Tales of Abyss episode 10 ~ “You got yourself kidnapped again?!”

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Probably the most shocking revelation in the series so far

Well it was a rather calm and peaceful episode (besides during the fight scene) all thanks to new and improved Luke fon Fabre. I think I really like his new style thus far and sure beats the living crap out of his old child-like self. Though I am wondering if the development for him is actually going too fast…

Thoughts: Not that I am moaning or anything, but I do feel that this change in personality happened a bit too quick. Though it may just because the sheer shock of killing thousands of people and losing the trust of his “friends” which made him feel that he just needs to snap out of being “I am king Luke” mode.

It was a really nice episode though I must stress. Other than the fact that Ion just had to go and get himself kidnapped again leading to the gang having to go on yet another rescue mission for what is like the tenth time round. This time he even had the nerve to get Natalia involved! (Damn you Ion…). But even with such a dry, rinse and repeat form of storytelling I didn’t find this episode boring at all. Thanks has to be given for keeping the material fresh and informative, and boy did we get some decent information about the situation this time.

The fight scene was simply awesome in everyway. Great direction and significant development for Luke too. He is now beginning to accept the fact that he needs to kill in order to save the lives of many more people (for some reason I keep thinking of Shirou from F/SN…). But damn, that grunt was tough…too bad he died when he showed so much skill in fighting at equal footing with Luke (who has the advantage of being a main character).

So it turns out that the church actually anticipated the fall of Azkeriuth as a part of the prediction by the score and just completely followed it without any questions being asked. I can’t tell whether following the score is actually an evil cult-ish belief but some people in the series certainly thinks so. For the church to have so much faith in following the score right into destruction, it seems kind of weird that they never stop to think about the situation. This was the feeling Tear’s grandfather gave me and as a part of the bigger picture, the church is definitely an enemy of our heros.

Van’s reason for causing the destruction also seems to be following the orders of the higher ups but because our gang has found out that he also intends on falling St Binah and the fact that the church doesn’t believe the new information gained by Luke, it is clear that Van is doing other things behind the scene and will become another factor to oppose the church.

The reason seems to be because his home land was also destroyed due to following the score so I guess it is understandable for him to want to take revenge for the deaths of the people he knows. I would even speculate that he is trying to avenge his family (where are Tear’s mother and father anyway?) or maybe if he had a lover…this also brings into picture of the information about the data uncovered in the previous episode. Is Van trying to revive his entire home land?

As for character interactions, I honestly can’t blame anyone who hasn’t heard of Luke’s change of heart yet still holding a bad opinion of him. Even if he has drastically become more quiet, it is still easy for people to think that this is just a temporary thing. So even with Jade, Anise and Natalia being somewhat doubtful towards him doesn’t incur any bad feelings from me. The have a right to be angry but this is just something Luke will have to take and try to regain their trust. This is a trial for Luke and only he can settle things right. All the more power to him because I can feel that I can begin to like him if he doesn’t change in an extreme manner (ie, trying to sacrifice himself in battle as an apology to all those he killed).

Though I did find it quite funny the disappointed look on natalia’s face when she found out that the Luke that has come to save her (and Ion >.>) was the replica. It wasn’t so much as disgust but you just know damn well that she wanted the REAL Luke to be her prince on white horse back. I kind of feel sorry for her that her love may never be answered unless there is a happy ending planned for Asch…chances are Asch will be killed by Luke in some honorable fight leaving Natalia in tears (nooooo, my fanboy side won’t allow this relationship to go unanswered ;_______; ).

Speaking of being fanboy, I simply adore the scenes that Tear had in this episode in both character development and service-y was. We get to know why she was going against her brother all this time, which is yet another valid reason. Then with the scene of her on the bed, hugging her knees simply made my hear skip a few beats. Lovely and clean service for fanboys like me (who needs bouncing breasts melons anyway ^^’).

On another note…it seems to me that Tear and Luke are beginning to get closer together…this isn’t good for me to see…andyou should know why.

Oh and preview, seems like we will be getting some much needed Jade love. Who is that woman and what connection does she have with Jade? Former colleague or maybe something more?

Screen caps and “wise guy” comments:

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Meet the new and improved Luke

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So old man was also in cahoots with the whole destruction thing

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I call that a cult where free will is taken away

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

or just plain brainwashing

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I would love to see your face when Van makes it fall

“What will be come of the score now?” *heartattack*

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I think I’m weird to find this scene fanservice-y but Tear just looks so attractive O.o

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And who are the precious people you’ve lost? She was probably too young to remember but Van sure does

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Asch being kept under check

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Though you misunderstood his intentions (and probably still do)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Luke is being…mature? O.o

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

The mood is getting good…I don’t like that :/

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Definitely don’t like (grrrrr)

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Don’t worry, the water won’t get you wet

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

See? (*cuts out explanation*)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Guy! As cool as ever I see

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

And he is the only one who truly believes in Luke

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

And Luke suddenly has manners…wait…

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Deep thoughts from Guy, I think so too…

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*facepalm x 10*

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Jade still doesn’t trust Luke but that is only natural

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

OMG it’s an Anise!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

And blunt as ever I see

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Skip forward, Tear using her skills to get into the holding grounds

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I need the chicken chase tune for this scene

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I was surprised that the grunt put up quite a good fight…it must be on hard mode

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Good, Luke is trying hard I can see that

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Natalia’s happy face…

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And disappointed face when she found out that it was replica Luke (funny thing is…looks at Ion’s expression…)

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Ouch…what stabbing words you have there

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Escape blah blah, plan B blah blah, Ion will get kidnapped again, blah

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One last word of support and off we go~~~


11 Responses to “Tales of Abyss episode 10 ~ “You got yourself kidnapped again?!””

  1. 1 sterling01 December 1, 2008 at 2:58 am

    “ie, trying to sacrifice himself in battle as an apology to all those he killed”
    *Whistles innocently*

  2. 2 FlareKnight December 1, 2008 at 3:23 am

    Even I found myself a few times thinking the change in Luke was a bit too rapid. Though I guess the amount of stuff he was hit with was pretty rapid as well. Death of thousands, losing faith of friends, and finding out your a replica could probably make anyone change fairly fast.

    Seems like these higher ups only care about the end result. They were told the final result of the score is prosperity. For that prosperity they are apparently willing to cause wars or do whatever it takes. Kind of too focused on the destination and ignoring the people that will die as a result. But agree their focus on the score is close to being cult like.

    Also thought that Tear looked pretty attractive when she was sitting like that. Apparently if that’s what they were going for it was pretty effective.

    Still one of the funniest things was Van in the flashback calling Asch dainty. Seriously he’ll kill Van just for saying such a thing about him. But obviously he’s not going to help you Van slaughter thousands of innocent people. You kidnapped the guy, and ripped him from his life. He’s probably not one you can rely on to support you.

    Some deep thoughts from Guy. Think they should pass that message along to Asch as well. Since if anyone in this series is being tied up by his past it would be him. Just keeping the name Asch represents being tied up like that. Can’t see himself as anything other than the remaining embers of who he used to be. Well wish him and Natalia some luck.

    Wonder how Natalia will interact with Luke now. She was basing a lot of their interactions on him remembering being the Old Luke. Since he isn’t the Old Luke could make things a bit awkward to start. May just have to start fresh.

    Have to worry about the implications of Van’s plan though. If the Old Guy is right and the battle will take place around St.Binah the situation could be disastrous. Van causing St.Binah to fall while a massive battle is taking place would effectively cripple the military strength of both nations.

  3. 3 hika December 1, 2008 at 6:50 am

    I loved Guy in this episode, he’s so awesome! =D
    (and yeah, Luke said thanks O_o)

    Anyway, it’s not like he has completely changed, he’s just more careful (look at how he was struggling with polite form at the beginning xD there was a moment where he almost reverted to his old way to treat people, but he caught himself in time =P)
    Then, he lost a lot of self-confidence upon realizing he’s a replica (and probably thanks to the rejection scene too *glares at party*), so of course he would look uncertain in the others’ presence.
    And he was really touched by Mieu defending him, so that probably explains why he’s nice to him now xD

    I’ve always thought Natalia was more surprised than disappointed to see Luke, though they changed that scene a bit from the game, so it might not be the case anymore (in the game she was quite angry at him for thinking she didn’t want to see him ; actually she accepted him back pretty fast, unlike Jade (who was waaay nicer here), and of course Anise (but heh, that’s Anise for you))

  4. 4 Setsu December 1, 2008 at 7:54 pm

    You know, that’s the thing I hate about people thinking that everyone was angry at Luke. The only people who were clearly annoyed/angry were Jade and Anise, while Tear, Guy, and Natalia were more disappointed and upset and that really comes out in this episode. Tear and Mieu were still there for him, Guy went back and waited for him, and Natalia chastises him for thinking she doesn’t want him around just because he’s a replica or what he did. They’re still willing to accept him back. Jade is not so easily convinced, but it’s to be expected that Jade would be a little more cautious than everyone else. The only one who’s not so excited about Luke coming back is Anise, but she gets over it pretty quickly.

    As for the battle against the guard, that was pretty electrifying battle. Maybe that was actually the guy who ran into Luke’s sword early in the series and was revived and trained harder for revenge. Too bad it was all for nothing, but it was still a good job on his part.

    Yeah, Ion gets kidnapped a lot and I’ll tell you right now that this is not the last time. He won’t take Natalia or anyone else with him, though. Honestly, he really is the Colette of Tales of the Abyss.

    Here’s another skit, this time starring Tear and Natalia:

  5. 5 Midorishina December 2, 2008 at 4:58 am

    Luke said thanks! xD

    He already said that even before he gave Tear a ‘I want to change’ thing.

    Honestly, this is the episode I’ve been waiting for and it is better than I imagined xD.

    I’ve always felt the change in Luke was fast, but in here it doesn’t feel as fast as the game. Not only did he catch himself saying an impolite way of addressing Tear’s grandfather, his gestures were a little awkward, as if he didn’t know how to express them without sounding like his former self.

    And yes, Ion gets kidnapped a lot. And the gang always have to go after him. I didn’t mind that, surprisingly lol xD;;;

    I love the fight scene between Luke and the knight. It was dramatic and really brought out his doubts as well as his goal. I still wasn’t sure if he really killed him; since his sword isn’t bloody and the only thing that he slashed that we can see was the knight’s helmet which had a deep horrible gash right in the middle. But what Luke said made it sound as if he killed him… *ponders*

    Van is evil. ‘Nuff said. ;D

    Like Tear said; it isn’t easy to regain trust once you’ve lost it. But eventually they’ll all begin to accept Luke since his resolve is truly solid. (If it was temporary, I would be glad with Asch coming out of nowhere to kill the dreck).

    If you don’t like the chemistry between Luke and Tear, then you’ll be glad that they didn’t add one of the scenes between them in the game. Did you realise that Luke has yet to find out that he was sleeping in Tear’s bed?

    About the preview; not sure which woman you’re talking about, but both will instill surprise. xD;

  6. 6 Passerby December 2, 2008 at 2:09 pm

    You don’t like the love between Luke and Tear? AWWWWW, I think they’re the best couple in the game, they slowly fallen in love unlike the ‘love at first sight’ or Mary-Sue Thingy. But whatever, everyone has their own opinion, no?

    As for Luke’s change, first I was like “LUKE!! WHY YOU DON’T DIEEE!!!! to “Luke!!! You’re the best character ever!!!!

    Tales of the Abyss is the first game that make me hate the main character first and love him in the end^_^

  7. 7 Setsu December 2, 2008 at 7:41 pm

    As for LukexTear, it’s a lot more obvious early in the game in many ways. There are quite a few skits and scenes early in the game where Tear coldly denies any sort of relation (I’m pretty sure Jade still made that “lover’s spat” joke in the anime) while Luke is like “WTF! SHUT THE HELL UP, MIEU!” (Since pre-haircut Luke blames Mieu for pretty much everything even if he had absolutely nothing to do with it). There was even one skit early on that hinted at that relationship where Tear, while they were still staying in Engeve, looks at Luke while he’s sleeping and says something like “After all his whinning, I never expected him to be so quiet in his sleep. It’s strangely peaceful.” Of course, Luke wakes up and it creeps him out. Of course, you have your traditional “Don’t tell me you to have a thing going” with them replying “No!”. There’s one scene where Guy even says “Hey, don’t go flirting with other women. You’ll get Natalia jealous.” to which Tear responds by hugging Guy and using his weakness against him.

    But yes, there’s a hints of LukexTear, but this creates a new problem concerning Natalia.

  8. 8 Midorishina December 3, 2008 at 11:29 am

    Setsu; does it really create a new problem with Natalia? I thought it’ll be clear who should be one earning Natalia’s affection; since it’s obvious that the one she fell in love with wasn’t Luke but Asch.

    Obviously it would create a problem concerning the marriage, but the secret will get out soon (in the anime anyways) so her father wouldn’t force her to marry Luke. The only problem I see is trying to get Asch to remember his proposal or getting Asch to pay more attention to her (as seen in ep 9 where Asch brushes her off – not once, but twice).

    btw; I already played the game, just to say.

  9. 9 Setsu December 3, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    That’s exactly what I’m talking about, her marriage. If I remember correctly, there’s even a skit where she’s so torn between Luke and Asch that she says “Maybe both…?” to which Anise replies “You can’t have both of them!”

  10. 10 deathkillz December 5, 2008 at 12:47 am

    Excuse me late replies, I’ve been rather busy for the entire week :/

    @sterling01 ~ You seems to be implying something there -_____-

    @FlareKnight ~ Yea, that is my thoughts on Luke’s change. So while I don’t 100% accept it, it does make sense how much of an impact that episode had on him. His whole world pretty much just crashed on top of his head so it isn’t that farfetched to see him like this. It beats getting all “emo” over it anyday.

    Ah so it wasn’t just me who thought that “position” looked so damn alluring XD

    @hika ~ surprised huh…I definitely see that as being disappointed XD

    But I do notice that Luke hasn’t completely gotten rid of his old ways…though he is trying so hard not to be rude and I appreciate that too.

    @Setsu ~ HEAL HEAL!! Poor burnt pot XD

    “Yeah, Ion gets kidnapped a lot and I’ll tell you right now that this is not the last time. He won’t take Natalia or anyone else with him, though. Honestly, he really is the Colette of Tales of the Abyss.”

    HOLY CRAP! Not the last time?


    @Midorishina ~ Luke??? On Tear’s bed??

    WHY YOU!!!! *shakes fist*


    @Passerby ~ Oh those are just my fanboy feelings tell me to get those two apart. It may be inevitable but once they get in a relationship it just hurts that side of me ;______;

    Okay…it is just jealousy on my part ^^’
    Luke you happy yaro~

    Other than that nothing against a good couple. Luke still has much to prove but I’m sure (?) he would become a hero in the end…then poor Asch ;_______;

    As for Natalia…she should just stick with Asch and Tear with Luke…then everyone is happy (though I get the feeling that Asch will die…no happiness for the tragic types eh?).

  11. 11 Passerby December 8, 2008 at 3:49 am

    Sorry for the double post^_^

    LOLZ! I THINK IT’S TEAR THAT HAPPY TO HAVE LUKE! DAMN YOU TEAR! (I’m Luke’s fangirl, mind you…)

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