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Reflections On An Election

So as we all know by now Barack Obama has become the President elect of the United States and pretty much every blog has sounded off on this with varying degrees of celebration, but I’m going to put a damper on the mood here and mention that despite the candidate I picked getting chosen to be the next leader of the worlds only remaining super power, that several unfortunate things happened during the election that still hint at a continued division and conflict of ideals within the country. Continue reading ‘Reflections On An Election’


Lets Talk Revolution Kataron Style Or Who Is The Real Enemy In Gundam 00


Heroic Revolutionary Or Symbolic Idealist/Shallow Icon Lacking In True Depth And Meaning That A Person Could Wear On Their Shirt, The Same Can Be Asked Of Kataron And It’s Cause

Oddly enough I find myself claiming that Crusader has raised a few reasonable points on the latest episode of Gundam 00 and against all better judgement and on the constant urging of Deathkillz to say something about the show I’ve seen fit to respond to it.  First let me say that on many levels I actually agree with Crusader (and believe me I find this strange and disturbing on a number of levels) that the A-LAWS have not been portrayed as completely villainous in their motives to be seen as a worthy villain faction to Celestial Beings apparent portrayal as the hero faction. 

Part of the reason I find some common ground in this assessment (aside from the fact that this time there are no wild and unsubstantiated accusations of jingoism amongst Sunrise staffers in his argument) is that what we saw in episode 5 was merely the organization carrying out it’s mandate.  That being to seek out and eliminate terrorist threats that can be perceived as a threat to the stability of the freshly minted Earth Federation.  And while I do agree with Crusader that the A-LAWS haven’t been portrayed as a major villain faction that he was expecting, I think that Crusader is missing the bigger picture here and that perhaps that is not what Gundam 00 is going for at all with the A-LAWS in the first place.  Allow me to copy-paste my initial response on the issue from THAT below: Continue reading ‘Lets Talk Revolution Kataron Style Or Who Is The Real Enemy In Gundam 00’

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