Tytania Episode 14 (Fraternal Fragdown)


When A Character Starts Drinking Red Wine In The Vampire Style You Know They Are Up To No Good

This was kind of a strange episode, but it’s the first one I’ve really been able to get into for a long time.  Perhaps it was because there was so little Fan Hulic stuff going on (although he does put in an appearance as we’ll see in a moment), but as if to “make up” for that there was a bit of crazy on Tytantia’s side this time around.


Believe It Or Not Thereza Is Only The Second Craziest Person In This Episode Following The Death Of Her Beloved Alses

Yeah that’s right, Thereza has pretty much completely lost it and takes out Alses death which was actually organized by Idris on Salisch instead.  She kind of comes across as one of those mob mothers (think Livia Soprano from The Soprano’s) who will manipulate, shame, bully and plead with the muscle and power in the organization to see that she get’s what she wants and that’s pretty much what happens with Salisch here who has pretty much been put on a do or die mission to capture Fan now so that he can regain the favour of his mother, and not to mention his own honor.


Lose A Brother, Take It Out On Subordinates, It’s The Tytania Way

He doesn’t really get down to it very quickly though and we finally get to see what Sarlisch does to pass the time.  It makes perfect sense in a way, while the laid back Jouslain likes to hang out with Ariabart and Lydia while drinking tea and the ever scheming Idris I can only assume likes to scheme alone in a dark room somewhere in the Crystal Palace, the beefy Sarlisch likes to spar with his band of merry manly man.  This is until….


Dogs Of The Vardhana Nobility…..Time They Made A Move

Estrades and his fellow rebels finally decide to make there move.  The plan seems like it might actually work too.  While Idris is away from the palace on a mission and while they think Jouslain is going to be heading to Emmental to clean things up after the whole Alses mess, they plan to plant false information that Fan Hulic has been found to lure Sarlisch away from Uraniborg.  While the four dukes are occupied they will then seize the Crystal Palace, take control of the Vardhana army and then make a move on Uraniborg, deposing Ajman and making Estrades the new clan leader.  The only problem is that they get right to doing it…..


……Ummmm Did They Realize Just How Gay This Looks?

While Sarlisch and his band of shirtless men take off to capture Fan alive and rape him errr…bring him to justice, Estrades and the nobles men make their move for the palace.


Wow…It’s Like He Actually Is A Vampire Now….

Here’s the winner of the crazy award for this episode and the month of January.  Whatever happened to Estrades anyway?  When we first met him he was the perfect picture of calm who didn’t even seem to have any ambition and was perfectly content to play second fiddle to Ajman because he felt his older brother was more worthy then he was.  Really it was Bal’ami that was the ambitious one who kept egging him on.  Now the roles are reversed following Jouslain and Lydia’s taming of Bal’ami, when they should simply have ended up having more in common with there contenment to remain middle ranking Tytanian lords. 

Except all of a sudden in this episode Estrades has become like a wild dog who is fiercely jealous of his brother and can’t even maintain himself to realize what Bal’ami is trying to tell him with regard to ending himself before he even has a chance to make himself.  Even if this was something like Estrades revealing his true colours it just feels wildy inconsistent character portrayal as we have never seen this side of him until this episode.  It’s a shame because while Tereza’s behaviour is understandable having suffered the loss of her favourite son, Estrades sudden madness from out nowhere is not and it keeps this episode from being great and relagates it instead to the status of just being okay.


Meanwhile In Case Anyone Cares What’s Going On With Fan

Fan on the other hand has gone back to being the character we remember from before the last arc, the laid back guy who lives life on his own terms.  Except now he seems to like dressing like Timp Sharon from Xabungle and worrying about his dead one night stand.  He also bumps into that rather annoying loli who worked as a shoe-shiner on Euria when he first left the planet, but is now hanging out on Casabianca where Fan has run away to for a reason that I assume has something to do with Lira, but remains unclear at the moment.  Frankly Karen (the loli) can’t hold a candle to Lydia and there’s room enough for only one loli in this show so I hope the little bugger gets offed somehow and it sends Fan back into the fray with a vengeance.  I said last episode that I didn’t feel it was very heroic for him going on a vengeance quest, but I’d actually find it preferrable to him sitting around doing nothing for the rest of the series.  Hoping that Fan’s character works out somehow, but at this point I’m not sure I should bother holding my breath.


Awwwwwwww…Isn’t The Vardhana Rebel Adorable?

Weird animation that makes old men look like they have the bishoujo eyes aside, the crux of this episode is that the rebellion doesn’t work and the conspirators are quickly rounded up and put in their place.


What A Miserable End To A Character That I Used To Have A Fair Bit Of Respect For

Except for Estrades who determined not to be trifled by matters of impending doom and the advice of a concerned son, proceeds to stumble and fall down a flight of stairs, resist arrest and detainment by Tytanian MP’s and then, in what must be the best example of just how much he has managed to go from decent respectable noble to rock bottom in less than 23 minutes, lunges for Bal’ami’s gun and ends up shooting himself in the stomach by accident, ending his now miserable existence.  Just as well probably as he was long gone by this point.  Seriously, what happened to Estrades?  Perhaps we’ll never know.


Jouslain Did It

What we do learn is that Jouslain never did leave for Emmental and instead he and Ajman set this all up so that they could lure out the rebels and cut the problem in the bud before the fire spreads.  I think Bal’ami sort of knew deep down what the deal was even though he acted surprised that Jouslain was involved and that is why he left in the first place.  He has spent enough time on Uraniborg to learn that Tytania operates in a premptive manner and likes to let their enemies do the work of defeating themselves for Tytania by leading them to believe that they have the upper hand when in fact Tytania is well aware of the plots, just not of who is involved. 

It makes you wonder that if you go back to the very first episode where Idris shot that minister right in front of the Emperor if he really had been plotting against Tytania and the ceremony was their chance to take care of him while he was powerless to act.  In a way this episode really served to illustrate just how Tytania has stayed in power for so long and why at this point as the narrator says it is impossible to imagine a known universe without Tytania as the dominant power.  I felt that this point combined with never really being entirely sure who was leading who on until the very end made up a bit for the bizzareness  of Estrades exit, but still it could have been a lot better.  In a way that kind of summarizes my opinion of Tytania up to this point, it all could have been better if a few of the characters were more believable within the type of universe Tytania has constructed for itself.

Rating: Seven And A Half Out Of Ten


9 Responses to “Tytania Episode 14 (Fraternal Fragdown)”

  1. 1 ghostlightning January 25, 2009 at 8:42 am

    I’m very disappointed with how clumsy how things are presented. The whole Estrades storyline seems to belong to a different show. It felt cheap and seemed poorly executed unless I really don’t know how to watch anime. (The conspirators are flat, one-dimensional, and ugly – and stupid. Estrades’s sudden transformation seems too sudden. Bal’ami’s turning sympathizer Jouslain lacks any substance because most of what he did was to babysit a princess. The fighting/battles offer no thrill or excitement for me. All this Fan Hulic worship by the cast has already rubbed me the wrong way).

    Is this a matter of animation? Direction? I think I’ve stopped caring when Fan Hulic disappears yet again to some hiding/excursion in order to… whatever. I’ve put this show on indefinite hold.

    I expected too much from Tytania. Much too much. Perhaps it really is a mistake to be watching LOGH right now. But to not watch LOGH so that I can appreciate Tytania more? It’s not a fair bargain it seems to me.

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama January 25, 2009 at 1:06 pm

    @ghostlightning: Well the only thing I really felt was clumsy was how Estrades was handled. You got to see Bal’ami develop from that ambitious character into one who was alright with following and learning from a capable leader like Jouslain. However with Estrades it’s one episode with him as a laid back middle tier lord who has accepted his postion and that his brother is a worthy clan leader despite the belief that he too could make a worthy clan leader and suddenly BOOM next time he appears he’s suddenly this bloodthirsty rebel who hates and envies Ajman and feels that he’s been living in his shadow. As a result I’m hard pressed to even suggest that the Estrades we saw in this episode and the one we met in episode 06 are even the same character.

    Had that not been the case I probably would have really enjoyed this episode instead of just kind of enjoying it.

  3. 3 avisch January 25, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    Yeah Kaioshin you just summed up what I felt about this. We had no transition to the Estrades in this episode.

    Hopefully we won’t focus 100% on Fan next episode and things will get interesting.

  4. 4 Valmanway January 25, 2009 at 11:55 pm

    Hmm. Haven’t caught up with Tytania since upgrading my computer. Looks like it’s time to start watching again.

  5. 5 Kaioshin Sama January 26, 2009 at 10:29 am

    @Avisch: I don’t think there has been a single episode yet where we have focused specifically on Fan or Tytania. There’s always been a mixture of both. The only thing that remains consistent is that the Tytania content is more interesting.

    @Valmanway: It’s now or never really.

  6. 6 unequivocalhorizon January 26, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    I was kind of surprised at Estrades’ behavioral swing as well. It wasn’t the type of mania you’d think would be lurking beneath the surface he projected in the previous episodes. Still waters run deep, true, but this felt like a sudden storm squall over what was once a placid ocean. And out of nowhere at that.

    Kind of funny how it was Bal’Ami, of all people, who kept his head. Jouslain has trained the young padawan well… Or was it Lydia?

    As for Fan, it seems that instead of the lead character we’ve been made to believe, he’s turning into something we call a ‘viewpoint character’, in that he’s more of an observer instead of an active participant in the chaos whirling around him; he reacts to events, instead of influencing them.

  7. 7 Bonifacio January 26, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    Ach, my country for an edit button. =.=

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