Kaioshin’s Top 5 Gundam Image Songs

Oh my god, what is this, I Kaioshin Sama am actually writing something.  Has anybody checked the temperature in hell lately.  Is there still war in the holy land?  DID THE SUN RISE FROM THE WEST THIS MORNING?!

Actually, I just feel like it tonight for whatever reason after chilling to some Gundam music and thinking about new ways in which to share it with the rest of the internet.  I’ve already gone over a top 10 openings and endings list that was slanted heavily towards Gundam music, and I’ve already done a Top 10 OST’s post that was chock-full of Gundam music, but I haven’t done a post about Gundam Image songs, of which not all series feature them, but of which those that do have them, do the concept justice.  That ends now, and I bring you my favourite amongst them.


Eternal Secret – Relena Peacecraft’s Image Song

Never let anyone tell you that Marina is a Relena clone.  For one Relena can sing much better and for another she actually has a sphere of influence.  Anyway, this is one of those songs that sort of makes me nostalgic for the 90’s.  Is it retro?  Old school?  Perhaps, but doesn’t it also sound even older then the 90’s?  Like something you might hear in Kimagure Orange Road.  I also like the tempo change part way through where it turns into a bit of a rock song, and is that an Ocarina towards the end.  Oh Gundam Wing, what instruments won’t you just through into your music for an awesome solo.  Sing Relena!  For everlasting peace!


Char Ga Kuru – Char Aznable’s Image Song

Dashing, fast, unassailable, that is Char, and that is the image this…errr…image song gives one.  That’s a sign that they got it right.  Anyway, this song subsists on it’s power to pull awesome calypso beats, 70’s synth effect and brass on us without holding back.  They just don’t make songs like this anymoe, and did I mention it just fits Char’s character perfectly.  Hope you can remember the chorus.


Kirameki No Lalah – Lalah Sune’s Image Song

Apparently Lalah was a 70’s soul musician.  And indeed it is good for the soul.  This is yet another in the long line of what I like to call my chill songs.  You’ve gotta love the backup choir in all of their 70’s funk glory and again, they just don’t make songs like this anymore.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and have some old school style Gundam songs in Gundam 0081.


Stardust Soldiers – Treize Khushrenada’s Image Song

Dashing, bold, classy, some of these things Treize takes from Char, but he is his own man.  How fitting that he should have an operatic ballad for his theme given his taste in theatre and again does this song not just fit the character perfectly.  Is this not the stuff that good image songs are made of.  Not only that, I like the song immensely of course, being quite big on opera and ballads myself.  However it’s not the best…..


Hinageshi no Tabi no mukou ni – Shakti Kareen’s Image Song

Because there is Shakti Kareen who’s character songs just completely eclipses anything, Relena, Marina and Lacus have done as far as singing for peace.  More like weeping for peace.  There’s a reason I’ve always felt that Victory Gundam has the best OST I have ever heard, and it’s songs like this that do much to boost it’s stock to that point.  This song is actually featured in the series proper, and it’s like Shakti’s lament for the suffering her friends are having to endure and the continued damage to the Earth.  Shakti was like the original Gundam character who weeped for the soul of everyone involved in the conflict, sort of a proto-Loran Cehack if you will.  Although unlike him she never got the happy ending she wanted, never got the Uso back that she cared for so much at the beginning of the series.  This is why I always warn people that while Victory Gundam is a great series, it’s a tough watch because it is quite possibly the most depressing anime I have ever seen outside of maybe Grave of The Fireflies.  Hence this is not only the perfect song to express the character of Shakti, but the perfect song for her to express the tone of the whole show, and that is why it takes this top 5 list, because it goes that one extra step in being more than just an image song, it becomes a message.


4 Responses to “Kaioshin’s Top 5 Gundam Image Songs”

  1. 1 ghostlightning February 27, 2009 at 12:24 pm

    I can’t get that Char song out of my head. Seriously.

  2. 2 Kurotsuki February 27, 2009 at 8:43 pm

    wait , “Hinageshi no Tabi no mukou ni” was heard in the series , can it count as an Image song ?

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama February 28, 2009 at 6:38 am

    @ghostlightning: Oh GL, your such a Char fanboy. 😛

    @Kurotsuki: I would count it as one, even if it’s performed by a stand in voice for Shakti. Image songs can be incorporated into anime on occasion and we’re actually starting to see this happen a lot more recently. All of those endings and openings that are sung by the seiyuu….I’d call those image songs.

  4. 4 Kurotsuki February 28, 2009 at 3:09 pm

    oh I see. Never thought of it that way .Makes sense.

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