Yoko vs. Yoko – Great Composers All Out Attack (Part 2)

As promised it’s time to gush a little about the two Yoko’s respective ventures into the genre of battle themes.

Battle Theme:

If your going to have a fight in a game or an anime it really helps to the experience to have a good theme to go along with the fight to enhance the mood.  Again both Yoko’s excel in this regard:

Kanno’s Korner:

Macross Plus ~ Dog Fight

Best anime battle theme ever in my opinion.  It just fits the dogfight scene in question from Macross Plus so well as Isamu and Guld are finally able to go all out on each other with none of the Eden test site safety rules holding them back.  As the tension in the song builds the intensity of their attacks on each other escalate to match it as the cresendo’s as Guld makes one move he fears he can never take back and comes to a sudden realization as to their past together that he definitely wishes he could take back.  Amazing.  If people are wondering why I was so hard on Yoko Kanno’s score for Macross Frontier and why I keep going on about how I expected more from her, this song is the reason why.

Shimomura’s Side:

Super Mario RPG ~ Smithy’s Theme

In a game that is already heralded for it’s great music, I’ve always felt that Smithy’s theme from the first part of the final boss fight with him stands out amongst it’s best.  I like how it starts off with that regal sort of tone befitting his arrogance and delusions of godhood and invincibility before taking on an almost mechanical tone (something that was popular with Shimomura in her SNES days) as if to denote his adherence to machinery as the most powerful force in the world.  All the while it keeps up the kind of intensity that you would expect of a final boss battles atmosphere and let’s the player know that this one truly is for keeps.  It’s either going to be you or him with all of the Star Pieces at the end of the fight.

2 Responses to “Yoko vs. Yoko – Great Composers All Out Attack (Part 2)”

  1. 1 ghostlightning December 16, 2008 at 1:47 pm

    I’m beginning to feel bad about my ignorance of Shimomura. Thanks for the tip.

    That Macross Plus dogfight you just featured is still the best dogfight I’ve seen anywhere in media. It’s so important to me that I’ll reserve further comment until my birthday next month where I celebrate it with remembering Macross Plus.

  2. 2 mai December 21, 2008 at 12:57 pm

    Macross F had too many vocal songs to have bgm this fleshed out. Most of them barely make it to the 3 minute mark. Anyway, I suppose the central theme of Mac F is pop music, the type you might hear on the radio, and it succeeds in that field.

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