Tytania Episode 09 Mini-Review (Follow The Red Fabric Carpet)


She’s Off To See The Clan Lord, The Wondeful Clan Lord Of Tytania

Well the company has finally gone home and the holidays blown over, which means I have some catching up to do.  For the purposes of accomplishing that I’ve decided to do a couple of quicker looks at my backlog of Tytania episodes, so really quickly here is episode 09.

Lydia, aka Nunally 2.0 makes good on her intention to become Tytania’s hostage by visiting Uraniborg to meet with the dukes, but before Ariabart can receive her she makes off to try and meet with Ajman directly….and much to her butler’s dismay.  In the city area she bumps into Francia and more or less makes Francia her servant for the day and goes on a romp around the city and the palace talking arrogantly about how bad the security is.  Of course Ajman spotted her almost immediatley and seemed amused by the literal girl, withdrawing the guard both to I asusme protect her, as well as see how close to him she can get.

Meanwhile, Alses is scheming with a way to get back to Uraniborg, and his mother suggests he cooperate with Salisch, his hated brother, in order to accomplish this, all while Lydia is peeking in.  Alses once again proves his ruthlessness by saying the guards should go capture the intruder, but his mother proves herself to be less of a snob then her appearance would suggest by saying it’s just a girl and she probably means no harm.  Oh but she does.

Meanwhile Bal’ami who had been tasked with locating Nunally 2.o finally catches up with her and they go to talk to Jouslain.  Once again Jouslain proves he lacks the pettiness of his brothers by bowing to Nunally 2.0 when she asks him to since she is a princess after all.  After some brief chatting where Nunally 2.0 explains the problem about Elbing’s energy mine and how she’s here to be a hostage so that Ajman won’t take it, Jouslain sympathizes and takes the issue to Ajman, who not to surprisingly (since I’m sure he lacks the other Tytania’s pettiness much like Jouslain) agrees to let Elbing keep the mind.

Mission accomplished for Nunally 2.0, but she also get’s to stick around the castle with Bal’ami as her honor guard, and the narration hints that she indeed was the small wind blown into Tytania that would bring change that was mentioned last episode.  How she’ll do that I don’t know, maybe with her loli powers.

Anyway, so this episode probably went over especially well for those who are into antics and moe, but surprisingly, for someone who isn’t like me, I wasn’t bothered by it.  Rather I felt it was pretty good.  The artwork wasn’t anything to write home about, but it was neat to finally see the city area of Uraniborg as Lydia romped around in it since all we’ve seen of Uraniborg so far was the main palace.  Also it seems Bal’ami isn’t even going to have much of a chance to keep up with his scheming against Jouslain who he thought he could manipulate, since he in turn has been worked into the position of perrenial babysitter for Lydia, who if the poor butler’s current state is any suggestion can be more then a handful.  This also allows Ajman to keep a closer eye on Estrades, who he knows as well is plotting against him, though I’m sure that rebellion is all part of his master plan anyway and he would welcome it when the time is right.  Combine all those happenings amongst the chaos wrought by Lydia with Alses’ current scheming and the plot has thickened yet again in this already complex show.  Not much happening on Fan’s front so though so maybe we’ll find out what he and Dr. Lee are up to next time.

Rating: Seven And A Half Out Of Ten


5 Responses to “Tytania Episode 09 Mini-Review (Follow The Red Fabric Carpet)”

  1. 1 ghostlightning December 29, 2008 at 11:10 pm

    Hmmm, I wish I saw the whole Lydia gallivanting around Uraniborg the same way when I watched the episode.

    I was put off by it for sure, thinking that it’s a waste of time that can be spent forwarding the plot (especially Fan’s side of the story).

    In any case, Uraniborg’s ins and outs should’ve been interesting to me, and may have value in that in later episodes we may see it infiltrated or besieged. Not much should be jarring then, especially since we were shown details about the ducal palace’s security systems.

    I realized something as I was reading this post of yours:

    Even as anime does some degree of specialization, writing within a niche, I also over-watch them in the context of that niche. For example: (considered elements are listed in order of my appreciation for them relative to the subject anime)

    Tytania: Political interactions/one-upmanship, socioeconomic consequences of war, space fleet battles, characters

    Gundam 00: Mecha battles (set pieces), Mecha duels, Mecha Designs, character designs, characters

    Macross Frontier: Fanservice (clever, intricate, and pretty looking/sounding referencing of shows in the franchise), Mecha battles, Music, Mecha designs, characters

    Code Geass: Lelouch, Set-piece battles, shipping (oh Kallen!), political interactions/one-upmanship

    While there is nothing wrong with the above subjective filters, the consequences include a failure to appreciate Lydia’s gallivanting around Uraniborg. I dismissed it as moe sell-out and an unnecessary one at that.

    In 00 I missed the value of nostalgia fanservicing (noticably valueable to an oldfag like me), especially Tieria’s dance with Ribbons. Having re-watched the early episodes of Turn-A, I appreciate the 00 scene further.

    In Macross Frontier (I don’t think I missed much, especially at this point), you can see that I was prepared to forgive plot holes because they weren’t in the filter.

    In Code Geass, I missed much of the allegory (obvious and construed) as I didn’t really pay attention to them even while reading your blog posts.

    So my point is, I missed much. Even as my filter of expectations/appreciations ‘protect’ me from dismissing a show or needlessly panning it, I end up placing artificial limitations on the possibility of the shows. Not as planned, not at all.

    Given the large amount of anime I watch these days, what I want is to be able to catch more of the potential value – without necessarily giving up my filter set. Otherwise, it will take blog posts like these to assist me. Not that it’s bad, it’s very good. It’s only that re-watching is not as feasible, and I’m left with a melancholy for a moment in anime that I’ve missed.

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama December 30, 2008 at 2:14 am

    @ghostlightning: Well that’s probably because it essentially was a moe sell out in a way, as were some of the scenes with Lira in earlier episodes.

    It’s what they eventually managed to make of Lydia’s gallivanting though that saved the episode from the level the Lira arc dropped the show to and also earned it an above average rating from me. They managed to work the moe angle a little (I know my friend Hashihime probably appreciated this), while still managing to keep the strong political and scheming atmosphere of the Tytania aspect of the show (you knew that Lydia had a purpose for being there, but was in over her head no matter how arrogant she tried to act), whereas other shows, including I’ve felt Code Geass at times have often failed to do so. As such at the end of the day I tend to view Lydia’s antics more as eccentricities as opposed to straight up moe, even though it’s obvious they were also playing the character to the 2ch crowd a little.

    Plus you also have to consider the whole “small wind” aspect of her character that is being hinted at. Her presence has a purpose, and I can sort of see where they are going with her relationship with Jouslain. Had the show made use of the “Haruhi effect” and instead of having her stay she had just shown up, engaged in her antics, squared everything with Ajman, and gone home to no real benefit or change to the overall plot narrative then I wouldn’t have been so generous with my reception and score. I call this the Haruhi effect by the way for the novel series frustrating tendency to have all sorts of moe inspired antics going on only to reset everything to zero right down to the character relationships at the end of each volume.

  3. 3 ghostlightning December 30, 2008 at 3:29 am

    Thanks, perhaps I can just ‘trust the narrator’ to shape my experience of the show. I have this irrational mistrust of narrators, especially those who don’t reveal who they are until much later.

    I don’t like it when the identity of the narrator is some kind of prize to be figured out. That’s just me.

    While I don’t fully agree that the character relationships are reset to zero in the Haruhi case, I know exactly what you mean. Serial franchises are notorious for this (Archie Comics, a lot of big-license DC and Marvel properties), as well as sitcoms and such.

    The way the Kannagi anime ended, as well as Special A – would be good examples too of the Haruhi effect you described.

    Going back to the narrator… the ‘small wind’ statement was hers right? It’s a poetic statement, that I wish they could’ve just really invested in the narrator character (similar to Anthony Hopkins’ turn as Ptolemy in the Alexander movie so heavily panned but I somehow enjoyed immensely). Thus framing statements like that would have more gravitas, as befits the feel of the show as I’ve come to expect it.

    Whew, I think I’ve exceeded my online griping quota for the week. It’s just that I want this show to exceed my expectations. After all I’ve taken the time to watch it and have recommended it to friends.

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