Allelujah and Marie’s Romance, The Work Of The Devil or A Long Time Coming?


If These Two Could Finally Come Together Again After All The Carnage They’ve Seen Between Them Then I Say Let Em’ Have It

Once again another one of Crusader’s claims about Gundam 00 is the catalyst for this particular counterpoint so if you want some context head on over here.  What I’m on about this week is the notion Crusader presents that somehow the budding romance between Soma and Allelujah is the result of bad writing and doesn’t work.  Not can’t work, but doesn’t work because of his insistance.  Now I don’t think I need to explain that I found the way this weeks episode of Gundam 00 ended up was more than acceptable if not worthy of a little bit of praise in how it tied together all of the threads of Soma and Allelujah’s past encounters quite nicely while making room for the show to segue into it’s next arc, but let’s just look at the way in which I saw it all as unfolding while countering some of Crusader’s overarching assertations.

First let’s deal with the notion that this relationship came simply out of nowhere because I find that one a bit hard to swallow:



Some caps from all the way back in season 1 from when Soma and Allelujah first came in contact, which already hinted that they had a past together that somehow involved Alllelujah’s murder of this child.

I say nothing has really come from out of the blue here since all of this was foreshadowed way back in the fifth episode of the first season. Soma comes into contact with Allelujah for the first time and Allelujah has a flashback to exactly what we see here in this episode (7 that is) with his escape from the HRL. Only we didn’t know what it was that happened then. Standard Sunrise storytelling, but that’s how it goes and already I would think that the keen observer might suspect something was up and when Soma’s quantum brainwaves triggered Allelujah’s memories of this event.  Why else would that happen unless she was somehow involved in what transpired?  I call this setting up the intrigue for their relationship.

By the end of the first season a new layer is added to that intrigue in how Allelujah now recognizes Soma as Marie from the Super Soldier facility after the shock to his system from Hallelujah being killed.  Obviously I would think that if this revelation had come without all of those newtypesque reactions that he had with her before and the flashbacks to his time at the facility that it would feel pretty cobbled and out of nowhere, but with those it comes as more of a prelude to the big reveal which unfortunately would have to wait until the second season.  I call this realizing the intrigue.


Allelujah getting his Haptism…err Baptism

As for what happened when they were young I think that’s pretty clear to see as well and that the Second Season did a darn good job of showing how it all went down.  Allelujah was afraid of his surroundings and Marie comforted him and helped him get through it.  See episode 04 of this season if you are curious as to how this all played out. Not only did she do that but she also gave him the name Allelujah so that he wouldn’t have to think of himself as a specimen anymore and could find some solace in a bad situation. Hence why whole way in which she referred to him as an inferior test subject was such a big deal in their dialogue this season during the prison arc and why it seemed so especially hurtful to Allelujah AND why she’d feel guilty later on with this episode.  I call this the need to make progress in their current relationship.


Soma: “I’d go with you if I could darn well do anything other than communicate telepathically”

He clearly didn’t ditch her either as Crusader claims as a detriment to their relationship and would have saved her if he could when he left the facility, but she couldn’t even walk at that point so there was nothing to do and the way she comes across I would think she told him to go anyway.  I would call this just a little tragic and unfortunate as opposed to Allelujah not caring about her and of course it was only the beginning of their seperation that would turn into a bitter rivalry as a result of brainwashing the HRL inflicted on her.  The closeness of their childhood set beside what they have now is that she took care of him and helped him get through the Super Soldier progam experience and now he has finally after so long returned the favour in helping her eventually work her way back to her normal self. 

And all of this occuring over a 27 episode period, which is darn well more then Cagalli and Athrun got in their cobbled together romance in Gundam Seed.  This isn’t the result of one night in a remote area as Crusader seems to think, this is the result of almost a lifetime of seperation and a childhood friendship bordering on a mutual adoration of each other that has blossomed into something bigger now that they’re finally reunited.  If there’s anything I did find quick it might have been the kiss, though perhaps the heat of the moment got the better of them and they just wanted to be close like they never could be as children.  Experimenting perhaps?

Second let’s deal with the way in which I see it all as unfolding at a pretty reasonable pace as far as Marie’s resurgence goes:


Was This The Soma We Knew Reacting To The Massacre At The Kataron Base Or Was This A Little Bit Of The Marie Personality Starting To Come To The Forefront?

If you recognize that Soma has been moving more towards the more docile Marie personality on her own anyway and that Allelujah has been working on her quite a bit then I think it’s pretty easy to see how she ended up snapping back this episode. Pressure seems to be at least part of the key like it is with Allelujah giving into Allelujah and Soma has been under quite a bit of pressure since witnessing the massacre at the Kataron base, finding out Sergei’s plans for her to become his daughter, and trying to come to terms with this guy that claims she’s not who she thinks she is.  I don’t see Marie snapping to the forefront right then and their when she was on top of Allelujah (….) but rather the Soma personality being gradually worn down by a result of Sergei’s teachings, peace time relaxation, self-doubt, a person trying on more than one occasion to convince her that she’s not who she thinks she is, and a shock to her psyche as she was about to deal a killing blow to the person she was closest to as a kid.  All of this in my opinion played a part in the Marie personality finally reemerging, albeit at perhaps the absolute last moment.  That doesn’t make it too sudden though as far as I’m concerned, just conveniently timed.  Then again when are these thing not conveniently timed.  So be it, but did it make it seem forced?  I say no.

Third let’s deal with the notion that Marie is teh suck and is underdeveloped:


Marie is saddened that she hasn’t been given the chance to prove her worth, but she’ll get over it.  I think she’s going to be a strong character just like Soma

All I have to say to this is 1. no and 2. no shit.  Yes I’m a little extra perturbed by this one.  First of all Marie is underdeveloped at the moment because she’s been back in control for all of 12 minutes (the “no shit” part), which in my opinion is not enough time to judge that she’s going to suck and not live up to Soma’s strength as a character (the no part).  There’s strength in being a proud and effective warrior, but there’s also strength in being able to adapt to new circumstances and a new life.  I would think it’s only fair to give Marie a chance to show what she’s made of instead of just instantly rejecting the character out of hand and saying that she can’t work when we’ve been shown that a) she can simply because she hasn’t been shown that she can’t by default no matter what Crusader would have one believe, and b) that she currently is in how she managed to convince Sergei of her right to a life with Allelujah (on top of being brave enough to block his shot with her own body in order to get him to listen and to protect Allelujah) and that while she wanted to be his daughter that she feels it’s more important right now that she be with Allelujah and maybe see first hand what Celestial Being is made of.  I think she might be a little in the background at first adjusting to her new life, but once she gets to learn what the group is fighting for and the true extent of the A-LAWS depravity I could see her acting as a pilot and/or trying to convince some of her former comrades that maybe they are on the wrong side.  These are just a few of the possiblities open to Marie as a character.  Can’t wait to see where she goes and I hope it’s good.

And that pretty much brings me to the end of this one.  Was this relationship out of nowhere? No I don’t think so.  Did the Marie personality emerge to rapidly? Not if you take into account all that’s been going on with her since the final episodes of the last season and even before that with the memory flashes when they came in contact.  Is Marie a crappy character?  How can we know until we see what she’s going to do?  Was it the best romance I’ve ever seen and did I feel much of anything from it?  Not really, then again I have no soul, but I can see clear as day the path through which it came about and that it was fairly well written if delayed a little too long by the split that happened in the first season, thus perhaps dulling the impact and making it harder to trace the course of their relationship.

Until the next time Crusader says something I wholeheartedly disagree with, this has been Kaio’s Corner, I have been your Kaioshin Sama, good day.


13 Responses to “Allelujah and Marie’s Romance, The Work Of The Devil or A Long Time Coming?”

  1. 1 Ascaloth November 19, 2008 at 6:54 pm

    Here’s a simple question. How is all the AllelujahXSoma/Marie development all the way from the first episode to now, with the exception of the current episode, been ROMANTIC in nature? (I dunno how to use italics instead of CAPS in comments, sorry)

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama November 19, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    @Ascaloth: The romance has been a long time in blossoming and more or less the majority of it did come to pass in this episode, but I get the vibe that there was something going on between them when they were there in the facility that was a little closer than just simple friendship. Not much has been very romantic between them other then the childhood flashbacks though.

    The point I’m trying to make here more than anything though is that it’s really not hard to see how they got to the point where they are now. The kiss was a little spontaneous, but it’s overall a pretty interesting and well written and led into development. At least I think so. Not the best way to start a romantic storyline, but suitable and somehow fitting for these two characters.

  3. 3 ghostlightning November 19, 2008 at 10:19 pm

    I saw the inevitability from way back in S1 when they first met. I don’t think it’s a well-executed love story which is where Crusader and Calawain are on point. I’ve only seen it last night so I only started reading the reviews after you posted this particular one.

    Frankly, I was prepared to be disgusted and I would have been because I feel like I’m watching a bad soap opera with ham acting (how that happens in animation is something I don’t understand), but then something happened: my wife had this HUGE SMILE on her face. She genuinely loved it.

    This relaxed me somewhat and brought me back to my moderate self. While I don’t think this is a good love story at all, it didn’t come from nowhere. It does seem forced because Marie Parfacy is so much different from Soma, and this is what jarrs the viewer, not the lack of foreshadowing.

  4. 4 Enact November 19, 2008 at 11:18 pm

    To be fair though, Mizushima has gone on record saying that romance isn’t one of his strong points, neither is the characterization of some female characters (why this is I don’t know), so I give him some credit for being honest. I agree with Kaio though, that this isn’t “bad writing” and didn’t come out of nowhere if you have actually been paying attention to the show. I do think the execution was kinda spotty and spontaious but it was a long time coming. Besides, 00 is plot driven, not chracter driven, and romance and relationships isn’t the main focus or strong point of the show, unlike Gundam SEED (not bashing it, just saying).

  5. 5 FlameStrike November 20, 2008 at 12:17 am

    Hm very intresting points you have there, but I have to disagree with you on some matters.

    1. It’s true that a relationship between the two of them were foreshadowed, but that alone does not mean the two of them were well developed. Well you didn’t claim that in your point either so I’m just commenting. I guess Sunrise did effectively establish the point that the two of them were connected in some way and they could potentially lead it up with romance.

    2. Allelujah was comforted by Marie, and they talked. This event happens in their childhood and they get pretty close, but it’s not likely that they thought of eachother in a romantic way. Kids at that age are usually totally oblivous to ideas of romantic adult feelings. Usually when little kids of opposite gender play togheter they don’t care/aren’t aware of gender. Then comes the cotties phase, then puberty sets it. Marie probablys bares no ill will to Allelujah for leaving (There was nothing he could do after all) but when they are reunited I think the reactions are too extream. Assuming that Marie doesn’t experiance everything Souma does, she would only have a few years worth of experiance in life (Er most of those being totally crippled). Well if she did have all of her memories of being Souma, I think it was weak/bad writting of Sunrise to have Marie just ignore all of her experiances during her years as Souma and get hitched with Allelujah. Wait it think she DID have her memories since she remebered Wild Bear and everything x.X

    3. You seem to write of Souma’s character as some fake of Marie, well that’s what I think your stance of her seems to be (Correct me if I’m wrong). But you said that Souma was moving towards a more “Marie”- like personality. In my eyes it could just be that was the way Souma was, or perhaps character development on Souma’s part from her years of experiance in life. Sergei’s teachings and .etc could have developed and influenced Souma, not just “wearing” down the Souma-personality to let Marie emerge. Souma is a person too, and not some set combat mode of Marie. I have no problems with the convient timeing of Souma’s death, but what I’m dissapointed about is how the character Souma’s conflicts, problems, and development are suddenly solved and forgotten in an unsatisfactory manner (unsatisfactory is my opinion but it doesn’t change the fact Souma’s problems/character/development suddenly went poof). Well, maybe I’m rushing things. It’s also possible that Souma might re-emerge and the Souma vs Marie issue could be solved better in the future.

    4. I acknowldge that Marie has tons of potenial. However, that’s not where my problem with her lies. Well I already stated what I disliked so no need to repeat myself.
    Oh yeah but on the other hand we’re not shown that much of the A-LAWS depravity XD, the Federation doesn’t seem to be Britannia but that’s another matter.

    5. Conclusion
    “Was the relationship out of nowhere?
    I believe that there was development between the two as childhood friends, but for those feelings to suddenly blossom into full blown love seems to be out of no where to me. There was foreshadowing that the two knew eachother and that they where friends, but I think it was bad writting to suddenly make them a couple in love.
    “Did the Marie personality emerge too rapidly?”
    There was a lot of foreshadowing of her emergance, but that doesn’t make it good. My problem with her emergance is that it seems like a cheap easy way to suddenly throw out all the development on the Souma character. It also discredits that hard work and the years that Souma struggled through to get where she is, after all Souma was just a placeholder brainwashed persona of Marie lol.
    “Is Marie a crappy character?”
    That’s yet to be seen. My hopes aren’t high but maybe Sunrise can pull something off.
    “Was it da best roamnce lulz”
    HECK NO! I thought it was horrible XD.
    “Not really, then again I have no soul, but I can see clear as day the path through which it came about and that it was fairly well written if delayed a little too long by the split that happened in the first season, thus perhaps dulling the impact and making it harder to trace the course of their relationship.”
    The path is clear but the crappy broken road which is said path suddenly led to something unexpected/unreasonable, is what I think. I would have perfred to see Souma herself overcome the problems and develop instead of shafting her for another character/personality, but I guess that’s just an opinion I hold with no more weight to it then thinking that it was a great idea for Marie to emerge. But hey, we have the right to express our opinions XD.

    That’s just my thoughts on this matter. I’m actually a fan of your posts and anaylsis of anime but I just couldn’t agree with you that Allelujah and Marie was a good thing/good writting so I presented my reasons x.x;

  6. 6 Kaioshin Sama November 20, 2008 at 3:53 am

    @Ghostlightning: Unfortunately Crusader and Calawain do this every single episode on top of bashing the entire episode up and down until it’s made out to be the worst possible way that everything that occured in it could have been executed. The option for them to enjoy the romance was never on the table to begin with, even if it did have some aspects of it that were uninspired. They also have a track record of being wrong about so many things on a factual basis about the show because of the way in which they view it so negatively, which makes it hard for any critic worth their salt that isn’t just out to follow the Sunrise bashin meme to take them seriously. Sucks to be them…..

    @Enact: And that’s all I’m really getting at here.

    @Flamestrike: Meh, it’s par for the course for Sunrise series to always get written up for bad writing (how come nobody ever points out when the writing is good though like they do for other shows?) so I’m essentially desensitized to it now. Someday somebody is going to say something good about one of their recent shows in a blog post though and it’s going to be a site to behold. I can’t even imagine it at this point though.

    Perhaps one of the reasons I’m generally more receptive and positive of these plotlines and developments (aside from just genuinely failing to find any of theme especially bad since Seed Destiny and some parts of Xenoglossia) is that I’m just sick to death of seeing people always hating on the company for the saking of hating on them just because it’s the cool thing to do in the blogosphere right now. I’ve never been a fan of big business nor do I normally care if somebody goes apeshit on them, but this company just gets so much hate for just trying to provide a media product that I actually feel sorry for most of it’s staff that their projects will always have to struggle and go so beyond the expectations and merits of much lesser series just to get to the point where they break even (no praise, but no bashing).

    Anyway, enough of that, you have some good points, but I will have to continue to disagree on the bad writing aspect. Though it could be that those words just don’t register with me anymore from being burned out by overusage. Not your fault and I hope you keep on reading. Here’s to the continued progression of my favourite female character in the show and I will keep my fingers crossed that she will go somewhere good.

  7. 7 Ascaloth November 20, 2008 at 4:12 am


    Which is the point I’m getting at. They were childhood friends in extraordinary circumstances, fast forward a decade and they’re suddenly lovers? Frankly, there’s something missing between these two events, here. Simply claiming that the former leads to the latter is an example of a post hoc ergo propter hoc.

  8. 8 Kaioshin Sama November 20, 2008 at 4:33 am

    @Ascaloth: Good for you, you think that then. I’m going to keep going with the notion that following the tension of being seperated and fighting each other and in the heat of the moment of being reunited that they ended up embracing. I do agree that the kiss was unwarranted though. If there was any part that was rushed it was that, but overall it’s easy to get from point a to point b and for them to conceivably start up a romance….in anime at least. I’ve seen worse, I’ve seen better, but I still say this was a long time coming sans the kiss.

    I wonder though how much of a romance this really is. Perhaps the kiss really was just spontaneous and there’s little that will come of this now besides comraderie, but that remains to be seen. I don’t think I need to say again that I see the potential of this subplot though. I’m not like some who reject it as unworkable just because it involves a transition from one affiliation (one that the character herself was already showing signs of being weary of) to another.

  9. 9 Gideon November 20, 2008 at 12:26 pm

    I also think childhood friendship doesn’t lead automatically to a romantic relation, even if their backgroundstory might warant an emotional embrance when they finally meet again. I would even like to go a bit further: I would have prefered a brother-sister relationship. In my opinion it would be more appropriate with regards to the history Marie and Hall have together and the fact they were rather young when they met. Too young to develop romantic feelings (as said before).

    On the other hand. I don’t find it strange that Hall falls in love with this ideal he has in head of the time he spend with Marie when he was still a child. Marie, as Soma, didn’t have time though to develop these feelings because she simply didn’t remember him. So the kiss is strange, reasoning from her side of the story. Still, she was suffering from a rather forcefull reawakening of another side of her personality, which I can only imagine wreaks havoc on your emotions and logic. Let me say it this way: I wouldn’t be suprised at all if Soma had to explain to Hall that the kiss was a spur of the moment kind of thing and that she thinks of him as a brother and not a lover. But we’ll see.

    So I am curious how this relationship is going to develop, if at all. It is too soon to give a final verdict in my opinion. I find the kiss a bit strange (especially coming from Marie), but given the circumstances it might not be unimaginable for it to happen. Having said that: I fear for a weak Marie-character. But again: too soon for a verdict. For all we know Marie will be handing out piloting instructions the next couple of episodes, if not piloting herself.

  10. 10 Solly Rushadale November 21, 2008 at 9:25 am

    When I heard about Marie and Allejujah (finally!) getting together, I was so… happy…

    It’s like, everyone has been through so much, that they should finally find some happiness…*sad smile*

    I’m happy for them… but at the same time, deeply worried. It’s only episode seven of the second season. Their characters are almost complete, so how are they going to manage to stay alive for the rest of the season?

  11. 11 Duo Maxwell November 21, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    @Ascaloth: Do you believe that there are people falls in love because of long parting? They keep thinking about each other, and when they meet, they fall in love.

    Now go back to the problem. We know absolutely nothing about how their life was after those incidents. We don’t know how long they keep Marie’s memory intact before brainwashing. We only know one thing, that Allelujah is the only one in Marie’s memory. As time passed, Al’s image is carved deeper and deeper into Marie’s mind, and I won’t be surprised if it turns into something like love. You can say that after decade, such feeling can’t last, and I believe, the brainwashing (or memory sealing, as what I think can describe this part clearer) takes part in this. It keeps all of Marie’s memory and feeling intact as it was. One more thing is Sergei and Soma’s parting, adding to all the emotion she carried at that time. I just don’t know you can understand that at the girl’s weakest moment, it’s chance for the man to strike.

    On Al’s part, we don’t know how he spent his childhood time after that shutter incident. Although I have a feeling that the only thing that kept him from going insane is Marie’s still alive and remaining at researching center. Year after year, you can clearly see he have always thought about Marie until he joined CB by how he can recognize her at first sight at the end of S1. Knowing his only close one still alive, and is in front of him, with 4 years being held in prison, giving up on CB, tell me, what else for him to think about?

    Lastly, do not underestimate children’s love. People believe that children know no such thing as love, but I think otherwise, given the circumstance, such feeling as liking can become love. In fact, children’s emotion and feeling can be stronger than one can imagine, and last way longer than us adult.

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