Nanoha 1st movie trailer and sketches

Yeah it seems like Nanoha is going to have to move over (sorry Deathie)

No worries, it just means that you have summoned a mass of blood hungry fanboys from the sky that’s all :p

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So courtesy of 東京国際アメニフェア(Tokyo International Anime Fair) we finally get more news/preview shots of the upcoming movie complete with a trailer on the report site (I have yet to figure out how to embed the trailer into wordpress so just go there to watch it and more sketches!).

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Character upgrades and damn are they making the nanoha looking more like a mecha musume

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Fate chan here looking less tweeked out than Nanoha but still hosts best costume out of the whole series; those are some killer heels if I do say so myself

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The small yet still outstanding display stand

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Nanoha mkII, now with chest plated armour!

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And the girl who always brings a smile to my face, now with an improved cape for faster mobility; moeeee, banzaiiii!

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Ronery Fate chan needs a hug~

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I told ya the cape helps with speed

Source once again and where you can watch the trailer (I’ve currently lost count how many times I’ve done so).

1 Response to “Nanoha 1st movie trailer and sketches”

  1. 1 Duo Maxwell March 20, 2009 at 6:21 pm

    Everyone loves loli Fate, I know it. Can’t blame them since I’m also part of the group.

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