Tytania Episode 13 (Goofus vs. Gallant)


WHAT IS A MAN?!  Well After This Episode We Can Certainly It’s Not Alses

This episode I thought I would try another new summary/review scheme since like with Alses’ mask coming off at the end of this episode, everyone pretty much shows some of their true colours.  I’m pretty sure Charles Di Britannia would be disgusted if he were here to see it.  Well, I think that with this one the wheels of tragedy have finally been set in motion (and I’m not talking about stupid Lira’s death, that was just a catalyst and a blessing) and it’s time for the fall to begin.  The first step in my coverage of it comes with my Daily Show inspired look at our cast members and how our expectations of them don’t always match up to their true selves, their visible actions, and their actual capabilities.  Pretty much everybody in this episode does one impressive thing and one really dumb thing and in some cases they reveal another side of themselves, for better or worse.  Perhaps it shows that through it all they are, each and everyone of them…..human.  Anyway, let’s have a look.


Jouslain Is Gallant For:  Recommending that Alses be escorted to Uraniborg which is currently a lot safer for him then Emmental.  How noble of him too to see a person in need of help and to help devise a way to get him out.  Even if said person be provided with one. 

Jouslain Is Goofus For:  Recommending that a schemer like Idris be the one to lead the primary escort fleet.  I mean are you trying to leave a way open for Idris to betray this person and get them killed?  You are aware that this is a person that doesn’t share your respect for his fellow human being and who always places his own ambition above the well being of others right?  For someone usually such a gallant, this was quite the goofus.


Salisch Is Gallant For:  Finally agreeing to let his sibling come to Uraniborg.  I guess when it comes to the crunch time Salisch really doesn’t wan’t to see Alses get killed.  Don’t know if it’s because he really cares or because it would sadden his mother, but seeing petty sibling rivalry set aside was refreshing for this character.

Salisch Is Goofus For:  Not being the one to go rescue Alses himself and instead trusting (foolishly I might add) that Idris would do the right thing for once.  His mother even pointed out that he should be the one going to rescue Alses, but that was a case of too little too late, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she now hates him for letting Alses die.  Way to go slick. b:


 Ajman Is Gallant For:  Being the one to set Salisch straight.  Blood is thicker than clan standing is thicker than personal ambition.  There’s a reason why this guy is clan leader and this is just one of many.

Ajman Is Goofus For:  Nothing actually.  Well unless you count him approving Idris as the one to escort Alses to Uraniborg, but then again he’s only doing his job in that case.


Idris Is Gallant For:  Being so cunning.  Twice now he’s devised a working plan wherein no matter what the end result he’ll walk away with a strengthed position.

Idris Is Goofus For:  Really though he has only one goal and that’s to give him an excuse to have Fan declared an enemy of Tytania by having Alses sacrificed to him.  That and he’s just a douche.  I mean setting up Alses to take the fall for him last episode, and now willing sitting by and watching Alses die when he could have easily made a difference.  Somehow I think Fan isn’t quite so brilliant, he just has friends in enemies helping him succeed.  Idris is like Hallelujah without the crazy and a touch of Sumeragi, like as if had somehow become closer than just drinking buddies in some alternate universe….close enough to have become one.


Theresa Is Gallant For:  Being a caring mother through all the vanity.  You’ve got to give her credit for yelling at Salisch for being with her instead of being the one to go out there and guide Alses home.  She’s right, and something tells me she feels it should have been Salisch instead of Alses.

Theresa Is Goofus For:  Nothing really.  I actually felt quite sorry for her to tell everyone the truth.  Though perhaps if she had been a little more attentative in the past while the boys were still young, maybe done something to shield them from the ways of Tytania instead of allowing them to play the game, maybe things might have turned out better.


Alses Is Gallant For:  Finally admitting that help is needed to ensure one’s safety.  The reason why Alses isn’t part of the Uraniborg consortium is simply that Alses  just isn’t cut out for the sort of game that the dukes play.  Though one has to wonder if the reason Alses is this way (Vampire wannabe who keeps a tank of man-eating fish lying around) isn’t the resort of an inferiority complex that twisted simple ambition into madness. 

Alses Is Goofus For:  Being such a coward.  I mean it’s one thing to rely on others for assistance, but you’ve got to at least carry your own weight if you expect to make it out of a sticky situation.  Talk about being the instrument of one’s own demise.


Berthier Is Gallant For:  Being the only person among Alses crew with any degree of talent.  Berthier took charge when the shit hit the fan and chose what he thought was the right time to make his stand against Fan and clear his name.

Berthier Is Goofus For:  Trusting Idris to back up his fleet.  I mean come on, this is the guy that told you to assassinate a system leader and betray your entire world and you want to entrust this guy with being the lynchpin in your plan?


Fan Is Gallant For:  Outwitting Alses for the last time.

Fan Is Goofus For:  Being an incredibly poor excuse for a hero of the people.  Here’s a guy who was motivated by little more than revenge for a girl that he barely even knew and let it consume him.  He wouldn’t move when he was told that people were being opressed under Tytantia’s rule, he wouldn’t move when the Blaze Flag Army was about to be merciless slaughtered (albeit they did bring it on), but he’ll move for some bimbo he spent the night with once?  Pffftt…some bloody champion.  I really hope I’m not being asked to sympathize with this guy right now because until he shows that he has the best interests of the people in mind as he now plays the resistance game against Tytania, then he really has no just cause.

Conclusion:  Nobody is truly a hero or a villain in this series except maybe for Jouslain who comes off as the noblest of souls and Idris who comes off as pure villainy.  So help me god though if they try to portray Fan as a hero in the coming episodes after showing how low he went here then I’ll be the first to point it out.  I really get the sense they wanted us to feel sorry for Lira’s death and feel he was justified in his revenge quest, but such a cliched ideal is too simplistic for this series and I won’t stand for it.  Now that things are squared I truly hope this arc never comes up again or at the very least that if Salisch goes after Fan then Fan doesn’t turn out to be invincible Mr. Goody Two Shoes tactician again and they at least continue on this path of showing Fan as a shallow individual who puts his personal relationships above the greater good of the known universe.

Rating: Five And A Half Out Of Ten


7 Responses to “Tytania Episode 13 (Goofus vs. Gallant)”

  1. 1 ghostlightning January 16, 2009 at 3:30 am

    Fan is not a hero, at least not yet – if to base the discussion on his motivations. Jouslain reminds me of Sigfried Kircheis somewhat (somewhat).

    I wish there was something more to Idris, perhaps to be revealed in later episodes – but I would’ve gladly traded a lot of Lira ‘development’, and Fan doing nothing really for layering Idris’ character the way they did Salich’s.

    Alses is disappointing. I wanted him to be much cooler than that.

    Zero Ariabart in this episode. More next time, I hope.

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama January 16, 2009 at 7:46 am

    @ghostlightning: Hmmm…you’re the only person that seems to still enjoy dropping comments my way. Thanks for that. 🙂

    Anyway, I think I support the Kierchies comparison to Jouslain. Who would the Reinhard be then? I’d tend to attach it to Idris for being so scheming and ambitious. Though at least initially Reinhard could be said to have a more noble cause in mind with regard to freeing his sister and reorganizing the Reich Empire. As for Lira, I’m pretty sure each episode she was in would have gone up at least 2 points on my rating scale for Fan’s side had she not existed period, even if I’m not sure what Fan would have been doing instead of rescuing her.

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama January 16, 2009 at 9:26 am

    Okay I shouldn’t say only person, but you’ve definitely earned a lot of frequent contributor points from me. :p

  4. 4 ZI January 16, 2009 at 10:14 am

    Only? tssss,

    I honestly don’t understand the relationship between Lira and Fan. It’s awful writing and it’s killing the show’s credibility. At least they could tell us why? But no, they just use cheap cliché like the clinching hand “see, he cared about her! You must care too”.

    But that’s my only problem with Fan, if his relationship had been properly written I wouldn’t really care if he has the good of the people in mind.Fanatics care very much for the good of the people, that doesn’t make them sympathetic or actually good.

    On Jouslain, I really don’t understand why he did that. I think it’s the first time I see some darkness in his character. Aryabart had good reasons to oppose the idea, Zarlish was obviously against, if he said no too then Idris was out. But he chose Idris, and he must have known full well that Idris didn’t care and that he was responsible for the mess in the first place. So why? Not to mention that if the trap succeeded it would have reinforced Idris’s position, something clearly not in Jouslain’s interest.

    Finally, I don’t understand how Idriss could come out as a winner out of this mess. He failed to protect a member of the clan, it’s far worse than loosing a battle.So why?

  5. 5 avisch January 17, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    Kaioshin I love how you cahnge your format for reviewing episodes. It always adds to the hilarity.

    I was also surprised by Jouslain acceptance of Idris to go “save” Alses. Maybe he just wanted to see if Idris would actually help a fellow Tytania for once. And perhaps now he won’t allow Idris to do anything.

    “Idris is like Hallelujah without the crazy and a touch of Sumeragi”

    Yay go Hiroyuki Yoshino. All Idris needs to do now is get Takumi’s gigalomaniax abilities and he’s on his way for the win.

  6. 6 Kaioshin Sama January 17, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    @ZI: Because he has plausible deniability as I’ve heard it described perfectly elsewhere. He can claim he tried to and wasn’t able to help Alses for a variety of reason from faulty communication down to trouble locating the battle. Berthier’s dead so they’ll never truly know what happened, the only truth left is what Idris decides to create. As for Lira’s connection, I think they got sloppy and wanted people to connect the dots that they were supposed to care about her fate and support Fan in his revenge quest. As for Jouslain, I don’t know why he gave his okay to Idris heading up the escorting of Alses and I’m tempted to say it was out of character.

    @Avisch: I do what I can to avoid the pitfalls of circular writing methods, but a lot of it has to do with finding the write inspiration at the right time to match my impression of the episode. In that regard it’s as much chance as it is a stab at personal creativity.

  7. 7 Jonathan January 19, 2009 at 3:24 am

    People are more motivate to act if the problem affects themselves directly. Fan wanting revenge for Lira is not a noble act but it makes Fan more realistic. Fan was never shown to be an ambitious person. He’s fighting Tytania not to topple it for the greater good of the universe but for personal satisfaction (ie avenging his love). The reason is legitimate, however, because Fan and Lira’s love affair is underwritten, Fan’s reason for fighting is consequently undermined. In one episode, Dr. Lee was commenting on how Fan was indifferent to Tytania; mainly because anything Tytania did had little negative effect on Fan’s life.

    As for LoGH references, I see Jouslain more like Reinhard than Siegfried. Reinhard is able to take the less noble path in order to achieve his goal, while Siegfried has always been shown to be honourable. In this episode, Kaioshin, you have hinted at Jouslain’s darkness in his heart, I think this point alone makes him more like Reinhard than Siegfried.

    Idris is like Oberstein and Ariabart is like Reuenthal because the show has alwasy been hinting at Ariabart has some potential to be cunning, at least in my books. As for Salicsh, he just seem like the random admiral who would attack Miracle Yang only to be completely owned.

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