Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Episode 1-2: Analysis, Thoughts and Random Comments

[Disclaimer]: This entry might contain MINOR spoilers. However, while the analysis might push you to these minor spoilers, NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader. Good reading!

For those who were following my articles when Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai was airing, you probably know what is the purpose of such article (see? I promised it!). For those who don’t, welcome to the weekly analysis article for Umineko no Naku Koro ni.
These articles will serve as more afterthought and information regarding the most recent aired episode. As a VN reader myself (that would hard to make the patch without doing so…), I will provide highlights and missing information that would certainly help in your journey to the Golden Land. However, bear in mind (as stated in the disclaimer) that because of my knowledge, some points might have more importance than they should be. That said, I will try my best to keep an anime only point of view (and the fact there is no “answer” yet helps to avoid blunders).

Of course, I would suggest you to think about it yourself a bit, elaborate some theories before reading my articles.
Be sure to have watched the episode before reading this ! (Talk about obvious, but better being cautious than being sorry later on)

This week, I will focus mainly on the following points :

  1. Maria
  2. 18 or 19 persons on Rokkenjima?
  3. First Twilight
  4. Random comment: What DEEN screwed up so badly: Characters relationship


I. Maria

Maria was shown quite disturbingly serious during the reading of the letter: is her behaviour normal?
We should probably take a neutral observation at this point (since DEEN erratic facial distortion isn’t anything to take seriously): Maria was shown reading quite an intricate content. I might sound a bit weird, but remember it is the same 9 year old child that often utter “uu uu” and can go very persistent over trivial matters.
Therefore, isn’t that strange for her to read that kind of letter?

To elaborate this point, one would require Japanese knowledge: although it is rather difficult to check with the anime alone, we can testify with the game that the letter was absolutely not in plain Hiragana, but filled with kanji. And to make things interesting, several of them are certainly not suited for a 4th grader (such like 師 for fifth grade, 錬 and 契 for seventh grade).
Ironically, we can also consider the translation of the letter as yet an adapted proof as well: the way how it is worded wouldn’t be really usual for a 9 years old girl either.

Here is also information from the characters themselves in the VN. This is Kyrie’s opinion about it, when she talks to Battler (skipped in the anime):

I had suspected that it might have been Maria-chan playacting, but the contents of the message were extremely complicated, so it’s hard to think that Maria-chan prepared it herself.  ……However, I can’t deny the possibility that Maria-chan is working together with someone.

Of course, we have seen a shadow close to Maria at the end of Episode 1-1, but that absolutely doesn’t mean the one who gave the umbrella was the same person who gave that letter. By this extension, one might have speculated that Maria made a prank or really believed in this stuff, considering how she is really obsessed with witches and occult magic.

Now that it is pretty clear that Maria obviously didn’t write the letter, there is still the big problem behind that which I mentioned above: the fact Maria could read it.
Why is it such an issue? Because like I explained above, the content of the letter is way too complicated for her to understand, let alone read. Therefore, it is highly possible that Maria was in contact with the author of the letter for quite some time.

How long? It is difficult to say: we are obviously stuck with the “not enough information” position that even VN readers wouldn’t be able to answer accurately. That said, it is truly a wonder how come a child like Maria can read it… unless, we consider that line from her game bios:

Rosa’s daughter. The father is unknown.
She often gets in trouble for speaking like a young child.

She has no concern whatsoever for studies or friends; however, she shows a strong interest for the occult, black magic and such, and memorizes many inconsistent bits and pieces of information with her natural gift of memorization.

Therefore, it is very likely that Maria didn’t even read the letter, but in fact recited it. That is certainly surprising, but not impossible, especially if we speculate a possible brain washing or hypnosis that could make Maria devoted in such kind of stuff.

Obviously, there are still a lot of shrouded mysteries regarding Maria, but so far, it is very clear that she has a middle-long lasting bound with the author of the letter (we still cannot confirm that the killer IS the same person that had written the letter).

II. 18 or 19 persons on Rokkenjima?

This question seems quite strange to begin with: aside of Kyrie’s speculation, what really makes it impossible for an intruder (or even more of them) to invade Rokkenjima whilst no one else knows?
Regarding this point, it is necessary to bring up facts from the novel, as once again, the anime series doesn’t explain everything.
As you all might know, Rokkenjima is owned by the Ushiromiya family, or more precisely, by Kinzo. Therefore, the access of this island is restricted by the family itself and the harbor at Niijima (the closes mainland area) is regulated by employee of the Ushiromiya family.
This actually explains why in the VN, most characters don’t exactly believe in the presence of a 19th person. That is because there is “no way” for someone external to the family to get there, unless they have their own private boat (which is a bit unlikely unless drastic speculations).

Furthermore, as you noticed, the typhoon engulfed Rokkenjima quite early: We know that Kanon went to get the kids at 6:00PM for dinner, while they were having their picnic at the beach around 3:00PM. Therefore, the Typhoon was around Rokkenjima during this timeframe.
Since Eva, Rudolf and Rosa’s families arrived at 10:30AM that certainly doesn’t give a big timeframe for a random stranger to get over there before the typhoon (expecting them to get before Eva and the rest is a bit unrealistic, because the servants were waiting for them. Therefore, any visitor would be spotted due to the transport, even if they came stealthily).
Considering there was absolutely no weird activity reported when the Ushiromiya arrived, it is clear that the intruder(s) weren’t with them on the same boat.

If we have a rough approximation of the time needed for them to get in the mansion, we can speculate that the external persons would have the chance to get on Rokkenjima only after 11:00AM. That doesn’t leave a big leeway considering the activities on Rokkenjima due to the family conference.
However, this doesn’t rule out that that person(s) might have been lurking on Rokkenjima the day before or something of that kind.
And this is where another of Kyrie’s reasoning (again, unavailable for the anime series) is handy:

We are talking about Beatrice, the very same woman that Kinzo was seen infatuated with. Therefore, one thing doesn’t make sense: even if Beatrice doesn’t want to be seen (or let’s be blunt: assaulted) by the Ushiromiya siblings, what prevents Kinzo to give an honor guest room or protection? Kinzo has absolutely the means to do this kind of things if you consider the mansion and the number of servants.
Therefore, is it really possible to imagine Kinzo letting his beloved Beatrice to be soaked dead? Very unlikely.
However, unless some of the family are in cahoots with this stranger(s), it is very hard to imagine 17 persons (not 18, since Kinzo is literally camping his study) unable to bump on someone who “shouldn’t be there” for several hours.
Even if we consider the servants covering such farce, we have the cousins probably not staying all the time at the same place, while there are the adults on the other side (parlor etc).

Now to get back with Kyrie’s main argument, it is indeed very weird: why would anyone use Maria as a roundabout way to prove their existence? Of course, mailing that kind of letter prior the meeting isn’t all convincing either: there is no way for the siblings to check the authenticity of the letters, therefore it is high probable they don’t believe in it (a bit like in this scene but absolutely skipped by DEEN… again).
But why Maria then? Why not a servant that would be much more credible? or even better: one of the sibling before hiding themselves?
Every pieces of information makes the presence of “Beatrice” very unlikely…

But this is also for this very reason that her existence is possible: what really prevent people to use such stratagem to actually make the siblings doubt each other or even their own family?
Reverse psychology might sound as cheesy as Yugioh Trap fest or Death Note KEIKAKU DORII madness, but here, we are talking about a situation where a well prepared individual is trying to deceive a whole family group and their servants. Therefore, what is the best weapon to take out several enemies at once? Using deception in order to make them doubting each other or even better: to make them going against each other.

What I mean is that: as much there are weird choices for the letter author to be that evasive on their existence, it is also by itself a good plan to cast doubts on their targets.
Although it sounds a lame “back to square one”, there is in the end not enough information that confirm if there are more chances to have only the Ushiromiya and the servants (18) or if there is 1 or more persons lurking on Rokkenjima.

For this reason, how about summarizing everyone’s whereabouts at that time?
1) It isn’t possible for the cousins to be behind this
2) It cannot be any of the following adults : Krauss, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolf, Kyrie.
2) Not really clear in the anime, but in the VN, Rosa was actually taking a nap at the mansion and only went to look after Maria when it is raining
3) It cannot be Gohda as he was cooking, nor Shannon and Kumasawa who were preparing the rooms.
4) It cannot be Nanjo because he was playing chess with Kinzo (which automatically implies it cannot be Kinzo either)

That leaves us with few possibilities:
-Kanon: he was preparing the rooms with Shannon and Kumasawa but had to leave to get the children for dinner. Therefore, nothing can prevent him to hand over the umbrella and the letter, and then feigning ignorance.
-Natsuhi: she was not seen after being asked by Krauss to leave the parlor. She stated in the VN that after the discussion with the other adults, she went to sleep.
-Genji: It isn’t exactly clear what he was doing for the whole time.
There is a major problem with this: how trustworthy Maria can be? Certainly, expecting her to see Beatrice is very far fetched but… how is it possible for her to “mistake” Genji or Kanon? If anything, it would be much more of a farce than an attempt to convince a little girl.
Aside of a possible ridiculous attempt with such fancy dress, it would be more logical to expect a woman to wear this… unless we have an interesting loophole: let’s imagine a character says “here Maria, Beatrice told me to give you this”. As innocent as she might be, Maria could “paraphrase” it and turn the whole situation into something more unexpected.

Therefore, with all the reasoning “from this point”, there are enough reasons to either believe there are only 18 persons or 19.

III. First Twilight

This episode ends with a very gruesome note: 6 persons have died in such fashion that Hideyoshi’s comment could be agreed by many. That said, in order to resolve the mystery, it is better to allow us as much information as we can get.
For your convenience, here are the TIPS of the first 6 who died on the first twilight:

The first thing you will probably notice is that there are 2 kinds of corpses: Krauss and Shannon had their head smashed partially. However, Rudolf, Kyrie, Rosa and Gohda had their face completely destroyed, preventing proper identification.

This is where it becomes interesting: how can you testify these corpses are INDEED the aforementioned 4?
It is obviously possible for anyone to recognize Krauss and Shannon, and by extension, confirm their deaths. However, it isn’t the same for the other 4. This is of course a bit tricky but still possible: nothing prevent the 4 (or one/several of them) to pretend being dead and use a body double (prepared corpses of freshly killed unrelated persons with a remote resemblance in body proportions). Otherwise… why the culprit didn’t smash Krauss and Shannon like the other 4?
The opposite might be to the culprit’s disadvantage though: if they leave everyone’s identity obvious, that would definitely give away it is either the remaining 12 or yet another person(s). But again, this modus operandi doesn’t make sense with the aforementioned problem: the existence of the 19th person.
Therefore, it is actually hard to conclude if it was just to mess up with the survivors or… perhaps was it plainly a blunder? Perfect crime doesn’t exist so even the most intelligent criminal might make a critical or seemly irrelevant mistake that can be a vector of thoughts (or misleading clue) for the remaining persons and/or the detective.

Of course, if we consider the usual locked island murder mystery, we might also doubt about the mandatory “doctor”, so Nanjo. But I believe it is really irrelevant here because the way how the corpses are is obvious: all of them are dead and there is hardly a make-up or trick for CRUSHED faces (if it was plain peeled appearance etc, that might be the case, but hole in the head… hardly possible).

IV. What DEEN screwed so badly: Character relationship

This section will not serve as yet another “rant” about DEEN and their cuts, rest assured. Instead, it will provide elements that will allow all of you who didn’t read the VN to understand a bit more the characters of this series. I will follow the family ranking in order to make things easier to pin point.

Ushiromiya Kinzo:
As explained briefly by Battler, Kinzo was assigned to revive the Ushiromiya family and he managed splendidly with a much bigger estate in the end, after few mere decades.
Again, the anime explains that Kinzo “got the gold” from Beatrice, the witch, in exchange for his soul.
However, the little interesting detail might be HOW he managed to build such business with “gold” only.
To begin with: who would ever believe someone would have so much gold ? (few kg are already ridiculous for a single individual… but 10 tons…?). It is arguably impossible for a single man to actually lurk around with this insane amount of gold. As result, the gold is obviously used as a collateral: In fact, Kinzo managed to get supports/backers and thus proper money that could be restored plenty with the gold.
But in order to do so, Kinzo needed to win the trust of the businessmen which wouldn’t be that easy with unidentified gold: remember that each ingot is cast with the rate of their purity and the seal of the bank. Therefore, 10 tons of gold out of the blue looks like a phantasmagoric lie from a mad man. But Kinzo managed to win such trust: in fact, he has shown a part of the gold to a certain president of a big company and he was asked to select a random ingot so that he can analyze it.
And as you might imagine, the said president was astonished to find out the ingot was indeed pure gold of 99,99%. From this point, a sheer amount of backers granted their trust to Kinzo and with such investments, Kinzo managed to start his business during the Korean War.

This is very relevant to the story because:
1) this is the main reason why the siblings used the “10 tons gold myth” to put pressure on Krauss. Even if they might not believe in the 10t of gold themselves, the story of the gold ingot IS true which at least give some justification to all of them to “believe” in it.
2) that ingot was in fact retrieved by Krauss which is the one he has shown to Natsuhi.

As another subject regarding Kinzo, the anime series unfortunately give him the “mad man” image. What they skipped with Kinzo was also, like I explained in my other articles, the fact he cannot bear his sons and daughters as he consider them as vultures who are only waiting his death to feast on his fortune.
For example, here is his whole speech when Krauss tried to make him come for lunch (in Episode 1-1).

“They do not care about me!!  What manner of men is everyone then, trying to drag me out of here!!??  Very well, kill them!  Dismember them, make them into firewood, feed them to the witch’s hearth!!  Put a pot in that hearth and boil wormwood!  Force the imbeciles who dare try to lure me out of here to drink the broth of the Apocalypse!  I will soak their dregs in liquor!  Aah, Genji, where are you!?  Call for Genji!!  Have my demonic absinthe prepared! The whispering of the green fairy reaches me no longer!!  Aah, Genji, where are you?! Call for GenjiiIii!!!”

And this is what happened with Natsuhi before the whole story with the one winged eagle engraved in her heart:

Kinzo: “Ho…  Genji did?  ………If my friend thought it was that important, then I have no choice but to listen.  Tell me, …what business do you have?”

Natsuhi: “Y, yes… ………Breakfast will soon be prepared, and I would greatly appreciate it if you would join us…”

Kinzo: “I will eat here.  Have it brought here like always.”

Natsuhi: “But Father…  This is the annual family conference.  Please, at least let them see your face.”

Kinzo: “………Go back downstairs.  Are you asking me to join in on the discussion of how they chew my inheritance to bits after I die?  How foolish.  ………They can keep talking about that kind of thing as much as they like without me.  And if that’s what you call a family conference, it’s nothing so important that I should leave my room for it.  I am busy.  Do not bother me.”

With his last words came the threat that any further questions would be useless. …Natsuhi realized that adding any further pleas would finally bring his wrath down upon her.
It would be annoying to hear Eva sarcastically say that she hadn’t been able to convince him after all, but there was nothing more Natsuhi could do…

Natsuhi: “………Is that so……?  …Understood……  I am sure that everyone will be sorry to hear it, but I will tell them.”

Arguably, it doesn’t make him any more “sane”, but he is certainly not without any strong aversion to his offspring (with good reason that said). There are even more things like: how he actually sent Kanon to spy over Krauss and the rest’s discussion, and sneering at it, but several moments with Genji and Nanjo. In fact, Kinzo becomes erratic only when he starts a speech about Beatrice or when it is about his “foolish” offspring.

Ushiromiya Krauss, Natsuhi and Jessica:
As you probably noticed with Episode 1-1, there was some cold bound between Natsuhi and Krauss. This is mainly because Krauss doesn’t exactly seem to put as much efforts as Natsuhi for the sake of the family.
Krauss’ comment to Natsuhi didn’t just made react like this, it was much more deep in fact (it isn’t just about being insulted as a maid servant), as you can read below:

“D, dear, don’t you understand what they’re saying about you?!  These people are baselessly calling you a traitor to Father!!  They are making light of the fact that we protect the glory of the Ushiromiya family and in order to receive that glory from Father, we have been purely spending our days expending every effort.  They trample all of that underfoot; what a painful rambling!!!  You are you.  Why don’t you talk back!  Since you won’t talk back, I have, but for a while you have been relying completely on me!!  Are you telling me to go cool my head and come back?!  It’s a-lways me!! Even though I have always seriously considered this family’s affairs, you’ve…!! Whaaaaaa!!!”

And it is actually making things worse with the ingot:

Natsuhi was shocked…… Krauss had always said that Kinzo’s gold was just a fabrication. So she had believed it as his wife. However, the reality was different. Since he held definite proof, he had been even more sure than the rest of the siblings that the legendary gold existed. Because of this, Krauss was deeply frightened at the possibility that someone other than himself would find the gold that he had failed to find, costing him everything.

……But to Natsuhi, this truth was more than enough to split open her heart. She had thought that, as Krauss’s wife, she should be his closest confidant, which was why she had been selflessly supporting him. …And yet, he had hid this fact from her until today.  ………Why?

Natsuhi: “……Ha, ………have I been, …………so undeserving of your trust…………?”

Krauss: “………I didn’t mean it like that.  It was only that there was no need to mention it.”

Natsuhi: “I, ……is that all a, …………a wife means to you…………?!”

Krauss: “Calm down…  Becoming passionate easily is one of your bad habits.”

Natsuhi: “You’re the one who’s making me like that, aren’t you!!!  I have been supporting you as a wife ever since I married into this family…!  For your sake, I threw away the family I was born into, I’ve been offering up my heart and my body to serve you…!!  And in return, ………what is this………!!? How could…… …………How could you…………!!”

Krauss grimaced, looking annoyed…
His expression effectively communicated how much he disliked this part of Natsuhi…

Natsuhi: “……It doesn’t look like………, I will be of any use to you anymore…………”

Krauss: “Hmmm, that’s fine.  ………I can resolve the troubles with the siblings by myself.  I don’t need your help.”

Natsuhi: “That’s wrong!!  This is the Ushiromiya family’s problem!  It’s true that I am not permitted to have the family crest imprinted on my body!  But I am still your wife!!  Even so, …..are you saying I’m not capable of helping you…?!  Are you………!!!?”`\

Krauss: “……………I especially wouldn’t want to risk getting you involved.  It would probably make your headaches even worse than they are now. Take a rest for today.  The siblings will deal with the siblings’ problems.  It has nothing to do with you.  That is all.”

This is actually the setup of the whole situation between Natsuhi and Jessica. To make the story short, Jessica’s situation isn’t as happy go lucky as it might look like first. Jessica is average at school, but because of her status as the child of the elder sibling of the Ushiromiya, she has the prime position to be the next heir.
However, the matter regarding the succession of the family doesn’t interest her one bit, but considering Krauss and Natsuhi, she was pushed in her studies to be a distinguishable person. Because of this, their relationship isn’t anything stellar.
Therefore, it isn’t anything common for her to complain she doesn’t want to be like her parents and that she doesn’t respect them. On the other hand, it isn’t uncommon to see Natsuhi and Krauss asking her to stop talking out of turn.

After the letter incident, Jessica was outraged to see such greed and the whole mess disheartened even more. However, George explained to both Battler and Jessica that even if parents have to get their hands dirty, they will do whatever it takes them to assure a future to their respective family. And money is obviously a main factor as much as it sounds ugly.

This is where that scene between Natsuhi and Jessica starts to be much more deep than a simple token of consideration:
After being depressed by Krauss’ revelation regarding the gold, Natsuhi went into distraught and couldn’t help but feel like she was indeed a borrowed womb and so forth. She does acknowledge that Jessica doesn’t like her, but still, she tries to regain her spirits, thinking she should do her best to assure her daughter’s future.
And at this point, Jessica meets her. The scene was remotely the same except Natsuhi was a bit more grumpy due to the headache (which is actually chronic with her) but Natsuhi’s monologue reveals she really doesn’t want to lash her frustration on her daughter hence why she asks Jessica to leave her alone.
Jessica was a bit awkward with this but remembers of what George said about the responsibilities of the parents. Seeing her mother in such pitiful state made her think about the talisman.
And that very action was pure heart warmth for Natsuhi who wasn’t expecting this at all. To see her own daughter that often rants about her to be considerate is something that eased her heart instantly. As result, the mood was quite effective and Natsuhi promised Jessica to give in return a treasure she cherished in her childhood.

Ushiromiya Eva and Hideyoshi:
What makes the “relationship” between Eva and Natsuhi that heated up is of course the succession matter.
Originally, Eva should have lost her name due to being married with Hideyoshi. However, at that time, Natsuhi wasn’t able to get pregnant, which displeased Kinzo (no successor etc). Therefore, Eva took this opportunity and convinced Kinzo that she could make her husband entering in the family register. As result she would be able to give a proper successor to Kinzo.
Kinzo was fine with this, while Hideyoshi was thankful as he lost all his relatives so having a family is something dear for him. Thus the situation was pretty complicated when Eva managed to be pregnant before Natsuhi.
Thus George was born and only 5 years later, Natsuhi could give birth to Jessica.

Meanwhile, Hideyoshi is in fact a diligent president of a chain of fast food restaurants that got an excellent growth. However, Hideyoshi was too busy with the welfare of his company and didn’t make sure he held enough stock. As result, malicious stock owners took this opportunity to buy the majority of this, which will allow them to kick Hideyoshi out and name the president of their own, for their profit.
Thus, Hideyoshi’s fault was actually being a manager that was too devoted to realize the danger of being stock-listed.

Ushiromiya Rudolf, Kyrie and Battler:
The situation with Rudolf’s family is somewhat different. As implied with the “name calling” by Battler, Kyrie isn’t Battler’s mother. She is in fact Rudolf’s second wife.
Battler’s mother, Asumu, died 6 years ago. But the peculiar point is that while Battler was bereaved by the death of Asumu, Rudolf didn’t exactly take his time and remarried with Kyrie. Because of this, Battler couldn’t forgive his father and abandoned the Ushiromiya to live with his maternal grandparents. However, after 6 years both of them died one after another and Battler had no choice but to get back to the Ushiromiya family.

This is why Battler didn’t go to the family conference for 6 years.
As you probably see, Battler doesn’t harbor any hard feeling towards Kyrie and actually considers her as a big sister, though none of them start being superficial by calling each other son and mother.
As for Rudolf and Kyrie both trust each other and are partners in business. In fact they have a long lasting relationship regarding this area, which is probably the reason why they got engaged so fast after Asumu’s death. However, one thing that the anime skipped is that Rudolf didn’t say anything about his copyright dispute with an American company, and Kyrie only learns it for the first time when Krauss talks about it.
As another fact the anime skipped is that Rudolf and Kyrie have a 6 years old daughter, so Battler’s half sister, but she wasn’t present for the conference because she was sick. Thus Kyrie asked her family to take care of her while they are away.

Ushiromiya Rosa and Maria:
There isn’t much to say about them, aside that Rosa owns a design company but that doesn’t go past beyond a hobby for her.
Meanwhile, Maria’s father’s whereabouts are unknown.

Servants: Genji, Shannon, Kannon, Gohda, Kumasawa, Nanjo:
As the anime mentioned for a very short moment, Genji is one of the few persons that Kinzo actually trust. To be more precise, Genji has Kinzo’s greatest trust of all and is probably one of the rare individuals that Kinzo consider as his peers.
Even so, Genji never loses his “pro” touch and remains strictly his servant. Despite this very strict contrast, there was a nostalgic and companionship between the two.

But Genji’s not only appreciated by Kinzo, but also by the other servants and even family members alike. Particularly Shannon and Kanon: both give a deep respect to him, calling him Genji-sama, while Gohda and Kumasawa consider him as their senior.

As for Shannon and Kanon, a lot of information is missing for them: both are 16 years old (yes there is a 7 years difference between George and Shannon, and no, nothing wrong with this) and they were living in a orphanage together. They aren’t blood related but what is important to know is that Kanon considers Shannon as his elder sister, calling her “nee-san”.
However, they didn’t start working at the same time. Shannon was adopted by a maid of the Ushiromiya and worked in the main house for 10 years even though servants usually work for the main house for 3 years (yes she worked at the age of 6. This is why Battler knows her though didn’t recognize instantly for obvious reasons). Kanon only started to work 3 years ago.
What is however very odd with the 2 is that they are considering themselves as furniture, which is definitely pulling a clear distinction between them and the family.
As for the whole matter regarding “Sayo”, Shannon is actually a pseudonym used by her for work, and Sayo is of course her real first name. This is also the case for Kanon: in fact, servants from the Fukuin House receive a pseudonym with the kanji 音 read as “on”, and there are more servants such like Renon and Manon, but they aren’t on duty on 4th and 5th October 1986.

Gohda is a servant that was hired two years ago as a chef. Even though he is the servant that worked the least for the Ushiromiya house, he is well experienced from his past work at a hotel. Due to his qualifications, he was noticed by Natsuhi and he soon proved to be appreciated for his skills.
However, what wasn’t exposed at all was Gohda’s ostentatious personality. Pure show off, Gohda doesn’t hesitate to give a long speech regarding the menu and so forth. Consequently he often does several actions in order to get appraisal. However, because of this, he is also doing too much for this which resulted into an accident at the start: Gohda was actually preparing the tea cart for the siblings but he took too much time, trying to be perfect. Knowing he wouldn’t make in time (and obviously receiving the blame), he pushed the cart to Shannon who was coincidentally passing by. As result, Shannon was caught within a fool atmosphere between Natsuhi and Eva, the later saying the tea might be cold etc.
As a side note, since he was hired by Krauss and Natsuhi, he isn’t in touch with Kinzo (which is the reason why he doesn’t have any crest of the Ushiromiya family on his clothes).

There isn’t much to say about Kumasawa except that she is in her eighties and that she is a part timer.

Nanjo is Kinzo’s personal attending physician but also a close friend, next to Genji. Although Nanjo knows Kinzo for years, he was never upset with the later even during his enraged outburst. The two of them are often playing chess and they also discuss about several famous matches together.
Unfortunately for Nanjo, he is unable to make Kinzo quit drinking alcohol, which doesn’t make his job any easier.

That was quite a long list, but its purpose wasn’t to cover everything that was cut in the anime (it would be even much more longer than this), but at least, it gives a lot of food for thought regarding character backstory, and thus theories and perhaps idea of the culprit, if you of course don’t believe in a 19th person or a witch.


…There, I’ve finally finished the first article. That was an insane ride for me, as I spread it for 3 days and it took me a lot of time to keep the best “view” for first time viewers. I certainly hope that its content will help you to resolve the mysteries of Umineko (and enjoy it more, of course!).
If you have any suggestion and the like, please don’t hesitate to post them in your comments (my apologies for my writing style: being a non english native doesn’t exactly help).
Also, if any VN reader notice something weird, please contact me ASAP. I’m pretty confident I didn’t pull any future events or theories that require more information, but just in case.

Well then, hope you enjoyed by wall of text (…56xx words… my biggest article ever…*so tired*)


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    The thing is that in Episode 1-1 there is nothing to write about except perhaps the epitaph. And I waited for episode 1-2 (first twilight notably) before giving all stuff regarding certain characters.

  5. 5 Mikado the predicter July 12, 2009 at 11:38 am

    Alright, I do not own my own blog, and this place seems like the perfect place to state my opinion. I’ve thought about what happened actually for some time, and got into a certain conclusion. Your analysis didn’t change my opinion, but rather gave me more evidence. I haven’t played the game (well, I AM playing it, but as I’m writing this my last save game is on the beach- so no extra knowledge there. And, wow, the VN sure is way slower than the anime. It’s almost tiring xD) and I’ve watched both episodes.

    I think it’s: Natsuhi

    We have several suspects, but Natsuhi fits the bill the most. She is a woman and could easily fool Maria into everything, like convincing Beatrice wants this to happen, or as you said, make her paraphrase things or in the weirdest case, change clothes and act like Beatrice.

    She also obviously survived, and disappeared quite a few times suspiciously as you said.

    She also is the one that seems the most detached from everyone. The ONLY one she seems to love/trust is her daughter (although their relationship is very very very poor) and the head of the family, Kinzo.

    But there are also issues. Kyrie’s doubts etc. Why use Maria, and why such a complicated letter and way of working? And then the crucial part: MOTIVE. There is no crime without motive.

    Well the answer to that is one thing: the motive.

    She cares allot for the family, actually, that’s her number one goal. But nobody shares this except Kinzo (and he lost hope). Even her own husband doesn’t care much for her cause. She in despair, has constant head aches, and people act irrationally when in such state.
    think about the ‘criminal’ in Higurashi. He/she was also in a bad mental state.
    /////SPOILERS END 8D

    So, as shown in her brief conversation with him, she only seems to have full support in Kinzo. She greatly cares for him (thus the family). He is the head of the family after all. And what does Kinzo want? Beatrice! Whether she exists or not, whether he is mad or not, he wants to see her. Natsuhi thinks that the family is the most important thing in the whole universe, therefore will she do anything to help Kinzo. Whether SHE believes in Beatrice or not – she TRIES to make her appear. But how? THE EPITAPH. That’s the key (she thinks) to summoning beatrice/ OR/ that’s the way to make Kinzo believe that Beatrice will be summoned.

    “At the first twilight, you shall lift up as sacrifice the six chosen by the key.”
    Six people need to be offered, so she does this.
    ALSO! When writing this long post, I scared myself, as I gained more and more evidence for this theory. When I quoted this I realized that the epitaph shows even MORE proof.

    Natsuhi received the ‘key’! She was given the key to Kinzo’s room, and perhaps with that, the key to his heart (or so she believed). Maybe she was caring for Kinzo in such a long time, but THIS made her do all this, after all it is written in the epitaph she thought! It must be fate/magic/madness! So maybe unconsciously this is a hint towards her being the criminal, or the thing that made her go over the edge, but it certainly is some nice evidence supporting this case. I didn’t think of it as I started writing and stumbled upon it when casually reading over the epitaph ~ this happened several more times as you’ll see if you continue to read on.

    Why use Maria? Well, obviously, she is incredibly easy to manipulate (in the VN it is shown even more, with her repeating everything what everyone else says). She seems to be the only person (other than Kinzo) who believes in Beatrice, which makes this even easier. Natsuhi wants to show the family that Beatrice is coming ==> so the way with lending the parasol and the letter would be the best one.

    When Kinzo throws out his ring she could’ve found it, OR! Maria found it while searching for the rose and Natsuhi convinced/manipulated her in giving/using it to her in name of Beatrice. This of cource, if Beatrice doesn’t exist, if she does, then the theory changes slightly into Natsuhi cooperating with her, but see the final notes at the end of this for that.

    Also > the blood on her door. I have really to little information to say anything about it, and I don’t want to be ‘making things up’ just to make this theory more credible. But it has something to do with Natsuhi/Krauss perhaps. Anyway it points towards Natsuhi in one way or another.

    Now for another piece of evidence I scared myself with when writing this. I was looking at the HINTS for the death people of the first twilight, just to see whether anything can be explained with them and BOOM! Evidence!

    ‘… chosen by the key’ is written in the epitaph. She picked her victims, and knows that they are sacrifices for Beatrice (see notes for a possibility that she doesn’t believe/does believe)
    Smashing their faces seems to be part of this or something, perhaps to show that they are just sacrifices and that this is not a personal murder. BUT! TWO of them have only half of their face smashed. It really freaked me out when I saw it: Krauss and Shannon! Didn’t Shannon make Natsuhi incredibly angry during the day? It was an enormous disgrace for Natsuhi (mainly towards Eva) after all is servant incompetence the fault of the host (=Natsuhi). And Krauss, it isn’t shown well in the Novel, but it the Novel she was very mad at him/distressed/in despair, for not telling her about the gold piece he had earlier.
    So she DID have personal reasons to hurt them and to let everyone know that they are dead. WHY she did that to their faces I do not know for sure to be honest, but when you look at the two victims that stand out, they proof more and more that Natsuhi is the murderer.

    Now most of you should say: But wait! Wouldn’t she kill EVA then? I was wondering about that for some time too… until when writing this I read the epitaph:
    “At the second twilight, the surviving shall tear apart the two who are close.”
    Two people who are close will need to be torn apart. As Natsuhi prepares the ritual she knows that she will need to do this. She has killed all of the other couples already, and only Eva and her husband remain. It was planned.

    Also: for some reasons why she wants to tear their relationship apart==>
    Natsuhi had great troubles with conceiving a child, and Eva was really making her miserable with hers. She wants to tear apart that family, because of personal grudge. And maybe she thinks that doing this will be the worst thing she can do to Eva.
    I think that in episode 3/4, the second twilight, something will happen with the relationship between Eva and her husband.
    And maybe will Natsuhi kill her in the third twilight right? She has enough time to murder, and torturing her in fear, taking her relationship away etc. is way more evil. And only Natsuhi seems the person to hate Eva’s guts that much.



    God she makes this analysis hard. I know that this VN will have supernatural elements to it, as the Ryukishi seems to like that. So does she exists, or doesn’t she? For sake of this analysis it doesn’t matter that much, but I think (this is outside of the theory) that she does. Just my intuition.
    OR it’s Natsuhi acting her out you see.

    Because Natsuhi could have more reasons to perform the Beatrice summoning ritual. You can think of plenty yourself; Gold, wish to revive something (the honour of the family) to please Kinzo, to meet the person that made the family awesome. Plenty. I figured that her emotions towards the family, THUS Kinzo, and her detachment from the rest (hey! Just like Kinzo!) made her do all of this.

    Whether she acts it out for Kinzo, or believes it herself, or acts it out to take revenge xD, it doesn’t really matter. The main unknown is whether beatrice exists and whether Natsuhi knows this. Perhaps they cooperate. Perhaps Natsuhi is mind raping everyone. PERHAPS NATSUHI=BEATRICE!. I cannot tell at this point, but even without filling in that blank, I have allot of evidence pointing towards Natsuhi.

  6. 6 deathkillz July 12, 2009 at 2:08 pm

    I haven’t played the game (well, I AM playing it, but as I’m writing this my last save game is on the beach- so no extra knowledge there.

    Nice theory and all but I think you are really misunderstanding Natsuhi’s character which is why the anime is doing so badly. Carry on playing the game and you will hopefully see a new light to her 😉

  7. 7 RP July 12, 2009 at 4:40 pm

    This is a really great analysis. I’m going to have to re-read this after the characters and the relationships become a little more familiar to me.

  8. 8 Deckard July 13, 2009 at 1:22 am

    If i recall correctly, at the very beginning of VN, during the airport scene (skipped in anime) one of the cousins says that in a person can lift and carry his own weight with reference to Battler trying to lift Maria. This is important because for the 6 people to be in the shed, they would have to be carried there and none of the women alone can do that.

    This implies an accomplice most likely among servants because in the case suggested by Klash, some of the bodies are fakes, the fakes would have to be delivered to the island and (unless they arrived on the same boat) stored somewhere. This could have been done by Gohda who bought food supplies prior to family gathering (i think mentioned in VN) The Doctor would also have to be onboard because he gave estimate of time of death.

    In the final episode of the second arch of higurashi, through time of death one realise fishiness of one character.

    There is another moment. I don’t know if the anime made an accidental mistake -i don’t recall this in the VN – but when Hideyoshi and Eva enter the parlour, Eva asks about missing people being in Kinzo’s study. However she only could have heard Natsuhi give Kanon an order to search – she didn’t say for what – outside.

    Both Eva and Hideyoshi claim to have been in their bedroom. Given that both Kanon and Genji didn’t speak to Eva they didn’t have time, Eva shouldn’t have known of missing people.

    P.S. Come to think of it, the weight problem could be partly solved by the wheelbarrow that Kanon used in the first episode. Could it be foreshadowing of him being on of the culprits?

  9. 9 Neko July 31, 2009 at 6:12 pm

    I really love reading your Analysis post, thanks so much for posting! ^__^

  10. 10 Tye The Czar September 28, 2009 at 2:33 am

    Before seeing the anime version, I read a few chapters of the manga version that were out. And a couple of things omitted that would have been hilarious in the anime: One was Battler telling Maria to let him touch her breasts when she grows them, then she told that to everyone at the table resulting in Battler getting scolded; Also Shannon gestured him that he was allowed to touch hers even though he was actually toying with her. I wonder, were either of these actually in the VN?

  11. 11 klashikari October 5, 2009 at 4:22 pm

    Yes, it was originally from the VN.
    There are much more in the original material, but the manga had to cut many things though (still far more faithful than the anime).

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    blogging. You have touched some good factors here. Any way
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  13. 13 Coglionechilegge July 4, 2014 at 8:18 am

    I think that Knownomore’s videos are more reliable than your posts. Take a look at them. You are just skipping things over things so things that happen in Umineko can coincide with your reasoning.

  1. 1 Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Episode 1-3: Analysis, Thoughts and Random Comments « When Anime Past Meets Present Trackback on July 22, 2009 at 10:40 pm

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