Tales of Abyss episode 5 ~ Princess charming, Dist and ‘BL’

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Luke is such a “happy yarooo~”

I think I am beginning to see what’s so appealing about Natalia’s character and should seriously be pleased by it…if only this isn’t such a reminder for me that Tear needs to do something. As sad as it is to admit, she hasn’t done much since the first episode nor has her character “shone” as much as I would have hoped. If this contiunes, it almost looks like if she has been demoted to being a supporting character who is just aimlessly tagging along with the group. So with the introduction of Natalia (a potential rival perhaps?) I hope it will kick start Tear to do at least something other than just ‘being there’.

Thoughts: Though I must say, the overall story for the series is progressing pretty damn well as far as I can see. Shame that I don’t know the game otherwise I would have been able to compare with what has missed out or changed, but based solely on the anime I would say that the pacing they have now is pretty stop on. This episode was rather dialogue heavy but I guess this is fine if they show some ass kicking scene later on in the series.

The main mystery with this series is Luke himself and how things seem to revolve around him. Is this due to the score? “dun dun DUNNNNN!” or is there another motive behind everything. Well the most obvious answer would be the latter but you never know just how deep things will get. For now though, the events that has happened in this episode definitely can’t be taken at face value.

The main suspect for me has to be Van. Luke’s teacher, his mentor, his guardian, father figure…and now someone who he wants to connect with by going over to the dark light side. I hope I’m not the only one getting ‘strange’ vibes between him and Van even if people are mostly drooling over Luke x Guy and their innuendos (just the other day I’ve learnt that it could also be called “in your endo” *rolleyes*).

Anyway, Van is everything to Luke EXCEPT a bad guy. That to me screams out like a sore thumb. The way how Van is treating Luke like someone he must care for is rather unnatural and you just can’t but help that there is a hidden motive behind it. Oh what irony would it be that if HE is the one trying to start the war and is using Luke as a future weapon (after he has fully seduced him first of course).

So assuming that he is an evil yaro then this is all beginning to make sense. The boat scene where he tries to teach Luke how to control himself after another hyperresonance is highly suspicious too. What a coincidence that he was there at the right place at the right time. I am thinking that he may have been controlling Luke in some way or other to get him to hyperresonance. Though because Luke and Van make such a great pair, I don’t think I would mind if he falls for his trap or whatever (Luke…*rolleyes*).

As for the rest of the episode, Dist showed up and provided some entertainment. I am surprised to hear that he used to be friends with Jade but then again, they are both scientists in their own right. But Dist really isn’t the smart one, is he…he may be knowledgeable but when it comes to being sly, Jade has him beat and possible the whole world beat XD

The fight was quick but still enjoyable. Van showing off some power there when he managed to destroy the hunk of metal with one blast…I think he would make a fine boss character if it is going that way (and Tear would get her revenge!).

Natalia like I said earlier is a welcomed addition to the party. She has overheard the love talk between Luke and Van so this has gotten all that much more interesting. If she uses that type of information to blackmail Luke, that is practically a free “more screen time” ticket. I laughed when she opposed Guy, causing him to flee like his butt was on fire. Tear on the other hand is still rather static…and bland…she apologises way to much for stuff that isn’t her fault and that is kind of annoying and I thought she was the tsundere type. However! I am still fanboy for her and will continue to be.

Screen caps and “wise guy” comments:

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Whatever is on that disk…is scary, but I wonder why he says that

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History lesson again

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It’s Dist! and his ‘fabulous’ introduction…

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…is completely ruined XD

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+ 1 for Jade

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That is one funky and impractical looking robot

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Or lightning provided you have enough to nuke it to hell, wow Van O.O

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Luke wants to try too

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You know what, from this angle it looks like Van is…*gagged*

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Notice the emphasis of the word “us”

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*Sigh* He spends one night with Van and now he tries to act all mature

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At least here comes a ray of sunlight

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HAHA Gay, I mean Guy XD

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She should have said mother, but aunt is close enough

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The guy is definitely evil…definitely

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Why that sounds just like…Asch

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That sounds like a plan…

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Yes Luke, go jump into his bulging chest ^^

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*Chokes x2*

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Natalia is going to have fun finding out that her husband is G-A-Y…


12 Responses to “Tales of Abyss episode 5 ~ Princess charming, Dist and ‘BL’”

  1. 1 FlareKnight October 28, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    Oh these pictures are so much fun. Its almost bad how much I’m laughing at it all. Seriously lets save the girls and ship off LukexVan. I played the game and starting to wonder what went down on that boat :). Nice of Van to clear up the kidnapping assuming he’s not lying which would be weird. Since Jade did note that he didn’t know about Malkuth being connected to it.

    In terms of “Why that sounds just like…Asch” at least it makes some sense why Luke couldn’t figure out who they were talking about. Also saying he’s never looked in a mirror and forgot when Ion told him what Luke’s name meant….That guy really isn’t sharp.

    Tough for the girls in this series though. Guy can’t go near girls due to phobia, Van and Luke………..so yeah options are starting to get limited here.

    Someone should tell Tear she was having a chat in a room that clearly had the atmosphere of an evil plot.

    Dist and Jade banter is a lot of fun. Dist can make some decent robots but man he can’t talk to Jade without getting owned. Not to mention he got smoked by Van. Luke doesn’t like Jade that much to begin with. So disk doesn’t have to be too bad for Luke to want to kill Jade. But will be interesting when they reveal the contents.

    Pacing I think is good for all the story that has to be covered in this series. Sure would have liked expansion for the fight with Arietta since the series has made her look pretty weak.

  2. 2 Setsu October 28, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    “She should have said mother, but aunt is close enough”
    No, she’s referring to Luke’s Mom, who is her aunt. Yes, Luke and Natalia are pretty much cousins (Luke’s Mom is the King’s sister btw).

    “The guy is definitely evil…definitely”
    Mohs really is the type of guy you hate from beginning to end. He’s a villain through and through.

    As for Tear, yeah, she loses a bit of importance in these last few episodes, but her development is tied to her relationship with Luke and Van, which is why we don’t as much of her, especially since the last few episodes have been focused more on the other characters. Once we start getting our first real answer, then Tear will start to pick up.

  3. 3 Narona October 29, 2008 at 12:45 am


    Deathkillz, I love your comments below each pictures XD

    You forgot to talk about the important scene right at the beginning of this episode…. when Jade is looking a the data from the disc. And the main comment from Jade “Luke… someday you will hate me enough to want to kill me…” ^^

    The Dist scene was pure win, seriously <3. Jade’s replies were hilarious. I really look forward to Jade him in each episode. He’s awesome ❤

    About Natalia, I WANT her outfit XD. That outfit is beautiful. (yeah, you look at the girl, me I look at her clothes XD…).

    As you said, everything about Van screams that he is TOO nice and weird to be a true nice guy XD

    Guy……….. I told you, he is not gay!!! There is a reason behind his phoebia v____v. You will see XD. That scene was hilarious BTW.

    Someone on Animesuki posted that Guy is very popular among the maids, but due to his phoebia, he fears them…. Hahahaha XD

    And Tear………………. yeah, that’s true. She was kinda useless in this episode, and she seems to hide some things from the party because of that pope man! Anyway, she is still so cute ❤ Who cares if she is useless or not XD !

    Nice review overall given your lack of free time ^^. Good job.

  4. 4 Narona October 29, 2008 at 12:47 am

    Oh I missed the screencap about the first scene, sorry XD. But still, that scene is VERY important. I’m sure that many people who haven’t played to the game have now made some guesses from it ^^

  5. 5 miken-chan October 29, 2008 at 1:53 am

    After some lurking, I find that I like your blogging for ToA — I’ve always been a fan of little notes under screencaps. Well done!

    You’re not the only one getting ~vibes~ from Van. He is well known throughout the Tales Series fandom as “Master Badtouch” for a well-founded reason. Also, Luke is just that clingy — it’s even worse in the manga adaptation of the game, so count your blessings for now. XD;;

    “Why that sounds just like…Asch”
    Nice catch! I applaud you — not many people seem to have caught that (at least those who have not played the game)

    As for Guy’s phobia. It’s more of a “I love girls but they have to be at least 4 feet away from me” kind of deal. Oh the poor girls he leads on~ XD;;

    Natalia’s not-so-loved in the game fandom for some strange reason. I think she’s awesome too — not to mention she has the best wardrobe out of any character, costumes and all. She presents herself as strong and level-headed, but softer and more straightforward than Tear, who comes off as too cold a bit bland for a large portion of the story.

    Also — for not getting the “history lessons”, it’s perfectly normal. I didn’t really get it until I was about 30-40 hours into the game. Still, this is far better than trying to understand the books in the Daath library on my first playthrough.

    Jade’s foreshadowing is working! I think that if I got an HQ version of that image, I could try to distill the text using the “fonic font” I have downloaded to my computer — basically the alphabet in Tales of the Abyss. Of course, I’m still too lazy.

  6. 6 Setsu October 29, 2008 at 4:26 am

    As for the shounen-ai-ish moments…yeah, there’s a reason why Tales of the Abyss has the most shounen-ai/yaoi doujinshi of any Tales game.

    However, even with all the homoeroticism, there’s really only one character who is without a doubt 100% gay. That character is obviously Dist. I’d like to post the clip that makes it clear, but semi-spoilers in it. I’ll post it later when it comes up in the anime.

    Oh, here’s the boat scene from the game in English (The scene is awesome in any language, but I’m leaning toward English with this scene):

  7. 7 jhj October 29, 2008 at 6:03 pm

    Luke is so fucking stupid Van just pulls out a hey I kidnapped you and Luke just completely lets that pass by and gets all excited about Van “needing him” I really wouldn’t mind if Luke dies or gets kiidnapped and Tear becomes the main character

  8. 8 deathkillz October 30, 2008 at 1:37 am

    @Setsu ~ “No, she’s referring to Luke’s Mom, who is her aunt. Yes, Luke and Natalia are pretty much cousins (Luke’s Mom is the King’s sister btw).”

    Okay, that is new to me. Thanks for the correction XD

    About the Yaoi stuff though, I think that people (aka fangirls) just enjoy making innuendos out of anything concerning BL just for the sake of it. I mean, I truely believe that Luke and Van aren’t “gay” par say, but just can’t help making fun of them XD
    I can see Dist as the only GAY character in the series. Runny nose Dist XD

    @Narona ~ Sadly, I already know the reason (DO’H!!).
    But not knowing how things will be resolved is good enough.

    Yea, there is something really fishy about the info contained on that disk. I mean, why would Luke hate Jade for anything?

    @miken-chan ~ And thank you for scanning the manga chapters XD

    Guy’s condition is kind of strange imo. How can he be just “half gay” and not fully?
    Seriously though, if he likes the look of girls and do feel attracted to them, it is just weird that contact turns him running the opposite direction. Normally I would have thought that he would just be scared of girls and end at that but he isn’t…

    One of life’s great mysteries *rolleyes*

    As for Natalia, I can see why she isn’t that popular because Tear basically steals all the spotlight. Though I am a Tear fanboy, Natalia is appealing to me more than I think it should have.

    @jhj ~ Haha…right on XD

    Luke is sooooooo gay for Van XD

  9. 9 Kaioshin Sama October 30, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    @jhj: Just hold out for a few more episodes with regard to Luke. Trust me on this.

  10. 10 ghostlightning October 31, 2008 at 5:50 am

    @ Kaioshin

    I was going to rant about Luke… okay I’ll take your word for it. Otherwise I’m really enjoying this show. Right now Luke is dripping with narm and is so loudly annoying. Maybe he’ll turn into Amuro Ver.Zeta halfway into the season.

    @ Deathkillz

    I agree that Tear needs to do something awesome soon. I was lured into watching this because my friend kept telling me she’s made of win. I like her, no problem. I just wish she’d do something that’ll wow me soonest.

  11. 11 hika November 3, 2008 at 9:03 pm

    ““She should have said mother, but aunt is close enough”
    No, she’s referring to Luke’s Mom, who is her aunt. Yes, Luke and Natalia are pretty much cousins (Luke’s Mom is the King’s sister btw).”

    Yes, she’s referring to her aunt, but I find it a little weird to say “go to see my aunt” while talking about the boy’s mother. It works in Japanese, but not so well in English, imo. It should have been adaptated to “your mother”.

  12. 12 ROMULO37 July 14, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    very good…
    congratulations to pictures and site =D…. Guy’s much smiler xDD


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