Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Episode 2-2: Analysis, Thoughts and Random Comments

[Disclaimer]: This entry might contain MINOR spoilers. However, while the analysis might push you to these minor spoilers, NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader. Good reading!

The second game has finally begun and things are already pretty rushing to the fantasy side.
However, don’t fret: it would be a disappointment if everything turns to be fantasy right? So let’s see how we can turn this story into Mystery!

Legend of the Golden Witch latest Analysis with the list: [Episode 1-5]

Be sure to have watched the episode before reading this !

This week, I will focus mainly on the following points :

  1. Maria
  2. 19th person
  3. Witch



I. Maria

Albeit it has nothing to do with the mystery at the first glance, I believe it is important to gauge the backstory of a very peculiar character, be it for the sake of the character or possible suspicions later on.

As you could see, Maria was really insisting on Halloween. Of course, it is a given this event suits her so she can impersonate a witch.
That said, like Maria explained to Battler in this episode, Halloween period takes place around the winter’s solstice, which means the daylight hours grow longer after the sun has “died”, thus considered as the revival of the sun in celts’ culture.
Therefore, it has been considered as the period where life and death are the closest to each other, hence why the supernatural beings start to “invade” the world of the living.
Hence, this fascination for halloween has more implication than having mere sweets, that’s a given.
But why would she be hyper about it now, and not in the previous arc? Well, if you know Higurashi, that should be self explanatory. If you didn’t, well here we go:

The concept behind the worlds of the “when they cry” series is that none of them are plain time jump whatsoever. Instead, they are worlds that are seperated… well kind of different dimensions if you prefer (please check my Kakera explanations in the analysis 1-5).
Therefore, each worlds aren’t always with the exact same events, therefore it is possible that there was a specific event in the world of Episode 2 to have made Maria reminding that Halloween is pretty close.
For instance, let’s say Rosa took path A, but in path B there is a shop with early Halloween decoration. If Episode 1 used path A for Rosa, there is no guarantee Episode 2 won’t use path B instead. Therefore, Maria probably learned about it out of sheer luck or butterfly effect.

Now that we got Maria being that fussy so early, it isn’t surprising to have Rosa going trigger happy so early.
That said, the change made it “less” thorough that it was.
Actually, what happened in the rose garden occured before they joined Eva and Rudolf’s families: in the train, Rosa broke a fuse and first starts yelling at the old lady before being aggressive towards Maria. The Uu-uu sparked the slap, which made Maria crying as you saw.
The thing is that she only stopped because she saw the cold stare of the passengers.
At the next stop, she takes Maria out and starts slapping her repeatedly. Her tantrum was so loud that a station attendant was coming to check what was going on. Only afterwards, Rosa notices again the stare of the passengers from the train again. And it is only at this moment she realized she again went violent on Maria.
Pretty much like in the anime, Maria welcomed her back, and Rosa wanted to be forgiven and bought the candies Maria has now.

The rose garden happened a bit differently as you might expect then:
After Maria explained everything to Battler, Rosa stayed with Maria in the rose garden. The situation was similar, expect this time, Rosa pinched Maria’s ear and twisted it to the point it looks like it was about to snap. Maria was really crying in pain and had to stand on her toes to minimize the pain. And then the same thing happened: Rosa snatched the jack-o-lantern candy and started to trampling it.
This has “more” impact on Maria because in the VN, Rosa bought it as she was normal and redeeming herself, while in the anime, it might be just out of annoyance. Thus, seeing the trampled candy was as if Rosa was denying herself the little happiness Maria had with her back then.
Then, Rosa went back and apologized, while Maria said again the same thing: she was pinched by the bad witch, that’s all, saying Rosa was possessed by her. Rosa was crying, saying she again lost to the bad witch.

This is a very interesting point to note I would say:
What makes the depth of this scene (and by extension, the relationship) is that Maria doesn’t blame her mother one bit. She is basically denying this, not even thinking her mother was violent or whatsoever.
The problem isn’t “who was wrong, who was right”, the thing is that Maria doesn’t hold any grudge for the very reason that she didn’t see her mother doing this but someone else.
From this point, we can see something really important: not only Maria loves her mother that much (contrary to her behavior in Episode 1), but “cannot” recognize her under this state.

Thus, with this observation and Rosa saying “I did it again…”, we can conclude that Rosa’s abusive behavior isn’t something rare and that it is utterly useless: so far, Maria never displayed an “understanding” behavior, she was accepting, but that doesn’t mean she even “understood” the reason of this, except “an evil witch possessed her mother”.
Ergo, it is saddening to see such relationship that unstable, because Maria doesn’t learn at all, while Rosa fails to see the problem and lets loose her frustration like a bomb: by no mean such abuse is anything educating, and considering Maria’s response to this, it is clear it doesn’t fix anything.

And also something interesting: during her tantrum, Rosa says this during the tantrum in the train “this is because of this uu-uu that you cannot make any friends!! this is because of this that papa’s travel doesn’t end!! this is because of this that I…!!”.
If we link what Jessica said in the VN back in Episode 1 (that Rosa wanted to have remarriage but Maria was an obstacle to this), it becomes natural to accept Jessica’s conclusion: Rosa doesn’t love Maria, she is “trying” to do so.

And this is where I started to think about this when I’ve read that in Episode 2 for the first time: who said Rosa became abusive towards Maria over time because of the uu-uu and witch things? What if… it is because Rosa is trigger happy that Maria saw in her a witch and everything started from this point?
As you probably see, Rosa is like a boiling kettle, but instead of being able to rationalize or vent her anger into something more productive or less damaging, she yells quite easily and resorts to violence at the very first degree.

As I said, not especially important to the plot, but I think it was relevant to anyone’s understanding, in order to give the appropriate character depth that Maria has (as many people are just saying “she is dumb and annoying with her uu uu, someone smacks her!”). Probably one of the least enviable situation for a child of that age.

II. 19th person

And here comes the reason why this episode was called “Early Queen Move”:
Battler’s attempt to prove it isn’t the witch’s doing becomes extremely fragile if the said witch shows up.
And this is where things might get ugly: a woman looking exactly like Beatrice has shown up.

However, like I explained in my summary… is it really a disadvantage though? Let’s think about it:
In Episode 1, there were several murders that are very bizarre without an additional person on Rokkenjima: Kanon’s murder (since everyone’s whereabouts are “known”), the last twilights etc.
Of course we can speculate the “false death” and the like, but this isn’t to Battler advantage because it will make him doubt of his relatives: if it is one of the 18, it means someone he knows was a downright psycho, killing lots of people and would even fake their death for this gruesome deed.

Therefore, a 19th person is really not a problem, it makes things easier for him.

You probably will say that “but, she used magic!”.
Let me be blunt: is that magic?
If we take the stance of Anti Fantasy, we have to start the reasoning from the premises that it is a human doing. If it is so, would you believe in golden butterflies?
I’m sure you won’t, so that means there is some trick, or if people are hallucinating (drugs, PTSD, etc).
What is even more suspicious is that Maria was closing her eyes. Thus she couldn’t see what happened. Of course, Rosa was there, but she wasn’t right in front of her, so she might have been tricked: that’s like your usual magical show, with magician pulling a rabbit from the hat or changing an item to flowers while it is mid-air. If Beatrice knows how to use sleight of hand and the likes, giving the illusion wouldn’t be impossible, especially that Maria gave her the exact same candy.
So: is there ANY proof that Beatrice didn’t exchange her own candy Maria’s just given her, with Maria’s?

Hence, at this point, there is no reason to think there is a witch on Rokkenjima. A human did this, and that is pretty clear.

III. Witch

Now, the last scene might be even more puzzling with the assertion that there is no witch.
In the chapel, Krauss, Natsuhi, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolf, Kyrie and Rosa admitted the existence of the witch.

But, wait… what if it is again not what it “should” be?
For instance… what if Beatrice has shown them something that made them surrending like this?
What I mean is that: their reactions were more like resignation and not downright surprise. They weren’t exactly consternated, but they were kinda like having trouble to admit, as if it was painful or frustrating to do so.

Therefore, it is more something they can’t fight back on an event footing than a real supernatural being before them. Eva’s behavior and voice were really hinting this conveyed feeling.

Thus, what if the words used were some kind of metaphor? What if “Beatrice” has shown something completely uncredible that it is difficult to consider someone “human”?
Example… the gold? Kyrie did call her the “alchemist councelor”, so it has to be about the gold. But would you really think someone is “normal” to have gold to display out of nowhere?
This is what we can call a “witch”, a metaphor for someone doing something seemly out of one’s reality. It is rather convenient since the legend of Rokkenjima is about the existence of a witch that had bestowed 10t gold to Kinzo.
Therefore, someone being able to do the same on Rokkenjima are worth to be called “Beatrice, the witch”.

Again, it is too early to think it “might” be a witch behind all of this. And even if something looks completely out of the place, it should be better to speculate all angles possible.


My apologies for being so late. I was extremely busy recently and now that I have exams, it is hard to keep everything as fast as I would like to be.
That said, I managed to finish this (albeit short, I will give you that) before the raw of 2-3 is released.
I hope this article will give you some reasoning about what is going on, even if it might not be so useful due to its shortness.


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  1. 1 Roger Pepitone August 20, 2009 at 12:21 pm

    IIRC, in Turn, Rosa snapping at Maria led to them missing the train, and Rosa later said the train was late; in Legend, Rosa also mentions that she was delayed because the train was late. I think a similar event occurred at the station.

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