White Album episode 6 ~ “The best way to forget your own troubles is to stick your nose into someone else’s”

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Or the above as Touya puts it, what do you think?

(Pushing Tales of the Abyss to a later date to bring you some romance/drama instead).

I think what puts this series really out there apart from a few other of its kind, is the sheer fact that it is so obvious in what it wants the character to do yet at the same time having each characters remain all the more mysterious in why they do what they do. Touya is a classic example of this as we go through his journey of the rollercoaster that is ‘romance’.

And to highlight the point as to why the characters in this series are so obvious, well, I think the title of this episode pretty much says it all. Touya as a character has many flaws though not one which is easy to see at first glance but if you pay more attention to his actions you will begin to see that he is actually quite a simple minded person. One of his main flaws as a character is that his “too much of a nice guy to be true” is quite a fitting way to describe his character. Simple put I would hardly consider him a nice guy over someone who is plain and ordinary given the fact that his “nice” image is masking something a lot more fundamental for a human, and a male at that.

For this episode purpose we can easily see that Touya is being kind to Misaki (literally, pretty much going out on a limb for her) not for the fact that she is a friend to him or that he has feelings for her, no. But more simply Touya feels that he needs to run away from his own problems for the time being, and what is better to lay off your own problems than taking on board someone else’s and effectively pleasing himself by providing a shoulder for someone to cry on? I don’t see how he has any right for someone to stroke his own ego when so much shit of his is left hanging in mid air (more to come later).

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The inner thoughts are one contribution to the artistic presentation of this series, clearly ‘poetry in motion’ to see these contradicting thoughts at the same time when Touya tells a lie. Oh and did I mention that I will be taking a lot of notice from the inner thoughts, since they seem like the most interesting points of interest for each episode.

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Touya here obvious being considerate, isn’t he? But there is a thing where kindness can make someone else hurt and with carefree words like that, there is no wonder why Misaki started to spaz out over on the other end of the phone line. So basically she has a lot to do for this play and is seeking help from Touya since she is overwhelmed by everything, so basically the world is crashing down onto her although I can’t say she is completely the innocent victim from all of this. But with the above Touya’s image of Misaki seems to have been crushed from the blink of an eye as I supposed he never expected the “strong” Misaki he knew to be so “weak” (another hint at his inconsiderate nature?). Which brings me to another scene in this episode.

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Well for also being quite a useless person ‘Sunohara’ can say some pretty good things at times. But while I am not going to be focusing on him here I just have to say that he is lacking a lot for someone who is ‘madly in love’ with Misaki. No guts in other words.

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Oh my god, make it stop!

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I find it amazing how much Touya’s “nice guy image” crumbles when he realises himself that he is such a jerk and oblivious to other’s feelings. I mean we have been told beforehand that he doesn’t have many memories of being with Yuki (hence that night when Yuki decide to give him something memorable but ends up falling asleep instead, “LULWUT?”), but sheesh, this relationship is extreme in the ‘I am surprised you guys haven’t broken up yet’ way. At first I mainly put the blame on Yuki for being neglecting Touya but as the series goes on it is getting more clear (though without thinking deeply it, I can see why some others may still be mislead by this guy) that a lot of the blame also falls on this idiot. I wonder yet whether he views Yuki as his girlfriend or just someone who he pretends is his girlfriend. Even his inner thoughts in this scene is telling him otherwise with the ‘NO WAY’ sign, yet he doesn’t seem all that bothered by it.

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And this little line just made it all the more worse in showing us what kind of character he is. Did he simply just didn’t care about the relationship or what? Yet right now he is still avoiding Yuki on par to Yayoi’s request, okay kinda, and has taken onto himself to play ‘supporting pillar’ for Misaki. I on the otherhand clearly remember how indifferent he was towards her a few episodes back…so the title of this article comes back into play. The trouble with Yuki and Yayoi…he would rather avoid it all and focus attention on other aspects of life.

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Even so he is seriously down playing Misaki’s troubles as he views his own troubles as more ‘troubling’ to solve than Misaki’s…probably why he has decided to help her so seen as he feels that her problems are so simple compared to his, he can quickly solve this side quest before returning back to his own. Oh and ‘Sunohara’s comment, not quite since this is an eroge adaption but good try.

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As for Misaki, while I don’t view her as extreme of a character as this, I do see her trying a bit too hard to show the viewers how much of a tragic character she is. I mean at this point I can’t help but quoting “woe is me” in a sarcastic tone. Misaki is quite the odd character in that I do want to feel sorry for her yet, being another human, her actions make it hard to do so as quite a lot of her real sentiments are mixed with fake ones. Just like the above where I believe that she ‘fell’ into his arms not only for the reason that she is exhausted, and frankly why should she be given the art she was able to create, but most of that reason is that she wants to seek the warmth and comfort from someone she likes. Touya on the otherhand don’t give a damn about that and is enjoying having his ego being stroked by just ‘being there’ for her. Two completely different reasons why they looked to each other for comfort but neither of them any more purer than the other.

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This is supposed to be a costume design? Even my sister draws better than that

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But for god sakes Touya, can you be any more fake…or are you really blind

*Dies with laughter*, How can I agree with Touya on this?

So what Misaki is doing here wrongly is the fact that she is too obvious at doing the ‘damsel in distress’ act, and the same goes for Touya in his ‘knight in shining armour’. If the flashback is any hint then she maybe just as broke as Haruka but rather than retardation, her form of broke is on an emotional level. Which brings me to think, isn’t she a bit too submissive? Since I do think that she knows that she is being targetted by bullies, her in-actions of succumbing to their acts of terror yet again indicate that she is broke in more ways then one. While I can sympathesize with her situation I think she can do a lot more than to just “take everything in like a punch bag”. Just what is stopping her from screwing those bullies over if she just quits? Surely that would have been easier than playing into their hands and to breakdown from unneeded stress.

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Not to mention this kind of crap happening?

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This being the face of a rapist

I wonder if it is just a personality fault with Misaki but a normal person would have nailed him in the nuts…or is that a reason why he is bullying the pants off of her? Honestly though I must have ran through the entire scene as to why Misaki is being picked on from ‘Sunohara’ but it all flew over my head. But that doesn’t stop Misaki from agreeing to be a punch bag, does it? Surely she has the right to choose…and if she wanted her story to be shown to the world, as it were, I think she would prefer it if she is getting the credit that she deserves for coming up with the story in the first place (I can just see the other members of the group taking all the credit when it is over and done with, causing Misaki to become suicidal or to jump into Touya’s arms yet again).

And jumping from one girl to another, lets take a look at Yuki’s situation which is clearly outline with her upcoming song, oh the irony I say.Not forgetting to mention the most hilarious scene seen in this episode as Rina (MY GODDESS for this series) completely bitch slaps those ass licking bitches in the face by a simple “good morning”.

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The lyrics of Yuki’s song, quite well outlines her relationship with Touya at the moment…

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Or not even whisper at all if those two keep missing each other even through phoning (guh it’s those bitches again!)

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Obviously lies as she underlines below (OWNED XD)

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Actually this is Yuki’s apartment isn’t it?

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Yet again I still can’t get this way of thinking coming from Touya, goddess? Why doesn’t he just admit himself to being a pimp more than anything. As much as he sees Yuki as an “everyday occurance”, his daily goddess theme doesn’t hold much importance anymore since it seems more like smooth talk more than anything else. Though I can’t help but laugh at how innocent and carefree he seems to be throwing the term around even when I know that he doesn’t view Misaki as so. Although there are many interpretations for this scene I personally think that it outlines in the back of his mind, just how many people he considers as his goddess (minus Yuki ironically). Seriously if he becomes any more of a play boy than he already is, something like this will happen (which I am hoping does being a fan of BAD ENDS and all, feel free to disagree *evil laughs*).

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Interestingly, he has yet to fall for Yayoi’s constant seduction though…and why not I do ask? While a lot of people praise him for doing at least this much right, I on the otherhand feels that he is an idiot for letting such a chance pass by for BIAS reasons. Frankly I find Yayoi hot and would not mind her kissing me even if it is described as being cold by Touya. Well being a fan of “ice queen” types (one being the all famous Futami Eriko), there is nothing more enjoyable for me than to love and care for characters of her type, sadly such a chance won’t be given to Yayoi since she is considered an obstacle in Touya’s eyes. Yet if it were otherwise I can see Yayoi become quite dere when to pour in love.

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I gladly accept in place of the idiot

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Well if he was really serious about ignoring Yayoi’s proposal to leave Yuki alone then how about not getting into her car in the first place? Another flaw to Touya’s character is that his heart is easily shaken by others, hence the numerous goddesses and meeting up with Yayoi. I think evidence from the previous episode is enough to show how attracted to her lips he is (who wouldn’t be? Yayoi is DAMN HOT!) and while his brain is denying it, his body subconciously “wants some”, and especially since Yuki isn’t able to provide enough stimulus for him. Poor simple minded and primal male urges as one would say. After all we of the male species tend to work on impulse anyway and love is no different.

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And before I wrap this up I have to put in some voice for poor shafted Haruka over here. Seriously, while this stalker girl creeps the hell out of me for being the one with the most potential to go stabby stabby on Touya’s ass (hurray?) the treatment she is getting is definitely pitiful. Asides from being completely used and abused, she now has people talking behind her back.

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I mean with comments like that you can see where your friends are and although she is creepy to the point of me wanting her to stay the heck away from me, at least I wouldn’t be seen taking advantage of the girl’s innocence (and yes, innocence as she seems to have a mind set of a little child). Okay, that was a partial lie as being a human with flaws I definitely can’t be a holy saint devoid of any “wrong doings” but making an effort is better than none being made at all, seemingly Touya didn’t even have the heart to thank Haruka for all that she has done for him without looking for anything in return.

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And as a finisher slide…ha-ha-ha, as if Touya thinks of himself as a hero?


2 Responses to “White Album episode 6 ~ “The best way to forget your own troubles is to stick your nose into someone else’s””

  1. 1 plaintea February 12, 2009 at 12:46 am

    I think you are downplaying some aspects of Misaki’s personality and in particular experience with the club president. There is quite a large difference between the what victim (especially female) of sexual assault is actually able to do and what remote observers think the victim can do. To quote you: “a normal person would have nailed him in the nuts” is the view of a removed observer and you have substantially overstated what Misaki would have been able to do both psychologically and physically in that situation.

    There is also a very long lasting after effect of such experience. In particular, they may be the reason that Misaki is the submissive character she is; though one would have to get into the head of series creators to know for sure.

    It also appears that, while you understand this, you don’t acknowledge Touya – as well as Akira – as “good” characters because they differ from the stereotype of Alpha male. Sure, Akira may have “No guts”, but he also may have enough intellect to realise that aggressively pursuing Misaki would do neither of the two any good.
    Toyua is more difficult case, so i’ll not be touching him right now while there is still half a series left to flesh out his relationship with women around him.


  2. 2 deathkillz February 12, 2009 at 4:21 am

    @plaintea ~ Well I just feel strongly that Misaki should have done a lot more while taking into account that the situation did leave some scars (hence with her being ‘broken’ and all). But while I can feel for her being pushed around perhaps due to the fact of what happened in the past there is still a lot of in honesty vibes floating around her which makes her less likable as a character for me. I think she does know what is wrong with the situation but is just unable to do have the courage to do anything about it so all I am saying here is, just stand up for yourself instead of being a door mat for the bullies (again just knowing that she may have had an emotional shock does not mean she is excused from making the right choice especially if she is aware of it, otherwise she would have called herself despicable).

    As for the stereotype alpha male thing, I think it is a misconception which the series seemingly lead you to believe that they are “good guys”. While Akira is more forgivable given that he hasn’t had that many appearances, I am seeing quite a lot of flaws in Touya’s “nice guy” act or rather he is oblivious to the whole ordeal. Still way far off from certain other male leads I know but you should also consider that Touya isn’t a 100% saint.

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