Gundam Antagonists And Sexual Deviancy (Do They Go Hand In Hand?)


The top right corner features the image in question that has sparked some pretty interesting discussion

A lot of people have expressed surprise and even shock at this picture of Alejandro and Ribbons hugging that has been inserted into the special edition volumes of Gundam 00 and with it a new layer on top of an implied gay relationship between the two main series villains.  It sort of doesn’t come as a surprise given how they talked to each other, but then while discussing this idea with a friend I started to think more about it and realized that maybe, just maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise in general.  As I looked back on the history of Gundam Villains I’ve started to notice in them what appeared to be at least one or more tendency’s towards a sexually deviant fetish or impulse, along with a tendency towards the sociopathy that most Gundam villains have been known to suffer from to a degree.  Consider the following that I came up with and maybe have a thought about it yourself and whether it is just sheer coincidence, me thinking to hard about it, or a clear and consistant pattern in building the personality of a Gundam Villains:

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Char’s Deleted Affair with a young Haman Khan

– Char is infamous for being an implied pedophile amongst a fair number of Gundam fans.  His most famous relationship has to have been with young newtype candidate Lalah Sune who would motivate him in much of his future action after his death and perhaps lead to the pedophilic tendencies (ala Humbert Humbert with his childhood crush who would be immortalized in his eyes as forever young and what he would be forever attracted too) in the first place with characters such as a young Haman Khan and of course Quess Pariya in Char’s Counterattack.


Aina Sahalin in the dress Ginneas picked out for her and made her wear for the Zeon ball.

-Ginneas Sahalin at times appears to have incestious tendencies towards his sister Aina Sahalin, and as another creepy layer to their sibling relationship almost comes across as associating her as the test pilot of his life’s work in the Aspsalus with the Apsalus itself, making you wonder what he was truly in love with.  Creepy….let’s move on…


Gato strikes a simultaneously heroic and flamboyant pose upon his return to Zeon with the Gundam GP-02A Physalis

– Anavel Gato and Aiguille Delaz both came up with the Operation Stardust plan together, but they almost treat it like it’s a personified concept that they gave birth too in how they relate to each other in their dialogues.  At one point Delaz even seems like he’s getting all flustered over Gato when he says in reply to Gato’s idealism and patriotism, “You’re words are like a pure stream of water flowing from the mouth of a clear river”.  What’s going on there I wonder….if you really want to know try doing a search for Anavel_Gato on Danbooru and see what you come up with.  What you find may disgust you.


Scirroco being penatrated by the Zeta Gundam whose pilot represents the opposite of Scirocco in his feminine emotional personality.

– Paptimus Scirocco is a man who manipulates women with his charm to do his bidding as the Machiavellian tribute character of Gundam, but he’s clearly only in love with one person and one person’s goals…himself.  Narcissism is Scirocco’s answer to the sexual deviancy tradition.  Also consider that Scirocco is like the ultimate male in Zeta Gundam, able to charm any woman he wishes and that his main rival is Kamille with his effeminate name and emotional temperment representing the feminine side of Gundam.  Also for whatever reason Scirroco feels like the next ruler of the world will be a woman, but never really states why or under what terms.  Weird sex and gender oriented ideals….or is it that he rejects gender and sex as important concepts as a Machiavellian who only believes in the pursuit of power except under the circumstances in which he can use sex and gender to further his rise to power and to sell his ideals to women who have felt betrayed and who are vulnerable like Reccoa Londe and Sarah Zabiarov.


Judau in over his head and Haman’s advance

– Haman Khan has a pet crush on Judau who is obviously much younger than him (Oneesama fetish?) that leads her to simultaneously resent him and want to be with him at the same time which ultimately leads to her breakdown near the end of the show.  Weird stuff….



– Iron Mask wears his mask as a symbol of his love of his life emasculating by marrying a baker instead and seems to be doing his whole genocide thing out of some sick twisted tribute to her.  Crux Dogatie of Crossbone Gundam also tries to destroy earth out of some twisted tribute to his dead wife who apparently loved Earth.  That one I can’t even begin to explain.


Katejina on top and in control

– Katejina Loos is all S&M with Uso and seems to want to dominate him, but of course he’s also the youngest Gundam protagonist period so it’s even weirder.  The most obvious aspect of her S&M tendencies towards Uso has to be when she embraces him and takes advantage of his feelings for her and then literally stabs him in the back and appears to get off on it.  What a yandere for the books.


Master Asia’s death pose with Domon is so legendary that it has even had bootleg dolls made of it in diorama format

– Master Asia and Domon have overly masculine tension towards each other as well as the whole East if Burning Red mantra and of course there’s Master Asia’s nature fetish (which ultimately lead to him siding with the Devil Gundam with his desire to use it to repair the environmental damage caused by the Gundam fights and his own macho desire to rise to the top in the last Gundam Fight, which ultimately overides all of his previous obligations in life and to Domon) as well as his now legendary death scene with Domon embracing him weeping in his arms with his hair now down and grieving his death during a trademark sunrise as text comes up on the screen to immortalize the scene.  Master Asia even dies with a smile on his face.  That’s more than even Rain got in the ending with the Love Love Tenkyoken depending on how you think about it.

Treize’s image song which pretty much sums up his romantic obsession with war as a thing of beauty

–  Treize is in love with the idea of war and romanticizes it as a thing of beauty in poetic monologues in almost every scene he is in.  Even his image song  “Stardust Soldiers” unlike your average one which is usually just a quick pop or rock song without to much grandeur is a six minute (a little bit longer actually) operatic perfomance, by his VA in character about the beauty of war and his place in it and is one for the books.  And what’s going on with him and his idolization of what the Gundam Wing boys stand for?  Hell what’s going on between him and Zechs with Zechs undying devotion to him as long as he carries that name?  I love the guy, but he has some bizarre fetishes and ways of associating them to other things.


The Frost Brothers, you can’t have one without the other and even when they are apart they share a psychic connection that means they might as well standing next to one another at all times.  Very close brothers indeed

– The Frost Brothers act almost incestuous and gay at times and apparently Olba has a massive inferiority complex with Tiffa Adil that leads him to speak the line that “he loves her enough to kill her” following his abduction of her from the Freeden.  When you consider this line in the context of The Frost Brothers being rejected from being Newtypes and instead being categorized as failures and that having become one and therefore recognized as something special was their original ideal goal, the scene takes on an even more bitter and intensely creepy nature.  Olba seems to associate Tifa in a sexualized manner as something he bitterly resents for being unable to be, but at the same time would love to be her.  Tiffa is therefore reduced in his eyes from a human being to a symbol of a desire that in fact has nothing to do with primal attraction whatsoever.  Very sociopathic….also consider that Shagia in the Virsago Chest Break rides on top of Olba in the Ashtaron Hermit Crab in order to fire a powerful satellite cannon shaped like a very long shaft.  Hmmm….


How Guin invisions Loran in his eyes as his idealized Laura Rolla

– Guin Lineford thinks Loran is a girl, and constantly refers to him as Lora and wants to see him dress up as a woman.  He borderline idolizes the guy, but it is him, or his ability to help him gain access and understanding of new technology for his ambition that he is really attracted to?  It’s almost as if to him Loran represents technology itself in his capacity as the pilot of the Turn A Gundam and Guin’s closest contact with the moonrace and their advanced knowledge and science.  Then of course there’s also Gym Ghinghnam who clearly gets off on the idea of fighting as a way of life, but unlike Treize there is no romanticization by Gym, he just lives for the fight like Akuma and Ryu of Street Fighter fame.

destiny32 (24)

Lord Djibril Mr. Black: “Gentleman….To Evil”

Lord Djibril Mr. Black from Gundam Seed Destiny gets off on genocide apparently and that pretty much just is his character.

I knew this would come in handy some day.  Speaks for itself really

– And then of course there’s Ribbons and Alejandro and their apparent gay relationship.  During the first season it’s Alejandro who constantly seems like he’s moving to be the one with the pants in their “partnership”.  He calls Ribbons his “little angel” and always feels he’s in charge and that Ribbons is following his orders and the lesser of the  two.  Of course we all know that Alejandro’s one motivation is greed, and that in calling Ribbons his “little angel” it is only in so much as Ribbons is his gateway to getting more power and wealth via control of Veda.  There’s also Alejandro’s fetish for Gold, which also symbolizes his lust for wealth and power.  Then there’s Ribbons who gets off on playing God during the second season, and clearly emasculates and pulls the pants right off of Alejandro, revealing that he has always been the one in control in their relationship.  Ribbons also seems to reject sex outright in his attempt to bring about the dawn of a new race of genetically sexless clones who will of course be born in test tubes rather than in the womb.  Homosexual, or just a eunuch or believer in eternal celibacy as the next stage of evolution which is his primary goal?

Feel free to add to or ponder these musings for yourselves as well as to share what you come up with.  Do you think it’s a clear pattern, or that it’s just another way of looking at the villains of Gundam from a more Freudian perspective?



6 Responses to “Gundam Antagonists And Sexual Deviancy (Do They Go Hand In Hand?)”

  1. 1 Epi September 15, 2009 at 6:30 am

    Well a lot of the core SEED villians were pretty normal.

    Like Athrun’s dad Patrick Zala who obviously had a wife.

    And then there’s Dillandual who had a thing with Talia.

    Not to mention all the faceless EA guys who seemed pretty normal.

    And of course there was what’s his face that tried to marry Cagali, he was pretty hetero if flamboyant.

    Azreal is the only other one who was weird (along with Djibril), but I dunno if he was a sexual deviant.

  2. 2 A.r. September 16, 2009 at 6:19 am

    I dunno, to me Ghinius and Aina aren’t incestuous, at least not physically. IMHO it’s more of a weirdass Oedipus-turned-sister complex that he has going on with her, which then gets turned inside-out when he sees her drifting away from him and he clings to the Apsaras as a last resort/defense mechanism.

    There’s a damn good reason it’s not a physical deviance in my fanmade backstory nonsense for him, too. Though in my thing I also have him drooling over Yuri (something that’s definitely *not* mutual on the other end) until their friendship sours in 0075 or so due to repeated asshatery from Ghinius (though he doesn’t see it that way). I also have him addicted to what’s basically Super Meth, heck, that’s actually the main source of said asshatery, though him acting like an ornery cat in heat humping Yuri’s leg and expecting him to White Knight for him on command didn’t help either.

    Oh God why my I leak my fangirl bullshit everywhere it doesn’t need to leak.

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  4. 5 hericbss December 8, 2013 at 12:38 pm

    How about Graham Aker?

  5. 6 piratekingray April 1, 2014 at 12:22 am

    Haman’s issues with Judau were more that his idealism reminded her of herself and was refreshing.

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