The Future Of Resident Evil (Taking Out The Biohazardous Waste)


Leon Might Be Dying Here, But The Resident Evil Franchise Has Enjoyed A New Life In Recent Years.  It’s Up To Capcom To Keep It That Way In The Years T o Come….Starting Now

Today I finally got my hands on Resident Evil 5 and now it’s got me thinking about the history of the franchise as a whole.  A series of Survival Horror games that has things that people love about it, but also things they wish Capcom would do away with.  Resident Evil 4 was a massive revamp of the franchise as whole and fixed some of the most glaring issues it had had since it’s inception, but there is always room for improvement in anything, even in former Game of They Year contenders.  That is why I’m here tonight to explore the franchises cliches and tropes and to talk about what I think needs to go in the next game, stay the same, or god forbid even be brought back or never brought back from the former entries in the franchise.

Title Screen:  *Menacing Voice* “RESIIIIIIIIIIDENT EVIIIIIIIIIIL 6!”

No….lose it or change it.  Does anybody out there actually find this cool even on a B Movie game sort of level.  Maybe it worked in the past when the franchise wasn’t quite so self respecting as it is today, but now it’s just kind of corny.  I can do without a chain smokers voice over of my title screen entirely, but if they must have somebody tell me what game I am playing (as if I’m a moron) why not try a different voice for a change?

Camera Angles (I came in from the bottom right so why am I now on the top right of the screen? vs. 3rd Person)

I honestly don’t care how much of a purist someone is for the PS1 era RE games, Capcom, keep the over the shoulder angle.  Not only is it more practical from an action game standpoint and less of a pain in the ass to utilize, but it also allows for a scarier atmosphere.  If you can’t see the zombie creeping up on you until he is almost right over your shoulder then it’s more scary compared to seeing him coming a mile away because the camera is detached from your character and floating half a kilometre away.

The Controls (Is This An Action Game Or Am I Playing Basketball)

Tough call.  In some ways it adds a bit to the realism because it mimics how you would have to react to a threat in real life (side step, change direction a bit and then move, aim and shoot etc.), but on the other hand when you are just trying to get from point a to point b in a video game it can seem like a bit of a nuisance.  I’m going to say keep it though, but only because the new over the shoulder camera angle makes it much more practical and now it feels a lot less like that basketball gamesque pivoting in place before you can move in a different direction type affair that the PS1 era games made it. 

The Dialogue (Snappy Remark, Witty Comeback, Diatribe, Diatribe, Smug Dismissal……)

Change it….I guess, or hire a writer who can capture wit with a bit more subtlety.  Or maybe get the guy that came up with the idea for the ending credits to RE4 to try his hand at writing some of the games larger scenarios:

Cause honestly before I saw this Children’s Book like depiction of the village before Leon camed I would have never guessed that Capcom, a company that usually delivers it’s plot with the subtetly of a Hand Cannon shot to the face was capable of such a sinister and minimalist approach to crime against humanity.  That’s normally more the dominion of something like Maus.

Wesker (The Unkillable Bastard)

–  Either resolve his part in the story or write him out already.  Umbrella is already gone in the usual Capcom fashion….and by that I mean that instead of every resolving any of the overarching plotlines in their major franchises they just wait until even they can’t stand their presence anymore and time jump the plotline out of the series narrative or forget about them entirely.  Rebecca Chambers anyone?  Honestly what did Wesker add to Resident Evil 4 besides fanservice and does anybody actually believe they’ll ever get around to him ressurecting Umbrella?  Time to tie this one up or to Capcom him out of the story like they did Umbrella.

Zombies vs. Plagas:

Plagas.  Why?  Simply put zombies are a cliche and IMO the dominion of the greater nerds fantasies.  Being a lesser nerd myself I’m into something a little less…..B Movie.  Plus fighting Plagas is a lot more interesting overall, there are more variations, and you never know when an enemy you think you’ve killed is going to unleash that much deadlier threat on that is the Plagas parasite exploding out of it’s head to slice at you with it’s blade.

Ladies Men:

Honestly I’m confused as to why the franchise is being accused of racism and bigotry only now with the whole Africa arc when it seems like the franchise has been mocking Spanish/Mexican people for much of it’s history.  The Spanish/Mexican ladies man seems to have become a staple of the franchise for some reason, and you know what, Carlos and Luis were great comic relief for the most part, but also had their serious side that made them important to the plot, so I’m okay with another one.  Somebody needs to make up for the Leon’s of the franchise after all.

Foxy Ladies:

Ehhh……keep the Sheva types, but tone down the Ada’s and while we’re at it dump the Ashley/Rebecca types altogether.  I’m not sure if there is really supposed to be something going on with Leon and Ada, but at least Chris and Sheva (as far as I am in the game at least) come across as a pair that is driven more by comraderie and less by cheesy sexual tension.  Their dialogue between each other isn’t much better, but it doesn’t quite sound exactly like something you would hear in a fanfic either. 

The Merchant (Welcome Stranjaa!)

Hands down bring back.  Of all the things to take out of RE5 that were added in RE4 why this?  Everyone I know absolutely loved this character and the personality he brought to the game (especially since he was one of the only other people you regularly interacted with besides Ashley who wasn’t trying to kill you) except apparently Capcom.  Boooo!

The Final Scenario (Here take this special weapon and kill the final boss, oh shit the base is exploding?!)

Yeah….maybe it’s time they mixed this one up a little.  Sometimes I’m left wondering what the point of the final scenario is when I know exactly how it’s going to play out and that no matter how improbable, some weapon is going to get dumped on my lap, the area I’m in is going to start to self-destruct, and I’m going to end up on some vehicle out of the area with one final awkward bonding moment with my partner character.  How about having something like what was done with Leon’s showdown with Krauser  in RE4 (My favourite boss fight of the series by the way) where it was a running deathmatch to see who was the manliest man in the end.  I’m sure they can think of someway to do this as a final scenario and make it just as awesome.

So then, Capcom, the power is in your hands to keep improving on what has once again (finally?) become a franchise that can be respected by survival horror/action game fans everywhere.  Don’t let us down with RE6.


10 Responses to “The Future Of Resident Evil (Taking Out The Biohazardous Waste)”

  1. 1 Sorrow-kun March 15, 2009 at 9:36 am

    Ugh, I hated the Krauser fight in RE4. He was a bastard.

    I’m still pissed that they’re not releasing RE5 on Wii. Totally agree with you on the credits. They kinda reminded me of the Monster ED sequences.

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama March 15, 2009 at 11:17 am

    Getting to the final showdown with him was actually more challenging for me because he kept trying to shoot me with that machine gun and blow me up with his grenades (plus him popping out from behind every other corner to challenge you to a mini duel was troublesome as well) but once you get to the final showdown with him I found a trick that makes him pathetically easy. Just pull out your knife, aim down so it goes below his shield, wait for him to approach and then keep stabbing and he’ll pretty much just walk right into it until he dies, never getting close enough to do any of his insta-kill attacks.

    There’s a video of somebody doing it in just over 25 seconds. It took about 30 seconds for me.

  3. 3 Duo Maxwell March 17, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    You know what? I guess you can rejoice because they intend to reboot the franchise with RE6

    And I want the old zombie back. Nowaday I can’t find a horror game with zombie, and RE is starting to join the action path together with L4D.

  4. 4 Zack March 17, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    You don’t like the silly Resident Evil at the start? I loved it because I remember it scaring me silly as a kid. Although now I do think they could do without, it does provide a bit of nostalgia. Reminds me of all those hours spent in the old games.

    I *don’t* mind the new camera angle or controls, but I still like how the originals were. I actually prefer the original style of RE games a bit actually.

    Screw Wesker. Give me more Claire. I’m not sure why, but I like her.

    I prefer zombies, but this just might be nostalgia kicking in. I just remember as a kid being scared half to death going through half those levels when suddenly a zombie breaks through the boarded windows and tries to eat me. The worst the Plagas dudes have done is run at me with a chainsaw. I will admit though, that actually freaked me out and had me looking twice to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Them and those freaking Regenerators…

    I don’t have any personal preference of characters (I will admit though I enjoy Jill and Claire). The removal of the merchant annoys me though. Such an awesome character. What did he do to deserve removal?!

    The Krauser fight was pretty awesome I admit, but I’ve always been a fan of the Nemesis fight. Something about fighting the same enemy over and over after you’ve shot, exploded, burned, froze, hit with acid, sent through a trash compactor and whatever else and he’s still not dead.

    I think the series has moved a bit from survival/horror and puzzle solving to a more action/survival feel. Although I do miss the old RE style I am enjoying the new style of the games. That may just be nostalgia though. I still really enjoy the new RE games.

    I can’t wait to try online co-op, but I’m scared of what kind of person I’ll get partnered up with. There’s always that one person who plays just like the AI or even worse… Have to hope some of my friends pick it up soon.

  5. 5 Kaioshin Sama March 17, 2009 at 6:57 pm

    @Duo Maxwell: Wow Capcom is tired of the new story arc already? They usually go about 7 to 8 or so entries before a reboot/reimagining of something.

    @Zack: The title announcement has just gotten cheesy to me at this point. I also neglected to mention that I also wasn’t a fan of what seemed like Capcom putting bad voice acting in the early games for the sake of making it feel like a b-movie (yeah I believe it was deliberately bad) because it still just made it seem like they were trying to save money and it didn’t make it any less harsh on the ears.

    I am not a fan of the pre-rendered camera angles and I actually don’t expect them to come back because they were ultimately more the result of the technical limitations of older systems than anything and slowly become Capcom’s stubborn unwillingness to break tradition, something I admire them for and hate them for at the same time.

    As for Claire, definite prodigy syndrome there. A friend of mine still claims that Leon and Chris were the only characters that really made sense in the long run because they were older men who had the time to gain some experience and training whereas Jill Sandwiches and Rebecca Chambers were flat out prodigies.

    The zombies never really scared me, more they made retarded noises and made me laugh. The Plagas on the other hand, especially the regenerators really freaked me out.

    It seems Jill Sandwiches is unlockable for mercenaries in RE:5 which doesn’t really come as much of a surprise to me actually.

    Nemesis was probably my second favourite actually. I liked the fact that you fought him several times before actually having to finish him off and that he had the endurance of a tank. And there are still puzzles in the RE series, but they’ve definitely taken a bit of a backseat to the action.

    Anyway you can try with me I suppose. I’m kind of green when I first start up, but I get better as I go along, kind of like my Call of Duty 4 sessions. My gamertag is “Kaioshin Sama Z” without the quotations of course.

  6. 6 Zack April 12, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    I have to ask, Kaioshin, have you tried the DLC versus mode yet? If you have what are your thoughts on it? I figure this is the place to ask.

    I have to say I’m quite pleasantly surprised. I figured it would be annoying due to the fact I can’t move while shooting and being shot at it, but it’s actually really enjoyable. Between Survivors/Slayers and their team modes it’s pretty darn fun. I can see why people wouldn’t like it though.

    There’s a few things I have issues with such as having to use points earned in the game to unlock characters, but with how fast you get points in versus I think it’s fine. Or spawning beside someone with the Rocket Launcher. Whee… that was an enjoyable six seconds before death.

    My apologies about never adding you. I’m absolutely horrible when it comes to remembering things like that. If you want you can add me. Gamertag is “Zacks ZZ” without quotations.

  7. 7 Grenadeh November 29, 2009 at 3:27 am

    You’re a moron and I wish I wasn’t fair enough to have endured your terrible opinion for the duration of your post. It’s with extreme contrition that I must admit I do agree with some of your points; Capcom is god awful at a lot of things, chief among them knowing how to write villains and resolve plots, especially the villain’s place in them. In the 90’s they knew how to write (with the exception of the massive retconning that was implemented in regards to Wesker and anything related to him), or at least low to use a fall-guy for the true villains in the story, who would then die: Birkin died, the Ashfords died, the tyrants died, closure was achieved. Crapcom has failed miserably in maintaining any integrity in the Resident Evil franchise starting in 2002 when they rapeconned the entire plot.
    Krauser was not a boss fight. It was a quicktime movie. Thanks to retconning, even the “actual” boss figh, which was pathetically easy compared to all other bosses in all other Resident Evil games, wasn’t what killed him, rather it was Ada.
    The ending of Resident Evil games is not malleable. The point of every game is an experience of a biohazard event which (originally) was Umbrella’s fault; you survived it and you defeated their products and maybe a few of the people responsible, but the enemy still existed, thus the name Resident Evil, not the japanese name Biohazard which does not accurately describe the franchise.
    Your entire argument is invalidated by the very logic you’ve used to support it. Resident Evil invented the survival horror game. It existed before Capcom took the idea, but no one cared, and no one knew. There would not be any place for miserable games like Demento, or Silent Hill (Only the first two were worth so much as looking at, and even then only for 20 bucks in the bargain bin), or Fatal Frame (which also lost its grandeur immediately after the second game), or Clock Tower, or Left 4 Dead, or F.E.A.R. or Dead Space if it weren’t for the proven successful formula used to create the original Resident Evil games.
    Every aspect of the new Resident Evil games perfectly exemplifies what is wrong with modern gaming. Retconning, inconsistency, massive plot leaps, offensively bad plots, shallow and witless character dialogue, inexplicable enemy encounters, an absolute refusal of responsibility to satisfy the audience of the game, the list is endless. If you seriously think the new direction of Resident Evil (minus Biohazard, which, although disappointing in its own ways due to Capcoms idiocy, is the right direction for the franchise) is good, and that there will be an RE6, you serve only to prove that gaming has died a foul and cheap death in the past 10 years.

  8. 8 mathaniel March 22, 2010 at 4:10 am

    personally i think they should improve the chainsaw guys. i mean seriously if you semi know what you are doing then he is SUPER easy to kill…. 2 pistol to the head and then punch (RE 5)… and just knock him down and knife him till he decides he wants to jump up (RE 4)… i just hope in professional mode they will make him much harder

  9. 9 Bob92985 September 4, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    Wow…. All I’ve seen is a lot of b*tching and raging so far. Does the author of this article even like the RE series? I’ve played every RE game and the only “Bad” ones IMO are the 1st person ones. Why are you complaining about things that define the franchise… If all you want is a zombie shooter play L4D… The story line makes sense if you pay attention… The game mechaincs are unique to the series… Its obvious they arent trying to be like everyone else so why suggest that they need to? And if you dont like how the game is designed and gripe about Capcom as a company do a little bit of research and learn that they make Arcade games! Thats like demanding a super realistic and immersive game from SEGA. I recommend that you pick a game that suits your tastes not gripe about one that obviously doesnt…

  10. 10 Pozycjonowanie regionalne April 10, 2013 at 3:43 am

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