Tytania Episode 03 (From Hero To Zero)

The Character That Is Hopefully Going To Make Deathasaurus Finally Watch Tytania….Even If She Doesn’t Seem To Have Any Purpose So Far

I’m starting to notice a trend with this show.  The scenes that take place in Uraniborg seem to be aimed at the crowd that enjoys complex politics and power plays, while the scenes with Fan Hulic seem to be aimed more at your average otaku with scenes that are more cliche and arguably just seem to cheapen the whole experience a little.  Luckily Fan Hulic himself wasn’t the culprit this time and instead it’s the “hot chick” that gets introduced this episode.

Tytania having documented Fan Hulic’s success at Cerberus makes good on it’s plan to try and recruit him this episode and no sooner does Fan touch down on the democratic planet of Emmental before he is captured at the resident unemployment office by the Tytania governor of the planet, the extremely foppish Alses Tytania. 

No That’s Not Supposed To Say Duchess, Alses Is Indeed A Duke

Before that though he is met by the most out of place seeming character to date in Lira Florenz, the aformentioned “hot chick.

A Girl Who’s Voice Seems More Fitting For A Character In An Eroge And Who’s Pants Can’t Seem To Decide Whether They Are Jeans Or..

Hot Pants With Leggings

So at first Lira bumps into Fan and appears to be just an average everyday girl woman ???? in search of a nice ice mate.  Really though she’s looking to steal Fan’s wallet and this is how they end up flirting with each other a bit before she takes him to the unemployment office.  I can’t say I really cared for this sequence at all, but she does sort of become important later (unfortunately) so I guess it’s relevant.

Anyway, after Fan is brought before Alses is when things finally start to get interesting.  Alses is under pressure from Salisch to convince Fan to join the Tytanian army and it seems that the two brothers don’t get along very well at all.  Alses is annoyed that he is stuck on this backwater planet and is looking to make his way into the inner circle of the Tytanian family it seems, but Salisch is quiet adamant that he’s to stay on Emmental and wait to have Fan Hulic picked up.  The message is quiet clear from Salisch that he doesn’t feel that Alses is worthy of setting foot inside Uraniborg, and Alses while more than likely stung by this unvitation knows the way things work.  Later he relates this ideal that in Tytania’s universe there are those that rule and those to be ruled, and seems to go about trying to establish Fan’s potential place in the Tytania military by referring to him by the name Fan Hulen, which I can only assume is a way to try and brand him with a slave name of sorts.

Fan however seems to believe that there is a third type of person, one who’s position is to neither rule nor be ruled.  A free man if you will.  He also takes mild offense to the idea of being referred to by Fan Hulen and seems to pick up on what is going on.  Anyway, the part I liked most about Fan and Alses’ interaction is that both seem well aware that Fan in fact is incapable of repeating a major feat like the defeat of a Tytanian admiral on the battlefield, because as I said last time he merely got lucky and won by a series of events that just happened to fall into place and he took a gamble.  In other words, it was less outright skill and more what Fan humbly refers to as an accident. Of course as Alses says,  Tytania is allowed to be seen losing a battle against a tactical genius, but can’t afford to be seen losing a battle by accident, even if that’s pretty much what happened thanks to Ariabart’s arrogance.  So Fan needs to be made out to be that genius, of the kind that Tytania would have in it’s army, even if he’s not actually going to be doing much but disappear into the ranks and presented as a propaganda tool.

Nooooooooooooo!  Really?  Cause you know I thought you were all like Zhuge Liang out there….

I kind of got a chuckle out of that and am glad to see that Fan is a humble sort after all who pretty much just wants to be allowed to make his own way in life without to much of a bother. Being a hero wouldn’t hurt, but I guess whatever happens happens is his basic approach to life.  Fan in this episode appears to be a man who enjoys the peace that Tytania has brought about.  So much that he even offers to join with Tytania under his own terms.  He seems to almost regret this soon after though, and the ominous sight of one of Alses’ fish gobbling up one of it’s own seems to hint at the kind of fate that could await Fan Hulic once he entered the ranks at Uraniborg. 

Before we know it though one of Alses’ servants who turns out to be a part of a resistance delivers Fan into the hands of Lira who turns out to be the leader of said resitance and who was well aware of Fan and his pedigree the whole time.  In fact she wants him to be the tactical leader of her war against Tytania and for the restoration of her country of Casabianca which was destroyed by Tytania 30 years ago.

Now here again is where I end up being slightly underwhelmed.  The whole scenario is teetering dangerously on the realm of cliche now.  The whole resistance group led by the spunky female survivor of a fallen peaceful planet against the big bad evil empire that destroyed it just reeks of the kind of generic plot that Toei frequently came up with in….oh pretty much every super robot show they ever made.  Thankfully Fan in all his unwillingness to be led around doesn’t seem all that keen on joining her cause because he believes that Tytania has brought a lasting peace to the universe in it’s dominance and ability to inspire fear in dissidents.  It’s an oppressive peace, but peace nonetheless, and why sacrifice it for the cause of a country that is long dead, for petty revenge.  Unfortunately this excellent point is then followed up by a stupid scene of Lira having Fan’s wallet again and it seems like somehow that has led him to consider her request.  Sigh….I fucking hate Lira’s character….

Luckily again though it seems like this rush to resistance might in fact have been planned all along by Ajman, as could quiet a few other events that have happened since the start of the series that appeared to be losses for Tytania, but actually seem to be exactly what he wants.  I’m almost dead certain now that Ajman is looking to end a period of stagnation and lack of progress and improvement in the overall political, social, technical….well the whole shebang that is day to day life in the galaxy as a result of Tytania’s utter dominance.  He wants resistance and a rebellion and in this episode we see him installing Idris as the captain Emperor’s Imperial Guard, knowing that Idris in all of his brutality will insitute a crackdown so sweeping that the people will finally be unable to stand it anymore and pockets of resistance will spring up.  Yes, Ajman seems to be looking for conflict, of that kind that will test the hegemony of Tytania and bring change and progress for the human race.  There’s really no while periods of war bring suffering and misery to many, they are also often era’s of great strides in progress, learning and advancement as well.  It’s a win-lose scenario in so many ways, but one that is as tied to being human as any primal urge is.

The episode more or less ends on that note, and after seeing it through it’s also possible to see the contrast between Fan’s and Tytania’s scenes in a more positive way I suppose.  Fan’s scenes more or less present the way things are from a more down to earth and common man point of view.  The kind that is probably easy for your average viewer to relate to.  Hence why there are characters like Lira and the foot stomping secretary in them.  They are like the break that allows you to reflect on what just happend in the previous scene with Tytania.  Tytania on the other hand, their scenes add the intrigue to the Fan’s more laid back scenes and make what’s happening with him seem a little less laid back and possibly even orchestrated by Tytania after all.  The scenes contrast each other and appear to influence ones impression of each side, while not forgetting to make clear that they are happening light years away from each other in areas of the known universe that are quiet different from each other culturally and politically. 

I just wish the female characters like Lira and Lydia didn’t have to come off looking like desperate ploys to garner the series more mainstream attention from otaku, the moe crowd and possibly your every day Deathasaurus.  Then again what am I saying I already know they don’t have much of a choice if they want to make the show profitable.  Hopefully Lira will have some more depth eventually or she will turn out to be a more minor cog in the grand scheme (very possible from what I’ve heard of the novels) and that Lydia will eventually do something besides plant flowers and look cutesy.  We’ll see next time.

Rating: Seven Out Ten


13 Responses to “Tytania Episode 03 (From Hero To Zero)”

  1. 1 The Animanachronism October 26, 2008 at 9:54 am

    No love for Lira? Her bizarre trousers are a potential zettai ryouki revolution.

  2. 2 ZI October 26, 2008 at 10:57 am

    Lira’s not very interesting but unfortunately Tytania look a lot more mainstream than Logh, so we will have to deal with it.

    I absolutely love alses, he’s awesome with his fish and I can’t wait to know how he’s goig to punish the boy for betraying him.

    On the “resistance”, I wouldn’t be as pessimistic as you, the organisation seems so weak that I don’t think it’s going to last very long.

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama October 26, 2008 at 11:09 am

    @The Animanachronism: As true as that may be, when it comes to Space Opera I’m far more interested in the characters then I am what they are wearing. Hence why I also found it bizarre that Lydia was wearing a rather revealing tank top this episode.

    @ZI: You know, I love this show, but I can’t help but agree without a doubt that it’s being targetted more readily to the mainstream then LOGH was. I can’t fault it too much though as they have to make money and so far it hasn’t really gone overboard with moe moments or anything, something I will admit Code Geass did at times to my chagrin. As an aside, that’s not an invitation to come out swinging against said show here folks. It’s just a simple sentiment that I never admitted to before for fear of such a situation, among many other minor nitpicks I kept quiet until the end of that show, and the many I still continue to keep quiet in order to preserve the tranquility of this blogs comment board. I’ve been on this earth long enough to know how one thing leads to another, and that’s what sort of worries me a bit about some of the plotlines that have been introduced into Tytania this episode and where I fear they might lead.

    Really though, I just worry about some of the characters and what they might be doing in the future and whether perhaps the story is going to be a little less epic (the real epic, not the internet epic) then I had originally anticipated.

  4. 4 ghostlightning October 26, 2008 at 11:38 am

    I think Code Geass changed the game. If something as pandering as that could not only be so damn good and at the same time be smash hit, then shows that would normally be ‘hardcore’ would most likely dabble in general fanservice. Oh yes Code Geass got away with murder as far as I’m concerned, never mind all the whining that it inspired.

    I think of Ghibli works like Mononoke Hime, Laputa, and the Nausicaa manga series where there were definite cute moments. But my experience of them is generally heartwarming and certainly does not detract from the critical acclaim I and many others award them.

    Can the modern anime series accomplish this? It doesn’t seem that they’re interested in trying. I try not to pay too much attention, and in some cases I just sell out and enjoy the fanservice. I just hope Tytania sticks close to what it’s really good at being – an intriguing, grand yarn of fops at war.

  5. 5 deathkillz October 26, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    ZOMG a female character! *Generic moe sensor is firing off rockets!*
    Hopefully it isn’t some kind of mainstream ploy as that might just kill your own enjoyment 🙄

    “To watch…or not to watch?” hmm…

  6. 6 Enact October 26, 2008 at 3:43 pm

    She’s in the novels and seems vaugely important from what I’ve read so far (just got book 1 in the mail) so I’m sure she’s not just some Otaku ploy. Though, that girl with Fan…….I’m having Lunamaria Hawke flashbacks all over agian.

  7. 7 Kaioshin Sama October 26, 2008 at 6:51 pm

    @Ghostlightning: Yeah, but the Ghibli movies also treated it’s women with a great deal of respect and refused to take advantage of them as tools to be used strictly for fanservice. Legend of The Galactic Heroes also managed to do that and have very strong female characters, but I’m thinking that Tytania is only giving it a half effort. In a way I almost see that as slightly worse then directly pandering because at least when a show just has girls for the sake of moe you know what to expect. Here I feel like I could be jerked around by the likes of Lydia and Lira in the episodes to come, wondering if they are here as serious characters who will be having a continuing impact on events or just there to trip Deathkillz moe sensors. I’m not sure how to feel when I can’t get a read on a characters personality, beliefs, and place in a story.

    @Deathkillz: You already know the answer to that question.

    @Enact: I’m thinking more Cagalli Yura Atha. The girl that fights the space empire because her home country was destroyed and is a bit of a tomboy.

  8. 8 tigerlily October 27, 2008 at 4:12 am

    good lira that some of the worst fashion disasters i have seem for quite sometime, at this point am getting depress at the lack of girl power whether it’s in the good side or bad, well i guess the building up, politics, and tactics makes up for it >:/.

  9. 9 Myssa Rei October 27, 2008 at 5:17 am

    This is a delicious surprise. Fan is shaping up to be less than a Yang or Reinhard wannabe than, dare I say it, TYLOR. Okay, that’s a bit much, but one gets the feeling that Fan’s the type that’ll try to make the most of his situation, while not really caring for the chaos erupting around him — chaos he did not cause.

    The thing is, while he might not like being in a position of responsibility (*snickers*) or power now, how long will circumstances remain that way?

  10. 10 Catharsis October 27, 2008 at 8:32 pm

    I’m wondering exactly what is he government structure of Emmental. While the narrator calls it a democracy, episode progression shows that Tytania holds considerable authority. I highly doubt Alses is part of the Emmental government as Tytania would never allow one of their positions of power be vulnerable to the will of the people. Perhaps its simply hard imperialism and Alses is operating under extraterritoriality?

  11. 11 Kaioshin Sama October 28, 2008 at 4:32 am

    @Tigerlily: I think Gundam 00 went and topped Lira’s outfit with Sumeragi’s undersized uniform. What’s with all the shows I’m watching having girls in midriff bearing outfits this week?

    @Myssa Rei: With Tytania actively trying to manipulate his fate, not long I’m guessing.

    @Catharsis: An excellent point that I was considering myself the other day. How can Emmental have a free democratic government if there is a Tytania there acting as a representative? Perhaps the planet is in the process of being converted into one of Tytania’s territories. It certainly seems that way when government officials are happily turning over ex-pats to Tytania while asking nothing in return. Or perhaps Emmental is one of those democracies in name only like the Democratic Republic of The Congo where a facade of freedom and propaganda promoting false freedom is put in place by the government, but power is not actually in the hands of the people and instead belongs to a regime headed by a strongman. In this case Alses Tytania.

  12. 12 kanazuchi October 28, 2008 at 8:06 am

    Well I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Lira is kinda annoying, especially her voice-acting that sounds straight out of your typical moe or eroge characters. I don’t think I hate her character nearly as much as the voice-acting. Sorry I have to get that off my chest.

    I do have to say, however, characters in Tytania have much better fashion sense than the ones from LoGH, but your comments about her clothes are funny nevertheless. And like you said, I like how the show switches from lighthearted Fan mode to dead serious Tytania mode and so forth (the novel does the same, devoting one chapter mainly to Tytania and the other mainly to Fan etc). I like the fact that Fan jokes, and sometimes it’d a bit hard to tell when he is serious. And when he’s serious, it seems as if he’s joking. And from the way he makes decisions…he really doesn’t have much of an ideal, does he? That scene with Alses is excellent tension there (no, not that kind of tension). Although I do wonder why didn’t the Resistance camp do anything before Fan’s arrival, like why didn’t Lira convince Fan to join her if she knew who he was? Didn’t several people die stealing Fan from Alses? They must be pretty desperate to put up with such…unnecessary sacrifices. I mean, they already has this boy-servant planted near Alses and those Resistance camp people just popped out of nowhere, and it seems their sole purpose was to get Fan to their side…..sad.

    As for Ajman, I have this inkling that he’s bored with the peace and wants something interesting to happen soon. If you look at most of history all the famous people happen to be famous because they were at a time of conflict rather than peace. I guess nobody in great power wants to go down in history as as a nobody. They want to be known as the guy who changed the course of history or something. Err that was horrible writing, not sure if I’m making sense here.

    Anyways, I enjoy reading your posts about Tytania and will keep reading them. I’m surprised you know who Zhuge Liang is! I suppose you’ve read the Romance of Three Kingdoms?

  1. 1 The Rape of Klan Klan « We Remember Love Trackback on October 28, 2008 at 9:58 pm

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