Tytania Episode 07 (On Being Your Own Worst Enemy)



Indeed Tytania is mighty, but does strength come in numbers and is brute force always the best solution.  This episode seems to offer up contradictory answers.

You see, after Ariabart’s defeat of Tyrandia there was a scattering of ships and people, from naval fleets without a country to fight for to people who are just trying to eek out a living now.  Apparently while Tytania is good for stability of government they are also bad for commerce at the same time, and since Tyrandia was a major trading hub, it’s destruction as a power has left much of the neighbouring systems in a state of poverty.  Hell, Lydia can’t even get her favourite snack anymore and is more than happy to settle for less so that she can understand the plight of the people (or so she thinks).

I digress though, as the key happening in this episode is that the scattering and poverty caused by Ariabart’s victory at Syracuse system has caused those affected to turn to one solution in order to survive.  Piracy.  And would you believe (actually would you be surprised even?) that Fan Hulic has gotten himself wrapped up in all of this?  The Honest Old Man makes a stop at a formerly secure system known as Kaganoto  only to find that it has become the target for and hideout for the people affected by Tytania’s arbitrary military campaigns and now they are planning to strike back and get revenge against their hated overlords.  For this purpose a charismatic smuggler (once a former financial leader) going by the name “Doorman” has organized the dissident’s who have ended up at Kaganoto into the Blaze Flag Army, which of course he wants Fan to lead in an attack on Tytania in return for anything he has to offer in money, fuel or supplies for the Honest Old Man.  You can guess how well this goes over with Fan, but he’s not the only one who thinks this is foolish.

A pirate going by the name of Dr. Lee thinks that Doorman’s campaign against Tytania is only going to make matters worse and that it cannot succeed in the first place, but Doorman claims that strength comes in numbers and he intends to prove the Blaze Flag Army’s strength in an attack on the Tytania fortess Little Big Horn.  He thinks that once Fan and the rest of the galaxy sees’ this display of raw power that they will flock to his side and they can start a real campaign against Tytania itself.  Dr. Lee points out that if the strength to defeat Tytania came in numbers then they would have been long since vanquished and leaves in disgust, all while Fan and Miranda look on.  Wow….so Fan’s side of the story has political intrigue now too?  Watch out Tytania!

Actually, the Tytanian side has it’s intrigue this episode as well with Aribart being praised by Ajman and Jouslain and Idris now looking to discredit Ariabart once more.  To this end he tries to have one of Aribart’s generals sent to Little Bighorn to help supress the piracy occuring around the route in the hopes that he can isolate Ariabart’s staff on top of making him look foolish for concerning himself with something such as piracy.  Of course Salisch (who I am beginning to suspect is an idiot) gets in the way again thinking this is a chance to seek some notieriety and insists that one of his generals be sent to Little Bighorn instead on the reasoning that if Ariabart’s team is always used that people will start to suspect he is Tytania’s only talented officer.  A little forward with his obvious real concern don’t you think?  This plan is approved by Ajman and my god that poor officer, but we’ll get to that.

In the meantime Jouslain worries himself over not being able to do anything about the scattering Tytania’s victory caused and in a Schindleresque gesture wonders again if he couldn’t have done more to save Tyrandia and it’s less fortunate people from itself.  Guy sure loves beating himself up.  Ariabart however is more than happy to sit this one out and seems to be continuing his humble streak in insisting that Jouslain will become the next clan lord.  Fun stuff as always.

Back at Kaganoto though it’s no longer fun and games as the Blaze Flag Army launches it’s attack on Little Bighorn and quickly overwhelms it, causing the death of Salisch’s general.  While they are celebrating though Fan seems less than happy with the result and appears to be the only person aware of what they have just done.  They better hope Jouslain is the next person to act, that’s all I can say, but more than likely it’s going to be Salisch since it was his general that needs avenging.  Looking at Salisch and just how he presents itself I suspect that the next battle is going to make a case for the true strength of war by attrition or numbers.  I suspect a heavy loss of life and not much to come of it and Jouslain is probably going to end up blaming himself again for being a member of the family that more or less caused this to happen.  Was it really Tytania’s fault though?  Well you decide:

So yeah, I’m glad the suck has been removed from Fan’s side of the story and has just been replaced by another side of the bigger picture, though I suppose that’s mostly because of the distinct and merciful lack of Lira who I’m still praying is long gone.  The new story looks to be interesting in that it’s more or less Tytania versus the common man as opposed to Tytania versus a country and you would think that this would mean that Tytania is going to handle things differently, but this appears to be Salisch’s game and for all intents and purposes he comes across as a brute.  This really isn’t the kind of situation that can be solved by force like Doorman seems to think though because on the Blaze Flag side it means almost certain death, and for Tytania it means picking on a disorganized group of pirates with some justifiable if misguided grievances, which if allowed to continue could lead to an erosion of their standing as bringers of order.  In other words they’ll look no more grand or godly then the thugs they are picking in the eyes of say…..Lydida (giggles) or common folk around the universe.  As Jouslain warns in his dialogue with Francine, victory in one area (or a fire in the brush as he puts it) can spread the fires of dissent to other areas.  And what I believe that means is that before Tytania knows it they could have the whole galaxy knocking at Uraniborg’s metaphorical door with an army much larger than that of the Blaze Flag.  We’ll have to find out how each side handles things next episode, but the situation is as delicate as they’ve come so far in this series.
Rating: Eight And A Half Out Of Ten

4 Responses to “Tytania Episode 07 (On Being Your Own Worst Enemy)”

  1. 1 ghostlightning December 2, 2008 at 2:20 am

    Yes! RAWR! I loved this episode not so much for what was in it per se, but rather where it seems to take the story overall. As you said, Fan Hulic’s side of the story has gotten more interesting. Also, it’s quite entertaining that Salisch and Idris aren’t quite as on the same page as I originally suspected. Bart and Jouslain seem to be more in tune with each other.

    He may be an idiot, but I’m interested to see how Salisch intends to retaliate against the pirates. What if Fan Hulic gets to fight again and defeats him? Ariabart’s vindication will be complete!

  2. 2 Avisch December 2, 2008 at 3:16 am

    “Wow….so Fan’s side of the story has political intrigue now too? Watch out Tytania!”


    Having just gotten into Tytania. I’ve been finding Fan/Van’s story to be extraordinarily boring, so thankfully I might be watching the show in happier fashion.

    I look forward to seeing this episode and learning of DOCTA REE.

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama December 2, 2008 at 6:11 am

    @Ghostlightning: Through brute force most likely. I think he knows some tactics though so it should end up being a real fight, it’s just he’s going to be using the old tactics while the Blaze Flag Army might just get Fan out there to command and cook up something unorthodox.

    @Avisch: Yes, Fan’s side of the story starts off REALLY bad thanks to the ultimately pointless Lira subplot and some rather lame “comedic” antics, but once he hooks up with Miranda things start to improve.

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