Gundam 00 Episode 06 (Wherein Somehow I Ended Up Writing About This Episode)


Death Watch On My Favourite Female Character…..This Is A Good Sign Right? RIGHT?!

…….GODDAMNIT!  This is my fault for being incapable of writing any sort of impression on an episode that isn’t of optimal length to work as blogging fodder.  Wait… the hell did this even get on the internet anyway?  You know what man…..screw it!  I can’t get away from this stuff apparently, or perhaps it’s because I recognize that I have writers block and just want to get some content up whenever I have a chance at this point so here’s an impression that I somehow wrote on Gundam 00 over on Animesuki with a few extra observations added in. 

I have kind of mixed feelings about this episode. On the one hand I absolutely love that the key characters are continuing to be developed and their past and present actions fleshed out even more, especially Sumeragi who I thought was just going to follow the trend of the attractive female captain (TM) that has been going since Seed. Instead she’s been given way more personality and reasons for her character flaws and strengths (especially this episode with her flashbacks that show her boyfriend dying because of a botched order she gave AND that finally explains her fear of losing her comrades and the reason why she drinks so heavily, though I think one could have already long since guessed what happened if they followed all the clues planted thus far) then Murrue or Talia and I actually kind of care about where her stories going at this point. She’s no Bright by a long shot, not even a Jamil, but perhaps she can reach Gomez level by the end.  I also like how Louise is legitimately trying to prove her worth as a pilot now so as to not be thought of as a weak link anymore and has focus (even if it’s a little misguided) that Saji lacks in where she’s going from here.  I kind of describe Saji’s role in this episode as extreme screaming followed by pathfinding, followed by some more extreme screaming and it sort of makes me wonder if he’s got his shit together yet or is still just tagging along and flying by the seat of his pants. 

You see, remember that shot in the 2nd opening where Saji and Louise are fooling around in the town square and then Louise throws Saji to the ground, fakes like she’s going to help him up and then takes off to do something else.  Well Saji’s essentially kind of still there dazed and confused in the town square and has barely as of this episode just picked himself up to have a chance to look around and decide what he’s going to do now that Louise is gone and he’s all alone.  And we also get some insight on Wang again and it almost seems to me now like she might be working as a double agent for Celestial Being as opposed to playing both sides off one another, but we’ll see about that of course and even still she seems shady as hell and not just in the way she treats her brother Hong Long like a servant (or dotes on and entrusts important missions to someone as unstable as Neena Trinity.  And I swear one of the two has to be adopted as they are pretty much polar opposites with Hong Long being strong, noble and humble and Wang arrogant, deceptive and cruel.

All fine and good, but on the other hand some aspects also came off as a tad predictable and felt like we’d been there. Saji took a potshot at Louise for dramatic purposes, Soma beats Allelujah for like the Bajillionth time, Graham freaks out at Setsuna and forces him to go one on one with him (Poor Setsuna will have to put up with this BS for some time to come), Arba shows how truly sadistic he and the A-LAWS are, Sergei and Katie show their compassion and humanity, Rie Kugimiya gets her one line as Neena for the episode (Kind of makes you wonder just how expensive she must have gotten in recent years) etc. etc. This episode, aside from Soma and Louise’s continued development, all of the interesting aspects of the character development seemed to come solely from Celestial Being characters.  And I suppose it didn’t help that during the key portions of the A-LAWS scenes the character designs became noticeably inconsistent.  Also what exactly happened with Marina and Setsuna in Azadistan.  From what we are led to believe, the second that Setsuna saw Ali’s Gundam he turned right back around and flew back the way they came.

Oh well, it was still a solid if suprisingly underwhelming episode for how things have been going. Next week looks like it could be a blast though. I can’t see it being the same as War For Two though because unlike that episode which essentially forced two characters into a relationship that then got massacred in the sequel, these two have a lot of catching up to do and this encounter has been a long time coming. We all knew it had to come to this sooner or later and I just kind of hope both make it out alive. Although since Gundam and Sunrise have a long history of liking to make their characters suffer just about anything could happen. The “I wanted to be your daugher” tagline also doesn’t make Soma’s chances for survival look very promising. And she was fast becoming my favourite female character in the series too. 😦

Rating: Six Out Of Ten

By the way, if you are playing the Kaioshin Sama drinking game then by all means go ahead and take a drink.  For now I am off to play some Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion with my funky new Dark Elf character.  Aren’t Dark Elves just the greatest though?  A solid balance in all combat arts, a 75% resistance to fire AND speciality in my absolute favourite governing attribute.  Speed.  Now if only they could just work on that -10 to personality…..

21 Responses to “Gundam 00 Episode 06 (Wherein Somehow I Ended Up Writing About This Episode)”

  1. 1 Solly Rushadale November 10, 2008 at 9:44 am

    You’re blogging again!!!!! Yayyyyyy!!!!! I didn’t say anything the last two times ’cause I was so late, but… Kaioshin Sama! You are my idol! It’s like Setsuna and the way he used to view Gundam! You’re super smart and sensible! I really admire you! This is the only blog I read! I have such enormous respect for you! You are so wise!

    Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the actual episode yet… *sighs*. It’s all my parents fault. Well, at least that would be my usual excuse, but for the next two weeks my life will revolve only around upcoming assignments and tests.

    Psh! Yeah right! I’ll probably leave EVERYTHING to the last minute and spend most of my time mucking around like this. Could I be anymore unmotivated?

    I’m glad Neena actually gets to speak this episode! But only one line? Again? Bummer. How much longer until they tell us what her purpose within the show is? Waiting is a pain. *Pouts*

    I was very shocked when I found out that Hong Long and Liu Mei are siblings! I guess it sorta explains his devotion to her… but not her treatment of him! I told you, this girl’s a Neutral Evil! Maybe they’re half-brother/sister.

    Hmm, mysterious as to why she dotes on Neena, other than her obvious use for her… why does she treat her so fondly?

    And I guess now it’s pretty clear about Marina’s role in the ED.

  2. 2 Solly Rushadale November 10, 2008 at 10:11 am

    You now, I’ve been thinking… do Louise and Saji necessarily have to end up together 🙂
    What I mean is… well, Andrei’s shown an interest in Louise, right? And wouldn’t it just be so funny if Neena and Saji ended up together? It’s just so incredibly ironic, it’s a thing of beauty to behold!

  3. 3 Roland November 10, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    It’s too early to kill another character in this season. I mean, let’s wait for a few epis for the kill’em’all tomino style of killing the character will start.

    Smirnov Jr has the hots for Louise… much like his Father… hehehe! 😀

  4. 4 Kaioshin Sama November 10, 2008 at 8:26 pm

    Yep Gundam is trying to edge in on Macross’ territory by setting up a love triangle.

  5. 5 Zack November 10, 2008 at 8:31 pm

    The episode wasn’t the greatest, but it certainly wasn’t bad.

    For some reason it just doesn’t look good for Soma. Her “I’m a weapon” talk combined with the next episode title and everything else happening just doesn’t… strike me as a “I’m gonna live for a long time.” flag. If she does survive I think it’ll be because Allelujah or Sergei set her straight.

    Kinda interested to see what a Trans-Am 00 does.

    Still, this series hasn’t disappointed me yet. There hasn’t been an episode where I’ve gone ._. which is a good thing. Always looking forward to the next episode so far. Just have to wait a week now.

    Kaioshin: On an unrelated note… did you ever play “Vanguard Bandits”? I ask because you’re a mecha fan and tactics fan and that’s what Vanguard Bandits is. I’ve recently been replaying it and forgot how fun/funny it was. Loli pilots, perverted comedy, good story, great characters, mechs and more. A little old, but still a great game in my opinion. Just interested to know if you played it.

  6. 6 ghostlightning November 10, 2008 at 10:32 pm

    I’ve exorcised my wangst in my commenting on Saji on Crusader’s post, thank you jesus.

    I’m actually pleased with the Katie v. Sumeragi rivalry being set up. This should be really good, as the kind of rivalries I want involve battles with lots of mecha.

    It was painful to watch Sergei being treated that way. This goes further in portraying A-Laws as evil than the massacre of children that didn’t quite happen. However, one asshole isn’t representative of A-Laws – so ambiguity isn’t really abandoned in favor of decisive characterization of the collective.

    I want more battles now, but next episode doesn’t seem to offer any.

  7. 7 Arabesque November 10, 2008 at 11:00 pm

    So know that you went back to blogging 00, does that mean we’ll be seeing the Code Geass OST 2 review then? 🙂

    I found the relationship between Hong Long and Wang interesting, as it seems like the two are not actually full siblings (it could be that they are uterine sibling or such due to the different surnames).

  8. 8 Valmanway November 11, 2008 at 1:13 am

    Interesting how everyone else just writes off Hong Long as a siscon. Anyway, nice to see you blogging again.

    Oh, Dark Elves are great! I played as one, though in all honesty, it was kind of easy, even though I was playing a lightly armoured rogue/fighter/mage with half-arsed stats in both categories.

  9. 9 Kaioshin Sama November 11, 2008 at 3:52 am

    @Zack: I’m primarily a Super Robot Wars player, but I did entertain Xenogears back in the day. It had a good story but man was the battle system crummy once you got into your gears. And it’s good to see someone looking forward to the next episode though after noting the predictably glum look so many others seem to have.

    @ghostlightning: And what’s especially important is that you did it without having to resort to an even worse breakdown then the one Saji, which is the pitfall so many of the other commenters fell into. Sometimes I wonder if people defeat their own criticisms in such a way knowingly or if it’s just a lack of restraint. Anyway….

    In Sergei’s scene with Arba I kept thinking somebody was going to say “A-LAWS are considered 2 ranks higher then regular army”, because it was so similar to how Bright got slapped around by Kacricon (A mere 2nd lieutenant) in Zeta Gundam. That was the first time that I felt a Titan’s connection could clearly be drawn and yet I’ve seen nobody make the comparison anywhere. Why the ball drop on the obvious stuff and using flimsy connections at best elsewhere I don’t know, but it makes me think some Gundam/Sunrise Knowers Of might be needing to brush up on their “knowledge” a little.

    @Arabesque: Yes, it’s in the buffer as we speak actually and I’ve kind of been going at it bit by bit over the last weak. I’m left to wonder how a fight is going to get started over it though.

    @Valmanway: Well I’m currently a Level 3 Dark Elf with Class Newtype and specialties primarily in stealth based skills. I’m loving being able to deal 3x damage with a sneak attack with my bow. I also have my sign set as the shadow so that I can use a 60 sec. on self invisibility power once per day. It’s all pretty handy for sneaking around. Most NPC’s won’t even react to my character unless I deliberately pop up right in front of them and can’t seem to hear me sneaking up until I’m fairly close.

  10. 10 sadakups November 11, 2008 at 9:22 am

    So, you couldn’t resist it, eh? Unless you posted this just because you wanted to say something, but still, seeing your stuff is good enough.

    If anything, the episode is okay. More of development and stuff, being the most interesting is the Sumeragi-Katie connection. And that cliff-hanger – Saji is going to shoot Louise!

  11. 11 Valmanway November 11, 2008 at 9:25 am

    Oh yep. I used Shadow as well. My sneaking skill was quite high, though I usually just prefer to charge with sword swinging.

    Leaving the main campaign last is more fun, I believe, though it actually makes it easier instead of harder.

  12. 12 Solly Rushadale November 11, 2008 at 9:52 am

    You now, I’ve been thinking… do Louise and Saji necessarily have to end up together 🙂
    What I mean is… well, Andrei’s shown an interest in Louise, right? And wouldn’t it just be so funny if Neena and Saji ended up together? It’s just so incredibly ironic, it’s a thing of beauty to behold!

    Kaioshin Sama *Pouts* You didn’t respond to anything I said! You’re so cruel 😦

  13. 13 Kaioshin Sama November 11, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    @Sadakups: I’m curious to see how that is resolved. Will they discover each other or will nothing come of it. I actually doubt that Louise is going to be the one to die if anyone so I’m guessing Saji somehow gets in contact with her for more drama.

    @Valmanway: Man I can’t wait until I find the Thieves Guild since I’ve found myself surprisingly adept at pickpocketing and lockpicking. I even stole a horse in broad daylight without anyone noticing (the tender actually opened the gate and let me out without seeming to notice).

    @Solly Rushadale: They could always go the Gundam Seed Destiny path and have one of the two end up with someone completely random that they’ve shown no real attachment too until the announcement is given, but I actually hope (and this is the only time you’ll ever here me shipping) that Saji x Louise is realized again. It just feels weird seeing them seperated.

  14. 14 manga November 11, 2008 at 9:33 pm

    I do hope for a Saji x Louise. But with how this ep ended… seems to be going in a different direction.

    Yes, character development is great in this ep. Why they have to animate Sumeragi´s past though when we already know that she lost someone dear to her thanks to a bad order is a question. It was quite obvious in season one.

    Neena seems to have calmed down and gotten over her brothers death.

    So except for once again throwing Saji in my face and his oh I´m so sorry for being the reason so many people died but I blame CB that I got here in the first place and please don´t kill me attitude is really ticking me of.

    I can pretty easily grow tired of a character if s/he acts and behaves in a certain way and if the show then throws this character into my face I get irritated. I love how Setsuna and Marina are growing closer and closer to each other though.

    Marina X Setsuna and Louise X Saji are my hopeful couplings for this season.

  15. 15 Kaioshin Sama November 11, 2008 at 9:46 pm

    @Manga: I would assume that it’s because Sunrise has learned their lesson from Code Geass that being coy and/or subtle about a characters backstory is not enough for everyone to catch on so they decided to show it to us this time. Of course for me it feels a little like screentime being wasted since I already knew outside of the relationship Sumeragi had with Katie what happened, but at the same time I understand why it had to be done. Better this then people getting all upset later when a plotline comes up that requires you to have known about Sumeragi’s dead boyfriend or something. Firm, established, dealt with. The old fashioned way.

    As for Saji, the way I see it he’s currently living out Amuro’s role on the White Base albeit without a Gundam to pilot and far less to contribute until he manned that gun at the end of the episode Captain Paolo style. He’s basically been dragged along on this adventure against his will, been forced to witness various crimes and humanity and desperately hoped to find a way out only to end up making things worse for everyone in the process. Just like Amuro….only again different. Whether he pulls it together and lends his help to a cause like Amuro eventually did or continues to sulk like a lesser Kamille remains to be seen. The real problem is merely in how useful he can be and whether fans are going to accept what he’s made to do in the coming episodes or not.

    I mean I’ve already seen one person claim elsewhere that there are too many plotlines running and that it’s causing the show to “trainwreck”, and while that’s mostly par for the course it worries me because Saji is becoming a key character at a rapid speed. I think the best course of action now which would bring about the least whining from fans is to make him a bridge operator/engineer, which is both something he’s good at (he did go to university for engineering after all) and somewhere inbetween being a Gundam pilot and being the emo kid. This will both make sense and keep people from getting indignant that he is becoming to important to fast or worse continuing to be useless.

  16. 16 manga November 11, 2008 at 10:25 pm

    I keep forgetting about Amuro from the first Gundam show. When I do recall what happened to him it feels much more natural.

    There are somewhat many plotlines yes. We have why/How Aoelia created this and foresaw everything.

    Marie and Hallelujah´s connection which the next ep probably will turn focus on.

    Setsuna and his past, Tiera and why there are three of him/her. Why Lockon´s little brother looks the exact same way as he did and even can handle a Gundam that well.

    Along with why Graham is so obsessed with Setsuna. Wether they will throw in Neene again to be a fighter, on which side, is she still the unstable kid she was or has she matured, how has she matured then?

    Then we add Saji and Louise who have gone their own ways but as seen in this ep are close to each other without knowing it.

    So yeah, to much emo kid Saji and this show will indeed turn into a trainwreck. Throw him out or as you say, make him an engineer and the problem is solved.

  17. 17 Kaioshin Sama November 11, 2008 at 10:41 pm

    @Manga: Well I highly doubt that Saji is going to be usurping main character status, but I think that if they want to go the Dunbine path then he could potentially be the last character left alive at the end of the show telling his story to the world.

  18. 18 Chiisai November 12, 2008 at 12:09 am

    I doubt anyone’s going to die in the next episode, though I’m pretty excited about another encounter between Soma and Allelujah. Me and my fangirlism~

  19. 19 Avisch November 12, 2008 at 4:01 am

    I think Sergei is going to die to give Soma the final straw to get out of A-LAWS. And when he does, I’m going to cry cause he’s my favorite character.

    And if Saji goes “I killed someone….ahh…I killed someone” I’m going to scream.

    On Marina. Ergh. I don’t particularly hate her. But honestly her “I can’t do anything/I don’t care if I die/stop fighting!” lines are getting on my nerves.

    Also I now realize Gundam 00 is millions times better for not having Amuro be the narrator.

    Arba or as I call him “That one annoying guy who is voiced by the same guy who voiced Kitami in KAIJI” looks to be nothing more than more demonstration of how A-LAWS are bad…get some more complex roles people.

    Me too. They’re my favorite couple.

  20. 20 sadakups November 13, 2008 at 4:08 am

    I was reading stuff over at AS (to be more specific, the Episode 6 thread), and I was surprised that the recent discussion is about Gundam 00 S2 already being labeled as a trainwreck. Just what the hell is that?

    And again, there’s the talk about Sunrise productions being trainwrecks, and I find myself laughing when some anime blogs who reek of KyoAni-tards and lolis ride on this bandwagon. I like how you make a point to refute those arguments, Kaioshin.

    If anything, I am a Gundam fan, and I like and dislike some Gundam series that I’ve seen. Just because Gundam SEED Destiny sucked doesn’t mean that all Gundam series after that will suck as well. I just don’t get it. Do some bloggers say the T-word just to be cool?

  21. 21 Kaioshin Sama November 13, 2008 at 4:42 am

    Well I knew the T-Word was coming since it’s happened for every single Sunrise TV series since Seed Destiny, but what’s funny is that it happened exactly in the manner I predicted it would after I started to notice a pattern by the time Geass R2 aired. Episode 05-06 or around then the plot will start to slow down for some character development situations and would end up being light on the action. Then because there was some complexity being introduced into the current season people would start to raise the T-Word. At this point I am mostly convinced that many interwoven plotlines = “trainwreck” to some because unless a show comes in clear cut character arcs it’s somehow perceived as out of control and lacking in pacing and cohesiveness, an insult if you will, and people start to get really pissy. Ever notice how people seem to get really upset whenever there is a cliffhanger that delays satisfaction and links one episode into the next? Yeah….

    That’s how it seems to go for a good chunk of people that use the word. For the others it’s probably just trollspeak and the goal is attention seeking. Sometimes I worry that I might actually be causing it to happen with my vocalness on the subject because people are trying to troll me, but then what are you going to do? In some ways like most phenomena I think we’ll never fully understand.

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