Tales of Abyss episode 16 ~ Killings, old people and fonic mumble

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Don’t mess with her

*Rants*Now I should really start picking some new series and all but since the exams are here and I feel like a lazy bum for now it is just Tales…I’ll probably pick another series to talk about but for the moment my hands are full, and it definitely won’t be from episode one anyway…sigh…*/rant*
Getting on topic I was rather disappointed with this episode mainly because the “epic fight” that should have been shown (and was hinted from the previous preview) turn out to be nothing more than the average “what you would expect” bombshell being revealed then the subsequent suicide. Depressed youths.

Thoughts: Oh and did I mention a lot of technical stuff that just seems to fly over my head. Even with the explanations of what Van is plotting it seems to be that I just can’t comprehend some of the important details being said as terms that would be needed to be searched from the TOA-verse dictionary keeps popping up. By the end of it I find myself unable to understand the simplest thing (just what exactly is Lorelei?) whether it is the fact that I simply forgot previous explanations or it wasn’t explained at all.

Though if you ignore the small details and just watch the story unfold, this series remains hovering around the average scale. Perhaps it is running dry but the “shocking revelations” no longer seem that shocking anymore. Too bad that there are so little character development right now to be seen (since that is the favorite parts of the series for me) but at least the plot continues to move forward to the next stage of plans.

But seriously even though the group finally figures out what Van wanted to do or rather he confirmed them like an idiot, I think that what should be one of the biggest shock the story needed a bit more “something” to keep it a shock but as it stands I believed that it became heavily down played with all the foreshadowing beforehand; not to mention making me want to play the game to find out just how much better it should be than this. The whole technobubble speeches just addes to the disappointment as most of the times I am left to ponder just what has been said (so seventh fonons are needed to create replicas and now Tear is being poisoned by fonons-monoxide?).

Van is most certainly evil though his actions are viewed as a “just cause” for himself…I don’t even think that he considers himself evil at this point though just someone who will do anything to create a better future since his past screwed him up so much. The way he killed those old people was honorific although cold but that just makes me think that he is yet another tragic character to come out from this series. Poor grandpa and grandmas…they were just innocent bystanders.

A moment of ~peace~

The fight turned sour as I have already said. For a god general to finally die they could have made Sync last a bit longer in the fight or show how he can own Luke even taking on 4 enemies at once. This was another aspect of the episode that I thought didn’t do enough justice and was solely an event to just reveal something important. So Sync turned out to be a replica of the original Ion (OMG SHOCK!)…

Yea right…but for the Ion here to be a replica aswell then that came as a double surprise. It also revealed the reason why Arietta was replaced by Anise despite being the superior. And though it seems like there should be an army of Ion clones out there it seems like Sync was the only one who actully survived from the trash though in the end decided to kill himself out of sheer depression, and I though he deserved to live more than the current Ion :/

Nothing else much to note besides Tear falling pray to some deadly natural occurance; fonons-monoxide.
Noooo Tear ;_________;

I wonder what can be done about this condition and why the heck isn’t Luke being poisoned aswell?

Screen caps and  comments:

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Oh look who showed up timely

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Wrath of 80 years

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I was shocked that she pulled the trigger so easily

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Jet flame attackkkk!

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Though this killing was just a joke…where did the bullet hit?

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One heck of a shockwave

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It’s the traitor! Hang him!

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And that means killing everyone and the making replicas blah blah

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How does this diagram explain anything >.>

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Come again?

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You’ve lost me :S

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An insight into Van who may not be EVIL but for the sake of his own justice…he must punish those who “attempt to poison and destroy his brothers” (cookies to those who get the ref)

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And another two dies

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Seen that a thousand times already

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Sync! Show them what you are made of

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and Luke deserved that for charging in like an idiot

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I should have known, would explain some of your decisions

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Come again?

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What the heck are isofons now

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Someone needs to ask why she is the only one being affected :/

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7 Responses to “Tales of Abyss episode 16 ~ Killings, old people and fonic mumble”

  1. 1 miken-chan January 21, 2009 at 1:03 am

    Because I’m an idiot who only watches the Abyssal Chronicles sub and not having even seen the HQ raw yet, I’m going to try my best.

    – Lorelei = “Spirit” of the 7th fonon, which would probably be best described as sound. (1st through 6th are fire, water, earth, wind, light, dark — but the Tales-verse names are: Efreet, Undine, Gnome, Sylph, Rem and Shadow)
    – “fonons-monoxide” = Miasma poisoning. Tear explained in an earlier episode that prolonged residence in the Qliphoth brings the possibility of being poisoned by the Miasma. Having grown up in the Qliphoth, she is at great risk for it. Of course, this does nothing to explain Teodoro. Also: Let’s just say for now, Tear is just the introduction to the effects of the Miasma.
    – The two circles + arrows diagrams show how the planet storm, collects 7th fonons at the Absorption Gate (north pole) and redistributes them at the Radiation Gate (south pole). This means anything with 7th fonons gets sucked away bit by bit. This is especially important for replicas, which are made of ONLY the 7th fonon.
    – Isofon = In a sense, it’s kinda like DNA? But more ~energetic/spiritual~. Being a perfect isofon of Lorelei means your fonon frequency is pi.

    Their calendars are confusing too. Each year is 765 days (pun on ‘Namco’) with 13 months each. This makes Jade a VEEEEERY old man by our standards, giving him every reason to complain about his “old bones”.

    I was waiting for this episode, actually…the new ED images are fun to look at, but it’s more of an “inside joke” for those who have played the game and acquired the costumes. The return of Tamara’s flamethrower was awesome too~

    Sync has to be one of my favorite God Generals though. He’s awesome fun to battle in the game…too bad he has to be emo pretty much all the time. Of course, being a replica of anyone would make just about anybody emo. In retrospect, I’m surprised 7th!Ion isn’t batshit insane…but none can be more insane than the original *points to the Gaiden chapter*

  2. 2 Midorishina January 21, 2009 at 7:57 am

    You were disappointed? I was actually happy with this episode xD.

    I had a feeling that the anime series wouldn’t be as good as the game about explaining stuff. The game kinda release info from time to time instead of blurting it all out; also there are extra info you get from only talking to the civilians as well as sidequests. If only they were going to do the Nebilim sidequest…

    Regarding Tear’s illness; Jade has already explained this, but it’s very vague, during the time when the group encountered the Sephiroths, they found them to be inactive and unable to be operated. But when Tear went close to them, they began to operate. This is because they are reacting to her blood for she is the descendant of Yulia (As confirmed by Lorelei). As part of this reaction, Seventh Fonons that have been contaminated by the miasma flow into her body (Supposedly, these contaminated Fonons came straight from the core which- which I’ve pretty much forgotten if they have explained already- is the source of the miasma).

    Adding to Miken-chan’s explanation; Isofons in this case means Luke has the exact same fonon frequency/number as Lorelei(Iso = same, Fon = short ver. of Fonon). They mentioned about Isofons in ep 3. They also explained that perfect isofons can hear each other’s thoughts. Which is why Luke could hear Lorelei.

    Sync’s death felt as it came a bit too fast in the anime I know, the game felt just about right.
    I hope he gets revived somehow ;____; He too is one of my favourite God-Generals.

    The next episode is also a boss battle; let’s hope they do it right this time!

  3. 3 ilifin January 21, 2009 at 10:51 am

    Who’d have thought the translator of this show has your blog in his Planetplanet?

    The TotA anime goes way too fast through with the technobabble. Take this episode for instance, all the content tossed into the scene with Van and Jade making sense out of one another there, appear over the span of 20 hours worth of gametime, being detailed out with scenes explaining just how the world works. Take the anime, and you find that all the details HAVE BEEN THERE in previous episodes, you just saw them for a minute or so with a distinct type of music playing. They switch to the same tune every time they explain something.

    Now, some details that I think previous posters didn’t explain;
    – isofons, or isotope, as it actually is. Since the game uses phoneme and such as “fon”, spammed with music, we retain the “isofon” – just like the game.
    – aggregate sentience, or I could call it the “assembled sentient consciousness” of the Seventh Fonon. It’s like if your stash of ice cream suddenly started talking.

  4. 4 deathkillz January 21, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    @miken-chan ~ Ahh good o’ miken to the rescue 😀
    So I guess “Lorelei” is somewhat like the big guy in charge of that “element” as to compare with the other tales series who have set gods like Efreet and Undine (make it so much easier to remember). Then in comparison the 7th fonons are more like “minions of the boss” but lacking will since this is the tales series that doesn’t have set head figures. So basically energy of this element.

    Fonons = isofons?

    Or is it if fonons make up the body, isofons are what fills the body giving the person it’s biological data? Midorishina mentioning that “fonon frequency” allows for telepathy it kind of remins me of how some say “twins” can hear each others thoughts.

    @ilifin ~ And who would have thought the translator would comment here XD

    To be honest the fault of the series is not that they neglect to mention some details but rather they do so too fast and don’t visit back to them until after quite a while (hence I forget). Though the vagueness of some of these explanations are too vague in the first place.

    And while I’m at it I thankyou for the subs 😉

  5. 5 miken-chan January 21, 2009 at 8:54 pm

    In a sense, he is the god of the 7th fonon, but you have it pretty much right. Fonons can be collected/used, and are indeed the very energy of the planet. Without them, fontech and magic wouln’t work.

    Fonons = “elements”
    Isofons = As iffin noted, you can take these as the equivalent of isotopes. Fonon frequency, directly linked to Isofons, can also work like a radio, allowing communication in a twisted sort of sense.

    (PS: A heads up from me to you~ ToA manga chapters 16 and 17 will be up on the 24th. Just don’t tell too many other people.)

  6. 6 Setsu January 22, 2009 at 3:50 am

    If you played any game or watched any series where mana is a major source of all life (Tales of Symphonia would be the perfect example), then you pretty much know what a fonon is because when you break it down, fonon is pretty much Tales of Abyss’ mana except it attempts to explain it in a more scientific/mystical manner. As the others said, it’s easier to understand in the game since it’s not all squeezed into one episode. There’s still quite a lot to take in, but they don’t rush through it like the anime does.

    And I agree about the foreshadowing made the Sync and Ion relation a little too obvious. In fact, I thought you might’ve figured out Ion was a replica too since somewhere towards the beginning you have Ion saying “Luke, you’re just like me…” Of course, if you noticed the little similarities in their voice or look up their voice actors, it should’ve set something off.

    As for the fight, yes, that should’ve been much better. In fact, I was hoping to see this little attack show up at some point:

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