Nagisa, Tomoya and Youhei are now involved in that gang war, and due to Tomoyo’s intervention, things will be much more complicated than they might expect…
Still, Kazuto should be able to fix the situation, but his elusive status finally gets revealed, much to everyone’s surprise.


Nagisa and Tomoya are having a cup of coffee at the Reference Room, but they are surprised to see Yukine yawning, pretty tired. Concerned, Nagisa wonders if she happens to have any kind of spell that would help her to sleep. There is one, however it suggests one to sleep on someone else’s lap, which is hardly a spell by itself. Yukine comments how she often did that with her older brother. Upon hearing this, Nagisa then “lends” Tomoya to Yukine, much to both’s surprise. Embarassed, Yukine restrains herself, feeling bad for Nagisa, but the later is fine and encourages her. Perplexed, Yukine accepts Nagisa’s offer in the end and rests on Tomoya’s lap, falling asleep instantly.
Tomoya is wondering what’s going on with Nagisa. She admits she feels a bit jealous, but considering how Yukine was tired, she felt it was the good way.

Suddenly, Youhei barges in the room, quite hyper to hang around Yukine. He is stunned to see her resting on Tomoya’s lap. Bewildered, he is however “silenced” by Nagisa. In her sleep, Yukine mumbles the name of her older brother, Kazuto.

I wasn’t expecting them to add that lap scene, even out of the original context ^^”
Honestly speaking, it was quite nice I would say: There is no way Nagisa would be dead jealous over such kind of deal, but the offer pretty ties well with her usual demeanor and her friendship with Yukine. Speaking of her, she is seen less “perfect/dreamy”, and having a clumsy/flustered side, which is quite good.
Poor Youhei, it should be frustrating for a guy like him to see his best pal harvesting a harem as if it was easy ^^”

Later, Yuu joins them in the reference room, and they have a little chat. Then, Sudou barges in the room, quite beaten up. Treated by Yukine, the big guy explains the other gang made their move, as they were quite badly beaten, mistaking it as “Kazuto’s doing”. Things are turning ugly and to make the situation worse, Tomoyo enters in the room, wishing to have a talk with Yukine.
As he sees her, Sudou panics and flees.

Tomoyo’s reputation is not exactly something to laugh at heh? Even Sudou, one of the most dominant guy in Kazuto’s group, fled from her, so you can expect her to be quite a foe…not like you didn’t notice I guess… heck, I think Youhei would be quite a hero for them considering how he was able to withstand such “abuse” numerous times!

Tomoyo has a discussion with everyone in Youhei’s room. She won’t report the matter, however, she warns Yukine as she discussed with other schools’ student councils and the conclusion is straight: the violence in the city has increased, and at this rate, the police might be involved.

At the bar, the whole gang recovers from the enemy attack. Full of anger and frustration, a bunch of them want to retaliate now. Tomoya asks to Yukine when Kazuto will be discharged from hospital as he is probably the only one that can stop the situation. However, Yukine doesn’t answer and suddenly leaves the place to have a talk with the opposite gang. Tomoya follows her, concerned by her reckless attempt. As he manages to catch her up at the bridge, Tomoya tries to dissuade her to have a talk with them, and questions the fact that Kazuto could fix the matters should he talk with Sudou and the rest, even if he is hospitalized. However, Yukine remains silent, seemly confirming it isn’t an option.

I would say that a silence is worth tons of answers in many situations and this one is a fine example: the way how it is portrayed is quite full of meanings, and Tomoya’s reaction was nothing like a red herring.

Yukine is with Tomoya at the opposing gang lair. Even though they know the details and the possible troubles with the police, most punks can’t stay idle as “Miyazawa Kazuto” is back, so the situation is pretty much do or die. Yukine tries to clear the misunderstanding but they don’t listen, believing deep down that it was Kazuto who beat the crap out of them. Tomoya tries as well, but Yukine stops him, as it is no good.
Furious, most of them are in a uproar, ready for a brawl against Sudou and the rest, which force Sasaki, their leader, to silence them.
Sasaki is still grateful for what Yukine had done for him before, yet he is unable to settle down the situation like this. Hence, as a compromise, he suggests a duel between him and Kazuto, the gang leaders, to settle the problem.

Ono Daisuke as Sasaki? He isn’t “rough” enough, but grave and stylish for this role I would say. Well, the enmity here was certainly noticeable. I assume it is kinda difficult to wonder how this mess begun, but I actually wonder if there must have a reason for violence, especially of such kind, all the time. Gang wars and such can spark for petty things, and it is actually a wonder how they could keep a statu quo like that for a month or so.
On a side note, I noticed that the goon that said “how it is a misunderstanding?” wasn’t quite consistent, especially the bandaid on the left cheek that mysteriously disappeared as soon as he starts his ranting. Yet later on he still has it. I guess only this scene is the problem for this inconsistency.

Back at the bar, Sudou and the rest are surprised to hear that Yukine made such initiative. Things are not pretty considering there is now way Kazuto can be around in times like this. Yuu then wonders if Youhei won’t do as Sakai’s group members believe he is Yukine’s brother. Yukine tries to prevent Youhei to be involved, but Yuu (or rather, Youhei) adds oil to the fire, saying that Youhei was boatsing around, claiming he was the one who defeated the 4 guys last night. Everyone is praising him and asking him to go fight Sasaki, on Kazuto’s behalf.

Youhei doesn’t learn, does he? Well, it is kinda bold for him and this might be his last show off… oh wait, who am I kidding? XD
It is actually funny to see how he is revered by the whole bunch despite he was a scared cat when Tajima was shaking him like a bag of potatoes.

A little while later, Nagisa is still concerned about this fight. Yukine explains that Sasaki’s group aren’t bad persons either, but considering the small town they are all in, they are always getting into fights with Sudou and the rest. Yukine ponders how the situation could be like this, despite everyone is kind, etc.

The next day, at the beach river, both group members are glaring towards each others. Youhei is uneasy with the atmosphere, but Nagisa relieves him by offering him… some bread Sanae made for him… The Hyper Rainbow pan!
Cheerfully describing the goods, she also adds the ultimate jam they received from a friend, making it the best combo. Quite hyper, Nagisa invites the rest of the crew to have a bite. Excited by that, they help themselves but got instantly taken down by this outerworld food.

Critical mass reached! FUSION !

Bwahahahaha! They did what the key fans were dreaming for ages! The deadly combo with Akiko’s jam and Sanae’s bread! I laughed out loud when Nagisa was cheerfully showing that radioactive substance in THAT bottle, but more when the jam turned from flashy yellow into a “normal yet shiny” pinku color. The electric spark and such made it clear it was going for an explosive result, and yep, one bite was enough to knock them off, while Akiko’s jam and Sanae’s bread were “edible” but seriously awful for their taste. ^^”

Bad timing. Sasaki finally arrives and things will go sour as the group and Youhei are still dropped dead. Without any much choice, Tomoya will take Youhei’s place for the duel.
Sasaki is clueless about what’s going on and Tomoya admits clearly that Youhei is absolutely not Kazuto, therefore, Sasaki will have to put up with him.
Yuu, his sister and Nagisa can’t expect much if they don’t make Kazuto show up right before Sasaki, leaving Yukine in a flustered state. Meanwhile, Sasaki steps on Tomoya’s foot and delivers a butthead, accepting the little pass time for the time being.

Both guys are going all out in a brawl, but Sasaki has clearly the advantage in sheer experience and strength. After few blows, Sasaki notices that Tomoya’s right shoulder is no good, however the later asks him not to go easy on him just because of that.
Resuming their fight, Tomoya is strongly pushed and knocked in the river. Barely able to defend against Sasaki’s kicks, he is knocked down by several punches.
Everything looks settled, but much to Sasaki’s surprise, Tomoya is still up to fight and punch him as Sasaki let his guard down.

When men do fight, they don’t back off heh?
Well, this type of animation was certainly not expected from this kind of franchise. Although it is impressive in some smooth aspect of it, it is kinda overboard for Clannad, especially that big splash, that omni amusingly likened with DBZ, with good reason XD.
I’m glad they didn’t turn Tomoya into a brawl king: as demonstrated, his right shoulder is quite a handicap for various instances, and mentioning it like this was sure again a good consistency detail.

Few hours later, both guys are fighting, leaving the audience quite speechless by such “spectacle”. Tomoya manages to hang in there despite his wounds and rushes to Sasaki. Both guys end on a cross-counter position, but Tomoya loses due of the clear difference of strength. As Sasaki is about to end this, Tomoya bears with the pain and counter attacks with the remaining stamina he got, punching right in Sasaki’s stomach.

As I said: overboard XD.
At least, the exaggerated effects were well timed to show how the fight was going in intensity. Tomoya is certainly not a sissy with his insane stamina.

Both guys are beat, especially Tomoya who can’t recover a sitting position. Sasaki admits he is quite tough and tells him to stay down considering that everyone else are recovering now. Indeed, Youhei, Sudou and the rest finally wake up from their food poisoning experience. Youhei notices Tomoya’s state and immediately rushes at him. Soon enough, Sudou and everyone else are also dashing forward, coming at Tomoya’s aid. Consequently, the other group members are doing the same, in attempt to defend Sasaki from the incoming attack.

Sasaki is again shown as “moderately good guy”, just doing this crap for the hell of the appearance and for his gang so. Saving face is surely a pride issue, and quite moronic, but that’s also a substancial matter of concern in small community and the like.
Escalating violence is always that easy, heh.

Things are looking ugly, but both sides are stopping in their mad rush when they see Kazuto, finally showing up, much to Sudou and the rest’s surprise. Happy to see Kazuto challenging him despite being hospitalized, Sasaki dashes towards him, wishing to end it once for all.

However, as Sasaki’s blow lands on Kazuto’s head, everyone is shocked to see that Yukine was actually crossdressing herself with a wig, deceiving them. Despite she is already exposed, Yukine still puts up the act. In the end, Tomoya is forced to hug her in attempt to make her stop, while Sudou and Tajima beg her to stop.

Yukine sure had it very rough. It is quite a wonder she didn’t get stunned with the impact, considering Sasaki’s strength and both dashing at each other.
Props to Enomoto Atsuko for showing a new and original Yukine (this is completely original, so hearing Yukine in such state is a first).

Sasaki is completely clueless about this farce, enraging Tomoya. The later lets loose his anger, telling straight to their faces that they were stubbornly waiting for Kazuto, leaving no choice possible, so she had pretend being her brother in order to stop them.
Yukine bursts in tears, unable to understand why people are fighting each other, without settling things peacefully. She begs them to stop fighting, which would be also Kazuto’s wish.

Tomoya really has that usual role to knock some sense to people in cases like this heh… Nakamura delivered a nice intonation that make him more pissed about Sasaki’s cluelessness than any blow he had to withstand until now.

Later, everyone is gathered at the graveyard, in front of Kazuto’s gravestone. Yukine explains how she was afraid of her brother and his friends before. But when he died, she cried and wondered about how his life was. This is the reason she built up her courage to get close to everyone, and having happy time with them was like sharing it with her late brother. Kazuto wanted to end the fighting, but since Sasaki’s group probably would have attacked them if they learned he passed away, Yukine and everyone else to keep it secret. Crying, she wished that she could stop the fighting, fulfilling her brother’s will.

A different path, but a common result. The graveyard scene was something expected and it gave a nice touch that Yukine wasn’t the type of mourning the dead, but rather to get over it and live with everyone around her. This was certainly hard for her, but it was quite brave, especially that she isn’t a girl like Kyou and Tomoyo (strictly based on temper, not strength wise). Even if the adaptation removed the possible “smooth aura sequences”, it really depicts well her personality.

Sasaki approaches her and prays for Kazuto. Soon enough, the rest of them are doing the same, accepting such wish. Happy, Yukine believes this would make Kazuto glad.
Relieved by this, Tomoya however notices something in the sky. There is a light orb floating in the air, and Tomoya is mysteriously attracted by it.

Light Orb GET-O! Time to have serious hint about such mysterious elements

Everything is settled down, and Yukine thanks Nagisa, Tomoya and Youhei for their help. Yukine then tells them a folk store of this town: whenever a moment of happiness occurs, a ball of light appears, representing such happiness. This orb grants a wish to anyone able to obtain it.
This story is quite familiar to both Nagisa and Tomoya, and they suspect that Misae and her cat are related to that.
Yukine adds that fewer persons can see such orbs nowadays, but it seems Tomoya might be a special case here, though she doesn’t know much past this point.

Explanations were given. That’s great: they showed how the light orbs are always related with happiness and so forth. Please keep note how many they were shown so far and the circumstances: this is not random, and I think you can link these with… 2 specific aspect of Clannad series.

Regardless of that matter, they are all her precious friends and Yukine declares she is really happy and thanks her brother.

Yep, Kazuto looks like Youhei in the anime adaptation XD.
I’m wondering how it will go for Yuu and his sister though… ah well.




Overal Thoughts:


2 Responses to “CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~, Episode 8”

  1. 1 rollchan November 28, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    I dunno, but the Yukine story got me bored…

    Double thumbs up for the Misae story arc!

    Can’t wait for episode 9! n_n

    Thanks! 🙂

  2. 2 FlameStrike November 28, 2008 at 6:26 pm

    Just a little something, Akiko-Sanae DOOM combo knocked everyone out just by HOLDING THE BREAD NEAR THEM! Man it’s terrifying. If they ate it I’m sure they’d go into a coma.

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