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Tales of Abyss episode 6 ~ Look-alike, twin or clone?

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Oh yes, my fanboy sense is tingling again with yet another pleasant side of Tear being shown. She is afraid of ghosts! *Kyakya~fanboy screams!* Sadly though, she is still failing to make much of an impact on the series (which was a point I moaned about last week) but I guess giving her some spotlight, however trivial, is better than nothing…

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Tytania Episode 04 (The Economy Of Tytania)

Is That Worth A Lot Or A Little, It’s Hard For Me To Determine Value With Someone As Worthless As Lira On The Screen

New DS to replace the one you stupidly broke?  $129.99.  New Samsung flat screen 32″ HDTV to replace the old shitty one you’ve had for 5 years?  $599.99.  Spending the day with your family getting your room organized so that you can fit said TV in there?  Priceless.  There are some things in life money can’t buy, and for everything else there’s blogging about Tytania.  It’s been a good run so far, the Tytania market of quality anime has been strong, you’d almost think it could last forever.  Well, we thought that about the real world economy and it didn’t quite work out that way.

Now I want you to imagine if you will that the Tytanian family scenes are the equivalent of a nice freshly minted $1 Canadian Looney.  Not the best currency in the world, but strong enough to stand on it’s own.  This means that they relatively good value and you probably wouldn’t mind getting a hold of a few of them to watch right?  Now imagine if you will that a Lira scene last episode was the equivalent of a Turkish Lira in 1966, about an 8th of a Canadian Looney which we are using to represent the Tytanian family scenes.  So 1 Lira scene is worth the equivalent of 8 Tytania scenes.  Not very valuable, especially considering the prominence of Tytanian scenes last episode, but because of those Tytanian scenes we’re still okay.

Now we hit episode 4, but imagine if you will that a Lira scene is now worth the equivalent of a Turkish Lira in the year 2001, worth approximately 1,369,500th of a Canadian Looney which we are still using to represent the Tytanian Family.  Yikes, not very valuable, especially considering the abundance of them taking time from Tytania scenes and devaluing the whole stock to almost worthless levels.  It’s the equivalent of the stock market threatening to crash from lack of value (or in this case, good scenes) and that is what it feels like at times to be watching this episode of Tytania.  Once we are through here you will hopefully come to understand why I as an investor of something equally valuable into this show (that being my time) might start to lose a little confidence in the market of Tytania TV. Continue reading ‘Tytania Episode 04 (The Economy Of Tytania)’

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