Revival from the land of the rising sun

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Waiiii, banzaiiii!

So I am finally back from my holiday (well, I have been back for the past few days already but as expected there was a lot to catch up on not to mention still feeling a bit jet lagged) and I can honestly say that the title for this entry isn’t a mistake with utter delight.

In a weird twist of fate I actually landed onto the sacred land that is Japan apart from Hong Kong which turned out to be a holiday within a holiday, as my cousin puts it and so I got to experience the joy of what it would be like to roam amongst people with similar minds on the legendary place that is Akihabara.

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Obligatory photographic proof

The reason for this happening actually came as quite..I mean an EXTREMELY pleasant surprise to me as when you get to my age you would normally think that your parents can no longer do anything to surprise you anymore and that you can read them like a book which added to the joy of finding out the whole trip to Japan was such a closely kept surprise. It turned out that my mum wanted to celebrate the 18th birthday which I didn’t have in the previous year due to exams with something as big as this and right now I have got to say a big THANKS to her since this whole trip couldn’t have happened without her idea (and my dad for covering up the expenses :p).

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No where else in the world where you can see anime boards decorating building walls, well not in the UK anyway

And so here I was, being told that I was going to go to the place of my dreams whilst in Hong Kong and then a few days later we flew to Tokyo where I possibly have spent the best 5 days of my life in and for me, Japan turned out to be a place which is more than what I thought it would be. Honestly I think it is hard to compare the people of that country with those of this one in terms of a lot of things, one which stood out most to me during the trip was the quality of service which the Japanese people have and is absent here. It isn’t hard to see why so much respect is shown towards the country most of the times but then again I would imagine that such a working attitude would give the people a lot of stress which comes to understanding how there is a higher frequency of psychos since extreme stress can cause people to snap in a scary way. But seriously when it comes to giving out free smiles, the Japanese probably do it the best.

Eating is also something that cannot be done without when you are on holiday and when you are in Japan there are certain things that are a must to try out, like:

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Sashimi or,

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The holiday also brought us some breath-taking scenery whether it was just driving through the crowded cities of Chiba or around the more urban areas around Mount Fuji, speaking of which was one of the highlights I’ve had from the countless ones on this holiday as the mountain was just perfect on the day.

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Now that is what I call a Mountain, simply breath-taking

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The iconic sakura trees, beautiful

So all in all it turned out to be the best holiday I’ve ever had and since this was the first time I’ve been to Japan, I didn’t exactly held back from buying your typical otaku goods especially when it was simply overwhelming going into any one of the shopping complexes in Akihabara. I’ll make an entry later to display some of the “loot” I’ve acquired from my sacred journey as well as finishing off entries for the series I’ve left hanging…White Album and Tales of the Abyss namely. But after such a long holiday I have got a lot to catch up on with the current series so expect the releases to be rather slow ^^’


6 Responses to “Revival from the land of the rising sun”

  1. 1 sadakups April 24, 2009 at 11:42 pm

    You just made a lot of anime enthusiasts green with envy with this article. 😛

    I’ll probably wet myself if I’m in those places.

  2. 2 deathkillz April 25, 2009 at 8:25 am

    Oh, I did have my fair share of heart attacks from touchdown to setting foot onto Akihabara station…it was like a dream since the place was only seen in anime like Genshiken ^^’

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama April 25, 2009 at 8:35 am

    I hope you made the necessary pilgrimage to that giant 1/1 scale Gundam statue they are building.

  4. 4 sadakups April 25, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    Oh, I’d probably faint if I see that IRL.

  5. 5 Q April 27, 2009 at 1:38 am

    lol getting UK to look like that is like getting it to do another industrial revolution out of the blue, but crazier…

    Btw that’s an amazing clear and crisp photo of Mount of Fuji you’ve taken there 😮

  6. 6 deathkillz April 27, 2009 at 8:21 am

    @ Kaio…sorry, I didn’t :/
    Finding it would probably be a challange in itself.

    @ Q, if only all the hidden otakus would take that movement in the UK *rolleyes*

    And seriously, I don’t think I could have seen Mt Fuji any more beautiful than I did that day, and luckily we managed to take pictures of it with a perfect reflection before the waves begun hitting (which was about 10 minutes after reaching there).

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