C76: Umineko Fan’s loot!

1 week after the comiket 76, my parcel finally arrived and I couldn’t exactly remain calm upon the sight of the said box.
Well, for those who are still waiting for theirs or are just curious to see how the goods are, here you go:

Let’s start with the main dish: Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru, End of the golden witch.

As expected, it is now a jewel case, and we can assume the last Chiru episode will be a dvd case, like Episode 4.
From what you can tell with the cover, things are vastly different, with all characters displaying unfamiliar’s expressions.
I won’t spoil the name of the new character, but for those who are still not spoiled but still crippled by wrong assumption: no it isn’t Rika.

The main line at the back of the jacket basically means “The witch’s illusion is scattering”, using Chiru’s kanji. And as you will notice once you are reading Ep5, this statement is quite true.

For your instance, you need 1.9GB… yes, it IS big. And no, Episode 1-4 aren’t included. It is that big because of the BGM and the Arc.nsa. Remember that the episodes are small by themselves as script is all that matters with Episode.  Afterwards, you have the pictures and BGM that really take the cake.

Price: ¥1500 (approximately €11 / $16)

Next is Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Music Box Red

This is essentially all tracks done by zts for the first 4 Episode. You will obviously find the legendary Goldenslaughterer, Worldendominator, Miragecoordinator and Dreamdenddischarger.
But you have the rest of the good stuff, such like death, dive to emergency etc. There are 4 new tracks that will be listed with a * below.

This album really shows how zts is really not someone to be summarized with techno only (wingless is quite the example for that). This is even more true with some BGM from Episode 5, like discolor (that one is truly a heartcrusher).

Price: ¥1500 (approximately €11 / $16)

Tracks List:

a1. cage
a2. longingly *
a3. movie passing by *
a4. witch in gold
a5. stupefaction
a6. play
a7. goldenslaughterer
a8. worldend (babypiano)
a9. suspicion
a10. voiceless
a11. dead angle
a12. worldend

b1. red leaf *
b2. worldenddominator
b3. far
b4. miragecoordinator
b5. haze
b6. apathy
b7. game *
b8. death (from stupefaction)
b9. dive to emergency
b10. wingless
b11. dreamdenddischarger

Next is Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Music Box Blue:

Yes, 13 pics for this album alone, because it is THAT awesome. For 2000 yens, not only there are 3 CD (for a grand total of 63 tracks (27 / 16 / 20) + 2 extra untitled track), but the package is really nice: the booklet is quite high quality and the illustrations are great.

Honestly, this is THE bargain among all Umineko goods if you ask me.

Price: ¥2000 (approximately €15 / $21)

Tracks List:

Disc 1

Trk01 Ride on
Trk02 夏の扉
Trk03 HANE
Trk04 Sea
Trk05 Towering cloud in summer
Trk06 白い影
Trk07 hope
Trk08 mind
Trk09 Core
Trk10 Requiem
Trk11 Oku
Trk12 Answer
Trk13 moon
Trk14 ablsolution
Trk15 天国の階
Trk16 happiness of marionette(short)
Trk17 ひだまり
Trk18 踊る煙管
Trk19 月うさぎの舞踏
Trk20 prison
Trk21 mother
Trk22 Melting away
Trk23 soul of soul
Trk24 生まれてきてくれてありがとう
Trk25 失楽園
Trk26 翼
Trk27 happiness of marionette

Disc 2

Trk01 TSUBASA(PinoMix)
Trk02 久遠
Trk03 Over
Trk04 さくたろうの頑張り物語
Trk05 風
Trk06 オラー
Trk07 Revolt
Trk08 mortal stampede
Trk09 Sun
Trk10 Hopeless
Trk11 Dir
Trk12 エンドレスナイン
Trk13 Future
Trk14 くるり
Trk15 Tsubasa (Vocal:片霧烈火)
Trk16 あの日に触れたくて short Ver

Disc 3

Trk01 泣かないで
Trk02 believe
Trk03 古時計
Trk04 6日への扉
Trk05 命のパン
Trk06 Black knight
Trk07 human’s room
Trk08 真っ赤なサンタのオクリモノ
Trk09 生まれてきてくれてありがとう
Trk10 おもちゃ箱
Trk11 Witch’s room
Trk12 魔女の居ない世界
Trk13 Run
Trk14 Checkmate
Trk15 Hello your dream
Trk16 Final answer (short)
Trk17 Tomorrow
Trk18 明日の夢 (Vocal:佐倉かなえ)
Trk19 泣かないで (Vocal:佐倉かなえ)
Trk20 Discode VersionⅣ

Third shall be: Umineko Motion Graphic vol. 5, なかい君と嘆きの幻想 (You who don’t cry and the illusion of bewailing).

I can’t exactly compare since I don’t own any UMG before this one, but considering it includes all UMG before the “best of” one, I thought it was also a good pick.
The movie DVD obviously have all the 5 UMG, while the music disc has… well, all tracks, with obviously more for this release.
Please note there isn’t any wallpaper in this release (or I really failed in finding them…).

Price: ¥2000 (approximately €15 / $21)

Tracks List:
01. intro
02. 幻耀の蝶
03 imaginary waltz
04. アラガイシモノ
05. 迷哭恋鎖
06. たった一つだけ
07. 信念の灯火
08. アンヴィバレンス
09. 我が声よ光となりて届け
10. 空に、走る
11. この愛を継ぐ
12. 惜日
13. sacred promise
14. 巡りゆく時
15. 楽園 -fantasm-
16. この愛を継ぐ arrange mix ver
17. outro

Considering my war funds, I couldn’t exactly afford -45 and pre-holder albums, unfortunately.
Well, if it was only for the aforementioned umineko stuff, I wouldn’t have much trouble, but I had something else that was patiently waiting for me before C76…

And for those who have noticed from the very first picture, yep it is Key 10th anniversary memorial box. Quite a gigantic case that I’ve covered in this animesuki thread.
Since a lot of people already have made pictures of the said set, I guess putting my covers and something more original would be better:

There were an insane amount of alternative jackets that it was at times very difficult. For your instance, aside of the ME edition jacket, there were: 3 kanon, 5 air (LOL?), 3 clannad, 1 planetarian, 1 TA, 4 LB. That’s quite a choice if you ask me, and it was kinda difficult for LB one (3 were quite good, but I favored the whole gang one).

The user book was surprisingly full of stuff. I thought it was just a book that would simply have the usual installation guidelines etc, but there were also a full chronology (game release, OST, anime etc), a rough gallery, some fan polls and comments from the staff.

And speaking of polls, here are 2 interesting categories:
Game Ranking:
1) Clannad: 17147 points
2) Little Busters! Ecstasy: 11739 points
3) Air: 4797 points
4) Little Busters!:4069 points
5) Kanon:2743 points

Characters Ranking
01) Sakagami Tomoyo (Clannad / Tomoyo After): 4160 points
02) Furukawa Nagisa (Clannad): 3822 points
03) Tokido Saya (Little Busters! Ecstasy):3315 points
04) Kamio Misuzu (Air): 2938 points
05) Fujibayashi Kyou (Clannad):2782 points
06) Noumi Kudryavka (Little Busters!): 2652 points
07) Natsume Kyousuke(Little Busters!):2392 points
08) Ibuki Fuuko (Clannad): 1833 points
09) Natsume Rin (Little Busters!): 1703 points
10) Futaki Kanata (Little Busters! Ecstasy): 1534 points

Yep, Kyousuke managed to break his way through this army of bishoujo, earning the king place of 7th, even beating his own sister by this process XD.

Considering the price, it was really a good opportunity, especially when it is a chore to get games like Planetarian. And it would probably become collector as soon it got delivered to everyone who preordered it, since it won’t be sold like your usual VN, thus you can expect ridiculous price on Yahoo auctions (things like 4000-5000 yens for only one feature  is quite common).

Price: ¥15970 (approximately €118/ $169)

And all of a sudden, it makes the total already hurtful, doesn’t it?
But wait, there is the fundamental spent money that no one can go around it (well, 1 exception): the so horrifying shipping fee.
In my case, ALL of my loot were in a parcel (because I really don’t feel like paying twice, just because the memorial box got released 2 weeks before C76…), and EMS is nothing close to be cheap.
4010g (roughly 8.82 lbs), so nothing to sneeze at…

Price: ¥8600 (approximately €64/ $91)

So yeah, my wallet is screaming agony after dishing out ¥31570 (€234/ $334), but I’m quite happy otherwise.
Even counting the scary shipping fee, it still makes everything “cheap” compared to their value (especially for a fan/collector’s perspective). So I can say I have no regret with this, and it will just pile up with my other Higurashi and Umineko goods.

For those who are still hesitating or curious, please don’t hesitate to ask questions or request additional pictures (though I won’t make every damn angle of X item heh…)


6 Responses to “C76: Umineko Fan’s loot!”

  1. 1 tsukumo August 25, 2009 at 5:05 am

    Oh wow that’s great loot!
    And that booklet for the music box blue is awesome aswell.

    I can’t wait for an upload of the UMG5!

    Thanks for sharing ♥

  2. 2 Keriaku August 25, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    So is there any good english site, or method for an english speaker, to buy all of the above Umineko goods? I need atleast EP5 (easiest to find), Musicbox Blue and UMG vol. 5 hopefully 😀

  3. 3 klashikari August 26, 2009 at 6:59 pm

    Unfortunately, you will have more chance with a japanese deputy company, because the goods are doujin, so not in your usual online shops that ship internationally.

    try this site:

  4. 4 Justib September 21, 2009 at 10:02 pm

    I have a question about the Umineko Red & Blue music boxes
    Comparing the tracks from the music boxes to those of the sound novel, are these tracks re-orchestrated or are they just the original tracks being sold in a CD package?
    I’m looking to buy them regardless

    My gosh what a terrible shipping fee!

    Thanks for your time ^^

  5. 5 klashikari September 23, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    It would take a lot of time for me to listen them again and compare, but if my memories don’t fail that much, I think very few tracks are remixed (I think none of the Red music box were).

    That said, you can notice a better quality, in contrast with the ogg, but I’m not really an expert.
    Basically, it is your solid CD for the tracks with some bonus.

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