Tytania Episode 06 (How Ariabart Got His Groove Back)


Team Tytania is divided but strong.  Everyone has their way of doing things, but not everyone likes the way things are done.  Least of all Jouslain

The Deathasaurus asked me if I’m going to talk about Gundam 00 tonight so Tytania it is.  Ahahahahaha!  Ahem….so if you’ll recall we haven’t had a fleet battle since the very beginning of the series in the Battle of Cerberus, but all of that is about to change as Aribart is sent to bring Tyrandia back into the Tytanian fold.  This battle was broadcast live across the galaxy and you can see it too from the comfort of your own computer desk.  It’s just that strong a feed.  However as it is my job to give the play by play I think it’s about time we get cracking don’t you?


The teams two bruisers make it hard to tell who plays the better checking game.  Salisch with his desire to crush Tyrandia in a bloody battle or Idris who wishes to give Tyrandia the chance to surrender by offering up the head of their leader. 


It is clear however who is the better deker and that is of course Idris.  With his plan to mark the Ducal house and force them out into a slugfest they will surely blast through a score the goal with ease.  Then the rest of Tyrandia will be begging for Tytania to let them back in for their own protection and to restore government to the land.


Meet the underdog in Tyrandia/Turanjia, a team that is sure it has the chance to make it big.  But do they really stand a chance with a fleet just 3,000 strong?  Against the all-mighty Tytania?  Will they be luring Tytania into their endzone only to slip by and score a goal on an empty net or is that even an option?  Uraniborg is pretty far away after all


No this game will be a defensive one, but perhaps they are are to eager to be led over into the corner for a good thrashing up against the boards.  They should also know that nobody is going to be refereeing this match so anything goes.  Tsk tsk….


Even Ariabart seems to think this is going to be a slaughter.  Perhaps he would have considered going easy on Tyrandia if he didn’t have something to prove after his last drubbing.  Sucks to be Tyrandia….


Captain Jouslain should learn that there is such a thing as overestimating the other teams capabilities


Whoa…whoawhoawhoawhoa what the hell there buddy! Just cause you can’t get your team together…Pat Quinn never picked on a little girl…..I can sort of see what Ghostlightning was getting at about Team Tyrandia being supervillainish.  Well I’ve picked my side….


Whoop The Tar Out Of Them Team Tytania!


Hmmmm…for the first time I’m starting to like Lydia.  She’s call em’ as she sees em’….just like me….


And she’s rooting for the same team to boot!


………..Wow……that’s either the most desperate or the most stupid attempt at gaining an extra player that I have ever seen….


Those slimy Vardhana nobles are right in the thick of this, trying to rig the game against Tytania.  I can’t even imagine what Idris would do to them if he knew about all of this.  They seem less interested in change and progress and like they are more interested in power.  I think Estrades can see this and that Ajman has vision, which to me makes him one of the noblest Tytania’s yet introduced.  Still want to bet on Tyrandia?


Bal’ami seems a little eager, but Estrades knows how the game is played.  There is a fine line between ambition and stupidity.  Biding ones time is wise, rushing into a battle one is almost sure to lose is folly.  A lesson that House Vardhana and Tyrandia will have to learn the hard way.  Estrades also seems to know Idris plan and knows what he must do for now…..STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE CORNER!


Giving the opposing team your entire playbook for the Battle of Syracuse System………Tyrandia doesn’t even want this do they?


Well it seems the grand championship that Ajman and Idris were hoping for has just turned into the equivalent of a peewee game or the very start of a long playoff series.  It’s going to be a long long way to the finals after all, but it sucks to be Tyrandia most of all


At least Team Tyrandia has a bruiser now


And it looks like Aribart is going to be a point man for this scoring attempt.  It’s his last chance to prove himself and the way in which he seems to be planning to do that or rather based on the advice of Captain Jouslain that is is to show he can adapt tactics on the fly and use the Fan Hyulick strategy.  The one with the Weigelt Cannons that nobody would expect


Team Tytania….




Team Tyrandia….


Ready As They’ll Ever Be


Face Off And….


It’s Tyrandia With The Opening Volley And Not A Bad One At That


So Is That To Say You Bet Against Your Own Team Idris….You Know I Think That’s Illegal….


Don’t Get To Cocky There


Uh Oh Looks Like Tyrandia Is Making A Rush Attempt




Alright here’s my play analysis.  The Weigelt Cannon strategy isn’t a sound one per se, in fact it’s actually risky, dangerous and unnecessary, but it’s an unpracticed one too against there is no known defence if it’s executed without a hitch.  What Ariabart has done on the advice of Jouslain has done is not show that he is a coward by stealing Fan’s strategy, but that he can adapt tactics on the fly and is willing to set ambition aside like Estrades would in the hopes of making progress.  And progress Tytantia has made for it’s cause by showing that their war machine and power comes not just from military might, but from the ability to adapt, outwit and overcome more than any other power in the known universe.  If this doesn’t put Tytania and Ariabart back in a stronger position than it has been since it’s long period of stagnation has set in then I don’t know what will.


Or is there still progress to be made?  I wouldn’t go packing up just yet


Holy Crap Someone’s On A Breakaway!!!


He Shoots!


Over The Goal! *Buzzer Sounds* Tytania Wins!


Presented For Your Consideration, One Battle Of Syracuse System.  May The Proceedings Of This Game Be Reviewed And The Enemies Of Tytania Learn From The Mistakes Made During It On Both Sides.  Yeah That Goes For You Too Ariabart.  You May Have Made A Lot Of Progess But There Is Still Always Room For Further Self-Improvement And A New Personal Best


And It Should also Be Noted That Not Everyone Enjoyed The Game

Thoughts:  This episodes showed two things that I’ve already discussed to an extent in the picture summary.  One is obviously that progress in battle tactics and seeing beyond the old ways seems to be the key to victory in a stagnant Tytanian ruled universe that is starting to move again at an increasingly rapid rate and one is the difference in the way some members of the Tytanian family think from each other.  On the one hand you have the likes of Ajman, Estrades and Jouslain who know how the game is played and how things seem destined to unfold and then you have the likes of Idris, Salisch and Bal’ami who seem to be so ambitious that they can’t even see that what they are trying to grasp will be gone long before they ever attain it.  Somewhere inbetween you will find the likes of Ariabart who are willing to learn from their past mistakes and are making the transition from the Idris, Salisch and Bal’ami camp over to the Ajman, Estrades and Jouslain camp and I think the reason is that he was lucky enough to taste defeat.  After all how can you ever improve if you are never able to see your own short comings first hand?  You’d think you were perfect and never have the drive to go anywhere in life.  And that’s why the likes of Ajman were chosen over the likes of Estrades who while he knows the secret to Tytania’s strength lacks the drive to do what needs to be done in order to execute it.

On the other side you have wastes of life like the Vardhana nobles and Tyrandian rebels who never once seemed to have seen their own defeat coming as they rushed to war based on the belief that because Tytania lost at the Battle of Cerberus that they somehow were guaranteed a victory.  I don’t even think I need to point out how foolish this notion was and they deserved everything that happened to them.  I want to give a shout out to my new main man the bruiser on the Tyrandian side though for being the only person brave and patriotic enough to put it all on the line for one last potential winning strike against the Golden Sheep.  Even if he didn’t succeed it was nice to see Ariabart be the one to acknowledge his bravery while the morons in the Tyrandian admirality didn’t even realize that if they all had had even half of his guts that they might have been able to win this battle.  Although it did seem like the one guy realized at the last second what it takes to defeat Tytania and it’s not the notion that Cerberus=victory for everyone against them. 

Too little too late and man does Jouslain take it hard.  It’s really not his fault though.  He did everything he could in his position (after all there’s only so much you can do for your opponent) to try and prevent this battle from happening but the Tyrandian side was too stubborn to listen.  I get the impression that he thinks the Tytanian system forces people into this kind of situation now and that he might be breaking from Ajman’s plan to start a galactic rebellion that will ensure Tytania’s future place for years to come.  Is it really that important that Tytania rule over the known universe forever?  I think I’m most interested in seeing where Jouslain’s character is going next.

Rating: Ten Out Of Ten


8 Responses to “Tytania Episode 06 (How Ariabart Got His Groove Back)”

  1. 1 ghostlightning November 18, 2008 at 7:51 am

    YES. I like this episode very much. The Tytania family characters are all very interesting and even if their characters aren’t fully given depth (at least not yet), their dynamics are riveting.

    The battle was a lot of fun too! The hail mary the platoon commander threw at the buzzer had me nervous. It’s really awesome how the enemies are given likable and quality characters (the last one that reminds me of this was Andreas Darlton in Code Geass). Despite Jouslain’s obvious charms I find myself rooting for Ariabart. I’m a total sucker for redemption stories.

    I do find the villains a bit naive in a cartoony way, but I guess they serve as contrasts against to Tytania and those who respect them. The latter has class.

  2. 2 TheBigN November 22, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    So this was a hockey game? 😛

    It at least shows of that the tactics that threw Tytania for a loop can also throw everyone else for a loop. It also shows that this tactic will probably be discontinued or very very last resort for now on, as Ariabart still nearly bit it even after the tactic worked (because he wasn’t being as trickery as Fan was in the first episode), and because everyone knows what he knows now, so people can be ready for it next time.

    I totally believe that if Tyrandia had also pulled the Weigelt Cannon technique again on Ariabart (as most people tend to assume “this won’t happen so soon again”), he would have been royally owned. But still, yay Ariabart. 😛

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama November 22, 2008 at 8:02 pm

    Yes I think this is the end of the Weigelt Cannon technique, though it might have been funny to see somebody else try it and then have the cannons malfunction like they are apparently supposed to. I think more then a little luck went into them working twice.

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