K-On Episode 4 (Attempting To Prove A Theory)

Previously I had theorized that K-On was entirely watchable while half concious, thus tonight I attempted to prove it while watching episode 04 while totally hammered.  Here’s how my major reactions all went down:


Teeheeheehee Teeheeheehee it’s meat in the fridge. It’s liek Oh Ma God!  Why does it sparkle though….. O_0


Clearly eating all of that cake and bags of potato chips hasn’t at all impacted the girls figures.  Lol….in fact, this being the K-On universe, I’m willing to bet it has significantly boosted their proficiency at playing instruments.


Whoa…..It’s like Nazca Plains Yui or something…..intense……




Seriously no, this is anime, all grrls are drawn to ideal perfection in terms of body structure, ya’ll need to stop mixing dialogue with clearly contridactory visuals already :/


Seriously?  Aw well, barring the dialogue that amounts to stating the obvious, “as expected of Kyoani” (TM), it’s the rainbow coloured background/sparkly grrl sequence that often makes an appearance in their anime adaptations.  Hooray for trends….I suppose….


More sparkly (^-^)  I guess this solidifies my theory that no amount of improvement in terms of prowess with musical instruments can’t be portrayed in K-On as sudden and undefinable.  Seemingly as a standard no less.


Reference to significantly superior music based comedy Detroit Metal City #2.  It’s like at the point in Lucky Star where Kyoani realized that they needed a otaku-centric popularity boost that couldn’t be provided by the concept at hand, so they proceeded to insert Haruhi after Haruhi reference into the series.  “As expected of Kyoani!!!!!!!!!!” (TM) For those of you who are DMC fans, I would expect a significant upswing in DMC references in the near future.  GO TO DMC K-ON! GO TO DMC!




Of course it’s perfect, this is K-On, where prancing around in bikinis can help you offscreen your improvement in Guitar playing….somehow….


Hahahaha…a play on words….too bad you’ve already done that bit with Yui before there Ritsu


Hmmm…yes…music….that’s totally what this episode is about….and in fact exactly what I’m thinking about right now…….the alcohol….it does nothing for sarcasm. *tears*


Okay that’s a lie on three seperate but inseperable levels there Yui.  First they are girls, but I suppose that can be chalked up to translation quirks so let’s make it two levels then.  Second (first) if we are to assume “playing with you guys” means simply playing an instrument around them, then that would actually refer to the first episode, not this one.  Third (sigh…second),  if “playing with you guys” refers to playing as a band with the K-On club, then I’m afraid Yui must have been dreaming as she still hasn’t actually done any such thing onscreen as of this episode.


Yes, Kudos to Mio for realizing the true nature of the K-On world, wherein giving the girls an opportunity to engage in new moe antic experiences translates into improvement in musical skills.  I think I might finally be starting to understand what everyone else sees in Mio.  Clearly she is a genius in seeing the forest for the trees.

Conclusion:  Your standard beach episode.  I mean come on, of course Mugi has a villa, she’s the rich girl (TM), why do the girls even need to ask?  As for the episode, par for the course really.  Hmmm….. so okay, well it seems that the alcohol doesn’t improvement my enjoyment of the series over what it would be while sober….in fact it probably brings out the sarcasm, the bitterness and the brutal honesty a little more than usual.  However, I think I have definitely proven my theory that K-On is indeed watchable while half concious on the same level as it is while at my 100% level of cognitive awareness.

6 Responses to “K-On Episode 4 (Attempting To Prove A Theory)”

  1. 1 lelangir April 24, 2009 at 7:23 pm

    Yui instantly becoming good at guitar is unbelievable, a bit frustrating even, since they’re compromising the music for the moe. I like balance, not compromise. This episode failed – it consisted entirely of me getting mad at everyone for being shitty band mates.

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama April 24, 2009 at 8:03 pm

    @lelangir: I figured you as a serious music buff would be fairly outraged by the way Yui’s musical prowess was portrayed in this episode and I totally understand and agree with the sentiment.

    For me it’s a bit different though since I noticed something that makes it a little more tolerable. This is mostly because I called it when I realized last episode with Yui’s 12 to 100 overnight improvement (sans any scenes that show intense studying) that in the K-On universe you can have instant improvement whenever the narrative needs it by just engaging in moe antics and eating cake, at which point it will come naturally…..somehow.

    The K-On universe is one where they don’t even need a montage, because there is no need to show slow improvment with the passage of time……because there is no real passage of time and improvement is instantaneous rather than slow, like playing a Dragon Quest game where killing your first Slime immediately takes you from Level 1 to Level 100. I actually came up with a flow chart to try and rationalize the way that improvement comes in the K-On universe:

    Novice Ability
    Eat Cake and Hang Out
    Moe Antics
    Vague hint that there’s some practice going on
    Master Ability

    This was for episode 3, but it applies to episode 4 as well. So what can I say, it might sound like I am trying to legitimize K-On’s way of showing musical skill improvement, but I know that it’s clearly BS, rushed development (I’m not even sure there was any dialogue to hint that Yui was some sort of natural talent either) and nothing at all like real life for being a slice of life series (but then again when are they anything like real life anymore), but I can at least say for K-On’s sake that up until now it’s been consistent in how it portrays improvement. If that’s how it chooses to showcase things then so be it.

  3. 3 Meery April 25, 2009 at 6:05 am

    “I think I might finally be starting to understand what everyone else sees in Mio.”

    Moe-powah! Slowly but surely, slowly but surely…

  4. 4 Frowny January 11, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    well in a few various parts of separate episodes, Ui said things like, ever since she got the guitar she practiced every single day, and if you practice every single day, while also being somewhat of a natural, as they also implied, it’s not overly unbelievable that Yui got good, it is unbelievable that they play well together though, since they dont practice alot as a group

  5. 5 John August 26, 2015 at 1:51 am

    info yang sangat menarik, sepertinya harus dicoba 🙂 , Aerilyn

  6. 6 RTX September 27, 2021 at 4:04 am

    Drunken rants do you no credit, and you have no cognitive processes to speak of whatsoever. Maybe you want to take a learn how to write and take a leaf from this blogger (who’s superior to you in every way).

    @lelangir: Go and read the blogger I linked to if you want to see someone who actually knows what they’re doing.

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