Tales of Abyss episode 6 ~ Look-alike, twin or clone?

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Oh yes, my fanboy sense is tingling again with yet another pleasant side of Tear being shown. She is afraid of ghosts! *Kyakya~fanboy screams!* Sadly though, she is still failing to make much of an impact on the series (which was a point I moaned about last week) but I guess giving her some spotlight, however trivial, is better than nothing…

Thoughts: A few things happened in this week’s episode so I guess I will start with the least important event. Yep…Ion is kidnapped yet again by one of the 6 God generals and what do you know, Asch is behind it again. You would think that MASTER Ion would put up more resistance to these kidnappings but I guess his body isn’t in the best condition to be fighting. Come to think…why is he so weak despite being named a master? I would expect someone like him to be kicking ass for the sake of peace or at least look a bit older. But the fact that he is easily worn out by using even a little of his powers is worrying…

Then comes the main bulk of the episode. Luke and his merry troops figure out a plan to get to Akzeriuth (okay, credits go to Jade and him only) through the use of decoys so that separates Luke from his loving master. But I find this a bit suspicious as it leaves Van with no one to keep a watch on him…which means…

But upon finding out that Ion needs saving again, the gang had to leave the city through the use of an abandoned underground dungeon true to an RPG game. Though they could have made the “creeps” in the dungeon a bit more creative rather than having some overgrown spiders that all looks and no fight. Not that I am that bothered by this as I did find the long (and random) conversations through the dungeon quite interesting.

Heck, I even found it amusing when Luke was revealed to be “lolicon” for anise (har, har). Oh and I forgot to mention Natalia. She officially joins the group after blackmailing Luke…or rather, she just told him that she knows his secret with Van and that she would NEVER tell anyone else and he still offered her a place in the party…this proves that honesty is the best policy ^^

Speaking about Natalia, I found her flashback to be quite touching. I feel sorry for her to have to put up with someone like Luke before and after his memory loss. Even at such a young age she is really devoted to him and it is just heartbreaking watching her cry over spilt milk. Luke was beyond saving but with enough love and care, she was able to bring him back on his feet…though his jack ass personality much be hereditary and damn him for not being grateful for all that she has done for him. *Shrugs*

But Natalia is definitely a likeable character not to mention strong too. Thankgod that she isn’t a damsel in distress which makes her “refined oujo sama” type character hold some respect at least.
And before we leave her and Luke, there is this thing about a pinky swear…I think she has every right to find it strange that Luke gave her a pinky swear when he used to hate them (and I mean HATE if you look at the flashback) before the memory loss episode. So what is that about?

Tear is moe with her “fear of ghost tsun” but that is all there is…she needs to do something other than offer cheap comedy relief *sobs*

Then we have the most important event in this episode, Luke and his meeting with Asch and their establishment that they look the same (shock, horror!). I think the impact of this revelation would have been better if Asch’s face wasn’t plastered all around the OP. The hilarious thing was that they even tried to hide his face in the episode by using black censoring shadows ROFL~
Perhaps Sunrise expected no one to make the connection beforehand or that they didn’t expect the OP sequence to be watched? Either way, it was hilarious XD

Though they did make Asch’s hair look similar to Luke’s this meeting compared to the OP. Maybe he ran out of hair gel? But seriously, just what is the meaning of this? Is Asch a twin of Luke or is he a clone? They look too similar to be just a coincidence not to mention how Asch was able to brain haxx into Luke’s mind and tell him their location. I suspect that there will be a major fight come next episode.

And so, Luke heads off right into a trap like the hero that his master has always wanted…oh and Largo is still alive after being rammed through the chest by Jade.

Screen caps and “wise guy” comments:

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Kidnapping GET! And what the hell is up with that belly button >.>

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Jade’s smart decoy plan

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See? Because it was Van who suggested it I am being cautious…

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Oi…this isn’t a honeymoon

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Yea, yea…this makes it the 10th time this month (yare yare)

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Indeed, good thing Guy has an idea. Lets go to the sewers!

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Methinks this time Mohs has nothing to do with Ion’s kidnapping

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And Anise can just shut up too

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You-know-what~ *winks*

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A honorable princess sama

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Luke hated pinky swears? O.o

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Natalia is not only pretty, she is also smart 🙂

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LOL censors…I mean…what is Ion referring to? Hmm…

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Jade is a genius!

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It’s exhausting to be a fanboy ;____;

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Just look at that face of disgust when Natalie tried to give him a pinky swear

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Natalia ;_____;

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Such a lame excuse for a boss

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Finally! they asked the question I was hoping they would ask since Jade first materialised his spear

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

For an oujo type character, oh my god does she have manners ^^

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“Dun, dun DUNNNNN!”

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He seems to be looking straight at Natalia in this scene…

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And he doesn’t deserve that coushy life one bit

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Walking right into a trap eh…


7 Responses to “Tales of Abyss episode 6 ~ Look-alike, twin or clone?”

  1. 1 FlareKnight November 3, 2008 at 8:26 pm

    I’ll give the boss a bit of a break. Guy was tougher than that in the game. Sadly with the story it comes to making the bosses look weak or cutting the conversations. So I’m just glad they prioritized what’s important. Though honestly I’m all for giving the important fights in the future the time they deserve.

    This episode reminded me why I liked Natalia’s character. A lot of positive qualities and strength inside of her. Sure she got a bit careless and Tear had to save her, but its not like Luke hasn’t done stupid things in a fight…..Even better animated to see how hard what happened to Luke was on her. All that was between them gone and she really pulled herself together pretty quickly.

    The great importance of pinky swears :D. Though that could just be explained by a memory wipe. Something happened to Luke even younger that made him dislike them. After losing his memory that wouldn’t be there anymore and he could like them. Of course with the focus put on it the explanation probably isn’t that simple.

    Lets just put out the thanks for now being able to show Asch’s face. Honestly I feel the same here as when playing the game. What is the mystery when your plastering his face all over the OP? If you keep it hidden there and then change the OP slightly after this point it might have more impact. Still I liked Asch from the game so good to have him able to be shown more openly.

    Lot of dislike toward Luke, though a lot of people may have shared that feeling at this point in the series anyways :). Now the questions about their connection can really get going. Agree from focusing on Natalia’s expression and then back to Asch it does seem like he was looking at her in particular. Guess what is up with the “gah” and then the line about Luke being quite the ladies man.

    Oh and would have to say Tear had some very cute moments in this one. Being scared of ghosts like that was a ton of fun to watch.

  2. 2 ghostlightning November 4, 2008 at 12:03 am

    Tear 4tw! Sadly not enough to distract me from the fail that is Luke. When will the tide turn? It’s become a chore and I really want it to be good.

  3. 3 Midorishina November 4, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    Hi~ I’ve been reading your episode reviews about TOA and I found them very amusing xD.

    Ion got kidnapped again rofl. When I first played this part in the game, I was like ‘WTF? He got bloody kidnapped again?!’ And yes, there is a deeper reason why he has such a weak body and why he is named ‘Master’ even though he is weak, which will be revealed in the later part of the series, along with why Ion has a look of shock on his face when he saw the other God-General with green hair (Of which I see you left out. This is as equally important as to why Luke and Asch looks so much like each other).

    I was quite surprised to find Tear afraid of ghosts. I never seen that. Did I miss something from the game? Hm…

    Honestly speaking, I hate Natalia. But that was from a playing the game point of view. Both Luke and Natalia have been toned down till they are less annoying and a little more likable in the anime than in the game. You should hear what Natalia said about Tear when she joins the party in the game. “I am much better than this empty-headed Oracle Knight (Tear) or this uncivil one (Anise).”

    I actually preferred them focusing on the characters and about the world of TOA than the fight (I admit; I was disappointed), because to me, I don’t think they have explained enough yet. There are still a lot of gaps; and they haven’t even explained properly what are fonons and fonic and why half of everything in TOA has the prefix ‘fon’. If this keeps up, it’s likely people will lose interest in the anime because of constant confusion.

    About Luke being a brat, by the way, it’s going to get worse from this point. At least for two eps. If Sunrise decides to keep that provoking line from the game that is.

    It is true; there is hardly any mystery when Asch’s face is already shown in the OP. But the game’s OP was also like that (Except that they didn’t make him pop up every time…). I guess they were trying to keep up with the game, where he was only revealed after they came out from the factory. (Come to think of it, Asch appears a lot more in the anime than the game rofl).

    Please post more reviews about this anime episodes as they come out~! I really like your reviews xD

  4. 4 Narona November 4, 2008 at 10:26 pm

    Good and fun review as usual 😀

    I also find it hilarious how they tried to hide Asch’s face till this week episode. I wonder who is the moron who chose the scenes for the OP <_<. Now you got everything in hand to make many guesses about the Asch/Luke mistery XD. I was not aware about some things myself concerning Fon Master Ion, but I now I understood why the kid said that “[…] you too are…”. Anyway, Asch and Luke will meet again soon 🙂 On a side note, Luke looks so cute when he was a child, even if I don’t like his expression when he refused the pinky promise with Natalia.

    Natalia seems to be an interesting character, but I don’t know why, I didn’t find her character interesting… But maybe I am baised since I am a Tear fangirl… XD. Tear didn’t do anything important in this episode (again)… but she was so cute XD. I like how she always tries to hide her feminine side, but she can’t mislead us. She is so Moe XD.

    Jade was awesome as usual. I don’t know if the VA is the same in the game, but Jade’s VA is awesome in the anime. It fits the character perfectly.

    Next episode will feature some scene with the God Generals (and Largo is still alive, but it isn’t really a surprise XD). I hope we will learn some new things.

    BTW, Deathkillz, you are a fan of the OP song IIRC, right? I didn’t know it myself, but there is an awesome instrumental version (with the lyrics melody played on guitar) of Karma. Did you know that? You can listen to it here: http://www.imeem.com/xiaoxu/music/7YlAdn-C/bump_of_chicken_karma_instrumental/ 🙂

  5. 5 deathkillz November 5, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    @FlareKnight ~ “The great importance of pinky swears :D. Though that could just be explained by a memory wipe. Something happened to Luke even younger that made him dislike them. After losing his memory that wouldn’t be there anymore and he could like them. Of course with the focus put on it the explanation probably isn’t that simple.”

    That is why I outlined it because it seemed way too weird for Natalia to be bothered by it when she knows that all his memory was wiped clean. It could have been a habit natural to Luke that he just doesn’t like pinky swears or something may have happened to make him dislike them so much. If it was the former then surely a memory wipe would have cleared that up so she shouldn’t have been surprised by it. Though I think I am just thinking too much at this point XD

    @Midorishina ~ And thankyou for reading ^^’

    And I suppose I did miss out on the other dude, Sync was his name? Okay, now that you have dropped such a big hint in his connection with Ion, I just can’t help but think that he also has the same face as Ion hence why he is hiding it under a mask AND thinking to himself that Luke “is also…” (above screencap).

    So perhaps whatever condition Luke and Asch shares is also similar to Ion and Sync…Still doesn’t excuse Ion for being weak though :p

    That line Natalia said to Tear is just the think that would minus some points. Ouch…
    But thinking again, it is something an oujo sama type character like Natalia would say. But I really like her because she doesn’t let her stereotype personality get in the way of what is right and wrong. And watching her than Tear was more than enough to prove to me that she is different from the rest. Not sure if she is that honest in the game though…

    @Narona ~ oohh, thanks for the link XD
    Man whoever did that is PRO!

    Yep, I reckon that this OP is one of the best for this season 🙂

  6. 6 Midorishina November 6, 2008 at 6:55 am

    lol, I guess it still doesn’t excuse him being weak huh? XD; I think Namco just wanted a shota character to go with all those shonen-ai ‘parts’ of the other characters. (Although I like shonen-ai, the amount of hints and fanservice was quite disturbing, to be truthful.)

    Yes, I yelled at the screen for it. Honestly. I was so pissed when she said that. Even though Tear isn’t my fave character, it was still quite provoking. And as a plus, Natalia is not easy to control in the game. She misses too much. Or maybe I don’t have skill rofl. At least they showed her being strong here.

    She is very honest in the game. I was very surprised when she actually apologised to Tear. I thought she’ll just ignore it.

  7. 7 Hali November 15, 2008 at 2:36 am

    So, you haven’t played the game and you’re watching the anime…?


    A few more episodes and it’s going to blow your freaking mind. Maybe. It did mine. XD

    I really liked the Natalia flashbacks, too. In fact, I love all of the stuff they’re adding in that wasn’t in the game. =3

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