Gundam 00 Final Analysis (An Announcement)

After just having WordPress eat my draft for the second part in it’s near entirety I have decided to call it a day on this endeavour.  It’s already taken a long time to write up even the first part and now to have to rewrite the second part is just too much of a time sucker to deal with for a number of reasons.  First I could honestly say that I am satisfied with where I am now, having covered the basic plot points in the character section already such that everything I’ve written for this one feels redundant already.  Second, I truthfully don’t have much to say about the other sections other then that I was immensely satisfied with the music and animation and how both always seemed to come together to fit the mood of a given scene very nicely.  As for the mecha design, I’ve appreciated since the first episode of season 1 how it took the Gundam aesthetic, but made the designs uniquely Anno Domini, forging a comfortable middle ground between the classical Mobile Suit design of previous series and those of Syd Mead in Turn A Gundam.  Finally and with all of this said I think it’s time I moved on from this series and these reflections on it so that I can actually have some time to enjoy myself watching the anime that are out this season as well as for the purpose of finishing the huge backlog of anime and games I have going, which I haven’t been able to do so far.  Then I can also get back to writing articles again that don’t just have too do with Gundam 00. 

I’ll possibly get this second part out at some point down the road, but not for a while.  I don’t want to make myself sick of Gundam by the time Unicorn roles around after all.  In the mean time if you are looking for a good summing up of the series, I’ve found it as I was writing these bits up over the past couple of months in Gundamn@MAHQ’s in-depth podcast discussion on Gundam 00.  If mine has spanned a month then there’s has spanned at least a year, and you get a vocal appreciation and constructive criticism of the show that typed prose simply cannot compete with and that is also on a level of fairness I think anyone can appreciate.  It basically renders my goal here in providing in depth analysis all the more obsolete and redundant, especially since we share much the same views on just about everything that goes on in the story, with the sole exception that they had more of a positive reaction to the Gaga Squad then I did.

We will soon return to your regularly scheduled blogging, but for now I’ll answer any questions about the series anyone might have.


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  1. 1 KiteP November 12, 2009 at 12:01 am


    I’ve read through your analysis for S2, and although I would categorise myself as one who feels a little disappointed with Gundam 00, especially S2, I do see your point very well.

    One of the main gripes with S2 for me is the mecha. Don’t get me wrong, personally I love Arios’s design, and all of the other CB gundams look sophisticated and different from SEED’s designs, but I think 00 raiser is the least well-designed out of them. 00 itself is fine, but the idea of slapping a jet-fighter onto the back of a gundam seems sloppy. I know the 0raiser serves a practical function, but at times 00 raiser does look unseemingly with half of a fighter jutting out of its back. And there’s the Raiser Sword, which is fairly unrealistic and seems like a ‘deus ex machina’ for 00 to get rid of battleships quick.

    The Innovators’ suits are also very unique, and I quite like them as well, especially the Gadessa. But I think the gundam series needs to move away from the need to include a giant mobile suit in a series, and the tendency to have a slightly neurotic female pilot for the suit, eg Louise and Regnant, and Stella and Destroy.

    Another feeling i get with S2 is that it’s almost like an adevertising campaign for Bandai to sell their gunpla. I mean, Mr Bushido gets three different suits in S2(ahead, masurao and the susanowo). The Susanowo didn’t even get much screen time. The same thing goes for Reborns Gundam; it only comes out at the last 2 episodes, and is ditched halfway through the last for the 0 gundam.

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