ChäoS;HEad, Episode 3

Yua revealed some shocking truth to Takumi, and the later is unable to figure “who is he”. Completely clueless to what’s true and false, Takumi will investigate himself, though another unexpected event will put even more pressure…


In the past, Takumi was longing to go on a school trip, but his parents forced him to stay at home. Out of frustration, Takumi draws the school bus, cursing it with some muttering.  Surprisingly, as soon as he tears off the sheet of paper, they got news that the said the excursion bus got an accident. Thinking it was due to his own thought, and thus, a possible power, Takumi became silent and very introverted.
As result, his mother took him to a hospital. Waiting for his turn, Takumi remembers of the doctor who took care of him, and believes it would be ok if this doctor examines him once again.

Here comes the start of chapter 2. They did a quick job about this part, though it is relevant enough for the plot. I’m however wondering why they couldn’t add more “depth” for Takumi’s past… Well, you will see that in the green text.

Actually, Takumi explained in the game that he didn’t feel like talking and people around were worried about that, thinking the accident might have affected his mind for good.
Amused by this situation, Takumi still stayed mute, but Tanashina noticed that he could talk and such. Because he actually noticed what was truely his problem etc, the doctor received Taku’s trust, and soon gets out of the hospital. This is the very reason why Takumi would like him to take care of him again.

[White Trigger]
As said before, the text is in white, so you will have to highlight it in order to read it. Please remember that the following portions will be a direct comparison with the game which are extremely spoilerish unlike green text.
Yay for the Nozomi badge… I know that it was given away in the game, but I think they could have been a bit more discrete. This move is rather dangerous with the OP, showing blatantly how the NOZOMI crew are the “baddies”.

Takumi is called and the doctor Takashina asks him right away the issue. As Takumi tries to make him remember by stating his name, Takashina is absolutely clueless and believes it was just the usual polite greetings. Takumi is surprised by that, while Takashina asks him some questions about his worry of sleepwalking. In the end, there is absolutely no decisive proof that Takumi has such issue, but for all intent and purpose, they will be monitoring Takumi for 3 hours, even if the circumstances and conditions might not be met. The nurse, Hazuki then leads him to a bed and places some electrodes on him. As she leaves, Takumi then has another Seira delusion, cosplayed as a nurse. Drown in his bliss, Takumi slowly falls asleep.
In the end, 3 hours have passed, and nothing happened.

I dunno if it is me, but I wonder if they didn’t make Hazuki, the nurse, a bit more lively (while she was a bit less “warm” before). Well, that is not relevant anyway.
The good thing with this scene is that they didn’t miss the detail that such examination result might be false as circumstances etc might not be met for sleepwalking. This was already in the game, but missing it would be a bit oversimplyfing the problem.
Also… holy hell, the animation is downright horrible. Please notice how Seira’s lips are skipping tons of frames, and almost off synch… I mean… this is sure cutting short the budget…

A little trivia: in this green trigger, Seira was actually appearing in 3D, in order to invite Takumi in the 2D world. After a… well, passionate kiss, Takumi turns into 2D, joining Seira.
Of course, since she is appearing in 3D delusion in the anime, the change was pretty much natural.

At school, Rimi is deep down scared by some lame ghosts stories. Then, Daisuke asks who is the student on duty for the day, as a teacher requires some help. It is Rimi and she goes to the library. As she is trying to pick a book that is out of her reach, Ayase is picking it for her.
She then returns to the table where she piled more occult books. As Rimi is contemplating how Ayase is in it, she then leaves.
Ayase then stars outside of the window, thinking about the incoming resurrection of the demon King, Glajiol.

I think they really didn’t need to introduce Ayase now. Her first apparition as FES would have been enough to gauge how… “special” she is.

As you can figure, this scene is pretty much original (like the one with Rimi interacting with Yua). Ayase was only meant to be seen in the concert, and she was easily seen as a hardcore goth girl.

At his room, Takumi is still pondering about both Yua and Hazuki’s statements, unable to confirm Yua’s accusations. Thinking he is really not doing this one man show, Takumi concludes the picture was in fact edited. Seira suggests that he should check and prove that picture was indeed modified.
As he is trying to find any weird detail, he is horrified to see himself in it. The fact he was never at that area before adds more weight on a possible “image from the future”. As he is checking the properties of the image, it indeed has been created the day before the incident. Feeling completely restless, Takumi feels again this “gaze” and utters once again “Whose eyes are those”, thinking how he felt someone was gazing at him all the time ever since he was a kid.

…Finally! They took so much time explaining “Whose eyes are those” phrase, yet they still screw around with Takumi saying it out of the blue…
This was supposed to be explained at the very start of the story, hence it would have given much more sense and substance to the said phrase, being seen or said around.

[White Trigger]
…but why did they make Takumi saying that, but not puttng that very line in the properties comment box? That would have been a big hint and creepy factor about Shogun, which was already lessened by the fact that Shogun wasn’t seen typing this line at the first chat…
I really can’t understand the scripters’ decisions.

Yua is doing some research on her side and ends up on a wiki page about Dissociative Identity Disorder. Resting on her bed, she is feeling sorry for Takumi, concluding he has a psychological disorder. Yet, as she is squeezing her frog mascot, she can’t help but continue.

Rofl, they kept the parody name XD. I’m actually surprised how faithful this scene is, though Yua’s grip was kinda scary (poor froggy).
For those who didn’t play the game, please note Yua’s behaviour. It is actually interesting how they conveyed her situation with this simple scene. You will understand her role and objective if you are perceptive enough… or if you read the white trigger, of course.

[White Trigger]
I think they couldn’t go any more blatant with Mia’s picture here. I liked the original scene because the picture was actually well blent with the CG, so until someone wonders “why does she have a picture of herself on her desk…?”, it could be missed easily.
Now they just went a bit forceful with the obvious, so I wonder if some anime watchers will notice the differences between the 2 sisters before figuring a twin sister.
If you compute that with her “obsessed” side and detective stance, it is pretty much giving a nice material for a “victim avenger” theory.

Completely overwhelmed by his shock, Takumi tries to find any clue about precognitive power, but he is unable to find anything.
Seira then suggests Takumi to check out the occult board on @channel. After skimming a bit, Taku found something about a music band, Phantasm. It seems the lyrics of a song written months ago match coincidentally with the stake incident.
Takumi wonders if FES, the singer, is actually Rimi but as he checks the site, he doesn’t find anything. Left with no other options, Takumi checks the next live concert, which is the day after tomorrow. However, Seira reminds Takumi how a live house is not so great and that he will be in the middle of the 3D.

Nothing to comment much on this scene except that “cruxifiction of faith” sounds a bit contradictory to FES’ style, but heh XD
Yet once again, the quality of this ep is seriously low, but in design this time. Seira and Takumi were not consistant at all, especially Seira’s eyes and chin. I hope they didn’t cut the budget because of the swords.

At the day of the concert, Takumi is waiting outside for Daisuke, who actually served as a scout for both the concerts and the CD. Daisuke is completely excited by the concert, though Takumi tries to gather information about FES. As she seems to be someone else than Rimi, Takumi is then dragged by Daisuke in the concert.
As she is done with the ongoing song, FES gives a little… “goth” (?) speech. As she is going for the next song, something weird appears: a translucid transparent sword, that Takumi believes to be a mic stand.

FES’ sword effect is… well okay. The fact it is transparent or solidly seen (as shown in the game) don’t matter much anyway. I honestly believe the effect is half baken and looks more horrible than the normal sword. If you do something that is supposed to look “cool” and “shiny”, do it to the very bitter end instead…
I will rant again, but I largely prefer the original inserted song from the game, THOUGH the one used for the anime wasn’t bad at all. If you wish to listen to it a bit, here is a youtube link: Zaika ni Keiyaku no Chi wo.

As she is singing passionately, the mood changes quite weirdly and Takumi notices that she is actually staring at him. Then she gets off stage and walks towards him, undressed intermittently. She finally reaches him, and clings on him, leaving Takumi completely flustered. As he is contemplating her sword, he then gets out of that delusion, but still stared by FES.
Once the song is done, she then suddenly says the recurrent phrase “Whose eyes are those?”. Freaked out, Takumi leaves, puzzled if FES is on Rimi’s side or not.

Hahaha, they did use that green trigger. Well, Taku is your usual horny creepy otaku XD.
I would just complain that the “weird borderline unhealthy” mood completely disappeared. They didn’t put enough emphasis to the type of “fans” of Phantasm concert, so the crowd looked completely void and lifeless here, instead of the “yeah do her!!” or “he has been chosen !!!”.

As you can see, Phantasm was supposed to be a very effective band for their goth style and the crowd was originally bunch of fanatics, going all over for FES. As soon as she is shown going through the crowd to get Taku, they were indeed supposed to be dead silent at first, as if they were in a mass, they then go all over the lucky taku.
They really didn’t want to make some “sect” vibes I assume.

[White Trigger]
Good point they have done here: they put some emphasis on Ayase’s stare, and they subtly hinted that she is actually the one who created that delusion.
I just think that the “whose eyes are those” becomes way too redundant because they make Takumi saying that.

Elsewhere, Kozue is gazing at a fire, but then feels a sudden headache. Her mother is packing their stuff, as they are moving to Tokyo soon. Kozue is however not so enthusiast by that and stares at the fire, where she set her previous uniform and books to fire.

Takumi is forced to buy his cellphone with Nanami. Of course, he is completely disinterested, while Nanami is having fun on her own.
Taku manages to get away, but then sees from afar a girl from the same school with a strange oversized sword. Of course, Takumi has hard time to imagine someone with such big toy in the middle of Shibuya. Then, Nanami hits him with her bah, ranting how he ran away and left her alone. As she is forcefully taking him back to the store, that sword girl is staring at him.

Sloppy animation and quality again, but not as exaggerated as previously.
I must admit that Nanami annoyed me a bit with her whiney and forceful approach here: she didn’t appose much such obnoxious vibes in the game, but her overdone play when she chased Takumi was a bit out of place. In such case (only for this, of course), I can somehow understand why Takumi considers her as an annoyance.
As for Sena with her big double claymore… Well just like for FES, the effect on the sword is not really to my taste but heh ^^”

At a fast food restaurant, Nanami claims she will teach Takumi how to use a cellphone as he would obviously let it home without trying it one bit. She then shows him her new gero frog, which obviously doesn’t stir any excitement to him. Nanami notices it has been a long time they didn’t go somewhere.
As she is having a bite, Takumi is taunting her about the fact she is going to be fat. As a reponse, Nanami asks him if he wants to have half of her hamburger, but he declines, still grinning creepily. Of course, Nanami comments how it would make girls angry if he gives such comments.

Takumi then goes home, planning to play again his MMORPG.

… Please… I’m not asking something like Kyoto Animation, Sunrise or BONES quality but… Nanami’s design is not even consistent for 2 instants that were barely separated by a… very random and idiotic zoom on hamburgers (not a so good way to have a cheap cut on your budget). I won’t pick on the frog, but at least… a main character deserve to have a proper design consistency, and this is also aimed at Takumi: his hair style was quite different for few seconds…
Well, this scene was quite quick: they did the hamburger scene, but unfortunately, they didn’t put the cute aspect of it… That’s a shame though, as it shows Nanami only concerned about her weight here…
And no, don’t ask me why they put the hobo straight on the face like that, even as a VN player, I have no idea.

Back at his room, as he is playing, Grim contacts him through his messenger, announcing the fourth New Gene case. Taku checks the link and sees that a picture of the case is used in an auction, which concludes that the seller is the real culprit. As he sees the picture, Takumi notices something. After the zoom, he is horrified to see that phrase once again.

…Why… why did they changed the scene like that? Well the essence is kept, but I really question the liberties the scripters have taken so far…
By the way, I’m amused by the reflection of the image on Takumi’s eye, because it is simply wrong here. Why? Because it is working like a mirror, but weirdly enough the image was not reversed on his eye. That doesn’t make much sense then. Okay, this is only a detail, but that mere detail is part of the visual consistency that a studio ought to take into account when they are actually trying to use these (if you can’t do that, just don’t use any reflection then…)

[White Trigger]
*postal mode*: why… did… they… screwed… grim’s announce?
It would increase the shock factor that the anime dampened so far. I mean… Grim going all “innocent” with an auction link, then BOUM, the green corpse.
Ahh well…




Overal Thoughts:

*Shakes head* this episode managed to keep the core of the plot, once again. But it was really not stellar in term of mood and execution unlike before.
Regardless the fact I’m spoiled or not, I hardly felt any pressure or creeps as the scripters went TOO fast and didn’t leave the watchers nor Takumi to “compute” what is going on. I wouldn’t be surprised if people gets confused more and more, with such jumpy execution.

Because of the many liberties they took, various scenes don’t seem linked to each other despite they are. As result, the question of “where this plot is actually going” is not a surprise, until the very end of this episode.
And as you probably noticed, I’m very very concerned by the quality of the series, turning into a pretty bad state despite were are only at the third episode. If things could stay like in episode 1, it would be okay, but now, I just hope it won’t turn downhill like Higurashi first season, or it will be a pain to watch certain scenes in the future.

I’m aware I might sound very picky here, but honestly, they aren’t giving much good points for the start of CH despite it is the story progression and mood that keep the story interesting until we reach the last portion of the story.
Ah well, also my apologies for such late entry: I was terribly busy with the Umineko patch, so I had to sidetrack this article. Hopefully, it shouldn’t happen for Tomorrow’s episode.


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  1. 1 sadakups November 1, 2008 at 4:22 am

    Keep this up, Klash. After this episode, I’m more intrigued with the mystery. I’ve managed to control myself from highlighting the “white triggers”, and I’ll be reading them when this series is over. ^_^

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