ChäoS;HEad, Episode 4

The new Gene case happened and this time, a very familiar phrase is present right in the crime scene, haunting Takumi in the process. Cornered everywhere, Taku will try to find salvation in a sword, but he will actually find someone more effective than that.


Ever since the fourth New Gene case was reported on the media, the mysterious phrase “whose eyes are those?” became a trend in Shibuya. As he is playing ES at his usual café, Taku hears someone humming this sentence randomly and got freaked out, persuading himself that he is not the culprit.

Okay… I understand this was supposed to be a trend, but the fact they already abused the line previously make it more like awkward than creepy actually. I would only one or two occurences would have been enough.

Taku then bumps on the girl wielding that weird transparent sword. She is calling him out as she believes he can see “it”. Mistaken by her intention, Takumi is scared to death and claims he didn’t see “that”. As he is struggling, he is then getting a very weird delusion where the girl is removing her shoe and sock, “poking” his crotch.

Okay… that was simply pathetic in the literal sense: the proportions were most of the time off, with Sena having like 2-3 different faces, and that third cap shows how they simply got very lazy. I know there might be some “bent” effect, but this is really too much… I hope this isn’t because of the Di Sword “budget”, because that would be a half assed excuse here.

The misunderstanding was like this: Takumi believed that Sena thought he saw her panties. Because of her ambiguous word “are” and her stern demeanor, Takumi assumed it was that reason and shrunk in fear.
And yeah, this was the actual green trigger for this scene in the game.

Back to the reality, the girl is more clear and asks if he can see her Di Sword. Takumi is clueless but get scared when she points her blade towards him. Concluding he is indeed able to see that based on his reaction, she then asks him to report any “error” he might bump on to her. As she departs, she introduces herself as a third grader, Aoi Sena, and tells him that she will wait on the train in front of the station.

This problem was seen before already, but this is even more noticeable here: just like what they did with the school backgrounds, the “crowd” is completely lacking of life as they are plain flat and static. At least, Sena got a NORMAL face here but…

At school, Daisuke hangs around with Taku. He found out that FES, Phantasm Vocalist, is actually a student in their school, named Kishimoto Ayase. Confident and interested, he is planning to charm her. Speaking of the devil, Ayase is walking in the corridor and Daisuke hits on her.
She is completely ignoring him but then turns around towards Taku, pointing him as the person she likes. Bewildered, Takumi is speechless, while Ayase hereby claims she will be his wife.
Taku finally gets out of his delusion but then, Ayase suddenly tells him to quickly find his sword which will permit him to be saved.

I’m really not the guy that fancies on bashing a series, but seriously: I have seen many series produced in 02-04 that wasn’t even half assed like this.
I understand that a series can work without being eye candy (Higurashi first season was, after all, graphically pretty ridiculous as well, especially the distorded faces), but this is just so wrong that it is disrupting the actual enjoyement of it. I would have been worse if I wasn’t spoiled to be honest *OTZ*

Takumi gets his claws on the new figure of Seira, the awakened version. Looking forward it, he is approached by Ban and Suwa, obviously asking about the Staking case. Takumi is very cautious about their sudden appearance, but he is intimidated by Ban’s approach and can’t help but answers their questions. Ban asks him what he was doing during the timeframe of the night of the 29th october. Afraid of being suspected, Taku bursts and tells them everything he knows, completely overwhelmed by fear. He then begs them to protect him. Upon listening everything, Ban is noting everything, apparently taking seriously what he says, to much his kohai’s disagreement. Of course, he has an idea behind that, but for the time being, Takumi is at ease now. Ban asks him his phone number so they can get him in touch if there is any problem.

4-5 still shots, void of anyone around (is THAT supposed to be Shibuya?) with the trio awkwardly drawn. No really, don’t screw around…
That aside, they however did a good job in conveying Takumi’s despair and incoming breakdown. The guy is certainly going to lose it if he doesn’t have any support.

Takumi is finally at home, about to enjoy his new figure, but he is surprised to see Rimi next to him. Taku cowers in fear, thinking she is about to kill him because he told everything he knew to the police.
Rimi tells him that she just came here to see how the new seira figure looked like. She then picks the Seira figure, and tags along in a play between her and Seira.
Taku recklessly jumps on her to retrieve his “wife”, but accidently gropes Rimi’s chest in the process.
Taken offguard by this unexpected love comedy situation, Taku backs off, trying to convince himself he is not happy by that, despite his obvious flustered state.

Rimi then leaves, asking him to come to school tomorrow as she feels lonely when he is not around.

Original scene, and… well, I don’t see the real point of that random fanservice part. That said, it really demonstrates Taku’s pitiful 2D obsession, even using the word “wife” right in front of Rimi

[White Trigger]
And I think this scene is actually a bad characterization for Rimi, as she is struggling about her feelings for both Taku and Takumi. So I really don’t understand why they shew her fancying that breast grope and even telling she feels lonely… I mean, of course she has feelings, but she isn’t getting any lust…

Taku is sleeping but wakes up and types something in a @chan thread, under the alias of “shogun”.
Another day, Taku is having an appointment in the hospital, hoping he would get more help from Takashina. However, he is surprised to see a complete different doctor and both the later and Hazuki explain him that Takashina isn’t here anymore, resting after collapsing due to fatigue.
Takumi can’t help but believe it is Rimi’s conspiracy.

Okay… I will simply jump in the white trigger to vent a bit. I really don’t suggest you to read until you want to be/are spoiled.

[White Trigger]

What is this red herring clue here? As far as I can recall, Takumi never had a dozing off moment, typing as Shogun. They are trying hard to imply he IS Shogun, despite the original material pretty much kept the thing in the dark. I mean… why doing this as the various inconsistencies would make it debatable?
Worse, that scene will force them to explain why Taku acted like this out of the blue, and I don’t think Takumi can’t remotely control him to such extent, or else, he would have his Di-Sword ages ago…

As he is pondering about his lack of allies, he remembers Ayase’s words and quickly tries to find something about the sword she mentioned. The keyword is of course too vague on the net, but Taku remembers how Sena called it, Di-Sword.
He ends up on a wiki page describing a legend about it. With further search, Takumi found the sword can be bought in a shop.

As he is in there, he is unable to take seriously that… shaby shop, with various suspicious articles. He then finds the Di-Sword, though nothing exactly as grand as he expected. Pondering whether it is a fake or not, the clerk tells him he would get an extra and that it is the last sword they have.

Hahah… Taku Taku… certainly, you were expecting to get your result with a mere “sword” keyword? *Sigh*.
That was a good indicator how Takumi is very desperate about his salvation the Di-Sword.
Good to see that they didn’t skipped this big detail about Seira: she is now wearing her awakened outfit, though I don’t get why she has horns.

[White Trigger]

Wait… what? Legend of Glajiol and the Di-Swords? It was supposed to be some creepy fairy tale for Ayase only, but now that’s surprising. Did they need to do that in order to skip Taku’s supposed “doodle” with the formula and the “demon king” ?

Sena is about to get the last one of her favorite ice pop, but a random guy just snatch him from her. Unlucky, Sena bears a grunty expression that can be translated as a lot of pain, should he get away with that.
Result: she got her loot

What was that scene for? Yes Sena IS supposed to be addicted to this brand of ice pops, but… come on, they really needed that random scene? Ah well, at least it shows how… tough she can look like and this isn’t her max potential XD

Takumi managed to bear the humiliation he had to go through, as carrying such flashy sword right in the open isn’t exactly proof of discretion. Still scared, he hears some footsteps, and at the sight of a shadow casted by a girl, Takumi freaks out and wields pitifully his “di-sword”. Of course, that girl was just Nanami.

I laughed at this scene, but not in the good way…

Nanami just payed a simple visit to him, with bunch of mandarins but she is actually devouring them alone. She notices a nice bangle and would like to have it. Takumi is completely disinterested and of course doesn’t care much about that, as it was a mere extra with the sword. Nanami is then claiming the ownership of the bangle, insisting that she would not give it back, but of course Takumi dismisses her joy, telling her to go home.
Disheartened to see her brother failing to read the mood, Nanami rants about his usual obnoxious attitude. She wildly attacks him with the mandarins and leaves, slamming the door. Takumi can only scream in horror, contemplating his broken sword, his “only hope”.

Poor Nanami, she really expected more “love”, but in the end, she got the nice bangle. I wonder if that thing didn’t worth the biggest chunk of the 10.000 yens. No really, what was Taku’s expecting here? XD

At school, Takumi is utter shattered by this misfortune and doesn’t pay heed to Rimi and Daisuke’s antics. Then, the teacher enters in the classroom, introducing a transfer student, Orihara Kozue. She is however very introvert and shy, which cuts short her introduction. As she is heading to her seat, she is walking next to Taku, relieved to see someone like her in the same class.
A little while later, Rimi is curious to see Kozue’s slight reaction towards Taku, wondering if both are relatives but Taku is still cautious and can’t play the “classmate” with her.
Annoyed by this situation, Taku stands up and leaves the classroom without saying anything.

Rofl… the sound and way how Daisuke slides were so cartoon-ish that it didn’t really improve my “fun” problem with this episode.
I want to ask what kind of hair fixer Kozue used. No really… what was that? Anti gravity hair? (well, we do have usual anti gravity rack in fanservice series anyway…).
Somehow, Rimi’s expression in the last cap was cute and disturbing in the same time… XD

Takumi is completely devastated by the horrible bad luck recently: the Di Sword was useless, the school is not safe, Yua is stalking the cyber café, and shogun is on the net. Basically he is cornered and this reality seems to force him to seclude himself in his base.
Suddenly, he notices that no one is around him. Running around Shibuya, he realizes that he is all alone, and he is losing his sanity. He however hears a sound and figures that someone else is with him.

There is a old man in a weelchair, and Takumi is relieved to see another person, but he quickly realizes that something is wrong. The old man asks if Taku received his message, which is actually the “whose eyes are those”. He asks him to awaken quickly, otherwise lots of people will die. Takumi is scared to death, and asks who is it. The old man is no one else but Shogun.
Takumi is stunned and falls on his butt. Shogun then leaves and asks him not to forget about that, as he cannot run away.

Well… It wasn’t as effective as in the game (how surprising), but they somewhat managed to keep the touch of the scene with Shogun. I would however question the lack of “shock” effect originally in the game (yes, I’m again ranting about a comparison with the game, but the shock factor was truly a backbone part in the story telling)

Originally, the scene occured at night and Shogun was seen from afar on his wheelchair. Only a few lines afterwards, the screen switch to a close up on him with a brutal noise and Taku gasping as he is discovering the appearance of the supposed “young handicaped guy” (originally, Taku didn’t really seem to notice that Shogun has weirdly a very young voice here).

Taku is “awakaned” by Rimi and he was actually spacing out on a crosswalk. Rimi tries to make him stand up, but he freaks out. Rimi tries to calm him down, but he accuses her to be the origin of such vision and as he claims he will kill her with his di-sword, Rimi slaps him.
She then leans on him, telling him to get a hold of himself. Taku is speechless and realizes that she was not trying to kill him. Completely disarmed by such kindness, Taku can’t help but doutbing his own fears. Rimi then asks him to come with her, and Taku silently nods.

Taku sure go postal here. I’m really amused to see the very same lines used, but with a mood slightly different due to the execution etc. I would say that they could spare the seconds they wasted on some random comments here to actually prolong this scene so Takumi’s thoughts about Rimi’s warmth would really have a significant effect. Well, it is pretty close to the original scene, so not bad at all.

They are finally getting out of the crosswalk, but Taku quickly shakes off Rimi’s hand. He is taking his leave, so Rimi would like to take him home as he isn’t feeling well, but Taku declines her offer by shaking his head.  Rimi is still worried but as he is leaving, Taku thanks her.

Mood check? Good. Again, staying faithful is NOTHING bad, and they didn’t disrupt the change here.




Overal Thoughts:

My apologies for such late entry. I was terribly busy recently and I couldn’t help but jump on HF release.
As you can see, I wasn’t anything tolerant to this episode (which was another reason why I was so late as my motivation wasn’t exactly present): the execution was really clumsy as heck and the production value just makes it worse.
I indeed compared a lot of scenes with the original game, but this is because I can’t understand why they simply can’t mimic the same “style”. Obviously time constraints in the anime media would prevent proper and similar execution (they did actually a good job connecting Shogun scene with Kozue’s entrance), but it really just lack quite some impact, and comparing with the game just makes me wonder why they are taking so much liberties.

The biggest problem with this episode was, like I said, the execution: many scenes were just going quickly without giving enough time for the watchers to have an appreciation of the current problem and Takumi’s state of mind. This is actually worse when you see random humor with ridiculous quality to boot: it just ruins the mystery aspect.

I was really disappointed by this episode because it was supposed to deliver some serious turnabout in the plot.

4 Responses to “ChäoS;HEad, Episode 4”

  1. 1 Sara November 8, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    Ah, the Shogun scene in the game freaked the hell out of me. x] I almost dropped my laptop and I had nightmares that night. x] In the anime it was… anti-climatic I would say. It was a passable episode. The animation quality is a pity though…

  2. 2 Avisch November 10, 2008 at 8:40 pm

    Ahh. Usually atmospheric elements get lost in the mix.
    I do hope the Umineko anime can avert this.

    I hope the Di-Sword scene (if it does appear next episode) will have some nice music (cause in the video I saw of the game it had the no-lyric version of “find the blue” which sounded really nice to me).

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