Ga-Rei Zero episode 7 ~ Fickle friendship…

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Shat bricks?

Oh come on, seriously. Kagura’s so called friend was just being such a bitch in this episode even when she can clearly see that she was being tortured by the incident from the previous episode…

Thoughts: I mean what the heck was that when Kagura visited the dead sensei’s grave…I think she had little excuse to snap at Kagura when she basically saved their asses from being clubbed to death with a bat. Yet instead of being grateful that they are still alive (probably not for much long seen as they now know the secret which Kagura has kept hidden from them) that girl totally added salt to Kagura’s injury by making her feel more emotional pain. She must be blind if she thinks that Kagura is happy that she killed a person she admired with her own hands. Stupid idiot. So even though they did make up in the end, I have a feeling that their friendship won’t last long if it was so easily wavered by such an event.

I may not like Kagura’s naive personality much but I at least have to feel sorry for her this time for being accused and slandered for something that isn’t true.

Overall this was quite a nice cooldown episode in contrast to the previous one. Not much did happen besides a few short but significant scenes.

Good news; Mei is actually alive. Bad news; She is being mind controlled.

I did not expect Mei to come back at all so this does bring out questions of the powers possessed by butterfly boy. It seems like he is able to revive and mind control the dead though for what reason he is “using” Mei for is unknown. I think Mei’s objective to become the head quickly may be an objective which is helpful to butterfly boy so perhaps he is just speeding up the process. Besides, the less enemies he has and the more confused the enemy are will only work to his advantage. So now that Mei has killed Yomi’s adopted father, how would things swing in her favor?

But looking back on episode 1, we also see Yomi being extremely close to butterfly boy so I do wonder whether the evil Yomi is really the yomi we know or not. Chances are is that she is the original Yomi because I believe it adds more interesting depth to the plot rather than having one lame mind controlling villain. If Yomi is acting out her own free will then it will be interesting to see how her mindset becomes crushed to that state…but it will also be quite depressing.

For now though, Mei is clearly evil (even more so than originally) and Yomi senses something. Things aren’t going to be pretty when the argument for the family head position comes into place because Yomi is surely going to be framed for being the one who killed the previous head. Tough luck.

As for the “lighthearted” aspect of this episode; Kagura was mostly depressed throughout with what has happened with sensei. Though she eventually cheers up when her “friends” goes back to her side but sadly she is hit again with another sad event when she returned home to fine “father” dead on the floor.

Yomi on the otherhand feels that she should begin to let Kagura go rather than being like a mother to her. Noriyuki…I mean ferret boy managed to force a kiss onto Yomi which should have warrant him to be castrated but luckily for him, Yomi wasn’t in a pissed off mood. Damn happy yaro >.>

Screen caps and “wise guy” comments:

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Back from the dead and probably meaner than ever

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The cat is out of the bag, death flag raised

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Poor Kagura is tortured yet her friend still lays it onto her for being a murderer?

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One of the last times we see him, quite disappointing that he didn’t put up a fight

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New sense! More depression incoming

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Whaaaaaa ;____;

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If there is anything outstanding about this series is that they sure know how to bring out the most depressing situations out of anything

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so called friend again

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Hit her! I dare you, I double dare you motha…

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Group hug, making up etc

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Yomi’s danger senses are going haywire

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More of the truth explained, death for her friends for certain

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Mei’s killer face

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Kagura talking to ferret boy about Kagura, yadda yadda…

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Then they tried to kiss…

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Saved by the ringtone!

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Or not…

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Yomi should have done something more painful but at least she acted >.>

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Poor Kagura, once her wound begins to heal, something stabs right into it again

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This time it affects Yomi too, is this the path to the dark side?

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