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Yozakura Quartet episode 7 ~ Magic water gets you wasted…

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Personally I would never think that way, getting drunk is a waste of time and money

And the interesting piece of Youkai fact for this week is (drum roll) they all get drunk on water, which just begs the question; what do they normally drink then anyway?

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About The Kannagi Incident

In the interest of adding some commentary to this whole topic that doesn’t just serve to highlight the obvious hilarity of the situation, all I’m going to say is that in an age when a show can be labelled a “trainwreck” or total garbage by the Western anime community for something as minor as not delivering the popular shipping relationships or not having it’s character and plot development pan out exactly as one might expect or desire, I can’t help but feel sometimes that we are headed in this direction.  At least a little…..

I don’t know, I also can’t help but feel that while we’re all over here having a good laugh at 2ch (albeit justly) about all of this that it might do at least some good to have a reality check and see if we are really all that different when it comes to how we react to our daily dose of anime and manga.  I await everyone’s fury feedback on my once again pointing out that which we might not want to confront in our own potential shortcomings as anime fans and critics.

Tytania Episode 05 (Tytanian Style Diplomacy)


As Well He Should Be.  The Polls Say So After All

It’s amazing how much of a difference it can make when the focus is primarily on Tytania, but simply put this is without a doubt the best episode since the first.  This time we have the popular Grand Duke of the system of Tyrandia, a Tytania territory (as if there were any other possibility), passing away and as a result his duties being passed on to his wife the Grand Duchess Laetitia who like her husband is also loyal to Tytania and even sees them as protector gods who keep the universe safe and watch over her and her people from Uraniborg.  However suddenly things take an unexpectded turn as Tyrandia which is also a critical Tytanian trading outpost breaks off contact from Uraniborg and ceases paying it’s tribute to the Clan Lords.  As a result all of the Tytanian dukes (including Idris who is none to happy to be leaving his post as Captain of the Emperor’s royal guard to his older relative) are called back to Uraniborg to decide what to do about the situation. Continue reading ‘Tytania Episode 05 (Tytanian Style Diplomacy)’

ChäoS;HEad, Episode 5

After an unexpected confrontation against Shogun, Takumi is literally in despair. However, despite his distrust harbored to her, Rimi was able to support him, and ultimately, make Takumi to reconsider his thoughts about her, being a “demon girl”.
As he has more or less overcome the situation, he is also getting more and more clues about the Di-Swords.

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