Winter series 2009 ~ Seasons greetings

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And another present at the end of the entry ❤

It’s that time of year again and not, I am not talking about the festival where in english tradition you are roasting chestnuts on an open fire. Even though it is later than usual we are happy to present some thought previews for the coming winter which I am sure will be an entertaining read (if not just for Kaio’s tabits). And as usual I will be getting my lazy self over to THAT blog for their lovely preview images ❤

But before we start, here is a note from Kaio himself:

“Kaioshin Sama here to give you the scoop as I run through the veritable danger zone of gals and second, third, fourth, my god even fifth seasons that are coming up in Winter 2009.  Wish me luck in this endeavour, I’ll be needing all of it.”

Such optimism, I wil be hoping for another good season.


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Kaioshin: “Hey those girls look quite cute” you might muse as you consider the possibility of this series passing as a guilty pleasure, until you remember that what you are looking it is just high grade CGI and that the actual characters are going to look nowhere near that good.  It is at that that point that you realize that you’re libido has tricked you and you area also forced to make another concession as to why Kyoani has something going with their brand of VN/Moe Girl adaptations.  Dang………….

Deathie: *Reads summary for the series* *ROFLS*

But even so I will be watching this because I am 100% Brains Base bias. I mean, they have never steered me wrong with the likes of Baccano, Kurenai and Natsume so how can this possibly be bad(?). Nice eye candy character designs too.

Klash: The premises are… well, not exactly the best thing you can expect, especially with Moe anthropomorphism in general. Even if they are using nice character design by Suzuhira Hiro, I’m fairly certain it won’t be as good looking as the anime cover pretends to be (especially after watching the trailer), and the animation or whatever would obviously not save a show if the plot is basically inexistent.
It seems it is one of the  mandatory harem series for the quota of the season. Will pass.


Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou
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Kaioshin:  Lot of poochy series coming out nowadays.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the latent popularity of Okami?  Anyway, this is another one of those series where the main character see’s dead people and goes on a quest to help the spirits. I was never really into the supernatural genre all that much and this series doesn’t do much to pique my interest.

Deathie: Ahh Kaio but then you are missing out on an amazing story of growth and friendship. It really isn’t as bad as you think if you would just give it a chance. Meanwhile I will be adding this onto my list as well (something tells me that this will be quite a long season).

Klash: Even though the first season wasn’t bad at all, I wasn’t unable to stick with the series, either by the slow plot or the fact I didn’t have much time.
Obviously, I won’t touch this series until I catch up with the first season, which means that, until someone (right D…y?) is bugging me like hell about Natsume, I guess I will quickly forget about the franchise XD.


Viper’s Creed
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Kaioshin Sama: This one catches my eye with it’s 80’s Sci-Fi OVA style imagery that is a little reminiscent of Megazone 23 and Genesis Climber Mospeada, though the reason why becomes obvious when you note that the same guy did the mecha design for all the series.  Apparently it’s about a PMC and it’s conflict with the regular military after an environmentally devastating conflict.  Sounds delightfully mecha delicious, potentially political, possibly gar?  One of the few series this season I have any interest in.

Deathie: This looks interesting but I am not too sure how entertaining it would be when it comes down to watching it. It will go into my trial bin but whether or not it becomes a keeper will depend on the first few episodes and whether I have time to follow it.

Klash: pretty much like Desy, I’m unsure if this show will fill the bill of “entertaining action series”. Well, I say that, but I was rather hooked by Blassreiter (however you want to argue that the end was kinda ridiculous, i will give you that), so something of the same caliber might be good for this meager season.


Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger
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Kaioshin Sama:  Man, sometimes I regret never getting into Hajime No Ippo as I’ve heard it’s one of the classics of boxing.  Most people seem to agree that Ashito No Joe is better (Joe is also more ingrained in Japanese pop culture as well) but apparently Hajime No Ippo is one of the better sports anime out there today along with Major, though I’m not really a fan of baseball. I like contact sports though and I’m thinking….maybe I should take this opportunity to try and get into it.

Deathie: Personally I dislike sports genre so this will be a pass.

Klash: Considering Hajime no Ippo manga barely got licensed over here in french (17th tome got released this month), I don’t think it would be a good idea to watch this series if I didn’t with the previous seasons. Well, as far as I can be entertained by the original manga, I’m unsure if I would be thrilled with sport genre in anime.

Kemono no Souja Erin
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Kaioshin Sama:  I.G is on the warpath with more mythical and fantasy type series and yet I’m still not interested.

Deathie: Unsure. Again it will either sink or swim with me depending on the first few episodes. For some reason I feel that this may end up being quite a slow and maybe boring series focusing on travel etc.

Klash: Production I.G is a good studio, so it is quite encouraging, but past that, there isn’t much data to rely on, so I guess this series will need the usual “firs few episodes” trial in order to see if it will stay in the roster or not.


Genji Monogatari Sennenki
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Kaioshin Sama: It’s the Tale of Genji, one of the hallmarks of Japanese literature and in fact considered one of the most important novels ever written, possibly even the first.  Basically it tells the story of Genji who is of royal decent, but not the heir to his fathers throne, and his romantic escapades with women, but of coure eventually he falls in love with a 10 year old girl (loli themes for this series much?) and takes her away to raise her to be his ideal lady?  Afterward he proceeds to have many more women and wives etc. etc, but of course it can’t last.  If that interests you then be my guest and give it a look, but I can’t say I’m all that fascinated by it.

Deathie: Murasaki? Is that you? (Kure nai). I’m no good with history but this seems to be worth a try. Well the fact that it has loli in and not catching Kaio’s attention is amusing (laughs).

Klash: I will wait Desy’s report about this series before trying it… yes, I’m not exactly good with such kind of stories.


Minami-ke Okaeri
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Kaioshin Sama: Slice of Life fans will swear this is the greatest thing since sliced bread and try to lord it over me, but I will still only see 3 girls engaging in wacky antics and kindly ask them to step aside.  Pass.

Deathie: Oh my gosh, the animation is back to normal!!!! Well the series itself is nothing outstanding but it does pass off as a worthy time filler each week.

Klash: Minamike really didn’t entertain me much with the first season (dropped after episode 4 or something, which is fast for my standards) and I didn’t bother with the second, so Why bother?


Kurokami the Animation
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Kaioshin Sama: No it’s not Shakugan No Shana, it’s a Manwha that is set to become the first anime series to be simultaneously released in North America, South  Korea and Japan.  It’s by evil vile Satan worshipping company Sunrise (or so I’ve envisioned given what people say of them) and despite their tendencies towards eating babies for breakfast and having anime fans families rounded up and killed by the boatload (as has been hinted to me as being their secondary task besides producing anime) I tend to respond well to their shows.  Then again…… all feels just a touch derivative.  We’ll see.

Deathie: I actually have the first 5 volumes of the manga for this and as you could have guessed I pretty much love the story so far, otherwise I wouldn’t have wasted money collecting it. I urge you guys to give this a try and if it is anything close to the manga then you will be in for a treat. Plus with this being a Sunrise series, you can’t go much wrong (either one way or the other of the two extremes). Though I have to say, this image of Kuro for the anime looks a lot different from the manga, it must be due to the different style Manwha has compared to Japanese manga. Still equally as entrancing.

Plus, this seems like blogging material.

Klash: I never had the chance to read this “manga” (inbetween as even if the authors are Korean, the base is done for the japanese readers) because my manga shop still doesn’t have the first tomes of the series. That said I wouldn’t mind trying it, even if the premises aren’t anything original.


Asu no Yoichi!
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Kaioshin Sama:  La otra adaptación del eroge este invierno. Las muchachas son bonitas, pero la premisa parece débil.  Feliz Navidad!

Deathie: Middle dude, Bamboo Blade?

No but ecchi service. Though I am very interested in this series after my friend introduced me to the manga. And sorry Kaio, it’s no eroge adaption ^^’

It is romance comedy plus by the makers of Seto no Hanayome, what isn’t there to get hyped about?

Klash: should this series happen to rely on “accidental breast grope” and the like, you can expect me to drop this ASAP. It will actually depends how the “romance” and the comedy are executed here…
If this series becomes the successor of SNH, I will gladly stalk each release every week, obviously.


Major Fifth Season
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Kaioshin Sama: Participemos de una catástrofe del béisbol! Voyez-le tout dans le Major saison 5!  Is that Karen Stattfeldt in the top right corner?

Deathie: This series will never end…right?

Klash: my my, will it ever end? Well, my sport slot is already fulfilled with the great One Outs, and never bother to check it before, so jumping in the middle of the bandwagon is ridiculous.
By the way Kaio, I have no idea what you were trying to say in french…


White Album
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Kaioshin Sama:  Number 9, Number 9, Number 9, Number 9……

Deathie: Is this…Yuri? Though it also reminds me of True Tears…must be all the snow and white text floating around.

Klash: No it isn’t Yuri. White Album is about a guy who is… surprise surprise, already dating a girl, but the game, depending of your choices, can lead to different aftermath, and one of them is what you might expect in a triangle.
Well, I never played White Album, so perhaps it might be a good occasion to see what it is all about, but I fear it might turn completely wrong if some ideas go wild…


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Kaioshin Sama: Hey! You!  Yeah you! Do you like…..Crossdressing?  Okay, do you like Yuri?  I see, well do you like Meido? …..Yes?  Well  what kind of sick freak are you?  Jason Miao?  Yes I see, well if you answered yes to any of the above then you’re probably going to be watching Maria Holic.  Not me though, I draw the line at lolicon…….man I’m depraved.

Deathie: Wow…I must be a sick freak for giving this series a try. It sounds like a barrel of fun and with bits of SHAFT thrown in…uhoh…

Not really into Yuri or cross dressing traps but we will see…

Klash: Another trap series… great another lame excuse for “fake yuri”. Either way, I will obviously pass.


Shikabane-hime Kuro
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Deathie: I take Kaio’s silence as a sign that he isn’t watching this.

Well I will be catching up with it even though the first season is an utter failure from what I expected it to be. It had some moments but 90% of it was simply boring.

Klash: I was really hoping for some big action from the premises of the first season and… Ga-rei zero just humiliated it pretty quickly. The first season of Shikabane was mediocre, so don’t expect me to waste my time on a sequel.

Maria-sama ga Miteru 4th Season
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Kaioshin Sama:  Season five, season four, second season, alternate retelling, remake *pulls out a gun*, girls….girls…..smiling….happy….everywhere……moe…….no……NOOOOOOOOOOO! GET BACK! *GUNSHOTS*

Deathie: HAHA…I am sure there are a lot of fans for it though. (Un)fortunately I am not one of them.

Klash: never bothered with the franchise before, so trying to randomly watch without anything beforehand is suicide.


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Kaioshin Sama:  *Running*  Hi how are you? *puffs* It’s the second half of the latest latest Slayers season.  See I told you that *wheezes* it wouldn’t be only 13 episodes didn’t I?  Yes indeed, the theme this season seems to be either *glances over shoulder* the continued revival of old classics or sequels to other series, I can tell you that much, but I’m afraid I’ll have to meet you below the next picture to do it.  *Starts sprinting*

Deathie: Dropped the previous season earlier this year. This just wasn’t my type of series probably because I have never known the characters from the start.

Klash: the return of the comback of the revenge of the vengeance of the return of Slayers! Well, I’m sure it will be a treat for the franchise fan, but I’m not so much in that franchise so I will pass.


Birdy the Might DECODE:02
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Deathie: Another great series you missed here, Kaio. Birdy rocks! She rocks so much it is an utter shame that she didn’t get enough action in the first season and it ended up being some weak ass brat doing random shit which affected her awesomeness. But it’s great to have Birdy back and here is hoping that we get to know her more. Plus Shion de arimasu must make a thundering return to those idol mags :3

Klash: First season was really not my cup of tea: it is hard to consider a series seriously with such design and fashion style… Well, I assume you guessed what is my stance towards that sequel…


Hetalia Axis Powers
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Kaioshin Sama: I dare not venture any further, but alas I must eventually.  Hetalia Axis Powers, it contains the potential to be quiet possibly the most offensive series ever created by playing off of the stereotypes of real world countries in a way G Gundam could never manage.  Each character is actually a familiar world power, chibified, personified and brought down to the level of it’s most raw stereotypes as invisioned by the Japanese.  You can count on my watch.  Alas I must continue.

Deathie: Wait?…What????

Klash: I will add that: What the bloody hell?


Ride Back
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Kaioshin Sama:   Robot motorcycle…….the fuck another one?  Cool?  I don’t even know anymore……

Deathie: I laughed at the premise. *Adds to watch bin*

Klash: Go desy, my dear scout! Show me that you can prevent me wasting time on a random series!


The Tower of Druaga ~the Sword of Uruk~
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Kaioshin Sama: I seem to have stumbled upon the Tower of Druaga as told by a borderline defunct company.  Is there truly no god in this world or does he truly just hate us all.

Deathie: YESSSSSSS! YESSSSSSSS!!!! Finally it is here again. Hate Gonzo all you want but this is a fantastic series for me with an awful (in a good way) twist to the end of the first season. I hope Fatina will get more screen time now (loves, loves, loves).

Klash: Talk about time. Druaga was probably an unexpected series so far. People raving “LOL GONZO” without giving it a chance, then a sheer blast with the insane funny first episode. Even though the series didn’t keep this delightful starting bang, the scripters managed to give a proper heroic fantasy adventure series without being ensnared on flaring cliché but also entertaining plot twists and execution.
Hopefully, we will get even more tension with Sword of Uruk. As you can see, Druaga 2 is one of the few series I’m really looking forwards to.


Chrome Shelled Regios
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Kaioshin Sama: Like a knife in the dark Chrome Shelled Regios menaces me with it’s potential to become the next Rental Magica.  This one notes that whilst not all Shonen is automatically bad as some would have you believe, that the premise of alchemists protecting the world from “pollutant beasts” who sprang up from the earth in the very same event that game them their alchemic powers is derivative and therefore not a guaranteed way to pass away the time while maintaining a passable level of concious awareness.

Deathie: Looks interestingly unoffending. I might as well give this a try but here is hopes that it will NOT end up like Rental Magica.

Klash:  I guess expecting a gloomy mood such like Strait Jacket would be foolishness considering the character design. Well, as long as it isn’t whaky or too “SHONEN”-ish, I might try this. Hopefully, it won’t be a “beast of the week” nor nonsensical fanservice and whatnot.


Sora o Kakeru Shoujo
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Kaioshin Sama:  *Runs smack into a gun* Meep…’s the end of the line and I had almost made it too, but now the tables have turned it would seem.  I surrender, the galfest is inescapable, I can’t fight back…..there everywhere and now they’ve got not only moe appeal, not only guns, not only mecha, but now they are leaping through space.  The male sex’s days are numbered as far as anime goes.  Let us not forget this though, truly yours is the most foul betrayal of them all Sunrise.

Deathie: But you have to agree Kaio, there are more males watching anime than females in general. Well and being a male myself I don’t think I would be passing out on a series with as much eye candy as this. Bring on the ecchi and girls in tight suits, I am still young ^^’

Klash: The character design reminds me of a desperate move to draw more otaku with libido issues. Honestly, it screams a rip off of Kiddy Grade in a bad way and the design frightens me with the exagerrate curve and the OPPAI of Itsuki.
Well, I did enjoy Mai Hime and Otome to some extent, but I’m pretty cautious here, so I guess waiting for Desy’s report on it will be the wisest plan for me.

Deathie: Seems like I am the guinea pig again D:

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Merry Xmas Y’all!


24 Responses to “Winter series 2009 ~ Seasons greetings”

  1. 1 Epi December 20, 2008 at 7:01 pm

    Chrome shelled Regios looks like Gunparade March without the mecha.

    Ride back looks like it could be cool. Gives off a sort of Patlabor kind of feel to it. As long as they keep realistic and have good animation, it is very promising.

    Finally MariaHolic looks like the next step past Strawberry Panic and Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru. Strawberry Panic was pretty awesome while Otome Wa was merely a lighthearted and somewhat watchable show. So I predict that this show will suck.

  2. 2 LKK December 20, 2008 at 7:20 pm

    Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou is a definite for me this coming season. I worshipped the first season.

    Genji Monogatari Sennenki was on my probably watch list. When I heard who the lead voice actor was, the series moved up to my will watch list. (Lead actor: Takahiro Sakurai)

    I want to watch Kurokami but with the simultaneous US broadcast, I’m not sure how available it will be via fansub. (I don’t get the US cable channel it’s being broadcast on.)

    I never saw The Tower of Druaga first season, but that second season promo picture has me very curious. I wonder if it’s possible for me to catch up in time for the second season start?

    Hetalia Axis Powers sounds like a trip, even if it’s only available in 5 minute episodes. Count me in for that Hetalia.

    That’s about all for the new shows starting this winter. I’ll be hanging around for several extended fall season shows as well.

  3. 3 5camp December 20, 2008 at 7:32 pm

    I’m amazed so few people have seen Hajime no Ippo. Isn’t it rated something like the 5th best anime on MAL?

    But you are the first blog I’ve seen not to go on a rant on how amazing Maria Holic is going to be and how much they love traps and yuri…why do people like both traps AND yuri?

  4. 4 shh227 December 20, 2008 at 9:41 pm

    Im not a fan of yuri or any kind of cross dressing fan but when Shinbo and Shaft are involved 🙂
    I expect some crazy things to happen. They have some of my favorite Seiyuus Asami Sanada, Marina Inoue, and Yu Kobayashi.

    By the way I notice that bearly anybody relised that kyoto animations Sora o Miageru Shōjo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai is also going to be aired in january. Meh whatever.

  5. 5 klashikari December 20, 2008 at 10:08 pm

    The sequel for Munto 2 is also another thing I’m looking forward to, though weirdly it was listed on THAT blog list.
    Ah well, it will be blogged by either skyfall or myself (provided none of us die during the process XD)

    and No, there isn’t any yuri fanboylover on our side, though Desy is a uncanny trap lover… honestly that is really scary

  6. 6 deathkillz December 20, 2008 at 10:48 pm

    Lies! D:

    Okay…I do find delicious Jun Watarase, delicious *rolleyes*

  7. 7 Kaioshin Sama December 21, 2008 at 3:19 am

    While I’m not very hopeful for finding anything that I’ll stick with this season I’m sure I’ll live. This is why I always leave at least one show that I’m interested in a previous season on the back burner. You can never be sure when you are going to need it.

  8. 8 Sorrow-kun December 21, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    “Kaioshin: Lot of poochy series coming out nowadays. I wonder if it has anything to do with the latent popularity of Okami? Anyway, this is another one of those series where the main character see’s dead people and goes on a quest to help the spirits. I was never really into the supernatural genre all that much and this series doesn’t do much to pique my interest.”

    In a move which surprises exactly no one, Kaioshin posts ignorant nonsense and tries to pass it off as informed commentary. Not that I’d expect someone with such superficial preferences in anime to have a developed enough sense of taste to appreciate Natsume Yuujinchou, but, oh well.

  9. 9 Duo Maxwell December 21, 2008 at 4:22 pm

    Lolz. Kaioshin is becoming afraid of girls? XD

  10. 10 Blue-kun December 22, 2008 at 2:26 am

    Sorrow-kun is my new hero.

  11. 11 Kaioshin Sama December 22, 2008 at 6:56 am

    @Sorrow kun: Hook, line and sinker gotta love it. Okay, two things, one is that if you can’t tell by the tone of my contributions that the majority are written in jest then you have little business coming to me about taste and impression (although in this case I’ve actually been expecting you or an equally likely taker) and as for the other thing, you might find this hard to believe but I don’t feel the need to watch or care about Slice of Life anime to feel informed or to develop a sense of “taste” and the same goes for whatever this show is actually about.

    Why? Well because in my opinion most of these types of shows you or other Slice of Life advocates love to lord over others (I admit I find this somewhat amusing from a backseat perspective) are themselves pretty superficial when you really get down to looking at them. Anime is a hobby to me, I analyze and interpret it to an admittedly unnecessary degree, but I make no allusions as to it’s content being of equivalent social relevance compared to what you might find in a socially oriented documentary that confronts real issues affecting, and here’s the kicker, real people. So when your most realistic anime scenario is hardly realistic a person from my school of thought tends not to worry to much about the intellectual quality of a shows content. Now unfortunately since the issues depicted in your average SOL or “intellectual” anime don’t even begin to interest me from the intellectual perspective folks such as yourself will tell me they are aiming for, I see no real need to entertain their premise to any greater degree then I do a mecha series’….especially when I’m writing an article in jest. Following?

    So it’s not a matter of taste to me as it is from your school of thought, but a matter of perspective, and in the case of anime I feel why pretend that your Minami-Ke’s or your Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei’s are gunning for your grey matter and not moreso your funny bone, emotions (I have explained that aspect of me whereby this approach doesn’t work right?) and wallet. To me you either go full on educational/intellectual or you get the same level of expectations and treatment in my list as your Kotetsu Jeeg’s or your Moetan’s. And in my case I think you ought to know that my tastes which you call superficial are far broader then you’d ever begin to imagine. And if you must ask the question as to why I don’t talk about or review the same types of shows you do in the same manner….well I’ll let you puzzle that one out.

    Anyway, so far only a handful of anime products have transcended the medium of anime by my measure and to give you an idea of what I’m looking for, those include among others My Neighbours The Yamada’s, Only Yesterday, Paranoia Agent, and Monster.

    Now to finish, if you’re really going to continue to try and claim I have some sort of superficial taste as opposed to the unrealistic and rather rigid variety you seem to be trying to enforce on me then be my guest, but don’t be surprised if my next reply consists of a riddle followed by several laughing emoticons.

    Thank you though for giving me the perfect excuse to air some thoughts that I’ve been dying to get out for ages. God I love it when everything goes just as planned. I’ll tell you what though, if you ask nicely I’ll give you my real honest impression of the show you bitched at me for not previewing properly. Yes I’ll even watch the first three episodes minimum and give my impressions on it and if I like what I see I’ll continue it, but you have to then promise to never try and tell me what I should be watching or what my tastes should be ever again. Your up.

    @Duo Maxwell: Just an angle for the article. I Still have those lolicon tendencies and haven’t developed a taste for yaoi. Maybe I need to say lol more so that people won’t always take everything I say at face value. Lol

    @Blue Kun: No I’m sorry, I’m afraid we don’t do that here. I like to keep things on the topic not on the person where possible. Feel free to add to the discussion about the Winter season or anime but save the hero worship for a related topic or forum please.

  12. 12 Duo Maxwell December 22, 2008 at 7:40 am

    “Kaioshin Sama: La otra adaptación del eroge este invierno. Las muchachas son bonitas, pero la premisa parece débil. Feliz Navidad!”

    I have no idea what this means, and which language is that. The only part I understand is “eroge” ^_^”

    Seeing that you maybe will follow “Kurokami the Animation”, I just want to say you shouldn’t put too much expectation in this one, as from what I see, they change a lot of things (and big things) compare to the manga. If anything happens, I hope you will follow the manga so that you know the series isn’t bad, just “the animation”.

    And smile more, because not every one can realize the tone of your post, especially those that have different opinion with you about the shows. Smiley can save you a lot of trouble that you may not want to encouter :p.

  13. 13 Kaioshin Sama December 22, 2008 at 8:04 am

    Changes from the source material aren’t looked upon by me as automatically for the worse so it doesn’t pay to prejudge an adaptation that takes some liberties unless we can see that they ended up being to the detriment of it. And actually the part about not being keen on much this season was true and as such I only have a passing interest at best in most shows listed here. I might not end up watching anything besides Sorrow-Kuns pet (……lol….heehee) show and probably not even that since I’m not entirely certain he’s capable of letting his “superior taste” thing go anytime soon in order to reconcile our difference in perspective. Gonna be a long long winter. Thank god for Tytania and Gundam 00.

    And it’s really bad Spanish.

  14. 14 Sorrow-kun December 22, 2008 at 9:21 am

    I can’t say I appreciate the fact that you admittedly were trolling, but you’ve raised a number of interesting issues that are worth talking about. I’m going to post a fairly lengthy reply. Hopefully we can discuss things like grown-ups and come to some sort of an understanding.

  15. 15 deathkillz December 22, 2008 at 7:47 pm

    @Sorrow-k ~ Well to be honest some of Kaio’s comments really shouldn’t be taken to heart as at the end they are his personal feelings anyway. Things would be very different if this entry was meant to give a general overview of each series coming up but fankly it’s not but rather filled with “biased” (perhaps a too extreme of a word to use?) opinions from my fellow authors. So at the end your mileage varies and you can either laugh or just shrug it off. Perhaps he was being unfair with such a generalisation but WE know better what it is really like having watched the series ^^’

  16. 16 Setsu December 23, 2008 at 5:57 am

    “La otra adaptación del eroge este invierno. Las muchachas son bonitas, pero la premisa parece débil. Feliz Navidad!”

    Translation: The other eroge adaptation this winter. Lots of beautiful girls, but the premise…is the devil(?). Merry Chrismtas! (Translation failed)

  17. 17 Anonymous December 23, 2008 at 7:22 am

    “Perhaps he was being unfair with such a generalisation but WE know better what it is really like having watched the series ^^’”

    Oh boy, oh boy where have I seen this happen before…?

    Oh wait, it happened when everyone bashed the shit out of Geass/Gundam 00 because their little brains were only capable of following the mass opinion.

    And if I remember correctly, a certain someone wasn’t too happy about it.

  18. 18 math4origami December 28, 2008 at 10:48 am

    The spanish says “weak”.

    Haha, I like your expressions to Hetalia. Guess what, its a cast full of guys (for a change)! If you’re clueless to what it is, it’s original media was doujin and it’s like Touhou for girls (hence all the guys). Detailed characterizations make easy and prodigious doujin spin-offs.

  19. 19 Kaioshin Sama December 29, 2008 at 2:54 am

    @math4origami: So I’m guessing that Kugimiya is playing a male character in it then?

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