ChäoS;HEad, Episode 6

Again pursued by Shogun creepy provocations, Takumi is progressively getting cornered. His presumbly salvation lies in the Di-Sword but he is still clueless about the method to get it. On the verge of breaking more and more, Rimi will prove to be an essential support to him.


That sudden video of the first New Gene case on the net stirred a lot of commotion in the media. It is revealed that it has been uploaded from @cafe Room37, the very room that Takumi usually seizes for his free time out of his lair.

At school, Takumi is concerned about the reason why Shogun had uploaded this video. Thinking it is a provocation, Takumi is desperate about the Di-Sword, as he is completely unable to figure how to get his hands on his. Ayase’s words are way too vague and not even giving him any hint whatsoever. As he is pondering, he is still wondering if Rimi is his ally or enemy.

As he remembers what Sena said, he reverse the thought process and wonders what would happen if you convert the imagined images from a person and turn them into a image signal. To this extent, if A’s delusion is converted into some data then projected into B’s brain, A’s delusion becomes B’s reality.

I loled when I saw these overly simplist drawings for Taku’s theory… I mean, they could have used something anime/seira related or a more realistic way to portray that. At least it is pretty clear.

Thinking it is the way how to get his Di-Sword, Taku stands up but then sees that Yua is waiting for him in the corridor. Scared to death, he runs away, and throws up at the courtyard.
Begging someone to help him, Rimi arrives and comforts him, saying she is his ally so everything is alright. Takumi asks her to help him as she is scared to be alone. Rimi is fine and will be by his side. Even though she can’t do that all the time, she is fine to stay with him whenever they can. Staying timid, Taku wonders why Rimi is so devoted to him. At first she is a bit unsure, then she uses her catch phrase and answers this is because they are friends, so no need to ask why.

Now, I’m really not convinced by Rimi’s stance in the anime transition. Rimi is supposed to feel “close”, “caring” in a concerned way. Of course, she is in the anime as well, but she looks more like acting cheerful to clear away Taku’s worries. In reality, she would rather be really concerned (the tone difference is quite noticeable I would say), and she would take time and shows how she is ready to be by his side.

That aside…Hell about time for another “bishi!”.

On their way home, Rimi asks Takumi what’s happening to him. Taku decides to explain everything to her at a coffee shop. As she hears about a old man in a wheelchair, Rimi is unable to remember about that when Taku was spacing out in the crosswalk near of Shibuya Station. Taku is certain Shogun isn’t one of his delusion, though the empty shibuya might have been the case.
Taku then notices a police car and steps back a bit. Both of them notice a mob protestating again “demons”, most likely tied to the bizarre New Gene incidents.

My head went chaotic due to the animation QUALITY (okay, this was lame, I’m sorry. But I’m still saying this: that is not really stellar, even against early 2000 productions…).

At home, Rimi is eating some cakes and then notices a CD of Phantasm. However, Taku doesn’t pay heed to her comments and tries to find something that makes the conversion of thoughts into actual images possible. He then finds something downright fitting what he was looking for: an american patent that allows to monitor nerve impulses in the form of image and audio data.
After such discovery, Taku ponders if he has the ability to project his delusions into reality, but after reconsidering a bit the technology right now, such kind of supernatural powers cannot exist. Still concerned about such possibility, Taku picks up his broken “Di-Sword” and tries to imagine his own. However, he is suddenly interrupted by Rimi. Although he is scared to see her as an enemy, she just doesn’t think it would be suitable of a high schooler to swing such kind of toy, even at home.
Taku tells her that this sword is only a fake and that he is seeking for the real one. Rimi is not so convinced but Taku argues he knows two girls at school that have a real sword.

[White Trigger]
Is it me or they REALLY want to make Rimi THAT suspicious about the Di-Sword? It really sounds like Kitamura Eri has been forced by the audio manager to force obvious “gasp” etc that gives away that she is blurting a lie or something… bah…

Rimi is curious about the identity of these girls and then wonders if both are his girlfriends.
Taku shakes his head for a negative answer but surprisingly, Rimi says she is relieved a bit, which makes Taku happy about that flag.
He suddenly sees Rimi in a sexy attire. He is pinching is cheeck, thinking it is a delusion but nothing happens and Rimi asks if there is anything to drink. Flustered by this situation, Taku timidly says there is cola, but that won’t do so Rimi will get some juice. Shocked to see her leaving in such dressing, he shouts out if she is a exhibitionist, but he instantly gets back to reality, where Rimi is wondering what he is babbling about.
Rimi then checks the fridge but there isn’t any cola so she is going to buy some drinks, leaving Taku contemplating about the ero rimi and Ayase’s copy.

It has been so long that I didn’t rant on a white trigger and I will do it big time here…
That said, another good green trigger GET! That said, I have no clue what was that Seira close up at the end of such scene…
Meanwhile, I wonder how come Takumi didn’t even mention his beloved “wife” as a reckless delusion XD

[White Trigger]
Why did they screw this part? This was actually supposed to be a delusion WITHOUT any effect. The first time I played that part, I was wondering if the scripters weren’t trying to mess up with the readers as Delusions and Reality became to converge into one, due to Takumi being more and more close to the Di-Sword.
Here, they made it pretty obvious it IS a delusion with the effect and random Rimi flying over the exit to reappear immediately in the room.
Originally, Rimi should have called out Takumi and he finally sees her in such attire, but then, as she leaves for shopping, she comes back to fetch something back, but BACK with her uniform. That freaked out Takumi big time, and I don’t get why they didn’t keep with that.

A little while later, Taku is chatting with Grim who once again found out the new New Gene incident. The fifth one is quite gruesome, involving a psychiatrist having his brain taken out.
Much to his horror, he discovers that the victim is Doctor Takashina. he concludes that Shogun is downright provoking him and begins to panic big time. Begging for help, he is desperately trying to find Rimi, but she is of course nowhere in the room. Sulking in his panic attack, he is helplessly crying until Rimi comes back. He presence soothes him back instantly and she takes his hands, comforting him the best she can, confirming she is by his side.

I liked how Yoshino gradually makes his voice hysteric when Taku read the news. It is a shame it was toned down because of the animation: his voice looked all unmatching his expressions, as if he was just a “bit” stressed, nothing past this point.
And again, I’m not fond of “this Rimi”… Well, at least, the hug was nice.

At night, Sena is once again patrolling and bumps on a mob of people not exactly right in their mind. She then makes her way towards a random guy with a big backpack. The man is hostile right from the bat, asking Sena to identify herself and to get lost as she is not related to what they are doing. She doesn’t pay heed to his rambling and asks him where is Hatano. That question makes the man sweating though he feigns ignorance, saying he wouldn’t tell her even if he knew. Sena then throws her pop stick at him and her Di-Sword then has a physical appearance, which allows the man and the mob to see it.
Frightened, the man claims he really doesn’t know who Hatano is, but Sena doesn’t care if he can’t answer and will destroy “it” either way.
Fleeing for his life, the man is chased by Sena. She leaps in the air and, as she lands, slashes his backpack. The device that was in there explodes and as she makes her way to have a closer look, Sena notices a chip with “NOZOMI” embossed on it.

Wow… They DID have an animation proper budget this time around?
To be serious, Sena’s leaping animation was nice, even slightly above average due to its smooth and fluid aspect. The only problem is the fact the leaping animation does NOT make sense with the horizontal slash that Sena does. it is even more ridiculous as she has a “stand up stance”… She doesn’t even recover from a jump stance (so should have been crouching… even a bit).
And… Why not the close up of her slash like in the gamu? Tohohoho…

Brushing his teeth outside, Takumi is still pondering about this ability to convert delusions to reality. As he is thinking about this bus accident during his childhood, he is greeted by Rimi who has come to pick him up, stating she is the devoted type.
Rimi then wonders if Taku knows winter skies appear faded, and she explains that it is surely because of the cold, everyone looks down so fewer are wishing for a blue sky.

At school, Takumi bumps on Ayase when he leaves the restroom. She reminds him to get his sword as soon as possible, but since he is still lost about that matter, Taku asks her a hint. Ayase explains she didn’t notice it first but it was always within her reach, so she believes that it is even possible that Taku’s Di-Sword is already next to him but that he doesn’t “see” it.
As he goes back in the classroom, Daisuke rushes at him, completely surprised to see him having a proper discussion with Ayase. However, his curiosity is cut short by Rimi. Still he insists and would like to know how Taku was able to hang around her, which is also shared by the other classmates.
They are suddenly interrupted by Kozue who just knocked herself against the door or the wall. As she painfuly enters in the classroom, people shift their attention to her.

Afterschool, Rimi noticed that Takumi is quite popular recently since he was approached by numerous beautiful girls. Upon hearing this, Taku is of course enjoying his popular time. Rimi then asks him what he was talking about with Ayase because she felt like he was in deep thought even though she doesn’t have much right to ask about that. He tells her that they talked about swords and that she has a real one. Rimi is shocked to hear that, but brushes it off that if it was the case, she would have broken the law, so it is definitely a toy.
At the park, Takumi explains that he might have the power to turn delusions to reality, so it is probably the reason why Shogun is targeting him. Rimi asks him if he has the same device than that patent he showed her previously. Of course, he shakes his head and claims he is perhaps capable of doing so without any device. Rimi believes he is joking but Taku mentions that accident in his childhood.
Rimi assures him he is just overthinking and that it is surely another of his delusions, but all of a sudden, Takumi sees Yua in a very creepy way. Scared, he steps back but there isn’t anyone.

Time to rant

[White Trigger]
Again, they are really making Rimi so obvious that anyone would question her involevment about Di-Sword from miles away. Honestly, it isn’t anything subtle…

Ban is visiting an information dealer and friend of his, Momose. They are discussing about the New Gene case and its link with GE-Rate. Ban is investigating that on his own, but Momose believes it is way too dangerous, as the professor who gave a lecture about that matter was the victim of the staking incident. Ban is nonchalantly thinking it is fine, considering the fact this theory is too far fetched to convince the higherups with. That said, Ban wonders how come biorhythm can lead to a murder madness, and Momose mentions again the incidents during full moon. Hence, if the biorhythm is much more affected than a full moon period, these persons would be stimulated. On the top of that, Shibuya GE-rate is 6800 times higher than a full moon period.
Surprised by such high rate, Ban wonders how it is that high only now, and Momose explains such change would require a drastic environment modification, worth the power of a volcano eruption at the station. Furthermore, the day before the professor has been murdered, a TV program he was supposed to be on had been taken out.
Momose believes the case is too ugly, involving many dark sides of society, which can lead to Ban being fired. That said, the detective doesn’t care much as long as he can catch the culprit.

See the second cap: what the hell is that… mashed up pack of colors? THAT is stupposed to be a crowd? Give me a break… and if that alone wasn’t enough, the perpective of the cars is wrong as well… bah…
At least, they were concise and accurate for the discussion between Ban and Momose.

Browsing on the net, Taku is surprised to see that FES’ real identity has been leaked. He also discovers that she was a patient at Ark Heart Medical group, a facility specialised into patients afflicted by severe pathologies. As result, he wonders if he can really believe her.
He then receives a phone call. Expecting it is Nanami’s call, he reluctantly takes it, but he hears nothing but the usual tune played at a crosswalk. Suddenly, the tune goes wrong and a huge sonic vribation shakes his whole room.
This sonic quake hits Shibuya as a whole, affecting everyone. At school, Yua receives a phone call after the shockwave, and it seems the person calling her know something related to her sister.
Then, Yua notices some commotion and finds out the cause of it: the sky suddenly turns eerily grey.

Tons of people noticed that but heh… What Seira was doing here…? Head emerge from the table? Hey now Taku… that sure a boring face you make, with such “service”…
On a serious side, I really didn’t expect them to be THAT fast with the shockwave incident… Things are going so fast that i wonder if 12 eps won’t be a bit too much… (now THAT’s scary because if you want a proper adaptation, you would need 24 episodes… that tells you how fast and butchering they are going).




Overal Thoughts:

Yarrr… this episode was more or less okay. As you probably see, aside of the usual mediocre animation and design quality (except Sena’s sword slash), I’m very upset about Rimi’s slight personality/approach change.
That said, the main concern is how fast these guys are, and it will turn really ugly by the time they reach the events of chapter 8-9.
And as I already watched episode 7 RAW, I can tell you that I will RAGE a lot, but for GOOD reasons…


3 Responses to “ChäoS;HEad, Episode 6”

  1. 1 FlameStrike November 23, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    Oh yeah ep 7 was reallllllllllllly fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkked upppppppp! WHERE IS THE QUEST?!?!?! WTF IS WITH THE DI-SWORD IN THE THUGS SCENE? It’s like they don’t really care about properly adapting Chaos;Head anymore T.T

  2. 2 Epi November 27, 2008 at 7:39 am

    Well having never played the game, I can say the story seems to be progressing well IMO. I especially liked all the little scenes when Taku gives his nerdy otaku smile because he realizes that the girls like him.

  3. 3 Lanny Ruskin September 15, 2011 at 8:06 am

    for sure this ChäoS;HEad, Episode 6 When Anime Past Meets Present is indeed fascinating to find out

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