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SD Gundam G Generation G Wars On The Horizon


I can’t believe I missed this, but then again it doesn’t exactly seem like it’s been all that heavily promoted either.  I had often wondered why exactly SD Gundam G Generation Spirits which came out last year was U.C only and seemed so unpolished, while it’s predecessor SD Gundam G Generation F had every show and side story up to Turn A when it came out.  Now I know, and really I’m not surprised that it was another one of Bandai’s bait and switch marketing ploys.  Release a game that is really a neutered and watered down version of a game that you plan to release in the future and rush it out the door without really bothering to fine tune or balance the systems.

I so desperately want to express my disdain for this tactic right now, but I suppose I should just be psyched that a proper version of this generation of the SD Gundam G Generation series actually exists, and that it’s set to have so much stuff in it. Continue reading ‘SD Gundam G Generation G Wars On The Horizon’


Saki First Impression (w/ comparsion to K-On)


Why do I like this girl so much?  Wait…right it’s the Rie Kugimiya factor…it must be!

I don’t get it, if Kyoani is supposed to be inherently prone to bringing out masterpieces and Gonzo is supposed to be inherently prone to bringing out utter failures, then why is Saki’s opening episode so much more enjoyable than K-On’s opening episode?  Granted they both leave a lot to be desired in terms of character development in their openers, as K-On opens cold with little character development and a girl joining a light music club full of other girls, and Saki opens cold with little character development and a girl joing a mahjong club primarily full of other girls, but it seems like Saki hits upon it’s actual premise in Mahjong far more than K-On hits upon it’s premise in light music. Continue reading ‘Saki First Impression (w/ comparsion to K-On)’

Upon Further Review And With Much Request

It has been asked of me multiple times that I do a final analysis of Gundam 00 Second Season, and previously I have denied this request and said that there was not going to be a final review from me.  However, after reading some of the reviews out there (specifically this) and feeling myself that the current fair as far as final Gundam 00 impressions and reviews go is lacking and doesn’t really attempt to scratch the surface of the show, I have decided to bite the bullet and do a full write up and final analysis of Gundam 00 Second Season.  Please stay tuned as this is going to take some time.

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