhausted, but they keep going on. Then, Mei got directly hit by a ball. As tomoya checks on her, he notices how they are actually having fun with that, obviously doing this on purpose. However, Mei doesn’t give up.

It is quite heartrending how Mei is pushing her limits to that, even though she has NO guarantee they will ever reconsider her plea, nor how long the treatment will last…
They did quite a good job, it was the same effect in the game, except it feels a bit longer due of the nightfall in there.

At the end of the training, they took care of the grounds.
As they then go back to the club room, the major part of the club members already left, so they have to deal with the remaining members and the captain, obviously the ones that are the most hostile to Mei’s plea. And as expected, they are playing dumb and as Mei asks once again to let Youhei participating the club room, they downright refuse.
They pretend there is no point to help trash, and Mei argues that Youhei is a good guy, but then they hit hard: they state that Youhei knows what her sister and co are doing, yet he asks here where her brother is, as he is leaving her doing this lowly job. They conclude he just has forsaken her. Mei is unable to bear it and cry.
They begin to be annoyed, but Mei still claim they are wrong and her brother would always came to help her. The captain then grabs her arm and drags her along, telling her that she doesn’t cry loud enough to let Youhei hear her.
Tomoya cannot stay silent after that, but Nagisa tries to prevent him going violent. However, Tomoya tells her he reached his limits and cannot forgive them.

Even if I already played this route, I couldn’t help but felt quite some rage when these bastards were just trampling Mei’s efforts and feelings.
I was actually encouraging Tomoya to bash them up right where they were, and of course, I wouldn’t be disappointed, with what was coming.

As he is going to go for a fight, Youhei barge in and kicks the captain holding Mei.
Tomoya soon enough join the fray, leaving Mei to Nagisa’s care, and both guys are having a brawl.

2 words: FUCK YES!

Youhei and Tomoya are lying on the ground in the rain, exhausted by the fight. Tomoya calls him an idiot after everything has happened, ordering him to apologize to Mei, who is sitll crying after the mess. Tomoya rants how Youhei is no good as a brother, which sparks another fight.
Tomoya begins to beat him up, wondering why he left Mei alone. Youhei claims he was worried about her, but Tomoya calls him a liar, as he didn’t do anything. Yet, Youhei surprises him, saying that since it was Tomoya, it was okay. Nagisa and Mei are completely helpless and cry out them to stop.
Retaliating, Youhei takes down Tomoya and says that it was his role to protect Mei as her boyfriend, so he thought he could hide himself to the very end, but he couldn’t stand anymore.

Nagisa then intervenes and Youhei is completely stunned to see her here, which permits Tomoya to land a blow on him. As he is about to resume the fight, Mei clings on him and apologizes. Youhei finally understood the situation and embraces his little sister.

Climax! Sakaguchi and Nakamura really went out nuts on their performances, and it was definitely moving how they were clashing their conviction. If you add that a very good animation despite not a lot of series of the same genre would have such kind of luxury investment for that kind of sequence.
I really liked how they used Nagisa as a good opportunity to make Youhei realize what was actually the mess (originally, Nagisa wasn’t part of the route at all), so the conclusion went naturally with Mei apologizing for the trouble, while Youhei understood deepdown how far she went for him. Distant siblings are finally “together”.

Next day, Tomoya is quite beaten up and Nagisa wonders if he shouldn’t rest. Of course, tough as he is, he is fine and is more worried about her. Then they bump on Youhei and obviously, tension rises.
However, after a little while, they laugh wholeheartedly together.
Kyou, Ryou and Kotomi are passing by and are completely clueless to that despite their state, while Nagisa is smiling, out of relief.

Simple, yet very meaningful. Both guys laughing with and at each other, probably reflecting how they were silly, and how similar it is to their first encounter.
Despite how they are goofing around and how Tomoya can be sly in his bullying jokes, they are deep down best friends, and for good reasons.

Some time later, Youhei receives a letter from Mei, who is still concerned and hopes Youhei will take care of himself properly. Mei will then try to find a close friend, like how Youhei and Tomoya are.

Youhei prepared himself to face Akio, asking Sanae’s hand.
As he does, Akio is speechless while Nagisa and Sanae arrive. Nagisa is still surprised that Tomoya didn’t tell anything yet to Youhei, and Sanae herself says that Akio is her husband, which shatters completely Youhei’s dream.
As an obvious and instant aftermath, Akio is burning up, staunchly defending his “posession” and chases after him.

Everyone saw it coming right? XD
Poor Youhei, and Tomoya cracked me up with his “oh, good luck”. Seriously tough, he was lucky that Akio didn’t have his swo… I mean bat! XD

As Tomoya is laughing at the scene, he is reminiscing how he met Youhei the first time. Both were in a bad shape, as result of their respective fight, but they were laughing at each other seeing their state. Ever since, they knew they could act stupid and have fun together.

They are silly, yet they are great friends. The mood of the memories, the BGM and the ending “CG” worked wonder, and it is no wonder how these 2 boys were a pair for so long.
And again, Kyoto Animation didn’t hesitate for details, as they downright went uber faithful with the ending CG, see below:




Overal Thoughts:

Definitely a great adaptation we have here. I really liked how they polished everything on every character’s feelings here, especially, as I said, the seiyuu performances for Youhei and Tomoya.
The tension was quite here and they pulled a nice closure to the sunohara siblings route, which gave more depth for Youhei and Mei, but also the dynamics with Tomoya and plenty of details around.

Next episode will be about Misae, and I was laughing out loud for that SUPLEX… I sense lots of KANAME MODE XD (see FMP? fumoffu if you don’t know what I’m talking about).
Misae should be only 2 episodes worth at most, but she will most likely add another tile to the “light orb” matter.


7 Responses to “CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~, Episode 4”

  1. 1 rave_master16 October 23, 2008 at 7:15 pm

    1st post. Now that Siblings arc is over, I wonder how will they handle Misae’s arc. It will be better if they will animate also some Yukine arc to reduce the number of episodes for the real After Story.

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama October 24, 2008 at 3:58 am

    Well for all that people like to talk about Sunohara apparently being gar because he’s loud and obnoxious, this is probably the closest he’s come to theoretically, possibly, conceivably almost being gar. It’s the fact that it was in defense of his sister this time that makes me want to just give the moron a slim pass. It’s probably the most I could have hoped for with this character anyway.

    Still the episode could have used some battleships and politics. 😀

  3. 3 Myssa Rei October 24, 2008 at 4:13 am

    I have to say the Sunohara route turned out pretty well in the adaptation, but it’s too bad we never get to see what the heck Yohei’s been doing to support himself on-screen (whereas in the game it’s revealed that he’s been working with Yusuke as a lineman).

    Onward to Misae’s arc!

  4. 4 IJ October 25, 2008 at 7:05 pm

    Kaioshin: Code Geass ended weeks ago. You were looking for that here?


  5. 5 Kaioshin Sama October 25, 2008 at 8:14 pm

    @IJ: It’s an IJ, or in long form, an In Joke. :p

  6. 6 Violet Moench September 15, 2011 at 8:05 am

    at least one of the best CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~, Episode 4 When Anime Past Meets Present I uncovered up to date

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