Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Episode 2-5: Accept

The servants are unable to explain what horror just happened, which makes the situation more difficult than it is already. Torn by so many difficulties, Battler has no choice but…


The servants hastly reported what happened to Kumasawa and Nanjo. However, because of such shock, Gohda is unable to explain what really happened, much to Rosa’s irritation. George asks the details to Shannon and she explains they came from the backdoor. Annoyed by this vague answer, Rosa wants to know the identity of the murderer but Gohda doesn’t help much, describing them with a very deep wound.
Fed up, Rosa yells but Gohda is still unable to tell the identity of the killer. Rosa gives up and asks Genji, as he is still “calm”.
Genji states that at first it was Kanon. Upon hearing this, Rosa is hysterically claiming she was right, sounding victorious but George noticed how Genji expressed himself “at first”. Genji isn’t able to explain what exactly happened either, just “he” appeared, killed Kumasawa and Nanjo, then disappeared. At this point it was definitely not Kanon, which Gohda confirms right away in his panic.
Rosa has enough with this and wants to check the corpses.

I always loathed Rosa before, but the way how they made Koshimizu talking here doesn’t make it better (not in a bad way mind you, it is intended obviously). I will cover it in the analysis, but as you can see, Rosa is quite abnormal considering the circumstances.
As far as I liked how Gohda’s seiyuu was conveying Gohda’s horror, the animation did NOT follow it. Sure, Gohda was at times shaking, looking at his hands and hanging his head. But the rest (major) of the time, he is just as straight as a stick, even when the voice isn’t exactly calm.

Gohda unlocks the door of the servants’ room, but much to their surprise and horror, there is no corpse, only blood.
Gohda confirms the door was indeed locked so things turn exactly the same than Jessica’s murder.
Battler still thinks that even if Kanon was the culprit, he couldn’t lock it, however Rosa reminds him that he could since Nanjo was the one who had his key.
Rosa mentions there was a letter left here and reads: once again, it is “Beatrice”, claiming it is useless to look after her as the only way to stop her is to solve the riddle. Furthermore, “she” mentions she “borrowed” Kumasawa and Nanjo’s corpses for the ceremony and returning back Kanon and Kumasawa’s master keys.

At this very moment, Meta Battler breaks the flow of the scene and is pissed off to see yet another situation that leave no other choice than the servants being the culprit(s).
Meta Battler realized there is another way to open/lock this door, the key of the servants’ room but Beatrice cuts him short with the red truth.

Meta Battler is on the verge of giving up and Beatrice beckons him to acknowledge her, as she can create any kind of closed room with her magic.

This scene was… rather dull. It is supposed to be a major blow for Meta Battler, since there is a supposed theory that could supplement the “no magic, no family/servant culprit” with Jessica’s case and this one: someone is hiding.
Normally, Meta Battler was using this one for Jessica’s murder, and Beato didn’t say it in red, so Meta Battler had some confidence. Then, when it is this said scene, Beato crushes him with “there is no one hiding!!!”, and even saying in red it is the same for Jessica’s room. Which is the main reason why Battler was crumbling: it isn’t he is lacking of options, but his best one was demolished twice in a single move, which is the main vector of “surrender” for him.

Back to the gameboard. Rosa believes everything is clear and what happened was just a farce. Of course, the rest of the survivors are startled by what she is saying and Rosa claims that Kumasawa and Nanjo aren’t dead but are just hiding in the mansion. Gohda is pleading that none of them could lie, but Rosa states that as long they don’t find the corpses there is no guarantee the rest of the servants aren’t wolves.
Being sure they could have been bribed, Rosa points her gun after Shannon’s protest, ranting how she could betray the family after 10 years of service.
As result, Shannon breaks in tears but Genji intervenes, agreeing with Rosa that they can’t prove what they claimed unless they find the corpses. Then, Genji puts down his master key, stating that this key represents the trust he had earned, so if he happens to lose it, it is only natural for him to give the key back to the Ushiromiya.
Such dignifed act impresses everyone, Rosa included. Following Genji’s decision, Shannon and Gohda also put down their respective master keys, which are then put in Maria’s bag.

Shannon cries then, pouf end. Seriously, where is the real shock of being dragged to the dirt despite she sacrificed 10 years of her life for the Ushiromiya? I expected them to make her collapse for a short while, instead of her sobbing then cleared away by Genji like that.
Oh yeah, did I mention I so loathe Rosa?

Rosa is pretty satisfied by this turn of events, but Maria sneets at it, since keys and locks are useless when witches are involved. Rosa is annoyed by Maria’s creepy behavior, but Battler prevents her to slap her daughter.
Dejected, Battler states Maria was right and hugs her, apologizing for doubting her. Unable to bear the strife between the survivors, Battler admits the existence of the witch. Maria is touched by Battler’s acceptation and comforts him. As she is suggesting they should only think about the epitaph, Battler agrees they shouldn’t have looked after the culprit. Then, Maria kisses him on the cheek.

Maria again looks like a gremlin, period.
That said, they conveyed nicely how Battler is giving up, but again… since they really butchered Episode 1, it is hard to see a big attachement from Battler towards his family and servants. Thus, I think with the anime context only, Battler’s feelings are kinda forced, which shouldn’t be the case unfortunately.
At least, they gave a nice touch to Maria’s comforting behavior, though the kiss was… I dunno, it was kinda odd to me, especially how she was staring at Battler before doing so.

Genji tells Rosa that from now on, none of the servants will enter in the parlor without permission and he asks her to lock the door from the inside. Touched by such dedication despite the heavy accusation upon the servants, Rosa hopes they can be trusted “when the seaguls cry”.
George decides to go with them and they are heading to the kitchen. As the servants are now away, Rosa smirks, declaring furniture cannot be trusted, much to Battler’s surprise. She doesn’t believe one bit there are only 5 master keys, therefore there is no way tot rust them even if they gave their master keys. Battler is indignant to see his aunt trampling on the servants’ good faith.
As Rosa just disregards it, Battler can only scream in frustration.

…Which is shared by Meta Battler who has enough of this, asking Beatrice to appear and prove to Rosa there are only 5 keys. However, this is exactly what Beatrice wants and she asks Meta Battler to become her furniture in exchange.

I didn’t expect them to drag about the “when the seagulls cry” line, and this is yet something that is draggin this episode I guess (for some reason, it really sound more draggy, a bit like last week).
Finally we got that ugly side of Rosa being exposed. She needs a therapy big time.
Meanwhile, again a good way how they portrayed Battler but… you know what’s funny? He sounded much more emotional and angsty in this scene, compared to the first twilight in both Episodes… As if he was more emotionally struck by the servants’ good faith being trampled instead of Rudolf and Kyrie’s death…

Finally, where is the whole “you are incompetent” and Beato taunting Meta Battler? *Sigh*

At the kitchen, the servants explained everything they have seen to George who obviously have hard time to believe as well.
Shannon explains why she used some spider web but also the fact she destroyed the sacred mirror a year ago, which is probably the reason why evil spirits are now set loose in Rokkenjima.
George determined that Beatrice’s powers were weakened by the mirror, and speaking of which, Shannon remembers that Natsuhi has a mirror similar to this one.
George then suggests everyone to get the mirror, but since it is in Natsuhi’s room, they have no way to get it unless they find Natsuhi’s key which might be on her corpse.
Surprisingly, Genji decides to stay despite how the situation is dangerous for any isolated person. Even so, Genji decided to remain in the mansion, should Kinzo call on him.

As George, Shannon and Gohda leave, Genji senses something wrong and swiftly throws a kitchen knife behind him, stabbing a golden butterfly.

The quality of this episode isn’t anything great and to see Shannon with yet another design makes me thing they really have too different animation teams. That reminds me how Maria looked too different in Episode 1-5 so to speak. At least, they kept assassin Genji!

Battler is trying to solve the epitaph with Maria, though he can’t remember what Beatrice would do if they happen to succeed. Maria explains it will terminate Beatrice’s ceremony and no more people will die. Of course, Battler wonders if it is true, as Beatrice might be after the gold. Maria pouts after that comment, stating clearly the gold was Beato’s to begin with. Because of that, Battler wonders what is the whole point of this game. Maria explains that magic requires risk. Thanks to this, Battler likens it to gamble, and that if you don’t risk anything, you can’t gain a lot, but on the other hand, the bigger the risk is, the bigger the pay off becomes.

Not sure if it was really necessary to keep this portion, but at least, it is a good reminder that “risk” is a big theme in Umineko’s mystery.

George’s group is in the chapel and Shannon fetches Natsuhi’s key in her corpse. All of a sudden, countless golden butterflies appear and assault Shannon. George manages to get her away from them and they rush to the door, however, the lock is stuck. Gohda is trying to fend off the butterflies but then is stunned to see something unreal: The Golden Witch, Beatrice, is floating above the table.
Shocked by this impossible scene, George regains his spirits and finally manages to unlock the door.

Why the butterflies around Gohda suddenly disappeared? It isn’t like ALL of them were gathering around Beatrice, seriously.
Again, good performance from Gohda’s seiyuu. Aside I didn’t feel much tension, because of the same generic BGM (Deen, how about red dread?)

And again, it seems one of DEEN animation team have a “nose-less” fetish with Beatrice.

George, Shannon and Gohda managed to get in Natsuhi’s room. In haste, they find a small box which probably contains the said mirror. However, they can’t open it. After hearing something, Shannon is worried about the door and Gohda checks the corridor. Much to his horror, he sees bunch of goat headed butlers coming. Struck in horror, Gohda quickly slams the door and begs George to hurry.
George tries his best with the paper knife, but it isn’t anything easy. In panic, Gohda locks the door, but weirdly enough, it unlocks immediately afterwards. After several attempts, it is no use, and Gohda cannot comprehend what is going on. Beatrice sneers at such futile efforts as result.
Without much option, Gohda use his whole body to block the door, which is heavily assaulted by the goat butlers from the other side.
However, after a little while, it stopped and instead, arms go through the door and embrace Gohda, horrified by this. Belzeebub, the stake of gluttony wonders if Gohda sees his life flashing before his eyes and then kills him, gouging him in the chest.
The fallen servant collapses on the ground, dead, and Beatrice enters in the room with her furniture, cackling in delight.

The chase was dull: why not using worldenddominator as soon as they run away? I mean it is plainly silent, it doesn’t really compliment the “tension”.
That said, Gohda was again awesome.
Meanwhile, Beelzebub first appearance was… not like I imagined. I mean, I would expected her to stretch her arm, then her whole upper body through the door, freaking Gohda even more, but heh.
Her voice is… very high pitched, but unlike Asmo’s, at least it doesn’t sound like she had breathed tons of helium (but I would rather expect it to have a more mature voice, instead of a borderline child/loli one).
As for the end of the episode… I think they really chosed the worst portion. I mean they literally break ONE scene into 2, which is a bad momentum break. So episode 11 will starts right with Shannon VS Beatrice, which isn’t exactly a good idea, considering the pace and the “tension” after Gohda’s death…


Overal Thoughts:

They managed to convey “emotions” here, though since they weren’t any good before, it just look disjointed. Battler wasn’t really convincing as a “anime stand alone” if you have to factor how emotionally numb everyone was before, even for the murders.
Funnily enough, despite they cut things, this episode was kinda dull and slow, which doesn’t help the end, breaking a scene with a horrible momentum break. I personally can’t imagine a non rushed episode 11 after this one.
This episode barely got a 7/10, considering they at least avoided disjointed scenes. That said, they did some weird cuts without having a pace that would leave enough time for Episode 11.

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