Tytania Episode 11 Mini-Review (Rescuing The Princess From The Dragon Or Something Along Those Lines)


The Most Interesting Aspect Of The Episode For Me When It Came To Fan’s Side Of The Story.  Holo-Cards, Wave Of The Future, Or Pure Science Fiction?  You Decide

Another episode that can be summed up pretty quickly.  Lira is of course captured (and I still couldn’t care less) and it’s all part of Idris’ no fail plan to gain some credit or failing that, cause his enemies to lose favour.

If Fan doesn’t show up then he will lose his hero status for allowing a girl to be executed because even though she has comitted provable crimes against Tytania’s system apparently executing her is still an issue because she’s moe or something.  Not that I’m a fan of the death penalty, and in fact I think it’s the single greatest failing in the construction of the western justice system (we don’t have it at all in Canada at least I can be thankful for that), but for Lira’s sake as an annoying fictional individual I’d almost make an exception just to be rid of her character.  If Fan succeeds in his bid to rescue Lira then Alses and Salisch will lose credit since it’s on Alses watch and his reputation is tied to his brother.  And if Fan fails and is captured then Idris get’s to step in and take the credit for organizing it all and Fan loses his distinction as a tactician.  This is how it is as evaluated by both Ariabart and Nunally 2.0, and I think it’s worth mentioning that Jouslain, Salisch and Ariabart find the public display of the execution of a woman to be barbaric and un-Tytania like.  I guess they don’t realize that Lira isn’t much of a lady, but I can see where they are coming from.

Well anyway, Fan’s decision is unfortunately to go and rescue the object of his sudden-romance syndrome and in order to do this he needs to “amass an army”.  Money is an issue though, especially since the Honest Old Man has currently racked up a substantial bill for it’s latest maintanance related check up.  Luckily Mahdi is a card shark, or rather a good sneak thief and manages to swindle the president of some company at the local casino for a lot of money with his nifty lighter device that allows him to disrupt the equally nifty futuristic card system into giving him the cards he wants.  With the money Fan is able to put forth his plan and bring his “large fleet” over to Emmental to try and rescue Lira.

Now why do I keep putting “large fleet” in quotations.  It’s because I’m 90% certain that the “large fleet” doesn’t actually exist and that Fan just used the money to perform a publicity stunt to make it look like there’s a huge fleet when really he plans to slip by alone in the honest old man to rescue Lira in a covert operation.  This belief is only strengthened by the fact that Miranda has that adaptive plating stuff to fake a large fleet and that Alses just gave Berthier permission to sortie the entire Emmental fleet to meet with Fan’s “large fleet”, which gives Fan the perfect opportunity to slip through the former blockade in the same way a good hockey player can slip the puck past the goalie if he can deek around him when he tries to cut off the angle.  By the way, how is Emmental a democratic planet again?

Well anyway, there’s your scenario and I guess if you look at it from the perspective of Idris’ plan then it seems less contrived, but I still cannot understand why Fan suddenly has these feelings for Lira, not just because I find her to be a horrible character, but because again it’s just so sudden when before he didn’t even budge when she was straddling him in bed.  I get the sense I’m supposed to care if Fan manages to rescue Lira or not, but I’m really just more interested in seeing what happens as far as who is going to gain the credit and lose their honour for the result.  Politics>Lira.

Rating: Six Out Of Ten


1 Response to “Tytania Episode 11 Mini-Review (Rescuing The Princess From The Dragon Or Something Along Those Lines)”

  1. 1 ghostlightning December 31, 2008 at 9:57 am


    You said it better than I could. I just wish the “Fan is so godly smart” episode really delivers. This episode set up such expectations. It’s still unsatisfying to me because it’s all about a girl, side-stepped by making the stakes different between Idris and Salisch.

    Otou-san in one of our conversations said to me that “regret is an adult theme”, and I read Fan’s rescue of Lira as a fulfillment of a regret theme. However, it doesn’t give me the same resonance as let’s say, Macross Plus which I find as a very adult anime. Tytania does seem to target a mature audience as its political maneuverings may be less interesting to the average shonen fan, but the contrivances:

    -saving the girl
    -loli fanservice (not that I dislike loli fanservice)

    …aren’t making for a convincing case.

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