Summer series 2009 Preview ~ Hope no seagulls are crying

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With the Spring season ending in a blink of an eye, we are once again back in the summer period and thus brings us a new batch of series to watch. Surprisingly, compared to last year there isn’t that many titles coming out this season (which is a blessing to some…*points to self) with 18 titles being covered in this preview. As usual laziness gets the better of me and the source for the pictures are taken from THAT Blog where you get more information on the series. Without further ado lets start things off with the first of this season’s titles…

All right so it’s like this.  Every season new shows come out and every season somebody goes all, “Blarg, this whole season sucks and there’s nothing worth watching”.  K, what you gotta do is look harder, cause last season looked pretty meh at first and everybody did the thing, but then like I found 6 new series right out of that season too watch.  That’s like better than average or something.  You be asking yourself why I’m talking like this, and truth is I don’t know, just sorta came out.  Anyway, this seasons a little shorter than average when it comes to the list of new shows, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something worth finding.

Element Hunters

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Kaio: Eh….don’t go taking my colour there Deathie, I’m the red one.  Anyway this one has kids show written all over it and looking at the staff a lot of them have barely or never worked on an anime before.  The premise sounds a little bit generic in dealing with elements and having to return them to a proper place, but then again Nanoha sounded generic with a similar premise and ended up turning into a massive hit so it is possible to make something of a simplistic premise.  You know what gets me about this poster though?  If you guessed the girl in the bottom right then you are in fact correct.  Geez that outfit is tight and she looks so loli.  I’m going to hate myself for saying this, but that alone warrants me giving this at least one episode.

Deathie: Yea…I forgot. Anyway reading about it, this is clearly not the type of series that is aimed at people like me. But that is exactly what makes it interesting to check out and all the more reason to if it isn’t something that looks like it is aimed at elementary school kids (which some are checking the previous season). I think it is worth giving this a try and it may be a nice surprise that brings in some variety into the anime diet.

Sky: For me personally the upcoming season looks somewhat unimpressive overall, and this show is unlikely going to change that opinion. Granted, it is a kids show, so it might be harmlessly entraining to accompany a boring evening once in a while, but i am not holding my breath here. Never the less, as long as it doesn’t try to be too pretentious there should be little harm done in giving this a try.

Klash: Not my cup of tea. I seriously don’t have much time regarding this kind of show, and the fact the premises are pretty generic doesn’t help in that regard. Unless very (pleasantly) surprising, I guess I won’t check this show at all.


Cobra the Animation -Rokunin no Yuushi-

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Kaio:  A definite look for me no questions asked.  I’ve never seen the original, but now I have no excuse not to check this one out.  Not that I’m at any loss for gar with Shin Mazinger still running and not that I really know much about Cobra, but every time a sequel or remake of a classic 80’s series crops up I am obligated to watch it in order to further my knowledge of anime history.  Anyway the premise seems to be that this awesome space pirate decides he wants to lead a normal life all of a sudden and changes his identity in order to go undercover as a civilian.  However soon he finds himself drawn back into his former life and onto a new adventure.  If you ask me the concept sounds a lot like You No Mess With The Zohan, but we’ll see.

Deathie: Didn’t watch the first one and won’t be doing so now. This is a series way out of the court for me.

Sky: Same as the yaro above me – never watched the first one, and not feeling the slightest urge to do so. On that note, i remember watching some LA show on TV with same time a loooong time ago …yea …

Klash: I’m absolutely not in the “retro” trend. Pretty much like my 2 comrades here, I won’t bother with this.


Princess Lover!

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Kaio:   Oh christ here we go….I mean….yeah…..I mean…..Deathie….help……

Deathie: Err…well not much comment for me other than this being the typical series to add onto my watch list for better or worse. Well no surprises here that the cast is being voiced by a lot of relatively green seiyuus for such a mediocre type story.

Sky: Going by “innocent until proven otherwise”, as a romance fan i am going to give this one  ago. The premise and the title are not giving me many expectations and we likely have the fanservicy romance/comedy (that is more of a comedy than romance) of the season on our hands here, but we shall see.

Klash: Generic? Check. High school? Check. Harem potential? definitely. Fanservice? Not really hard to guess, captain obvious. Unless it is proved to be enjoyable (as in, in entertainement) instead being overly dependant of the skin exposure and bust size, I will pass.



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Kaio:  Pfft….hffff, the premise for some reason sounds hilarious to me as it’s described on ANN.  “The story centers on Kana Nakamichi, a middle-school girl who had already lost her parents and just recently lost her only remaining relative, her grandmother. As a result, she ends up living and working at a newspaper delivery office. Everyone else living at the office are all charming, self-assertive bishōjo.”  I just can’t help but now picture a newspaper entirely run by Tsundere’s and what it might look like and yes there is a Rie Kugimiya appearance so there you go.  I don’t know what else to make of it, sorry.

Deathie: This looks like it will be Slice of Life genre with a veteran cast of voices. The danger here is that this would become the typical boring series that tries to be deep in a slow and “growing” manner…unfortunately I don’t do well with such a trick and the end result is that it just bores me. Design wise it reminds me of Hyakko and damn did I like that series. So here I say; surprise me.

Sky: Sounds like a moe-overload slice of life show, one which we tend to get every season as well. These are generally hit or miss with me, but as i do end up liking a number of them, this goes to watchlist. The seyuu cast is nothing to complain about, and the premise immediately made me recall Binbo Shimai Monogatari, and since i enjoyed said show (suggary sweet as it was) about the poor sisters, i say bring it on. If you dislike funny girls doing funny stuff, this is likely jnot going to be for tyou though from the looks of it.

Klash: Humm… a slice of life. Why no actually? Of course the premises don’t say much, but it might be interesting, depending of how they portray the interactions between the girls. That being said, I’m rather cautious regarding the art style from this image: whacky face potential? who knows.


Sora no Manimani

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Kaio:  Freaking black colour *swaps*….sigh….anyway, it’s a slice of life anime about people that get involved in a club where slapstick comedy ensues.  *Horrible Flashback ensues*  No no no no no, sorry after that last one I am just not up for it.  Besides I don’t even like slapstick comedy.  Maybe Klash’ll be more interested in this one.  Regardless of my views if there’s anything I predict becoming the seasonal hit with today’s anime audiences it’s this or GA.  You heard me forecast it here.

Deathie: Comedy romance eh? Now when was the last time we’ve had one of those. Well I’m not sure if Natsu no Arashi qualifies for it but I guess that is the closest thing since recent memories. Anyway the designs look “meh” to me but it wouldn’t hurt giving it a try. Well I intend to watch everything that interests me once anyway.

Sky: A romance comedy … and the first question that always comes with the genre: what are the chances we are going to get an actually conclusive ending ? In this case i am not sure what our chances are, but as a romance fan i am willing to find out. The premise doesn’t sound anything awfully new, but then again i guess an astronomy club focus might not be too bad, so this should be a fairly OK watch so longas they keep the interactiosn quirky enough.

Klash: The design is nothing to write home about: rather bland I would say. That said, you can’t exactly judge a book with its cover alone… If that series proves to be enjoyable in term of jabs and punch lines, I would be happy to have my comedy fix… Well as usual, it depends a lot of how dense the main protagonist and how far the comedy is relying too much on lame follows and the like.


Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou

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Kaio:  I just already envision Deathie slobbering over these girls.  Sure does look easy on the eyes, but I have a corollary for when this happens, and that is that, “The more eyecatching a promotional poster looks the less good the actual show ends up looking”.  Anyway this one is about magical girls (the main of which is kind of loli) and I like magical girls somehow so I’ll be checking this one out and to see if yet again I am right about a theory.  It also has Haruka Tomatoes in it so that’ll probably be interesting as she’s always enjoyable.

Deathie: You judge me wrongly as I don’t see any slobber. With all the binary numbers floating about I was beginning to think that this might do something that a certain magical index failed to do so; be entertaining. But aye, the bishoujo vibes run deep within this one but usually the story is compensated when that happens. Not expecting anything incase this turns out to be a predicted downer.

Sky: The poster looks nice (and here’s hoping it isn’t missleading), and the premise sounds rather entertaining, so it is a definite thing to check out, especially considering the seeming lack of such series in the lineup. The females being easy on the eyes certainly doesn’t hurt any, so i am having some hopes riding with this one – please don’t turn out to be the next Index!

Klash: Hohou… modern magician setup? Well just like what Desy and Sky said, if that series turns into a Index MKII, it won’t be pretty. So far however, the design is really appealing without much fanservice expsure (yet). The absence of a male lead might also prevent lame situations (aka more fanservice). One of the few series that might be interesting should they pass the usual “1-5 episodes” trial.


Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

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Kaio:  This is the one everybody is talking about as if to guarantee that it will be the summer smash.  While that might not actually end up being the case, it is Bones and even their weaker shows often end up being quite worth the watch and I doubt this one will be an exception.  This one also happens to sound immensely interesting since it presents a very real and always concerning threat to the people of Tokyo, and that is the earthquake.  The concept here is that scientists believe a magnitude 7.0 Earthquake is likely to strike Tokyo within the next 30 years.  This series is going to show an 8.0 and what happens after with all of the relief effort and events with survivors and rescue workers etc and Bones will be conducting real life research and interviews with earthquake survivors to put this together, which hopefully means it will be both accurate and meaningful in the long run.   I also fully expect this one to have Bones usual stock of interesting character with complex and equally interesting relationships with other characters so actually my standards are pretty high for this one now that I think about it.  It also has not only abingdon boys school doing the intro (I loved their work with Darker Than Black) but Kou Otani (Gundam Wing) doing the background music.  Very psyched for this.

Deathie: Well the higher they go up, the harder they come crashing back down again. Sure this looks and sounds unique but so was Eden of the East of last season and that certainly wasn’t a series I grew fond of simply because the whole story didn’t really “click”. But this does look interesting as a scenario, I am worried about the actual content or, dare I say, plot. If it ends up being a girl and her travels then…erm…wait a minute, wasn’t that in the summary…

Sky: Well now, this is certainly a show i am looking towards to. For once the premise doesn’t sound like anything i would have seen in anime before, and is serious enough for me to expect a good story with Bones commaning the parade. So with a good premise, good company behind it, and ignoring the flashbacks that i used to think same of Eden, i am welcoming this title with open arms – looking to be a possible gem in an otherwise dull season.

Klash: Now that’s what we can call original for the season! With BONES behind the production of this show, there will be probably some expectations fulfilled here. The premise is indeed nothing that common and it is certainly filling a whole category of genre compared to the rest of the generic series we usually have. However, originality isn’t synonym of “certain hit” considering Higashi no Eden (yes, pretty much like desy and sky, I wasn’t impressed at all by this series…).


Aoi Hana

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Kaio:  Wow!  Coming of age AND Yuri.  No I’m sorry, I can’t really even pretend to feign interest in this one.  Deathie, salvage please.

Deathie: This has JC STAFF written all over it and damn, I hate it when I’m right. Actually they did do a “romance” series right in the form of Hatsukoi Limited but that was obviously because it was a full moon and that they have had more popular flops that I can shake a stick at it (when it comes to overbloated romance titles). With this I would probably be screaming for mercy but duty calls and it is in the trial bin.

Sky: Yuri. End of story.

Klash: JC Staff + Yuri: do you wish to die early? I certainly don’t. Definitely pass this thing.



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Kaio:  I think I mentioned to Deathie how alluring this picture was.  What was it I said…”Nice clothes” or something like that.  I actually went and looked this one up and the whole manga series looks to be drawn to be as stylish and eyecatching as possible.  As Deathie put it, “it’s filled with Bishoujo’s, I likes”.  Well I don’t know if I likes, but I definitely want to check it out.  Plus it’s by Madhouse who generally has a budget and is good at bringing the style of any given series over to the anime front so I’m not terribly worried that my corollary will carry through.  Now if only there were more manga chapters scanlated so that I could get a proper samply of this.

Deathie: I likes and I drools. The one main reason why I likes so much is that the style of it reminds me of those fighting korean manhwas which have been what I have been getting into for the past few months. Their style are different from the usual and actually, their stories itself aren’t half bad at all. Sadly this image is mainly a lie and things won’t be quite the same in the anime (look at ANN). Damnit, this was exactly what they did for Kurokami only that this manga isn’t korean. But nonetheless I am extremely interested at the plotline and will be hoping for the best.

Sky: Somehow the art style reminds mof Gurren Lagan here ^^’ At any rate, testosterone boiling story of the season you want, testosterone fighting anime of the season you get. Either way, this will likely turn out awesome, or the new and improved storyline will make you cry tears of resentmen. It has been a while since a good shounen action show though, so maybe this will be it.

Klash: Humm… why not, actually? Another gag comedy potential? Well as long as the series doesn’t try to take itself too seriously, I won’t mind so!


Umineko no Naku Koro ni

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Kaio:  This one has been announced for a long time and I somehow can’t believe it’s finally airing.  I absolutely loved Higurashi and liked what I helped proofread of Umineko’s visual novel script.  Remember those old murder mystery TV shows like Murder She Wrote that your grandmother was probably into (at least I know mine was), well from what I read of this it’s supposed to be something like that, only more to the killer on the loose on an isolate island scenario and with a supernatural twist and witches.  I’d call it a slasher flick, but then I would have to say that the characters were dull and uninteresting targets with a “kill me sign” on them and that certainly does not appear to be the case at all.  The story is layered and the characters bring their own personal family troubles with them to the island before any of the mayhem starts.  Klash will certainly know a lot more about it all then I could ever tell people, but the concept is fascinating, the characters are interesting and I will definitely be checking this one out in it’s animated form.

Deathie: And having the man behind the translating team for this game allow me to say: HOLY HECK KIIIIIIITTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAAAA!

Naturally, Klash doesn’t just head the witch hunt team, he has also been going around making people play this game and honestly, I am glad that he did the same thing to me as I have officially become a mindless addict to the stuff. It is simply the best Visual Novel I have ever played and this anime has a lot to live up to. Sadly with battler looking like a magical shoujo and George going on slim fast, I have already noticed faults. Nonetheless, what is a mindless fan if I don’t gobble everything related to this?And you can damn well be sure who is going to be keeping a track of this.

Sky: In a word – Hell Yes! A very much anticipated adaption of the very much appreciated visual novel, following in the footsteps of Higurashi, Umineko is a title not to miss this season. After having played the visual novel (courtesy of the taskmaster Klash), the story is indeed a treat both to ears with some great musical scores, and to mind, with some epic clash of wits in a battle of supernatural VS logic, coated in the shell of a murder mystery. The game is , to bluntly put, simple awesome, so towards the anime we march! … is what i would like to say, but after having seen the first episode that aired already, i am sorely (means i am ready to cry and slaughter puppies) disapointed – it was , simply put, one of the worst anime episodes i have seen in a good while, with horrid production values and pacing. Bleh … will see where this goes, but start is less than promising.

Klash:  Fufufufu… KEIKAKU DORII!
*cough, hides his whip*. Well well well… well. One of the most expected anime adaptation is about to be available, and I can’t exactly say if I’m dead afraid of the result or super excited about it.
Right now, after watching the first episode, I’m however more inclined to the “disappointed” spectrum: as you will read in my first article, the pilot episode has a lot of things left to be desired. That being said, if the anime series manages to keep the essence of its awesome original material, the ride might redeem itself over time.

As much as I love the series, I really cannot forgive anything silly DEEN has done in few instances, but that certainly doesn’t mean they have to be textbook regarding how faithful they should be with the VN anyway… Ah well.


Spice and Wolf 2

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Kaio:  It’s kind of sad that I got stuck about halfway through this shows first season, but no more excuses now, I really oughta finish this as the concept is pretty fresh.  Nothing like a good period series to get your mind off of the troubles of the modern world.  Some people prefer moe series, I’m looking for something more like Spice and Wolf.

Deathie: Spicy wolf is back to give you all important economical advice for such toubling times. Well I personally I’m not much of a fan of the series but it does do well in being a nice, relaxing, normal watch from the usual drama of other series. Ahh.

Sky: More medieval economics along with the wolf goddess Horo, here we come! And here i go along with it – the first season was throughly enjoyable and Horo proved to be a very likable and rather unique female lead, so i am always up for more of that, along with the pair’s travels and mishaps through the land. A rather unique series in all aspects, more than worthy of the time spent watching it.

Klash: As much as I liked Horo and the interactions with lawrence, I must say that the first season didn’t completely captivate me as the pacing was often disrupted by an overdose of medieval economic. This is actually detrimental to the series because it becomes bipolar: “all about horo” then switches with “ZzzzZZzzZZ market management”. As far as we can’t exactly expect that much of “action” in Ookami, I just hope the pacing would be less relaxed here.
Will certainly check this series anyway.



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Kaio:  Vampire stuff with Hiroshi Kamiya following up on Tieria Erde by playing what looks like another manly man.  It’s by Shaft…..sigh….canyoudigit, and looks to be the supernatural series of the season with the main character Koyomi running into a new heroine every week and helping them solve a problem with a particular supernatural element, like for example ghost crabs and monkey’s paws.  Unfortunately I can’t say I’m really interested yet, but if I hear good things I may give it a shot.

Deathie: Well rather than being fanboy for SHAFT productions (TM) I am genuinely interested in the story. For some reason the style gives me a “darker than black” vibe and overall impressions is rather positive. This may be another gem to hit this season…and if not you will still have people jumping through hoops because it is SHAFT…

Sky: While Desy might be a SHAFT lover (damn him), i don’t harbour all that much love for the studio, and to to find their controversial approach towards stylized effects obstructive just as many times as they actually help to bring a point across. Never the less, darker stories tend to be hard to come along, much less decent ones, so one must always be on the lookout for more. The summary sounds potentially interesting, if episodic, so on to the watchlist this goes.

Klash: SHAFT is… not exactly a studio I would cherish. I still couldn’t stomach how they mauled Negima?! and Ef with their disruptive and nonsensical style… Though I must admit, I did enjoy a lot the OVA of Negima and Maria Holic. Again, it will depend how the execution will be handled: comedy with occult/dark stories aren’t that bad (see XxX Holic etc), but SHAFT being loyal to their modus operandi, I’m really cautious…


Taishou Yakyuu Musume

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Kaio:  When I first read up on this it was going to be another one of those ones that I didn’t even want to touch after the experience, but the concept does sound somewhat amusing if a little bit too much like “A League of Their Own” if that movie had mixed gender play.  I’m positively mortified at the prospect of another all girls club anime, but this one actually does have male characters in it even if they are potentially supposed to be a foil to our cute lovable all girls baseball team which will surely triumph and prove yet again that the female sex is the dominant one in anime……anyway, if I’m going to give another chance to a borderline all girls join a club type show it’ll probably end up being this one, and I’ve sworn to myself that before I die I will find a show of this type that I can relate to in some fashion.  So here I go again, this will be my experiment of the season.

Deathie: Usually I am not a sports watcher and the premise of sports + SoL would be an absolute killer for me. But add in moe and you will get more of a chance of being watched and this is exactly such a scenario. I am still skeptical though but at least wanting to try one episode out is a beginning.

Sky: Ah, Sports themed anime, the deadly toxin to scare me away anytime, anywhere, anyday. Might have soemthing to do with the mental trauma i received from enduring through all of Suzuka … at any rate – Sports. Get it away from me, it burns!

Klash: Unless this show manages to be enjoying with its quirks or “spectacular” assets like Saki, I will use my usual “no sport please” policy.


Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

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Kaio:  It seems like there’s one of these shows every couple of seasons and I’m still just not at all interested.


Sky: If he is so depressed, why isn’t he dead yet …? Anyway, i haven’t watched the previous seasons, and have no will to find out either.

Klash: Didn’t watch the previous seasons, so heh.


Hetalia Axis Powers 2

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Kaio:  Still haven’t seen the first one and have heard mixed reviews about it.  Concept sounds amusing if slightly insensitive.

Deathie: Ditto what Kaio said but frankly, trying to start this again would be a hassle for someone who ironically doesn’t have all the time in the world.

Sky: Ah, more of the shameless stereotyping comedy the series is all about. Personally i didn’t find the first season all that funny though and dropped it, so no go with this one.

Klash: another sequel.


GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class

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Kaio:  Pass…..sorry.

Deathie: Oh look, it is Yggdra Union in disguise. Maybe if I squint my eyes it would really be like it *laughs*. Seriously though another SoL and may watch if it isn’t drop dead boring.

Sky: The umpteenth incarnation of Hidamari Sketch … might give it a look if i am bored enough, but not expecting to see anything new. But then again, that might be the point in a way of such series – more of the same if you like the former.

Klash: Ditto what sky said: it really needs to prove some “identity” early or it will just look like a “rinse and repeat” carbon copy of Hidamari Sketch.



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Kaio:  There’s a lot of hype behind this one already and I admit I have not idea what it’s about as I don’t really follow the Type Moon stories.  I could tell you the story of the biblical region of Canaan and all that has to do with that, but I’m sorry I’ve got nothing for this.  The best I can add is that the poster looks interesting and Ican’t tell if that….one in the red shirts is supposed to be a man or a woman, but if I continue to hear good things I will be sure to try it out.

Deathie: This looks interesting and the summary reminds me of something about it…but I just can’t remember what. But Kaio…the one in red obviously has chests so how can you mistake her for a him. Anyway it looks like a dark and serious series with predicted gun shots, blood and hopefully gore. We shall wait and see…

Sky: Type Moon hype notwithstanding, they indeed tend to chug out pretty interesting stuff, and i will be there to collect. I know nothing of this title personally, but seeing it should be a rather dark and gritty story it warrants an instant check-up. And yea …how can you mistake that for a male ^^;

Klash: The premises look on crack, and knowing that Nasu is behind the scenario, we can expect for an explosive ride.
Although I’m not that much in the TM hype (I did love Tsukihime (REAL ONE), but I didn’t consider F/SN (be it the mediocre anime, or the average eroge) anything special), it might be interesting regarding the actual plot here. I just hope Nasu won’t start being cuckoo regarding “POWER LEVELS” and the like… and no, please NO MANA TRANSFER.


Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto~

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Kaio:  From what I’ve read of this it’s supposed to be one of those Fish out of Water type stories of two pure and innocent girls who under the sea but at the start of the story leave in order to interact with the world at large out of curiousity.  If you ask me it sounds a lot like The Little Mermaid only with two bishoujos instead of one mermaid.  Apparently there’s more of a twist to it and they might have to save the world too or something, so it also sounds like it has elements of magical girl.  Will probably give this one a shot even though I doubt I’m going to end up keeping it.

Deathie: After watching the first episode, I was already marginally pleased with the overall effort of the series. Again another one with SoL vibes and again the same old worry. For now though I am willing to sit back and watch a few more episodes before deciding.

Sky: One episode in, and it provided a largely positive first impression. The production values are rather high, the characters seem to be a rather quirky bunch, and the story … well, we shall see on that, but there wasn’t anything to suggest it wouldn’t be a decent watch. And the concept of  a mermaid that doesn’t have a fish tale in water is not something you encounter every day either, so certainly won’t hurt as well. All in all, a quite colorful , if somewhat slow paced, series that likely will make good for a  fairly relaxing watch.

Klash: I didn’t watch the first episode yet, but the comments from my comrades above picked my curiosity now.
Hopefully, we will avoid cheesy “magical girls” element in this one… “hopefully”.


19 Responses to “Summer series 2009 Preview ~ Hope no seagulls are crying”

  1. 1 G July 2, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    Cobra wont be airing till ’10 because of production mishaps.

    That said if you really wanted to further your knowledge of anime history you’d watch the original, it’s subbed and incredibly entertaining. Not to mention Cobra is voiced by Nozawa Nachi and the series was directed by Dezaki Osamu. It’s kind of like watching SEED and declaring that you now know about First Gundam.

  2. 2 kadian1364 July 2, 2009 at 3:58 pm

    Sora no Manimani
    Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
    Aoi Hana
    Spice and Wolf 2
    Umi Monogatari

    The shows I’m sampling this season. Aoi Hana and Umi Monogatari aren’t great, but seem pretty watchable. Summer is the season for SOLs and mild fanservice, after all.

  3. 3 zzeroparticle July 2, 2009 at 5:04 pm

    I’m actually surprised at Deathkillz’s comments towards Aoi Hana. I take it the people in charge, namely Kasai (Nodame Cantabile, Honey and Clover, Kimikiss), wasn’t enough to win him over? That man’s got a good track record if nothing else. 😛

  4. 4 deathkillz July 2, 2009 at 6:54 pm

    Honestly? I only ever loved 1 out of the 3 series you’ve mentioned and that would be Kimikiss (and I have watched all 3). Once again it was the SOL boredom doom that killed me and while Nodame and H&C are famous for being deeply moving series and adored my many, it had no effect on me. So it’s rather hit and miss from the guy ^^’

    And yea, there isn’t a whole lot going for this season besides the unusually hot weather I am currently experiencing…

  5. 5 Kaioshin Sama July 2, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    @G: I could always do that yes.

  6. 6 TheBigN July 2, 2009 at 9:56 pm

    “And yea, there isn’t a whole lot going for this season besides the unusually hot weather I am currently experiencing…”

    We must have some greatly different tastes, as this is a season where there’s a lot of stuff that I’m interested in watching this season. 😛

  7. 7 deathkillz July 2, 2009 at 10:31 pm

    Well I say that but it is also true that every season there are always series which turn up and catches me off guard (in a good way). Maybe I just don’t read enough manga to catch all the good up coming adaptions or play enough eroges ^^’

    But I have to say that I have to eat my words for what I have said about Aoi Hana came smashing back at my face…

    I am seriously surprised at how well the first episode of this caught me off guard (read more here).

  8. 8 animelover July 3, 2009 at 12:40 am

    that is a good selection of anime you have… I wanna watch GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class…

  9. 9 RedWing July 3, 2009 at 8:43 pm

    Tokyo is the only one that seems decent. Whatever happened to serious anime? I’d rather watch an something like Eden than this magical girl/moe shit.

  10. 10 sadakups July 4, 2009 at 12:51 am

    Bland season. Only aiming for Umineko at the moment. Never seen the games, so I’m watching this just the same way I did AND enjoyed Higurashi.

  11. 11 Kaioshin Sama July 4, 2009 at 4:09 am

    @RedWing: A few years ago I predicted that there was going to be a huge upswing in moe shows per season and so I decided that if I was going to consider enjoying anime on the same level I did at that point then I would have to teach myself to lower my standards a lot and get used to the idea of moe in anime. Yep…that’s how it all went down.

    @sadakups: I would definitely recommend checking Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 out as well.

  12. 12 sadakups July 4, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    Premise sounds nice. Yeah, maybe this is something like Eden from last anime season. You know, those types that I did not bother checking until curiosity started kicking in.

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