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Ga-Rei Zero episode 5 ~ “Real men don’t slap girls” >.>

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Right into the valley of happiness!

Yep, you heard me…and I think that Nori deserved every bit of punishment he recieved from Yomi just because he is an annoying jerk who can’t see true beauty even when forced under his nose, just go back to your ferret pals why don’t you? >.>
Better yet, it seems like Iwahata has a thing for him too as well as Kazu (fufufufu~ Iwahata is much more of a playboy than ferret boy *rolleyes*).

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Hello Mr. Smith. The Election Is Drawing Near Have You Decided On Your Vote?

Tomorrow, November 4th, 2008, Is Your Day My American Friends

And I’ll be glad to see if even one person knows the source of that quote from the title.  Still similar circumstances apply, and even though I’m not an American I realize that tomorrow will be the day that we see a new direction, whatever that may be, for a little superpower known as the United States of America.  Whether that direction leads to prosperity or destruction is something that is uncertain regardless of the choice the country makes for their next leader, what given the state of the economy and all, but still the image the country presents to the world hangs in the balance.  Will it be one of unity or one of singular interests, one of open dialogue or one of increased security, one of youthful vitality and progressiveness or one of consistent conservatism and the preservation of the status quo.

I’m pretty sure everyone who knows me even a little will be aware of who I would vote for if I had U.S citizenship, but unfortunately I do not.  That is why I am asking my American readers of voting age to do me a little favour here.  I want you to get out the vote tomorrow evening in my stead and to do your country proud by exercising your right to make a difference.  You know your polling station I assume and what the stakes are, so I want you, when the polls finally open tomorrow evening, to turn off that anime you are watching, put the controller or keyboard down and head on over to your local church, school, community centre or wherever you go to vote and do your great country proud. 

You guys deserve a fresh start with new leadership, new ideas and a new vision, and it’s finally time to put an end to the past 8 years that have divided the borders between the most historically profitable alliance that our two countries have ever known and to set new goals.  Goals of the kind that when reached we can share the benefits of together as friends and neighbours.  Thank you for your time my friends, and whatever choice you make tomorrow, be it Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin, knowing you’ve made it is what counts, and may God continue to bless America, Canada and the World.  Figuratively speaking of course.

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