Gone fishin’ (for about three weeks)

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Awwwww Toeto, why so sad ;_____;

But I guess that there is a positive and negative side to going on a three week holiday for an anime addict like me, especially when you are going to a place (HK for anyone interested in knowing) where you know that you won’t be getting an internet connection. The obvious downside to a relaxing trip is that to a “hardcore” fan like me, I will have a hell a lot of series to catch up with after coming back and missing out on the first three weeks of the new season is kind of painful. But a trip is a trip nonetheless and I will be enjoying the fact that I will be out of the same old, boring piece of land for a few weeks (not to mention the prospects of better food and merchandise I will be able to get over there) while the thoughts of impending doom of needing to catch up and exams after coming back are pushed right to the back of my head. I will try to complete the entries for Tales of the Abyss and White Album on the odd chance that I do get a connection, but anything else that is new to come will have to wait. And so, I leave the job doing episodic entires to my other minions *rolleyes* while I say “cya later” to the readers 😉

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There you go, all cheered up ❤


1 Response to “Gone fishin’ (for about three weeks)”

  1. 1 Elen April 5, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    I also like your toeto’s pic, she looks so sad.
    Can I take this pic for making my BG blog? pls, give me answer.
    thx ^w^

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