ChäoS;HEad, Episode 7-8

Considering the serious delay for this late entry, I decided to make a digest combined article for both episode 7 and 8. I will spare you from the usual long summaries, and will instead switch to a nutshell presentation and some comments. My apologies for such change, I believe it was necessary as it would turned quite ugly in term of delay and redundancy otherwise.


Episode 7

In a nutshell: After that earthquake, Takumi manages to wake up, but sees much to his horror that his computer got so damaged that the hard drive is no use, fearing for his Empire sweeper data. In the end, everything is fine, but the earthquake concerns him and he is flipping at the thought it might be Shogun’s doing. Hopeless, he wishes that Rimi is by his side, but the call doesn’t reach her.
At school, he and various students are helplessly watching Ayase dangerously lost in her thought at the top of the school building, ready to commit suicide.
Meanwhile, some shaddy figures are complaining the casualties from the incident they generated a man, suppesdly a representant of Nozomi, though it seems it was within their expectations. They are then switching to a more interesting topic, Noah II.
Takumi is running away, but he is quickly caught by Sena who can’t understand how he managed to generate an Error without a Di-sword: he actually managed to materialize a flower bed at Ayase’s fall spot, which saves her life.
Ayase is transported to the hospital and Rimi is actually concerned about her, in front of the hospital.
Back at home, Taku has a quick visit: Nanami is very flustered about the earthquake then by Ayase’s suicide attempt.
The city is in chaos, literally: people are pillaging and leading complete mess in Shibuya.
At school, Taku is teased as people believe that Ayase tried to commit suicide after being dumped by Taku. Trying to brush it off, he is however comforted by a voice that is resonating in his brain. The said voice claims he has many qualities, but Taku is freaking out and yells it to stop, slamming his desk.
After school, Taku is bumped by some scoundrels and they beat him up, upon someone else’s request. Frustrated by his own weakness, he is however able to materialize “something”… A little while later, Kozue arrives and help him out, though he realizes that the 3 guys that beat him up are on the ground, agonizing as well.
Taku soon learns that Kozue is the one who talked to him through telepathy, and also a Di sword owner. They meet Sena and it seems she was already “friends” with Kozue. He soons learns about what are the Gigalomaniacs.
Back with the Nozomi representant, he explains to his bosses the process of Noah II: it actually transforms images into nerve pulses and broadcasted as electromagnetic waves, caught by the dopamine receptors. These images are then created within human blind spots, which allow such kind of hallucination with specific presence. The man then confirms that Noah II works like the Gigalomaniacs, like an artificial and mechanical counterpart of them.
The man explains with further details, using many men carrying backpack containing “ports”. These are the broadcast devices that allow them to dispatch the proper range of effect for Noah II.
Sena, Kozue and Taku are discussing a bit while eating pop ice in downtown, but suddenly, a berserk excavator is barging in the place. As Sena and Kozue are quickly trying to destroy all ports, Sena explains to Takumi the mechanics of the delusions real booted by the gigalomaniacs, the “dirac sea”.
Soon enough, both gigalomaniacs girls managed to destroy all ports and the excavator vanishes naturally. Sena then further expand the explanation about what is really “reality”, confronting the fact that an observation stop being a delusion once others are observing the same thing.
Upon seeing such retaliation, the masterminds are preparing their plans and need more “samples code”, and they will leave that to the Nozomi representant.
Back with the gigalomaniacs group, Sena explains that Takumi is not normal and it wouldn’t be strange if he was already the target of “them”. And she finally reveals their enemy “Nozomu Technology”, surprising deep down Takumi. Sena then plan to attack them and Kozue wants to commemorate this event with a group picture.


Overal Thoughts:

… Honestly, I want to rage badly … Where is the damn “quest” ?! How could they remove this important scene, even for mere censorship problem? I can’t understand it at all.
If you have read me so far, I’m sure you would often question my ranting. I really believe that an anime series cannot be faithful to full extent, and I really can’t expect Chaos;Head to be totally faithful. However, what i don’t understand is the fact that they don’t keep the best scenes. Omitted details are fine, but skipped major events are really the most debatable point ever.
If you wish to be spoiled, please be my guest and check the white trigger, otherwise, I would rather suggest you to read the game yourself. Aside of the crafty better mood, you will soon understand the big issue.

[White Trigger]
After Takumi had saved Ayase from her fall, Taku was supposed to be contacted by Shogun through an e-mail. The thing is a blunt rendezvous and he got a nice “present”. He suddenly has a deep fear for Nanami and calls her, but he suddenly hears a creepy music in his room. After noticing the “present” line in shogun’s e mail, he finds a box in his room where the music comes from and it is actually a ringing tune, which is playing when Takumi tries to call nanami against. Completely scared by his gut fear, he still opens the package and as he opens his eyes, he sees Nanami’s severed hand with her cellphone and the bangle she got before. Huge scream afterwards.

Only after that, Takumi gets where Shogun told him to go and he is ambushed by him, but unseen. Shogun is organizing a little game, a “quest” and Takumi has to fulfill it in order to save Nanami who was kidnapped by Shogun. Taku is of course completely crushed and assures Shogun he isn’t a brave nor a hero whatsoever, and fear for his life as well. However, Shogun claims that the hand he sent doesn’t have to be Nanami’s: nothing proves that it is hers and he might just have put another one with Nanami’s cellphone and bangle. Without much choice but to obey in order to save Nanami, Taku gets outside of a window at the top of a building and is shocked to see a sea of people under him, clapping and yelling “Whose eyes are those” creeping him even more in this “do or die” situation”. Things are pretty ugly as Shogun orders him to find the di-sword.
After a while, Taku manages to “see”, but he cannot “catch” it and gets back in the building after many inner struggle, despite his genuine wish to save Nanami. Of course, Shogun is very displeased and states that he will kill Nanami. In a complete despair, Takumi imagines Nanami with her hand being severed and got a complete desperate and rage fit, yelling several time “how dare you!!”. As he jumps on the source of the voice, he is however tripping on a empty wheelchair where a Darth spider mask was left on it.

And way later on, it is INDEED shown that Nanami had her hand cut and abudcted by Norose. Though, due to her sibling love to Taku, she is desperately trying to find her bangle (which is still under Taku’s custody). Her state of mind is obviously broken. Still alive, she is however way too affected by her wound and Norose brainwashing, and then attacks anyone who might have her bangle. She is saved afterwards by Takumi.

This was completely a letdown, as they missed a good chance to appose even more pressure of Takumi, delivering a huge blow in the mood. But no, they simply converted the episode into a gigantic information/revelation session, which crumbled the whole suspense/mystery impression into a shounen action/science fiction genre…
To make things worse, they do make unecessary overboard interpretations and moves for the delusional aspect but heh….


Episode 8

In a nutshell: Ban is still investigating on his own, and found an bizarre video recording, where he sees Sena assaulting a man with a sword all of a sudden. To make things even more weirdier, she temporiraly disappear in several instances in the video despite it doesn’t seem that it has been edited.
At school, Kozue manages to make Takumi join her and Sena for their attack against Nozomi. First being reluctant, Takumi finally make the first step as he wants to know the matter by himself.
Ban got more information from Momose: the GE-rate abnormal fluctuation looks periodic, and they linked that piece of information with the recent earthquake.
The gigalomaniacs trio is entering in the Nozomi headquarters without much trouble, thanks to the handy effect of the Di-Sword.
In the meantime, Rimi is in the hospital and discusses with Shogun. Strangely enough, she is suggesting him to terminate Takumi, though obviously unhappily. Shogun still needs Takumi, much to Rimi’s disagreement as it is leading to Shogun’s destruction. Even so, he has to make the dream end, though Rimi wonders what it would be left when it does.
Sena, Kozue and Takumi are still roaming in the Nozomi building, but they don’t find anything, even staff or so. They finally bump on a gigantic machine and soon enough, the president of Nozomi technology, Norose Genichi made his entrance. Sena and Norose quickly start fighting, both using their respective Di-Sword. As Norose is overwhelming Sena in sheer strength, she is still dominating, thanks to Kozue’s mind reading ability. Finding this trick soon enough, Norose real boots some mirrors around Kozue, instantly reminding her a trauma she get through with a stalkers group. Sena tries to help her, but Norose outwit her and materialized Sena’s worst phobia, a dog much to Taku’s surprise.
Norose is enjoying the scene with glee, but all of a sudden, Sena breaks the mirror and reminds Kozue that she is “Orihara Kozue”, whatever happens. Sena was actually able to swap herself with a delusion made of her jacket alone.
Then, Sena uses her delusions powers to create chains, in order to bind Norose. However, Norose turns them into wire ropes and shackle Sena as retaliation. Restraining her, he then set one ablaze, but Kozue freed her from her bounds and attacks Norose as well.
As Sena is painfully walking back to the fray, Takumi is amazed and wonders how she can push herself like this. He then sees a flashback of Sena’s past, where Norose and her father were using her mother as a experiment subject. The later was actually living a “dream”, where she is holding her daughter, Mana. But Norose decides to make it to an end, much to Sena’s father despair. He tries to stop Norose but it is too late and the experiment ends, making Sena’s mother seeing the true appearance of Mana, turning her nuts.
Sena was helplessly watching her mother breaking apart, and in rage and tears, swear she cannot forgive both men.
Back in the present, Both Sena and Kozue are in bad shape, encircled by a ring of fire. Norose is about to finish them off, but the room is suddenly filled with water out of nowhere. Ayase made her entrance and imagined the cocytus. As result, Norose is frozen completely.
After a little chat, Ayase faints after pushing herself too much, but then, Sena and Kozue are clashing against each other, thinking the other one is Norose. Speaking of which, the later is freed from the ice coffin and explains that he simply deceived both girls and boosted their enmity towards him. Takumi is helpless, hoping everything was just one of his delusions but it isn’t the case. Norose is about to kill Takumi but Sena dashes at him and clashes with him. Kozue then destroys Noah II, but (un)surprisingly, Norose disappears as well. Celebrating their victory, the gigalomaniacs trio is however surprised to learn that they only destroyed Noah II prototype and the copy of himself made by it. Things are even more ugly as the copy isn’t as strong as the original, but in the end, he leaves them off.
At school, Takumi finally got good news: Rimi, his only real support, is finally back.
In the meantime, Norose is plotting once again and abducted Nanami, restrained on a special contraption.




Overal Thoughts:

Since they removed completely the “Quest” event, using such kind of original stuff isn’t surprising one bit. However, I’m really concerned by the direction of the series right now:
With the excavator scene in episode 7 and Norose “fights” in episode 8, they really made the “delusions” theory too far fetched: the delusions are always stated as images seen due to particles brainjacking the blind spots of human.
That basically means that, at the worst, you can have an affected perception due of the delusion created in your brain. So far, I’m okay with the “reality” concept if the delusion is recognized by others, but it simply becomes bullshit concerning non human subjects. Take the backpack ports for example… how particles sent in the human brain can destroy the ports? Consequently, how come the camera and such can record the real booted delusions?
It does not make sense at all (well maybe for the recording at the very most, but that’s it) and they just abused the “delusions => reality” mechanic into this extent that it doesn’t make sense from the start. If you want real “imagination becomes reality” mechanic, at least introduce it just like in To aru Majutsu no Index episode 9, damnit…

Because of this execution choice, episode 8 was hardly impressive: instead of crafting a mood like the game, they inserted too much delusion fantasies and it makes things as absurd as any shounen series: what stops them to imagine complete destruction? Oh wait, better: instant death/incapaciting effect?
It almost look like a Yugioh trap cards sequence, whilst unknown to everyone (characters included) but the author, both players are activating completely broken cards that counter each other over and over, just for the hell of “retaliation” effect without much consistency.
Also…Why Norose just leave them, despite they struggled so much to defeat a mere copy without his power to full extent? He doesn’t even need to kill them!
The whole aftermath didn’t make sense at all and is a pure shounen serie cliché: the big boss just leaves for whatever reason they just don’t have in mind, leaving the “good guys” strengthening themselves or something (I would expect a narrow escape or something, instead of leaving them scott free despite they are obviously no match for him).

Speaking of which, putting Ayase here was… well good and VERY VERY bad. Good because it allowed her to do at least SOMETHING unlike in the game, but very very bad, because it was utterly lame (lol sudden reinforcement) with a very crappy BGM (the scene was cheap, but the BGM screamed cliché miles away it was funny in a very bad way).

Now, after a good while, here is a green trigger text to let you know what happened to Sena’s mother (well, they couldn’t show it completely due to time contrains and censorship issues, obviously, no blame here).

As you probably understood already, Hatano used his wife as a experiment subject. The truth is that Mana is Sena’s little sister, but died soon after her birth, which affected her mother a lot.
Hence, they used her as a guinea pig to configure Noah II and its delusional mechanic. Ultimately it managed to fool her and she sees Mana’s corpse as her living baby, stuck in a dream.
Then, Norose cuts the experiment, and Sena’s mother quickly saw her baby turning into a horrible “mummy” like thing, holding Mana’s decomposed body. In a psychosis fit, she ATE Mana’s corpse and begun to smash her own head against the wall to death, traumatizing Sena for good. This is why she has a so deep hatred for both her father and Norose.

Gory, yes?
It is actually a nonsense that Norose can show both Kozue and Sena’s past… At least, for Sena’s, it might be okay,but Kozue…? Since when Norose stalked all of them? tohoho…
Well now, here is my “usual white ranting”. It is of course very spoilerish, so I wouldn’t suggest you to read it, until you know what you want or if you are spoiled already.

[White Trigger]
Did they really need to make Suwa THAT suspicious? With the OP and that, it is a clear big picture “hey look people! I’m not really happy with Ban-senpai investigation! I R EBIL!”… No really, what is that? They made Rimi pretty obvious in her meddling with Di-Swords etc, now this?

And since they just removed Nanami’s severed hand part, I wonder how Takumi’s anguish will be in the end then? They chopped down a huge opportunity for their siblings bounds development and Taku’s “care” for people. So it won’t be emotionnal at all when TAKUMI’s delusion nanami disappear. It will be kinda lulz in fact, until they make Nanami fight, as they did that for Ayase, despite she didn’t do anything in the game, or so.

For the next episode, I’m downright frightened by the result: they DID pull the Noah formula scribble, so it will be nonsensical as they didn’t hinted it from the start… and it will be very random for the casual audience

Well, these 2 episodes were kinda bearable, barely average without game knowledge I think (until you don’t care much about the inconsistency and the ugly quality), but as a game player, it is just another straw to this ridiculous adaptation.

6 Responses to “ChäoS;HEad, Episode 7-8”

  1. 1 Axilios December 7, 2008 at 11:47 am

    Take the backpack ports for example… how particles sent in the human brain can destroy the ports? Consequently, how come the camera and such can record the real booted delusions?

    It’s a little more complicated.
    You need to see the real world as an “intelligent” system (take a computer as an example).

    When a gigalomaniax send one of his dellusions in someone’s eyes, this system don’t know the nature of this thing. It’s a dellusion, but someone else than the guy having a dellusion can see it, so it’s not a dellusion. That’s why Sena talk about a paradox…
    The system think that this thing is “real”, seeing that someone other can see it.So the dellusion is materialized in the real world, altough it is just an error.

    The particles the gigalomaniax send are just an intermediate used to create a “bug”, they don’t affect the real world by themselves. The world create the rest by himself after. Only logical, but it asks enough reflexion.

    That’s how I understood it, and it explain why everything in the reality can be affected by the Di-sword…

    (sorry for the faults in english… TT”)

  2. 2 Epi December 8, 2008 at 5:15 am

    What I didn’t get is how a delusional flower bed could save Ayase’s life. I mean she DID actually get injured, but any normal person would have died from a fall that far, so really the delusional flower bed DID save her life. It was just plain weird.

  3. 3 Axilios December 8, 2008 at 10:14 am

    It seems that the “delusional but real-booted so real” flower bed cushioned her fall…
    I don’t know how the hell 2 cm of flowers can cushion a fall from 5 floor, but apparently it does… Weird use <.< (however make appear an air mattress on the floor would not have been the most discreet thing to do…)

  4. 4 klashikari December 25, 2008 at 11:37 am

    Axilios: “You need to see the real world as an “intelligent” system (take a computer as an example).”

    If we were in a story like Matrix, I wouldn’t have much problem about that. But the thing is that they do not base on world alteration, but rather how humans perception got altered because of the dirac antiparticle sent in the dopamin receptors.
    It is basically everything crafted and perceived in one’s brain, it doesn’t have ANY effect on the material/real world.

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