Gundam 00 OST 03 Review


First of all Merry Christmas everybody, hope you have a good time this year however you choose to spend it, second of all, wow that’s a sexy cover isn’t it.  This one came out relatively quick and I guess I could consider it my first Christmas present so I consider this already a Christmas Eve well spent, but there’s still the fact lingering over me that like all OST’s I anticipate, it must be reviewed.  So let’s get down to doing that shall we.

Track 1 Unified World:  One of the very first songs we hear in the second season and the one that tells us that this unified might not be so great after all.  If a sense of foreboding had a musical equivalent in the Gundam 00 universe  then it would be with Unified World.  I like this one especially since it’s a great establishing song that sets the tone for things to come.  Also love the eerie background vocals which form a big part of the style Kenji Kawai chose to go with in this OST.  9.5/10

Track 2 Distortion:  Setsuna likes to talk a lot distortion so here it is and well… sounds pretty distorted.  It kind of reminds me of one of the classic OZ themes from Gundam Wing only with the eerie vocals a distorted metal guitar that comes in about halfway through.  You get the sense it’s supposed to be Ali’s theme when you listen to it.  8.5/10

Track 3 Determination:  It’s kind of a heroic sounding theme if you ask me.  If this one has been used yet in the series then I can’t say I recall it so maybe it comes when Celestial Being finally makes up their mind about what to do and who to fight.  Kawai’s smooth blend of drums and violin help to make this one of the best tracks on the OST in my opinion.  10/10

Track 4 Strike:  The first major battle theme in the series that carries with it all of the intensity you would expect given the fast and frentic nature of the second seasons combat.  Do you ever find yourself slowing things down to see what happened only to pick out these nifty frame by frame shots that you’d only ever see in slow motion?  Anyway, it’s a very Gundam style battle theme, I’ll say that much.  9/10

Track 5 Kataron:    Yoko Kanno apparently snuck into the studio to lend a tribal beat to the OST with Kataron’s theme.  You’d think it would sound more Middle Eastern in style like Setsuna’s theme, but not really, it could be Mayan for all I know.  It’s a pretty slow theme that makes use of Kawai’s favoured blend of drums and violin, but it’s kind of just okay compared to the rest of the tracks so far.  6.5/10

Track 06 A-LAWS:   The A-LAWS theme is essentially Unified World with a bit more of a militaristic feel whilst also being sped up a touch.  I’m not going to waste much time on this one given that it’s so similar to another song.  6/10

Track 07 Fighting Forces:  The second major battle theme heard so far in the second season is like Strike fairly fast paced to suit the combat.  This is more the skirmish track as opposed to Strike and sounds more synth then the average track you’ll find on this OST.  That doesn’t mean it’s not good, just that I don’t find it great like most of the OST.  7/10

Track 08 00 Gundam:  The 00 Gundam’s theme (duh) is also pretty heroic sounding much like the Freedom Gundam’s in Seed (sorry to go drudging that show up, but I actually do like the Freedom’s theme).  You get the sense that Kawai (probably with the encouragement of Bandai) is trying to deify the series title MS a little here.  Anyway, it sounds much like the usual CB style themes complete with the necessary choral portions.  Now to figure out which RPG’s music this reminds me of a little.  9,5/10

Track 09 Affection:  Apparently this is supposed to be Soma/Marie’s theme?  At least that’s what I’m being told.  Anyway it’s a nice soft piano song that’s actually kind of sad sounding.  I mean you reader’s do know how romances usually end up in a Gundam series right?  Good stuff though.  9/10

Track 10 Extermination:  I’m pretty sure this song has played at least once when the Automatons have been unleashed on Kataron by the A-LAWS.  It’s got the choir that seems to go along with all A-LAWS/EF theme’s, but sounds a whole lot more menacing.  The darker side of the Federation is unleashed along with this track.  7.5/10

Track 11 Take-Off:  Shiroth of Anime Suki and the foot worship blog (ehehehe ^.^’ ) swears by this song, but unfortunately it hasn’t managed to become one of my top tracks.  The beginning kind of sounds like a Def Leppard song while the end fits in the choir and starts to get pretty dramatic and then……you get the metal guitar.  Okay it’s pretty crazy.  I believe this one plays during the Allelujah Rescue operation.  8.5/10

Track 12 Power Attack:  One of the A-LAWS battle themes.  How do I know this?  Because it has the darn choir again.  I’ll just say that it’s a lot like the other ones on this OST, fast paced, uses a lot of drums….er…choir etc.  Yeah yeah that about says it all right here.  6/10

Track 13 Repose:  Yep, that’s a slow breather song that makes use of piano alright.  This is the when somebodies thinking song in the second season.  6.5/10

Track 14 Agitation:  I guess this must be the brooding song then.  It sounds much like repose only invert the piano and violin portions so that the violin is at the forefront.  It starts sounding almost Chrono Cross like near the end too, which is always a bonus in my book since CC had my favourite OST on the PSX.  7.5/10

Track 15 Secret Maneuver:  I guess you could say this song is kind of atmospheric in a way, but it neither sounds much like what the title is describing (it sounds like a Yoko Kanno style tribal beat actually) nore does it ever actually go anywhere.  You could easily have this song playing on your MP3 Player and have it go by only to think, “Wa…what, did I just miss a song”.  Yeah I guess you did.  2/10

Track 16 Ballroom:  I remember when I first heard that there was going to be a ballroom scene in episode 08 of the second season because I knew that meant I’d be getting at least one classy waltz during it.  That said it’s not the best waltz I’ve ever heard, but I got what I wanted didn’t I?  This of course is the one that Ribbons and Tieria danced to in order to inspire Yaoi fanfic aritists.  That was their Christmas gift, but I’ll just be keeping the music thank you very much.  8/10

Track 17 Innovator:  Here’s what I had to say about this track early today on Anime Suki.  “Innovator is downright beautiful as a track. Too bad the Innovators themselves don’t quite live up to the grandeur of the song. It makes it out like they are to be saviours and maybe that was their original prerogative. Maybe it’s meant to be juxtaposed with the actual real thing, I’m not sure until we see more of what Ribbons and Regene are really after.”  I’ve always felt that Kawai is it his absolute peak when he’s using piano music and Innovator is no exception as we get the most beautiful blend of it and the eerie vocals that you are going to find on the OST.  This song is a must listen even if you don’t want to get the whole OST and I’m sure you can find it somewhere if you look hard enough *coughyoutubecough*.  10/10

Track 18 Interception:  This one sounds a lot like Fighting Forces, only I suppose with a bit of a latin (or perhaps egytian) flair.  A pretty straight forward tune with little in the way of surprises, but it gets me right into the groove and that’s really all I ask for in the end.  7/10 

Track 19 The Divine:  Wow this one almost put me in a trance for the 1:52 it lasts.  It’s also pretty creepy, kind of sounds like haunted house music actually, you know, the kind you’d hear in Luigi’s Mansion.  I don’t see what’s so Divine about it though.  6.5/10

Track 20 Restart:  It’s the head-banging heavy metal preview music from the end of each episode, but you’d be surprised to learn that it’s actually one of the longest tracks on the OST.  So simple in theory, but so awesome in practice when you factor in all of the other stuff going on like the Celestial Being Choir (TM) that Kawai is so fond of.  The second half of the track that gives way to some new instrumentals also kind of reminds me of the music from Star Craft a bit.  9.5/10

Overall Gundam OO OST 3 Rating:  7.7/10

Whatever inspired Kenji Kawai to have those eerie vocals in with the slow orchestral almost dirge like thematics I don’t know, but I have to say it’s incredibly effective and amongst the best Gundam music has ever had to offer in a long time.  Then again on the other hand it could also benefit from just a touch more variety here and there.  It’s not anywhere near as copy pasta as the later Macross Frontier OST which featured a ton of remixed vocal songs and therefore I wouldn’t say was worth a seperate purchase though of course. 

Also the OST could have benefited quite a bit from a few more tracks, but I’m assuming that the relatively low count (in comparsion to the second OST from Season 1) just means that the 4th OST will have the majority of the music used in the second season.  For the above reasons, while I would still recommend this OST like I’ve done all but a few I’ve reviewd, I’d also suggest that if you are the thrifty type you might to sample it first just to make sure it’s what you want.


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  1. 1 faroffland January 28, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    I think you missed a couple of tracks. I thought you were dying to wax about Ash Like Snow (whose TV version is included on the OST) XD.

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