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ChäoS;HEad, Episode 6

Again pursued by Shogun creepy provocations, Takumi is progressively getting cornered. His presumbly salvation lies in the Di-Sword but he is still clueless about the method to get it. On the verge of breaking more and more, Rimi will prove to be an essential support to him.

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Some Gundam 00 Second Season Info (Of Dubious Relevance)


Not a certified Japanese reader or even a good one, but I’ll try my best to wring all of the relevant info out of this.  If I’m wrong on something feel more than free to correct me.

Top:  Here we have the Gadessa which is Revive Revival’s personal use mobile suit and it’s weapon which is identified as a mega launcher that looks like it can be folded to form a tri-barrel weapon for three beams or one long barreled one for more firepower.  Kind of a variant on the Gundam F91’s VSBR I’m going to assume

Right Block From Clockwise: Revive Revival who looks like a purple haired Ribbons.  He’s identified as piloting the Gadessa for A-LAWS which seems to tie the innovator faction to them as well.  Next is Hilling Care who looks exactly like Ribbons and is identified to have some relation to Tieria Erde.  Next is Louise Halevy dressed in Gothic Lolita.  I suppose she is going to still moe it up for us this season.  Miss the long hair though.  Next is Hong Long whom we already know.  Next is Patrick Corlasawar sporting Trowa Barton’s hairdo and it says he’s joined the A-LAWS in order to fight the Gundam’s and support Katie Mannequin.  Next is Billy Katagiri who has also joined the A-LAWS as an MS engineer and it confirms that he is the son of Commander Homer Katagiri.  Next is Sumeragi whose real name is confirmed as Lisa/Risa Kujoh at long last.

Left Block Top-Down:  Mr Busido’s Custom Ahead Sakigaku has a GN Beam Saber/Shield.  Ummm….yeah?  Below that though is Soma’s former Custom ahead Smultron and it mentions Louise as having something to do with it.  Potential pilot maybe?  Is she really worth moving outside of an Ahead and are the rumours that she can use Quantum Brainwaves true? Continue reading ‘Some Gundam 00 Second Season Info (Of Dubious Relevance)’

The Super Dimension Century Orguss (Strangers In A Strange Land)


Even The Promotional Artwork Shows The Effort That Went Into This Series

One of the older Real Robot series I’ve just recently started watching (as a result of Super Robot Wars Z I might add), The Super Dimension Century Orguss is certainly one of the more unique entries in the Super Dimensional series that spanned the 80’s and included such famous entries as the Super Dimensional Fortress Macross.  In fact so unusual is it that the very first scene you even see in the show is of our manly hot shot pilot main character in Kei Katsuragi making out with his lovely woman.  In a way that also sets the tone of thing to come as this series is pretty much full of manly men and attractive ladies, but that’s obviously not all.  Let’s get down to business shall we. Continue reading ‘The Super Dimension Century Orguss (Strangers In A Strange Land)’

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