Spring 2009 Series Preview – No Funny Business


Memories of Green ~ The Spring 2009 Season Is Here At Anime History This Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend.

Every 3 months I do one of these….every three months, and now I’m doing the grunt work too.  Last time I tried to do my review in jest along with some researched observations and got flamed for it in the process sooooo…..I think I’m going to just go ahead and do that again this time too because I enjoy fooling around as much as I do intellectual debate and besides……it’s funner to kid.  With that in mind don’t take anything I write from this point on too seriously because if you take that famous saying in reverse, “fool you once shame on me, fool you twice, shame on you.”

Let’s dive right in shall we?


Konnichiwa Anne


Deathie: And I guess I am the first to start things off so here we go…pass…(as much as I love the company for producing Hyakko the story for this doesn’t tickle my fancy one bit).

Kaioshin:  WTF was that “pass”?  Boooo…you gotta show the proper respect for Canada’s favourite tale about growing up in our most backwater province……even if it’s just an adaptation of a prequel series written by a different author…..and even if the CBC managed to get out it’s latest Miniseries adaptation of the original tale long before this anime ever debuted.  Okay truthfully I’m not sure how I feel about Green Gables getting the anime treatment, but I just might check this out to see how late 19th century Maritime Canadian culture is interpreted in the Japanese eyes and whether they decide to moe it up or not.  I know it’s World Masterpiece Theatre, but you can’t exactly tell me that they didn’t moe up Cosette in their take on Les Miserables as well.

Sky: With all due respect to Canada, there is nothing about this show to prod my interest.

Klash: Completely ignorant about the said piece, I’m however not exactly keen to check this series considering the premises (and although I’m not usually taking into account the design of a series, this one just turns me off for obscure reasons).


Asura Cryin’


Deathie: Here’s an interesting thought, from first glance I swear the girl on the right looked like Sakura from CCS but it must have been the sakura petals playing tricks on my eyes. Considering that it is from 7arcs I better watch out for their QUALITY team but hopefully the animations would remain stable throughout. Storywise it looks like a romance with a cliched twist…but it should be interesting to watch so I am giving it a trial period…hold on, it says here that the OP/ED are by Angela…holy crap O.O

Kaio:  All lies, Sakura has brown hair and is much younger looking.  Foreshame Deathie.  Not really a fan of Angela either (A friend of mine describes her as sounding kind of like a duck, but I just think she sounds like Aaron Neville-le-le-le–e-e-e-e——) and people know how I generally feel about the Romantic Comedy genre.  Sky or Klash is probably a better bet for any future commentary on this one.

Sky: 7arcs notwithstanding, i must admit this is among the shows i am looking towards the most. As immediately cliche as the plot might sound, i actually don’t remember watching a show where the main character is being stalked by a ghost of a childhood friend (No, some very ecchi manga, courtesy of Desy, doesn’t count), and from what little i gathered there seems to be more to the title than that, so looking towards this one with a bit of optimism. Character designs look easy on the eyes as well.

Klash: As long as they don’t show very CRAPPY qualiy dropdown such like in Nanoha Strikers, I guess it will be bearable. I’m not exactly sure how the series can go with such vague premises, so will rather bet on the usual “3-episodes-before-sentencing-series-to-death-or-extended-trial” session.
And no, I really can’t see Kinomoto Sakura in her either XD


Sengoku Basara


Deathie: Wakamoto? Did someone say Wakamoto? Sorry, whenever I hear that name nowadays I just can’t help it by yell out his famous: “ZEROOOOOOOOOOOO YOOOOOOOO!” line, so in keeping with the tradition; “ZEROOOOOOOOOO YOOOOOOO!”. Besides the cover for this reminds me of Kurozuka and that was an absolute gem for the autumn season. I will have to give this a try to see whether it will sink or float.

Kaioshin:  Yep it’s a game adaptation of Devil Kings by Capcom, which of course takes place in the Sengoku Period (Aka the only period of Japanese history that existed before the modern era if you get your history from games and anime) where Oda Nobunaga is getting his aggro on yet again.  If you somehow don’t know the story of the Sengoku period and want to get it in an extremely stylized and balls to the walls manner then here’s your chance, but I’m holding out for a Sengoku Rance adaptation.

Sky: Somehow, that guy reminds me of Casshern … with a sword ….several swords. Ok, that aside, i have no idea what to expect of the show. If i am going to feel lacking in the action doeses might give this one a try, but can’t say i am expecting much – such game adaptions usually are mediocre cases at best.

Klash: Well, I assume everything will depend how the battles will be executed. Personally, a large scale battle with some strategies (see first half of Utawarerumono) would be quite nice, unlike usual “hero units platoon wrecking a whole army” stuff… well who am I kidding with such wishful thinking anyway? As usual, some episodes will be needed to pass judgment on it, but indeed, video games adaptations are fated to be doomed from birth, except unholy exceptions.




Deathie: In spite of being majorly turned off by this being a “sports themed” series I suppose giving bigfoot robots a try won’t hurt…much…

Kaioshin:  Yo Kawamori, I know you were inspired by Tomino and borrow a lot from him, but do you have to go stealing his fonts too?  Anyway, Basquatch apparently combines Basketball with mecha called Bigfoot robots (Basketball+Saquatch=Basquatch), which is just a crazy enough idea to work and giving my love of mecha so right there I don’t see any reason not to check this one out, but apparently it also has Megumi Nakajima, Aya Endo and Rie Kugimiya which just made this show a gimme.  In the meantime, Satelight, Sunrise, Bones….. you all just keep throwing those darts at pieces of paper taped to the wall to comes up with your series and plot point ideas and I’ll keep watching your shows.

Sky: As a rule of thumb, i don’t watch sports anime. Don’t ask me why, it just bores me to tears faster than listening to politicans pre-election speech. This having mecha mixed in won’t make me watch it either, though i suppose Kaio will be happy to glump the machinised piece of basketball and whatever destruction comes along with it.

Klash: Sports? -50% chance of attracting klash’s interest. Mecha? -25% chance of attracting klash’s interest if more on the shounen than the Sci-fi side.
Combination of the two? -200% unless you have a miraculous value shift.


Chi’s Sweet Home 2


Deathie: I watched the first season of this and while it was novel at first, it gradually slipped off my list into the depths of the abyss. I guess it is alright to watch bits and pieces of this series but too much of it is lightly to cause some problems.

Kaioshin:  Hey Kitty *meow*…..what’s up Kitty *nyaa*?  Anyway apparently this is a sequel to one of those feel good slice of life type shows where everything is generally optomistic and it’s actually not really a case of what as average life is like at all but an idealized rendition of it (and god knows we don’t already have enough of those in slice of life anime these days), but I guess if that’s your thing you might as well check out it.  Personally I lied last time, I have no real issue with Slice of Life anime at all, I’m just looking for a less sugary sweet series that subscribes to it’s tenets and Chi’s Sweet Home doesn’t sound like what I’m looking for at all.

Sky: Kitty! Here kitty kitty, here … *ahem* I did watch the first season, so if i am in the mood might watch this as well. It is obviously nothing serious and childishly drawn, but then again this anime doesn’t strive for anything else than ultimately delivering a warm and fuccy feeling to whomever is watching it, and on that front it doesn’t fail. Being a cat lover may help the process.

Klash: I didn’t got the chance of finishing Chi’s first season (for obscure reason, granted) but I guess this series should be rather seen as a warmup times to times when needed. And I agree with desy: an overdosis can turn the positive ailment of such series into some obnoxious side effect… remember kids, don’t abuse good stuff.


Cross Game


Deathie: My friend drools over the manga for this while I just keep telling him…WTF…but since it is now going to be an anime I might try a single episode…if it doesn’t end up killing me before reaching the end that is.

Kaioshin:  Baseball anime…..yaaaaaaaay….no thanks I’ll be sticking with Basquatch tyvm.  Incidentally though, THIS is retro character design, not this.

Sky: I suddenly found the ceiling in my room very interesting. Hm … it has been since … well …never that i gazed up at my ceiling …it must feel neglected. Poor thing. Time to make ammends. Yep, definitely fascinating sight ….

Klash: *Klash has been critically struck by RETRO effect for 9999 damage* *Sport flag prevented the effect of phoenix down!”
On a side note: I’m sick of Adachi’s super generic design…


Eden of the East


Deathie: The drawings…the drawings…the drawings! The remind me of Honey and clover and by god was that one series which I feel is completely overrated. I think I will send my minions to watch this and then to report back to me with the results but visually anyway, you can keep it >.>

Kaioshin:  When I first heard about this one for a second I thought I might have a very desirable Far East Of Eden adaptation on my hands, but alas it is just the next Production I.G anime.  I’ve had a fairly rock relationship with their shows as many people know, but this time I’m sort of sitting on the fence as the concept behind this one intrigues me.  A mysterious missile attack on an uninhabited area of Japan that is labelled as nothing but a small terrorist attack (but obviously isn’t) and mysterious men coming out of nowhere to rescue people, sounds like potential for a good conspiracy story.  I just have to ask one question though….WTF is up with that promo art and what does it have to do with the description I just transcribed?  The main female character is described as a young woman from what I’ve read, but clearly that is a loli and a younger male riding on merry-go-round.  Search me…..

Sky: The summary sounds interesting. The above image makes the hamster inside my head come to a grinding halt, upon trying to corelate the two though. Sitting on the fence here …a very high fence.

Klash: Premises look like a very interesting manhunt etc. But honestly the cover image is really pulling so many bad end flags (DIABETICCC STRIKE) that I really wonder if they aren’t pulling a joke (be it the image itself or the summary). I will certainly prowl the first reactions in usual forums in order to see if we aren’t having a fool’s mate.


Fullmetal Alchemist


Kaioshin Sama:  Hmmmmm….haven’t I seen this one before.  Even with the dynamic duo of Romi Paku and Rie Kugimiya back together, whether I check this out immediately depends on whether BONES decides to pull a Munto TV and reair the early parts of the story.  Then again I’m sure there should be some differences seeing as how this is supposed to follow the Manga closer right?  Right?

Sky: Aah, the good, old Fullmetal Alchemist. I have quite a lot of fond memories when it comes to the first season (One of them being among the few 50 epsiode animes that manages to pull through without meaningless fillers and sense of direction loss), so Iam quite looking towards this one. Can’t say I am all that impressed with the character art found in some of the promos floating around, and some of the Seiyuu choices strike me as odd, but we shall see.  Still no clear confirmation on this, but chances are this will be following the manga’s storyline this time around.  More Winry screentime please!

Deathie: Winry? who is this you speak of? *rolleyes*

But I have to agree to the “good o’ FMA” part since it has been a while. I remember a period after watching this series where I would just clap my hands together for no reason (tche, my brain must have gone screwy). Definitely putting this as a must watch series hopefully with them doing even better than the previous series.

Klash: As a manga reader, I’m really looking forwards to a PROPER adaptation. Although I enjoyed the original series (and that before reading the manga) I couldn’t help but felt quite uneasy and even embarassed at so many plotholes and convenient devices (hello granny dante, hello STUPID WWI GATE). I really hope they will bring out the best of the original plot as things were planned quite nicely on the VERY long term by Arakawa (without spoiling, I’m looking forward the Briggs arc, and by extension, the penultimate/ending arc). However, I can’t help but feel uneasy with the character design which looks poor and even worse than its predecessor (texture and colors are very dull, Roy lost quite lots of charisma stats with the traits he got now… I fear the worst for the homonculi).
I hope bones won’t let us down with the action.




Kaioshin: I’ve read the summary of this series plot at least three times on ANN and I still have no idea what it’s supposed to be about.  Something about military academy graduations and a favoured candidate that dreams of mysterious men.  Don’t ask don’t tell I guess.  Apparently it’s a gothic fantasy series that might have some war and politics in it so I’m going to file this under maybe.

Sky: One word: Yaoi vibes. Okay, two words, but you can never be too cautious. In light of the aforementioned fact, unless someone prods me saying the series is really good (and lacking said element), I will be passing on this. Let Kaio be scarred first! Kukukuku!

Deathie: You know what this smells of? It smells off “generic crap that I will probably end up watching anyway for the sake of time wasting”.

Klash: I can hear fangirls’ squeek from afar. No sir, I don’t want to be trampled by that horde, thank you very much.


Guin Saga


Kaioshin:  Interesting character design.  I see King from Tekken has found new work….actually apparently this is an adaptation of a long running novel series that seems like it’s going to have the ultra-violence thing going on.  I’ve got Hokuto No Ken that I’m still watching for that so not really interested.

Sky: Looked at the cover, read the summary – pass.  Unless I am terribly bored, I don’t think this show has much in store for me.  Sure, I do love my fantasy adventure series, but this just sounds typical and potentially episodic.  No thanks.

Deathie: Conan-like? Oh boy how that brings back memories…shivering shaking memories. I will give this a pass as this maso despises episodic bore.

Klash: Even if Nakahara-sama is in the cast, I’m still not really sold with that series.


Hayate No Gotoku Season 2


Kaioshin:  No shortage of work for Kugimiya this season eh?  I put the original season on hold a while back and never resumed watching it, but from what I see of other peoples discussions apparently Hinagiku is the greatest thing ever and is like the new main character of the show or something.  Other people would probably know better.  Anyway, I’ve been watching a lot of light anime lately so maybe it’s time I resumed watching the first season.  Can’t see myself finishing it before this one ends though.

Sky: They actually have more to tell ? And here I thought season 1 was already hellishly long, spanning 52 episodes.  Apparently people like it, so oh well – I suppose Hinagiku fans will be happy to see more of her quirky persona, but I already dropped the show during first season (It wasn’t bad – just couldn’t keep my interest with the comedy style it emplyed and plot that wasn’t about to go anywhere anytime soon), and I intend to keep it that way.

Deathie: Here she comes again…one of the 3 major sources of eardrum cancer and this time back with BAD animation QUALITY. Seriously, whoever has seen the OVA will know what I mean about the quality of this being shit compared to when SynergySP was in charge. Seems like JCStaff sent their B team in to animate this which just brought a whole new level of this being under average. Still…I am maso and I will watch this since it is one of those series where you just love to hate.

Klash: Although the characters were likable, the first season tired me quickly in the middle of its first run. Why you ask? Well, the plot was really too disjointed and episodic. If I want some good laugh, I would rather have a quick and mad one, be it from FMP? Fumoffu, Seto no Hanayome or Maid Guy. But the overabuse of references and obscure puns weren’t a winning formula over 20 episodes. And I really can’t fathom myself backlogging the first season then going over a “rinse and repeat” process for the same damn amount of episodes.
Too bad, as Hinagiku was indeed a good character and Nagi was the rare Kugimiya character that I don’t bear a terrible aversion on.


Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~


Kaioshin:  ……Wow Bee Train really can only do one type of series these days can they?  Been there, done this, no interest.

Sky: Which reminds me … I bought the Visual Novel of this title, which has ended up as nothing but a dustcatcher on my shelf, due to being in interactive DVD format, which I simply despised.  As such I have no knowledge of the series (as I didn’t end up playing it), but from what I have gathered the story is supposed to be gritty and intense, so I am signing up for this one.  I am all for a thriller of assassins involved in conspiracy theories and bloody gunfights 🙂

Deathie: Blade of the Immortal…just the name of that title turns me off and frankly it adds to my dislike to the Bee Train name. But on the plus side this has the NitroPlus brand on all over it so it is only fair to give it a try…gulp*

Oh wow.
*cough* my apologies, it isn’t my policy to look down or praise a series due to the studio, but anything “JC staff” or “Bee Train” is hardly helped. I would love to see if they can adapt a visual novel that has been branded as a classic (which might be interesting as I didn’t play PoI yet).


Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!


Kaioshin:  Almost certain to be banned in Israel.   Hmmm….maybe if I’m feeling desperate one night.

Sky: Bondage fetish, anyone?  If the answer to that is yes: charge straight ahead.  If the answer to that is no, like myself, time to steer clear.

Deathie: Hai Hai! If it is crap that I am willing to watch then something like this fits the bill. Kemeko did turn out to be hilarious afterall 😀

Klash: No, just no.


Tayutama -Kiss on my Diety-


Kaioshin: The only thing I feel that’s worth mentioning here is that it’s got Satoshi Hino without Rie Kugimiya.  Fascinating…..

Sky:  I must admit I was rather interested in the title, and the main female -Mashiro’s- design did appeal to me, and I found the basic premise a potentially fun affair, cliche as it might be.  Then I started playing the eroge of said title … and it all came tumbling down like a stack of cards in a hurricane.  From a distinct lack of likable characters, to the stereotypical male lead (Whose only redeeming[?] quality is his ability to see spirits), to characters acting (and over-reacting) at times as if they had the IQ to put a dried fish to shame, to the extremely bipolar Mashiro that can go from obsessively clingy to beating Yuuri up to a pulp in the name of training, to nonsensical drama based on circumstances that tore my suspension of disbelief apart faster than Desy can save a new Fate image. I am looking towards this anime no more.

Deathie: Oh Sky, I remembered that you tried this game and then quickly switching to another one the next time I came around to asking you “how’s the gaming spree coming along”. Well here is + 1 to the usual moe-moe series of the season (Which is surprisingly lacking from this season so far).

Klash: I must admit I was rather interested in the title, and the main female -Mashiro’s- design did appeal to me, and I found the basic premise a potentially fun affair, cliche as it might be.  Then Sky started playing the eroge of said title … and it all came tumbling down like a stack of cards in a hurricane.

Unholy rant above in live (with extra details) really made me wonder what was that all about. You got moe all over the way, then BAM, points that are borderline an intricated troll planned by Lump of Sugar (the studio). I’m taking more than simple precaution with this series… should I were to try it out, that is.
…Where is my sharin adaptation FFS?!




Kaioshin:  The latest addition to Kyoani’s ongoing series of cute girls doing cute things adaptations features a group of high school girls forming a band in order to rescue their high schools music club until *Cue Record Hold* they realize they are all novice’s.  Now it’s up to them to find out how to use use their moe appeal in order to win the hearts of audiences on both sides of the fourth wall.

Yeah sorry, as much as I have that love/hate relationship with Kyoani shows I’m just not really interested in this idea, mostly because it’s just not my style of story or music.  Whatever the case I’m sure it will be a hit on some level be it the touchy feely heart warmy level, the loli-ish cast appearance eye candy level or both.  I’ll probably end up starting a picture collection at some point.

Sky:  A KyoAni show, which should warrant an immediate degree of popularity.  As much as I generally liked KyoAni shows though, there is nothing about this that would make me budge.  I get overtaken by apathy merely reading the synopsis of the title …. if you are looking for some potential fun with (musically clueless) girls trying to revive a dying music club, this is for you. I will be looking for the exit in the mean time, and being KyoAni won’t change that.

Deathie: I have a feeling that this will become a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very VERY overrate series simply because it is a Kyoani series regardless of whether it is actually good or not. Well I guess I’ll just have to jump on the bandwagon to see for myself but I will be going into this with a bias view on things…such a shame a nametag can ruin your enjoyment if there are hordes of fanboys claiming that it is something which it isn’t.

Klash: whatever if it is KyoAni or so, the series will just fail or succeed depending how they will bring out interactions (IF they do, of course). Pulling a ridiculous and predictable “competition” and the like will certainly increase highly the chance of this series being completely overlooked.
Well, the design has an uncanny ressemblance to Lucky Star and Kannagi, so not bad on this area… for the moment.


Hatsukoi Gentei


Kaioshin:  Romantic Comedy, no comment, sorry.

Sky: Romance … JC staff …. urgh. If there is one thing JC have proven to me over the years, is the fact they shouldn’t be let near a romance story even with a ten feet pole. While Toradora may have been a step up compared to ZnT and Shana, the sore wounds still hurt.  I may give it a look if I am extremely bored, but I am holding little expectations here, and even less hopes for a conclusive resolution.

Deathie: Did I just read that the author is the one who did ichigo100%? Oh boy this will turn out to be a never ending romance where the male lead will be turning around and around in circles but guess what…I LIKE this type of stuff! Art doesn’t looke half bad either unlike what they are doing for Hayate. Hurray for static romance.

Klash: I knew this design was too familiar and it was plainly the same as this abomination known as Ichigo 100%. I’m still plagued by a unfathomable dread considering this series was written by a woman. Nothing sexist, but it really had an abnormal amount of fanservice specialized for a catered otaku public. Truely scary.

*cough*, back to hatsukoi. Well, JC staff already made me want to ignore this thing altogether already… Well, perhaps I will check it out when I’m REEEEEEEALLY bored…


Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou


Kaioshin:  Well it’s a Shoujo series which obviously means it’s aimed at little girls so me being a 24 year old male what does that tell you about my level of interest?  More than you’d think.  Anyway it’s about a sugary sweet and genki girl who also happens to be the class president being bullied by some tough boys and then developing a crush on one of them so…..wait…..that sounds kind of familiar.

Sky:  If there is one thing about art I generally can’t stand, it has to be Shoujo designs.  That said I will likely give this a test drive – art alone won’t be something to chase me away, and with a bit (ok, a lot) of luck this might deliver a nice piece of romance.  Then again, given the supposed troublemaker reputation the male lead has, most likely not, and we will likely see him being an ass towards the girl for 95% of the seri

es …. why do I suddenly feel less inclined to watch it. Le sigh.

Deathie: Hey I love watching Shoujo…I mean I have already watched titles like Angelique, Shugo chara, Skip beat and the likes and let me tell you…they are all a lot better than the usual, generic harem stuff you get nowadays anyway. I will just have to give this a try too.

Klash: neutral (yes, easy and quick answer, I know… hey, not like I can’t help it, I’m staring at a cover showing a HUGE eyed girl with a random sugar hamster (?) at 3AM. Please spare me…).


Natsu no Arashi!


Kaioshin Sama: Hooray more Romantic Comedy!  But Kaioshin it has Akiyuki Shinbo directing and it’s by SHAFT, can’t ya dig it?!  Alas that means nothing to me!  BLASPHEMY! Meh.  Even though the supernatural twist of the grrl apparently being some sort of immortal might provide some intrigue this series suffers from the common manga adaptation problem of their only being a handful of volumes released so far, which means it’ll probably roll in at about 13 episodes and have an anime original ending.  I just don’t see it going over well with me

Sky: One of the series I am looking towards to. The summary piqued my interest, and after a bit of digging around I found out some plot details that only added to that feeling.  My only reservations are about it being SHAFT, which, more likely than not, means the involvment of controversial and overly stylized visuals, which can either add to the experience, or make my head hurt. Regardless, looking towards this one.

Deathie: I think SHAFT this time round will possible make this series as normal as possible (hopefully). Well I was surprised to find out that they made the first season of Nanoha and that was without doubt as normal as it comes. With this series being by the same guy who did School Rumble, I am naturally interested to see how Yakumo will be reincarnated here. Though it seems like the male lead has been traded in for a detective canon ripoff. Hopefully this will end up being a nice series to watch…I am in need of some laughts…

Klash: Shaft… well, that is a DO or DIE I guess…Funnily enough, I find the discussions over Shinbou much more viral and intense than the ones about KyoAni at times.
Off topic aside, will probably see how it will turn out (or waiting for the commander’s report, fufu).


Pandora Hearts


Kaioshin: Jesus Christ how many jailbait characters can Japan give the name Alice too.  How much can they possibly fetishize the concept of Alice In Wonderland.  Actually you probably don’t want to know.  And yes improbably this Alice draws her inspiration from the Wonderland Alice, being apparently some form of blood eyed black rabbit (As opposed to a white rabbit) as well as a chain (from what I understand a contractable beings that will fight for you) that is trying to find her memories according to…..you guessed it, a Chesire Cat.  Did I mention that she’s also a Tsundere and all of the other Chains are also named after Alice in Wonderland type characters .  Yeah!

As much as it sounds like it could be as intriguing as any terminology laden Shonen series does I should also mention that Shonen series have had a habit of quickly going sour on me lately, Kurokami probably being the best example, so I’m going to file this one under maybe, but not likely.

Sky: Despite Kaio’s ramblings above, this has very little to do with Alice in Wonderland. Unless you have a very twisted impression of Alice’s wonderland.  I have been following the manga (The little bit that is scanlated anyway), and I must say I liked what i saw. Yes, it is shounen action title (with Angst …lots of angst), but who says shounen can’t deliver. If they manage to stick with creepy mood and not tone things down, this will be a ride that is both dark, twisted and fun.  I am eagerly awaiting to see what becomes of said adaption, and already drooling in anticipation of Yuki Kajiura’s music coming along with this.

Deathie: NO Kaio…don’t damn this with the curse that has hit KuroKami, EVER!

I personally quite enjoy reading the manga as it turned out to be surprisingly dark and twisted but with nicely balanced shades of comedy. The characters are all unique and interesting to follow not to mention some complex personalities to boot. I do love the character of Alice as well as she is exactly MY type of twisted and psycho character with a touch (okay, a heavy touch) of MOE-usagi mimi.

Klash: I also read the manga tidbits and it was indeed a nice one. Not overly intricated but certainly with lots of potential and a very unusual mood (in a very good way). I’m however a bit concerned about the character design here, especially Alice’s. As long as they manage to pull faithfully how Oz’s hell starts, I will be fine.
But I’m still worried that they might change slightly characters’ reactions or personality…


Ristorante Paradiso


Kaioshin:  I can’t imagine this ending up showcasing anything accurate to what working in a real restaurant is like, though I might enjoy seeing if the head chef is indeed an uber hardass and the rest of the staff are only motivated in so much as he’ll scream his head off at them if they don’t put out top quality food.

What I am kind of hoping for this to end up being though is one of those “You not in restaurant, restaurant in you” bonding type shows where the people learn about themselves and others and ultimately benefit from the overall experience in ways they could have never imagined.  If this ends up being in the case then I would definitely have to check it out because I like those kinds of stories a lot.

Sky: No. And that already was more attention I was willing to spare here.

Deathie: No…I am weak to boring stuff like this…

Klash: joining the bandwagon… of the naysayers.


Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S


Kaioshin:  I remember this one starting my unfortunate recognization that anime based on eroge end up not looking nearly as attractive as the CG promo art would lead one to believe.  Anyway apparently this is the prequel to the anime series adaptation that aired in 2007 and I really don’t know what to think of it.  I really don’t.  Apparently it’s got musical themes, random fights and contracts with hot chicks and so on and so forth….oh and the heroine is in a loli form the majority of the time if that’s your thing/

I could possibly see myself following blog and animesuki forum comments to see if this is something I might want to give a chance.

Sky: Ah, Polyphonica … about as stereotypical as you can get in terms of basic premises, yet manages to remain as harmless fun at the same time, even if not terribly entertaining.  I stopped watching the first season past midway, but it was more of a case of “stalled” than “dropped”, so I might go back and finish it … if I am extremely bored.  This is the type of series you watch when you are in danger of boring yourself to death, not something you go out of your way to watch.  Still watchable though, even if something great is not to be expected.

Deathie: I have never watched the first one so I personally have no comments on it. But it looks like a ye o’ normal watch for me so I will probably give this a try regardless. I am wishing it to be good though :p

Klash: I’m in the same situation as Desy, but as you might know from my comments in the previous previews, I usually don’t touch a series as long as I didn’t catch up completely with the prequel/previous season of the given show.
So the main problem now is: that I “remember” that I should give it a try AND that I were to get interested by the franchise as result.


Queens Blade Rurou no Senshi


Kaioshin:  Okay simmer down because this is going to take a bit more time and detail to explain.  Apparently Queen’s Blade is based off of a series of Visual Combat Books, and what that seems to mean is that they allow you and another person to somehow simulate turn based combat with stat sheets and the picture books that each represent a character.  In this case they are all girls fighting in a tournament in order to become Queen.  Don’t ask me how any of this works.  Also apparently there’s a spinoff version of the series called Queen’s Gate where you get to battle it out using licensed characters such as Mai Shiranui from King of Fighters, Dizzy from Guilty Gear, Iroha from Samurai Spirits and Ink Nijihara from Moetan.  Crazy and fetishy to the max.

Based on what I’ve seen from some of the combat novels pictures out there one can expect lots of ero (the pictures actually border on flat out porn, but obviously that’s not going to happen with the TV show) and girls satisfying all kinds of fetishes from loli to meido to priestess fighting it out to the death.  Sounds almost kinky enough to draw me in for a little bit at least a couple of episodes.

Sky: Scantily clad girls with big … er … weapons, about to beat the crud out of each other for one title to rule it all.  Do excuse me if I am going to sound uninterested.  While I imagine it easily qualifying for guilty pleasure for some, with its apparent intent to bring together all possible female fetishes known to otaku in a flashy display of martial arts and pantsu, I will be passing on this. Nothing against ecchi shows from my side, and nothing against silly premises either, but I get the feeling this will be one of those silly shows pretending to be serious. Pass.

Deathie: Oh it is this hyped up series I keep seeing pop up every now and then. Guilty pleasures? I’d say bring ’em on! And this one seems like it is trying to touch upon the moe mixed with fighting genre. Perhaps it is a serious comedy? *laughs* In any case it definitely looks like a series where you watch for the story (aka ikkitousen, I survived it all!!).

Klash: Series that look like a complete dud as a marketing ploy. I mean, seriously, it is so flashy that it is hard to take the premises (and by extension, the show) seriously. For all intents and purposes, plot complexity is very likely to be inversely proportional to surface of bare skin, and it is difficult to imagine this series will pull a miraculous exception on us.
Won’t bother.




Kaioshin:  Apparently rumours of Gonzo’s death have been greatly exagerrated.  Anyway, if I’m in this it’s for the Mahjong which is a game I greatly enjoy (mostly from playing games on M.A.M.E) and the cutesy grrl’s are just a consolation prize.  It makes me wonder though which aspect Gonzo is going to be focusing on in the long run and I fully expect a tile to somehow make it’s way down a girls shirt or the camera to focus on the grrl’s assets rather then their game.  We’ll see…..

Sky: I can’t imagine this appealing to anyone not interested in Mahjong, and i just happen to be that – very uninterested.  Can’t say I am finding the character designs all that appealing either (Have never been a fan of blushification), so i don’t think I am going to be touching this.  Chances are people intersted in Mahjong would find it interesting though.

Deathie: Akagiiiiiiii!!! *Coughs* Sorry I recently finished watching that series and whenever I see Mahjong I just happen to get a bit emotional. But this is mahjong with moe, so it must be a win-win formula right? I wonder if there will be mecha…since it is Gonzo *laughs* Well lets hope I can learn more about the game through watching this! ^^’

Klash: If it is something like a “moe version” of Akagi, why not. But considering I’m an utter noob in term of mahjong, the series gotta have to be very appealing in term of pace and content, in order to keep me interested (should I happen to be, obviously).
Absolutely neutral towards this show.




Kaioshin:  Apparently this show has something to do with global warming and is also animated by Gonzo.  No idea what happened to them supposedly being merged with and adopting the G.D.H name.  Would the promo picture here even give you that idea though?  All I see is a girl showing off some midriff and no signs of the “World’s Largest Forest City” (TM) that is supposed to help lower the temperature by about 5 degrees celsius.  Also apparently the story follows a group of anti-government guerilla’s that are trying to stop the forestation.  Why I’m not sure, but I’m guessing there’s more complexity to it then just that.

Sounds intriguing enough and might be worth checking out.

Sky: I have always found post-apocalyptic world settings to be a rather interesting affair, and this potentially sounds like one.  Can’t say I am all that excited about the theme apparently being global warming and extensive forestation that somehow came about, but I am not really averse to the idea either.  Potentially might be a reasonably complex title going by the little info avalable, so I will be keeping an eye out to see how this one goes.

Deathie: Damn’ed treehuggers…I kid, I kid :p

Well if it isn’t another series by team Gonzo and possibly a more serious series than the one above. I think the promo art also hints that there will be fighting in this series, probably with mechas and the likes. This is one to be looking out for as it sounds rather unique and potential for some great emotions to be developed. An anti-government anything is just a one way ticket to deaths and tears, oooh…

Klash: As long as we don’t get random slapsticks and the like, I’m all in. I can’t exactly imagine some random plot with such settings so it will be interesting to see the direction of the plot considering how it can lead to anything.
Honestly though, I hope it will not involve your usual “destiny” crap and “save the world!” overabused elements.


Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen


Kaioshin:  Sorani sobieru kurogane no shiro Super robot Mazinger Z!  Honestly what do you think?  It’s a remake of the first ever piloted robot manga Mazinger Z (I’m assuming that means done properly instead of campy) and appears to have all the awesome manliness of the modern era Mazinger we see in games like Super Robot Wars.  This series gets first dibs on my time when (don’t make it if) the subs come out

Sky: No.

Deathie: Frankly…I am rather tempted to watch this purely for the fact that it is something that has been around since the age of dinosaurs. The ye o’ good stuff eh ^^’

Klash: “Super robots” is very effective against Klash: not only it can unleash seldgehammer-like headache to him, but it can also depresses him. Beware as there is also a high chance he will turn cuckoo and enraged, killing the fool who dare to make him watch such show, leading to a tragic atrocity.


Hanasakeru Seishounen


Kaioshin:  I am honestly not sure if the person in the middle is actually a girl, and what is Graham Acre doing in the bottom left corner?  Anyway this one is about a wealthy industrialist trying to get his daughter (so I guess it is a girl) to hook up with one of the four manly men surrounding her, which means it’s a kind of idealized romance.  Pass, even if there is supposed to be some political drama in it.

Sky:  Reverse harem of three (despite there being four in the picture) guys chasing after the hand of one girl, with some political drama sprinkled on top.  From first glance looks like a fairly typical shoujo, but I am not all that opposed to the idea, and seeing the season promises to be fairly lacking on the romance side, I am compelled to give this one a test drive.

Deathie: Great! Another Shoujo one and this looks more serious than the other one…but it does run the risk of being boring which is a warning to you all, boring stuff are a general no-no for me. Still Endo Aya is here (<3).

Klash: As far as such kind of shows can go, I’m rather waiting how the characters will be and interact together. That is to say, I don’t mind angst and drama IF we don’t get crappy and/or shallow characters that make me rage or bore me to tears (YES, White Album scripters, I’m staring at you!).


Souten Kouro


Kaioshin:  Blah blah blah Cao Cao, blah blah blah conquer China blah…..in case you don’t know what I’m talking about already it’s another Romance of The Three Kingdoms adaptation, only this time it takes a positive look at Cao Cao who is the focus of the story instead of Liu Bei.  Apparently it’s also trying to be more accurate to historical accounts of the era rather than to the Romance of The Three Kingdoms novel.  I don’t know, I guess if you somehow don’t know the story already or want to hear it retold/reinterpreted for the umpteenth time you could check it out, but I’m going to pass.

Sky: ^ I would be among the ones that “somehow doesn’t know the story”, as I have never exposed myself to this title. That said, I am not so sure I want to be either. Ancient Japan/China/Whatever settings have never been among my favorites, so unless the word of mouth carries across whispers of this being above average, I am going to remain largely clueless about the franchise.

Deathie: No thanks…I’ll just stick to manga for this type of stuff.

Klash: Why not.


Tears to Tiara


Kaioshin Sama: I’m overloaded with actual H-RPG/S-RPG games right now so I don’t see myself wanting to watch anime based off of one.  Anyway apparently this one is about a girl releasing a demon and then them of course bonding together and him falling in love and travelling with her.  That’s all I can find on it plotwise.

Sky:  While i generally hold little faith in RPG adaptations, I am more than willing to give one a try.  What can I say, I am a complete sucker for fantasy settings, J-RPG tend to offer those in spades, and this one seems to be of no exception.  Even if it won’t turn out to be anything stellar, it should be at least entertaining and harmlessly fun to watch.

Deathie: I really need to get down to playing this but like all Leaf games, you need to have quite an open mind to accept some of the stuff they throw at you. I don’t think the anime will be any different judging from Utawaruerumono (I can actually say the damn title now, haha), the same might apply for here. There certainly won’t be any sex scenes but I can imagine other awkward situations to fill up those all important gaps *rolleyes*

Klash: …unless the said ero scenes are completely random and easily removed (Utawarerumono was the fine example of very crappy and irrational ero content. It was a true nightmare).
Well, I will nevertheless try this series out, though I wonder if the design will keep the lifting applied for the PS3 version (well, most likely considering the picture).


Senjou no Valkyria -Gallian Chronicles-


Kaioshin:  Aka the first game that made me almost consider getting a PS3 and which also looks like it could have been done on the PS2, Valkyria Chronicles is like an anime styled retelling of WWII which is dangerous territory to be treading IMO.  It follows the exploits of a country called Gallia’s (which totally can’t be an expy for France)  7th Squad’s struggle again the East European Imperial Alliance (which totally couldn’t be the Axis powers) who attacked their neutral nation and is already at war with the Atlantic Federation (which totally couldn’t be a stand in for the Allied powers).

I’m definitely going to be checking this out since I can’t play the PS3 game and will see if it makes a good consolation prize.

Sky:  One of the titles I am looking towards the most. There is little in terms of serious war depiction to go around, so I am placing my hopes on this title to fill the void a little bit.  As Kaio stated above, the scenario definitely seems like an animeized version of WWII to some degree, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from checking the title out.  If there are going to be some references, I am not expecting them to go much further that the initial setting.  At any rate, hoping for some war drama here, and hoping it won’t disappoint.

Deathie: Ditto with Sky, this is one of the series that stuck out like a sore thumb from the pick of this season. Asides from the theme (oh boy I remember Allison & lilia), I’m rather interested in knowing why this is such a high profile game. It’s a shame I don’t own a PS3 myself to test it out but this is the next best thing to know what the story is about. But please give me some explosions, BIG EXPLOSIONS! (OH, and do things right unlike ToA).

Klash: I will sound like a broken disc, but I can’t say anything but “ditto” here.
Valkyria chronicle is certainly looking promising, albeit not so unique at the first glance. That is to say, the premises and the design are hitting the good buttons. Since I never played the game, I’m rather curious (and hoping) that they will go with a conventional vision of war (you know, casualties, living hell, without going post armageddon etc).
Now the problem is: will this series escape from the clutch of the so eternal iron rule “RPG adaptation SUCK”? We will see.


20 Responses to “Spring 2009 Series Preview – No Funny Business”

  1. 1 ghostlightning March 23, 2009 at 1:13 am

    Mazinger Z, Basquatch, Eden of the East. These are the titles I’ll be checking out.

    LOL Kawamori…

    Shoji Kawamori, Macross’ original creator and mechanical designer spent his student years as a Gundam fan. Some trivia: In episode 2 of the original SDF Macross, after dealing with the first wave of fighter pods, Major Focker radios “Skull Leader to Gunsight One.” Gunsight, besides being the tactical call-sign for the bridge of the SDF-1 Macross, also was the fanzine title of the Gundam fan club that creator Kawamori Shoji, character designer Mikimoto Haruhiko, and writer Oonogi Hiroshi (Members #1, #2, and #3) founded while at Keio University. His work on Macross, Do You Remember Love, and Flashback 2012 had Sunrise assign him on 1991’s Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory (as mechanical designer). Personally I find this story rather heartwarming, as there’s nothing like a fanboy getting to work on his dream project, despite what some industry veterans say. The idea that Stardust Memory has some of the franchise’s best-looking mecha (I definitely concur) only makes this story more satisfying to me.

    I really love it that Kawamori (and perhaps Anno) are Gundam fans growing up. I loved it that Anno worked in Macross. In any case the above quote is from my post on 0083 and Macross Plus.

  2. 2 sadakups March 23, 2009 at 4:27 am

    Bland anime season. I have my eyes on Valkyria Chronicles for now. I’ve seen the game (never played it), and I think it’s that interesting enough. Having no knowledge on the game itself will not affect my viewing as to whether it’s faithful to the game or not.

    Unless my guilty pleasure of seeing anime high school girls starts getting to me again… I’ll watch other titles that have them in it, no matter the premise.

  3. 3 Avisch March 23, 2009 at 4:59 am

    Asura Cryin – Simple show
    Eden of the East – Crazy show.
    Phantom – don’t get me worng. I am very much with your feelings on Beetrain. But I love Nitro+ and I love the character designs.
    Tayutama – might watch it. Itou Shizuka ❤
    Pandora Hearts – gothic stuff is cool. Manga is pretty fun.
    Saki – LOVED the music in the trailer. Mahjong is fun to watch (I also watched Akagi).
    Valkyria – Action show. Need to play the game.

  4. 4 Touka March 26, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    “I am honestly not sure if the person in the middle is actually a girl, and what is Graham Acre doing in the bottom left corner?”

    I lol’d. Kaioshin, did you watch Gundam 00 S2’s episode 8 one too many times?

  5. 5 Q March 26, 2009 at 11:25 pm

    FMA, and maybe Valkyria Chronicles too as I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

    As for the manga cover for Souten Kouro, I’ve just noticed that the manga artists are not Japanese; the names are Chinese o_O

  6. 6 Proto March 27, 2009 at 3:02 am

    Sheesh, no one can just watch something that KyoAni makes without squeaking like a fangirl or calling it overrated. I mean, of the four of you the only one who didn’t mention KyoAni in the first line was Death(ie), and I’m not sure whether that’s commendable. I guess it’s no longer possible to enjoy their series for what they are, whether you are on one side of the fence or the other.

    Aw well.. such is life. That aside, if you excuse me I’ll go and squeaking like a fangirl in anticipation for this.

  7. 7 Kaioshin Sama March 27, 2009 at 4:00 am

    @Touka: Honestly the whole lulz factor of episode 08 just washed right over me. I really didn’t even think to blink during it. I guess one really has to be into the whole yuri/yaoi/genderbending thing for it to be worth a doubletake.

    @Proto: Regrettably I think you might be right. Along with Sunrise I think they are one of the most dividing studios out there right now when it comes to the love/hate they inspire in anime fans just by being behind a project. People seem to know where they stand before the shows even out.

  8. 8 deathkillz March 27, 2009 at 6:17 am

    I’m not disagreeing with Proto since stuff like these happens and it is just the reputation some companies have built up for themselves that warrant so much attention. And I usually root for the underdog anyway so there is a degree of bias in that (but there is still a degree of truth in it).

  9. 9 Duo Maxwell March 27, 2009 at 5:23 pm

    When one show/company got too much love, they will get the same amount of hate. Before, I always think the fanboy is kinda stupid, but lately even the anti-fanboy isn’t any better, or should I say, worse.

    This season is getting better. Lot of anime that I will follow.
    As other 3 has said, you should take a look at Pandora Hearts, a shonen that has a very dark atmosphere and the plot moving faster than the fight.
    And Saki, with adaption game. Sounds like a busy season for me :D.

  10. 10 zzeroparticle March 27, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    And I’ll be following Guin Saga, not because of the ultraviolence (though if the story is good on par with say… Claymore or Shigurui, I think I’ll be fine), but because of the legendary Nobuo Uematsu behind the music. The remaining shows will be followed for the usual reasons (ie plot, characters, and atmosphere).

  11. 11 Westlo March 28, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    VC could have been done on Ps2… that’s comple… oh I get it, it’s a joke lol, my bad, I thought you were like the guys who think Street Fighter IV could be done on the Wii lol.

  12. 12 Skyfall March 28, 2009 at 6:13 pm


    You do realize that, going by your last line, your post applies to yourself as well 😉

    That aside, i don’t believe i mentioned it being KyoANi having an effect on my liking of the show. I merely made a comment that it should warrant an immediate degree of attention because of the company producing it, and i believe you will find it hard to argue against such claim, whether you like the fact or not. Personally ? I will admit i am rather fond of KyoAni on general, but neither am i going to praise something just because it is done by them. I hold a good opinion of the studio because of the shows they have made, not the other way around.

    K-on, as it stands, simply doesn’t have a theme that would interest me, thus i am not going to follow it, regardless of the fact it is being made by a studio i like. Does this somehow forbid me from mentioning said studio in my thoughts concerning the show ? I most certainly don’t think so, nor am i going to care if someone has a problem with the name being mentioned for some weird reason.

  13. 13 Kaioshin Sama March 28, 2009 at 7:14 pm

    @Westlo: VC could not be done on the PS2 without some areas taking a serious hit. An Xbox360 port however would be nice if SEGA wants to explore other options.

    @Skyfall: I think you could substitute warrant for qualify. It qualifies for immediate attention. Anyway, like I said last night I see it as the type of series to start fights with it’s opening episode. It runs to directly through the heart of what is most controversial about Kyoani for it not to.

  14. 14 Skyfall March 28, 2009 at 7:40 pm

    @ Kaio

    Yes, that is what i meant to say. I realize “warrants” carries a bit of a string attached, but i honestly simply didn’t think of that when typing 🙂 So, yes – what i am trying to say is that indeed, the series will get attention, and being KyoANi definitely plays a good part in it, be said attention warranted or not going by ones opinion. And indeed, first episode is likely going to be met by various opinions – i am not standing on either side (i don’t even intend to watch, really), just saying the quantity (and intensity) of said opinions is likely not going to be lacking.

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