Tytania Episode 15 – Singing Loli Fails to Save Ship from Sinking

I actually put this show on indefinite hold after watching episode 14. Never mind the suddenness of Estrades’ turn to madness, and the idiocy of the Verdhana nobles. It’s Fan Hulic disappearing to yet another soul-searching expedition that did me in. Now Kaioshin Sama is real upset about episode 15, and I don’t blame him. It’s TERRIBLE, perhaps not in an absolute sense, but rather (in my case) a further irreconcilable departure to how I wanted the show to be like.

IN B4 “THIS WASN’T MEANT TO BE ANOTHER LEGEND OF THE GALACTIC HEROES.” Sure, I concede that. Nonetheless, I wanted Tytania to have a similar feel, a dignity about itself that LoGH carried itself with. I’ve little doubt that Tytania wants to take itself seriously, and this is where it fails, because it’s stupid.

Lolis somehow influence the fate of the galaxy. I’d rather see Kaguya and Tianzi address the United Nations rather than this half-baked ‘behind the scenes’ history making.

Like Kaioshin Sama said in his rant, Bal’ami and Fan both retreated to their caves to be comforted by their lolis in this episode. He denied the episodes very existence. Well, it exists.


Fan Hulic’s fanboys are delusional. This ‘Ph.D’ character is shoehorned in to intellectualize/legitimize the Fan worship among the cast, without Fan having to do anything brilliant really.

Show don’t tell. Fan Hulic’s reputation does more work for him than he actually does himself. After all, Lira still died, and he managed to get that close to Alses because Tytania was/is stupid. And yet, we’ve been consistently fed with how awesome Fan is from almost every character and faction. Characters seem to exist in the text to make Fan look good (gratuitous tennis reference: like Andy Roddick seems to be put on Earth to make Roger Federer look like a genius).


SO DAMN LAME. The Fan and Lira love story’s sauce is so weak enough to begin with, and yet the narrative continues to be shaped by it. No thanks.

But what really brought on this Lira reminiscing and song/dance number? It’s magic pellets and a real singing and dancing loli. After reading a supposedly heart-felt poem left by her mother (which could’ve worked as a dramatic picker-upper), the show squanders the moment anyway. The song and dance itself is nothing to write home about. Re-watch Macross Frontier episode 12 if you want an awesome loli singing and dancing.


I can’t stop anyone from being entertained by this lameness, but I certainly am not.

Kaioshin Sama denied the existence of this episode, stating that Tytania immediately leapt from episode 14 to 16. However, there is something that happened that makes me willing to legitimize the existence of the show. Ariabart acknowledged the status quo use of Tytania’s tactics to preserve its future, and Jouslain acknowledged that ARIABART IS THE PERSON TO LEAD TYTANIA TO THE FUTURE. Yes, this is what I predicted (link: http://ghostlightning.wordpress.com/2008/11/28/tytani/).


 If Jouslain proves me right, I will re-watch all 26 episodes from the beginning. I promise.

I’ve dropped this series. Anybody can tell me how wrong I am when the series is done and it actually turned out awesome.


5 Responses to “Tytania Episode 15 – Singing Loli Fails to Save Ship from Sinking”

  1. 1 Sorrow-kun February 5, 2009 at 10:56 am

    “Show don’t tell.”

    My timing is horrible. I’ve just finished writing a blog post where I criticised Tytania for having a “tell” rather than “show” approach towards storytelling, and you’ve beaten me to the punch.

    Certainly, it’s not fair at all to compare this show with LotGH. But even if you just consider it as another space opera, it’s very ordinary. I haven’t seen LotGH but I was initially using this a bit as a barometer of sorts to see whether this got me interested enough in Tanaka’s work to decide whether to take the plunge and commit to the 110 OVA series. Obviously what I’ve determined now is that it’s completely inaccurate to use Tytania as any sort of litmus test for LotGH. Pretty much everyone who’s seen it agrees that LotGH is epic. That just wouldn’t be the case if LotGH was like Tytania.

    (And Roger Federer doesn’t need Andy Roddick to make him look like a genius, he’s perfectly capable of doing that himself… whenever he’s not within 100m of Nadal).

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama February 5, 2009 at 11:52 am


    “Certainly, it’s not fair at all to compare this show with LotGH. But even if you just consider it as another space opera, it’s very ordinary. ”

    That’s pretty much my evaluation of it at this point as well. I’m kind of against trying to measure it up to Legend of The Galactic Heroes since I know it’s not really trying to be that type of show and any such belief that it is exists as nothing more then a desire for a spiritual successor amongst LOGH fans, but I’ve felt that it fails to stand on it’s own just the same if viewed properly as a standalone work. Examples of it’s failings include oddities such as episode 14’s Estrades character meltdown and Fan’s failure to do anything of merit beyond the first episode. Even the part were he finished off Alses was just a result of Alses’ own incompetence and the fact that Fan had more ships that Dr. Lee somehow conjured out of thin air.

    I still say though that the real killer for this series has been Lira, a character who by all rights should have had no real impact on the story but who has somehow ended up taking Fan on this endless circle of obsessing over her for the past 6 or so episodes, refusing to get over the death of this person who (and I’ve said this many times but it’s still no less of an issue at this point) he hardly even knew. I think this is a perfect example of telling instead of showing because if we look at his relationship with her realistically as it was shown when he left Emmental the first time then it didn’t exist period (it was the equivalent of a one night stand at best), but if we take his sudden heartfelt obsession with her that came in around episode 10 then we are lead to believe that he was head over heels for her. This creates an unresolvable conflict between what we know and what we are being told and it kills suspension of disbelief in the characters personalities on top of diminishing the quality of the series proper.

    Nonetheless, the key issue is that because of this obsession with Lira and her demise his story just hasn’t moved at all in this time and since Tytania’s goal has been shifted to focusing on capturing him neither has theirs. I mean I’ve heard of reluctant hero figures before but god damn….even Amuro Ray had stopped being one by this point in his series, hell even Shinji Ikari was taking his role seriously by this point as well.

  3. 3 ghostlightning February 5, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    @ sorrow-kun

    It would be very unfortunate if you had used this show as a barometer. And yet, I watched it for the same purpose. It’s a good thing that the first 7 or so episodes were tolerable such that I started watching LOGH. I had finished it so I’m not as charitable towards this show.

    Btw, I left a comment in your blogpost that got held by your spam filter because I shamelessly linked one of my posts.

    (too bad for Fed, I was rooting for Rafa at Oz; I may be rooting for Fed come Wimby).

    @ Kaioshin Sama

    I sometimes think that the weakness in this anime, especially in the execution boils down to a lack of effort. I don’t feel hard work and guts from its production. Even if the choices of scenes to animate aren’t laudable, they could look better (not necessarily in an animation/budget sense).

    Lira’s kung-fu was terrible to watch. All of Alses’ scenes interacting with his monster fish came of as cheesy rather than ominous. The portrayal of various incompetent characters (officers, insurgent nobles etc.) also makes the writing and directing seem incompetent (for showing caricatures instead of characters). Even Idris fails as an interesting schemer because that’s ALL he does, and ALL he thinks about. I’m not suggesting he take up a silly hobby like Alses, but I would’ve wanted to see some layers, or something else about his motivations.

    Saalisch had his family thing, which was interesting. Bet there was this scene with him practicing with a staff with his men: SO STUPID LAME. It gave an impression that the scene was trying to make him look badass, but the choreography, the fact that they were doing it in their uniforms and no protective gear at all while taking full blows is not badass – just lazy work.

    And WHY the character designs insisted on lolis escape me. It makes me feel that the show has many corners cut. It goes for the easy way to elicit sympathy for characters. Not that Lira or her Prostitwin (to borrow Baka-Raptor’s clever term) inspire copious amounts of affection in me.

    I interact with fans of the show, who enjoy it because they either disagree with my observations, or (most often the case) they don’t mind such. I don’t intend to invalidate anyone’s opinion should they happen to like the show. But I did intend to be clear that I don’t like this show at all at this point.

  4. 4 SammyHammy February 7, 2009 at 6:40 am

    Hahaha. I would totally agree with the reviews here, if I were serious. But no way in helll, I could take this show serious after watching Aryabhata blabbering something about tea in the first episode. I actually wanted to drop the series there only, I mean it was so damn lame. But I persevered and I watched thorough the whole episode(Weigelt Cannons……rofl…reminded me of kiddy fireworks I used to play with, and who was that stupid cute loli…oh sh~t its Eureka). I began to expect more lamness. And now after watching 16 episodes, I can’t wait to see the next episode. Its totally super retarded fun. How the hell is Fan Hyoulickb*lls going to finish off Titstania in only 10 episodes? There can be only answer: More Utter Retardness. I bet Fan Hyulick is going to get arrested at the end by the reconstituted Casabianca police force after Karen invents bizarre tales of “adventures” she had with her Hero.

    I am so glad I didn’t who Tanaka was.

  1. 1 Let’s Just Face It, Tytania is Crap » Behind The Nihon Review Trackback on February 5, 2009 at 12:36 pm

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