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Impressions for winter 2009 ~ Steel cans, Traps and a whole lot of other things.

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What has Klash done to me~~areee~~~

*Coughs* Shamefully this really shouldn’t be tagged first impressions since the trail period should have been way past that but I figured it would just be overkill to make a new impressions tag just for this one post. Alright then, after opting to do things  later rather than sooner (as a part of my usual tradition that has been going on and off)  I will be writing some thoughts on the series I am currently following this season which frankly isn’t many, thankgod. Though rather than giving each series a grade so far since it will be entirely unfair based on my ever fluctuating rating scale depending on how high the moon is up in the sky I will just stick to writing short thoughts for each of the titles (in alphabetical order for your reading enjoyment).

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MS Igloo 2 Episode 2 (Forward, King Of The Land!)


Oh man, it’s been far to long since I’ve seen that monoeye flash and heard that sound.  Getting goosebumps already

It’s been a long time getting from their to here.  It’s been a long road, but my time is finally here.  Yep, MS Igloo 2 Episode 2 came out last week and I got my hands on a really fuzzy and medicore RAW with which to do a picture summary.  This episode takes us to July UC 0079 and right into the thick of Zeon’s push towards total domination of the Earth’s surface.  The Federation is finally making some headway in putting up a resistance, but they are still on the losing end of the war against Zeon thanks to the seemingly unstoppable Zaku II Mobile Suit.  The Federation has pressed the Type-61 tank into full use as it’s mainstay counter to the Zaku II nonetheless and it’s a huge step up from those anti mobile suit teams of the kind that Barberry lead agains the Zaku’s last episode.  Will it get any better for the Federation?  Let’s have a look. Continue reading ‘MS Igloo 2 Episode 2 (Forward, King Of The Land!)’

It Had To Happen Some Time (Addressing The Lantis And “Sunrise” Debacle)


Oh Noes I’m Using A Screenshot From A Sunrise Anime! 😮  Good Thing They Aren’t Actively Sending Out Cease And Desist Letters Like Lantis Is Or I Could Get In Trouble. Eeeeeek!

It was around this time in a 25 cour season shows run that a famous interview broke regarding a certain director’s belief that he had let the fans of his show down.  Alas the interview was misquoted and yay fans suddenly believed that what they had received was not what was intended for them.  By the time the mistake was corrected the damage was down however and turneth on that anime they did, for now it was viewed as but a false prophet.

All of this was happened before and alas all of it seems destined to happen again.  Lest I be called back into active duty to try and hold fast the darkness of falsehood and confusion and to bring forth the light of truth and confirmation.  For it is now at a similar time that history repeats itself, and the threat comes anew to tarnish that which I hold dear. Continue reading ‘It Had To Happen Some Time (Addressing The Lantis And “Sunrise” Debacle)’

Tales of Abyss episode 17 ~ great avalanche!

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Moments later the great avalanche happened

Trust Jade to do something so extreme as to set off an avalanche facing an enemy attack. It just goes to show how much faith he has in his party but somehow Luke still manages to miss the protection bubble by Tear, strangely enough his insane luck level was enough to keep him alive whilst the God generals are assumed to be dead…like as if that will ever happen to them because of something so minor…*laughs*

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Tytania Episode 14 (Fraternal Fragdown)


When A Character Starts Drinking Red Wine In The Vampire Style You Know They Are Up To No Good

This was kind of a strange episode, but it’s the first one I’ve really been able to get into for a long time.  Perhaps it was because there was so little Fan Hulic stuff going on (although he does put in an appearance as we’ll see in a moment), but as if to “make up” for that there was a bit of crazy on Tytantia’s side this time around. Continue reading ‘Tytania Episode 14 (Fraternal Fragdown)’

CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~, Episode 11-13

My apologies for such belated and condensed entry. Due to many circumstances (holiday, exams, umineko patch, etc), it was difficult to bring myself blogging again. Obviously, I didn’t drop Clannad at all (I won’t guarantee this for Chaos head, however…). Here is a quick entry for episodes 11, 12, 13. Since the time lapse is quite huge, I assume you are all already done with these, so a digest pack of screencaps and comments will do.

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Tales of Abyss episode 16 ~ Killings, old people and fonic mumble

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Don’t mess with her

*Rants*Now I should really start picking some new series and all but since the exams are here and I feel like a lazy bum for now it is just Tales…I’ll probably pick another series to talk about but for the moment my hands are full, and it definitely won’t be from episode one anyway…sigh…*/rant*
Getting on topic I was rather disappointed with this episode mainly because the “epic fight” that should have been shown (and was hinted from the previous preview) turn out to be nothing more than the average “what you would expect” bombshell being revealed then the subsequent suicide. Depressed youths.

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