Ga-Rei Zero episode 12 – End ~ Last paradise

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Get your tissues ready

In a nutshell, quite easily one of the best endings seen this autumn season and I am glad that they went out with a bang. Yomi has to be one of the biggest tragic characters of the year, Kagura being the most depressive (if you don’t consider a certain character from ef~ to be so).

Thoughts: Well we knew it was coming and there is nothing much that be said for the summary of this final episode but damn does it still hit hard. I think Yomi fought well and I am not praising about her sword techniques. The stone had most control over her actions but I do believe that Yomi fought her desire until the very end. It is quite saddening to see her in such pain as she seemingly threw away all her previous attachment only to be proven otherwise with her inner thoughts.

Looking at it Yomi did hate the world. She hated how unfairly she was treated but because Kagura was there she was able to put up with it. The stone was just a device for immerse in that hidden feeling but that isn’t her true wish at all. I loved how the episode explained things from her prespective at the last moments.

Though abit confusing her true wish won over in the end as the question was posed by the butterfly boy. I would rather see it a the glass is half full and that Yomi was able to have her true wish granted, to protect Kagura from anyone that harms her even if it means erasing herself though his question pretty much meant the same result.

The fight needless to say was quality. At first Kagura still can’t kill Yomi but that soon changed as her taunting becomes too hard to bear and starts to use all manner of objects to fight. I laughed at that ridiculous boulder attack from Kagura after a twig stab from Yomi.

A sad ending all around with Yomi falling. I was hard not to get emotional with flashbacks showing everywhere and such a tear jerking choice of BGM. Kagura crying a river also tugged on my heartstring for the second time and it was only natural that she snapped when some mindless zombies came crashing the party…

A meaningful talk between Nabuu and Iwahata…whaaaaaa~

Butterfly boy…must die…when this gets a second season.

The epilogue was also good to show how everyone is getting on and a big surprise for the viewers. I can’t believe that the president and Kiri still lives but that is good news. Though Kiri seems to have reverted back to her childhood years, she is still dreaming about the incident with Yomi. Even though this made it even more tragic for Yomi as she was described to be in extreme pain during that time…you can assume how much pain she must have been in to fight back those feelings to kill.

Ferret boy turned into a cheerful hippy/homo.

Nabuu and Iwahata are still in business (but who is that old woman who is the new president).

Kagura’s friends are still alive and well.

And finally Kagura who has gone  missing but is still an exorcist with her new found boyfriend. Well a good ending all around.

Screen caps and “wise guy” comments: (Final thoughts at the bottom)

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Great to see the gore being the same as the first episode. This poor dude lost his arm, got stabbed and gun stolen off him ^^’

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He is dead ;____;

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Yomi here again dying…her soul dying ;____;

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The mysterious (or not so) wish of hers…

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Nabuu…I will never forget your twin

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And Michael upgrade is fricking awesome…she should have pumped more cartridges

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Quite a touching moment it was too

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Don’t do it Yomi, believe in yourself ;____;

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Unleashed the beast

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Kagura hesitated to take her head…well I expected it anyway but really still can’t believe that she is actually stronger than Yomi

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Everything goes

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Ye ouch, that looks painful 😡

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But that was an awful low blow from Yomi

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Ferret boy as useless as ever eh…okay I get it

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The final clash of swords

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Just breaks your heart when you have flashbacks like these

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Yomi’s true feelings

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Completely shown here

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It’s too early…and who’s to blame

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Kiei chan is alive, so happy

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A random hobo

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End…great end…

Final Thoughts:

First thing’s first…


If it wasn’t for you Natsuki and Yomi would be still alive…just die you bastard!

*Phew* good thing that is out of my system, now lets see…

I think Ga Rei ended up becoming one of the better series for this season as it started and ended extremely strong. It was rather shocking that the producers decided to trick all the fans by saying that the series will feature a new cast only to have them all killed off in the first episode. Come to think about it, WE NEVER HAD ANY RESOLUTION for that guy’s flashback…what the heck, I’ve been cheated ^^’

Though by the end of it I am glad that they shown us the beauty of a character called Natsuki and her bike-fu. Even if it was for just one episode gosh her skills and charm will go down in history not to mention how she was unfairly killed off so easily D:

I think the only fault with this series was some of its rather episodic and uneventful episodes right when the flashback begun rolling and this didn’t quite live up to the epicness first seen in the first two episodes. I have to admit that even I was beginning to think that things were going down hill a little when it reached the dating episode.

But overall the important flag events soon brought it back to speed with the killing of an innocent nurse (whaaaaa) and more mysteries unfolding…then the introduction to butterfly boy, damnit he needs to die so much.

The action, music and atmospheric pacing was done very well when it got down to business and we even got quite a number of emotional (Yomiiiii!) and hilarious (LOL ferret boy) scenes. The characters were mostly good as well. Only Kagura, ferret boy and butterfly boy managed to annoy me to some extent at times but I am satisfied with the varied personalities we have here and drooling designs for some

A good all rounder series overall which was (mostly) fun to watch is my final conclusion. There will probably be a second season but not soon I guess.


5 Responses to “Ga-Rei Zero episode 12 – End ~ Last paradise”

  1. 1 No Sushi December 29, 2008 at 1:58 pm

    If you wanna know what’s going on with it all, I suggest you read the Ga-Rei manga that’s being scanlated by Entropy. Though massive spoilers may be found there, it does satiate your thirst for Ga-Rei until the new season comes out.

    That said, nice review of a great series. Pity they never got along to developing the first episode’s cast a bit more, but oh wells.

  2. 2 Oni January 29, 2009 at 11:50 am

    lulz that “random hobo” actually is Uzuna or the so called “ferret boy” xD

  3. 3 Andrew March 30, 2009 at 12:35 pm

    Ga-Rei Zero was freakin awesome. In my opinion, it was one of the best animes this season. I loved Kagura x Yomi moments throughout the series, a real shame Yomi had to die T_T

  4. 4 deathkillz March 30, 2009 at 2:00 pm

    Yea, it was a great series and no doubt a shocker to watch Yomi’s fall from grace. Since I do consider her to be the better of the two (other being Kagura), it was a shame she had to die and in such a pitiful way ;_;

  5. 5 chase your dreams April 23, 2013 at 9:38 am

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