Tytania Episode 08 (Like Moths To A Flame)


Typhoon Vs. Small Wind! READY?! GO!

Alright let’s do this, COME ON LET’S DO THIS! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YUUUUSHAAAAAAA!  Ahem, good to be back (Gamerscore=1650, still pitiful, but what am I going to do?  Get more games, that’s what) and it’s good to have another interesting episode of Tytania to blog about.  This time Salisch is trying to make up for his previous failure to hold the Tytanian space fortress Little Big Horn from the Blaze Flag Army’s assault last episode, and it’s remarkable to see that he too can show when he is humbled and yet work around to doing what needs to be done.  Previously he had come across as a knowledgable tactician, but a bit of a whiner and puppet to Idris’ ambitions, but finally his chance has come to show what he’s made of…..with a little tactical advice from Jouslain on the side of course.


If?  You Best Be Certain Of It Boss

First let’s talk a little bit about the continuing Ajman vs. Estrades leadership competition subplot.  It seems that Idris has reported on Estrades’ ambition (or rather Bal’ami’s as we the viewer know)  to Ajman and now he’s starting to worry a little bit about open rebellion by the Vardhana Empire (which there already is to an extent) against Tytania.  In a stark contrast to the Tytania clan that walked in and shot the Emperor’s right hand man as a “traitor” in the first episode though, Ajman decides to play it safe and not spark the fires of rebellion just yet.  To this end he wants Bal’ami to come up to Uraniborg to serve as Jouslain’s adjutant in the coming conflict with the Blaze Flag Army so that they can keep an eye on him and make him a hostage if necessary.  Do you think they know it’s Bal’ami?


Jouslain: “You Can Call Me Juicy For All I Care”

Jouslain on the other hand is more than happy to sit back and let Salisch handle things as he has full confidence in their 12,000 ships taking care of things.  Once again I’m noticing that Jouslain has a fair bit in common with Fan Hulic, not just in the way they are laid back and would rather live life in peace and at their leisure far away from the watch of Tytania, but in the way they think.  Not only are neither of them concerned with title or prestige, but they both know exactly what is really going on in this coming battle.  Remember last episode how Jouslain talked about drawing out all of Tytania’s enemies to one spot?  That’s the game again here and I like how Fan puts it.  If you keep swatting at insects they’ll never stop coming and will continue to be an annoyance, but if you let them all gather in one place….then…..well let’s just say that’s why he didn’t take Doorman up on his offer.


…..Colonel Klink?  Is That You?

Doorman and his General’s on the other hand are pretty much a repeat of the Tyrandian rebels from the Battle of Syracuse, brimming with confidence in their numbers and position and the belief that because in the Blaze Flag’s case they have the hero of Cerberus Admiral Hyulick that they will be able to win with smaller numbers.  Unfortunately they don’t have Hulic because Hulic isn’t that stupid and the only thing running through my mind as Doorman got that phone call was:


NOOOOOO! NOT THE ROSE GARDEN!  And 8 Episodes Worth Of Work Down The Drain……Looks Like Lydia’s Going To Have To Find Something Else To Do Now

Meanwhile there’s actually something interesting going on with Lydia this episode as we see her watching the Tytania soldiers lounge around her palace without regard for property or manners and her father’s desperate struggle to stay in favour with the Dukes of Uraniborg by giving up their livelihood in an energy mine as tribute to prove their loyalty.  Watching all of this and having I think learned a little bit about the way things work in the outside world over the last few months that this series has taken place in she later makes the decision to go to Uraniborg herself to act as a hostage and I assume try to reason with the Duke’s so that Elbing can keep possession of the mine.  Better hope Nunally Part II (as I’m calling her) get’s to talk to Jouslain instead of one of the wolves otherwise she’s going to be getting into some hot war.


Hmmmm….where have I seen this layout for showing battle progress before….

So at the end of the episode it comes down to Doorman’s belief that Tytania will not attack with full force lest they damage their own station.  To this end he gathers his troops all out in front of Little Big Horn so that he can fight a battle of attrition.  Unfortunately for him Salisch is more interested in getting rid of the flies and see’s Little Big Horn as nothing more than a disgrace to Tytania, a nest for the flies if you will and has his men come in full force.  Battle over, victory Tytania and Jouslain just seems happy he didn’t have to pull the trigger on anyone. 


Ahhhh What Would Your Power Struggle In An Anime Be Without The Token Scheming Chinese Bishounen Character (Usually With A Pony Tail)Showing Everyone The Way?

One final thing I made note of in this episode and felt was worth mentioning was that there was a lot of credit seeking going on near the end of the episode with Doorman and his general’s agreeing that should they win that there would never be any mention of Fan Hulic’s presence at Kaganoto.  Furthermore we have Dr. Lee who I though was a one shot character, but who now seems interested in joining Fan Hulic in a quest to leave his mark on history by taking down Tytania.  Unfortunately I find him fairly loathsome (not that I don’t find him an interesting character, this isn’t the same loathsome that I found Lira to be, but that I find him to be a…oh how do they put it now….magnificent bastard) because in doing so he has no interest in fighting for any sort of cause, nor does he even have anything against Tytania personally, he’s just in it for the sport of it because they are the most powerful thing in the universe right now.  If there’s any real villain in the series I think we might have found it in Dr. Lee.  The episode ends with Lee asking Fan Hulic whether he hates Tytania, and of course we don’t hear the answer.


Many manly men caught up in a massive multilateral power struggle.  A lone yet least of all lackadaisical loli lent life by Kaori Nazuka leaving her land to show leadership?  I don’t know, but I say she’s going to be standing above everyone by the time this is over given what happened last time such a situation came about.  I’m only left to wonder if she’s going to be dressed in a revealing red outfit while doing it

So it’s victory for Tytania for the time being, but Estrades and Bal’ami’s ambitions along with those of Dr. Lee are currently working against them.  Not to mention Lydia’s new quest which the next episode preview describes as a “small wind being blown into Tytania”.  I don’t think I need to tell anyone that small winds can bring great changes with time, so I can only assume that Tytania’s struggle to hang onto power is only just beginning.

Rating: Eight Out Of Ten

Note: I forgot how much fine blogging could be.   And now a poll if you will, simple yes or no answer this time and no joke answers….unless you want to add your own that is.


7 Responses to “Tytania Episode 08 (Like Moths To A Flame)”

  1. 1 ghostlightning December 12, 2008 at 1:46 am

    I’m getting very concerned that we’re almost halfway through and the ‘real’ conflict hasn’t surfaced yet. Fan Hulic is taking too long, and his lack of commitment to anything is already beginning to annoy me.

    Lydia is somewhat interesting, but I’m afraid that her characterization is becoming too much of a distraction. I guess it’s not helping now that I’m marathoning LoGH with the wife while we’re watching this. LoGH is downright stunning (we’re at ep 18 at present).

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama December 12, 2008 at 3:04 am

    Well I think it’s good a time as any to mention again that Tytania is based off of an unfinished novel series of the same name (the most recent volume was released in 1991) so I don’t even know how it’s going to end if at all. If it does have a definitive ending then it’s going to have to be studio created. And I also think there is a good chance that Fan might actually never truly rise up and join a fight against Tytania. It’s also entirely possible that Tanaka never got around to the final conflict period.

  3. 3 The Animanachronism December 12, 2008 at 7:17 pm

    Heh, now you’re making it sound like a slice-of-life show, except that the life in question is the life of a galactic empire.

  4. 4 Kaioshin Sama December 13, 2008 at 6:33 am

    @The Animanachronism: Am I? Really?

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