Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Episode 3-2: Gambit

Battler is learning more and more information regarding a possible 19th person on Rokkenjima. However, all his hopes are down to the drain as Beatrice smashes him with a deadly red truth.
The witch is still keeping the upper hand, and with this, the ceremony shall begin soon.

In a nutshell:
Rosa’s shocking revelation is explained further: around 20 years ago, Rosa was roaming in the forest after being scolded by her mother. By chance, she found another mansion, deep in the woods. Curious about it, she makes her way in and notices a woman in the rose garden. As Rosa approaches, the woman notices her, who is revealed to be no one else but Beatrice, the witch of the legend. They are acquainting each other but much to Rosa’s surprise, Beatrice seemed rather innocent. As Rosa reveals she never saw any wolf, even in a zoo, she explains what is a zoo to Beatrice. Upon hearing it, she likens the animals’ situation with hers, mentioning she is just human and wondering about the true purpose of her life.
After hearing such concern, Rosa beckons Beatrice to go beyond the fence and after Kinzo’s daughter insisted there isn’t any wolf, Beatrice is frantically looking forwards to it.
Meta Battler pauses the scene, dumbfounded by this weird story. Beatrice explains that this one is herself, but bound in a cage of flesh made by Kinzo. When she was summoned, Kinzo was in love with her and imprisoned her with a powerful barrier, forcing her to discard her body. As Meta Battler doesn’t pay heed to this fantasy tale, Beato leaves the scenery, irritated.
Since the young man is unable to understand the meaning of this, Ronove appears, explaining that she basically was given a life as human after Beatrice gave up her body.
Meta Battler is confused by Ronove’s sudden apparition, and the demon doesn’t wait much before telling him an unexpected revelation:
A hidden mansion called Kuwadorian does exist in the forest of Rokkenjima.
Startled by this, Meta Battler tries to get more confirmation, which Ronove proceeds with joy:
In 1967, Beatrice existed as a human in the hidden mansion on Rokkenjima.
Beatrice and Rosa were sightseeing the sea from a cliff, and after a little discussion, Beatrice fell from the cliff. Rosa quickly went down, but she was horrified to see Beatrice, lifeless and completely blood stained.
Beatrice, as a spirit, realized how she died, but then recovers her memories, remembering what Kinzo did to her.
Unable to bear the tragedy, Rosa ran away, though Beatrice saw it more like a revival.
Meta Battler is confused by the turn of the events, and Beatrice doesn’t wait long to confirm in red that this Beatrice died. As Meta Battler is stunned by this, Beato follows it up with a smashing red:
There exist no more than 18 persons on Rokkenjima.
Because of this red truth, Meta Battler’s stance crumbles altogether, forced to doubt one of the 18, which was out of question at the start.
Late at night on the 4th october, Shannon is still in the abor of the rosegarden, contemplating George’s proposal. However, she is joined by Genji and Kanon who received an urgent order to come back to Kinzo.
There, they witness an unexpected scene: Kinzo is facing the golden witch, Beatrice, in a chess game. The head of the Ushiromiya was utterly defeated, both by Beatrice in their chess game, but also by fate, as he was chosen as one of the first sacrifices.
As their master turns into ashes, Genji and Shannon are ready to share the similar fate. Although it bores her, Beatrice is however expecting a different reaction from Kanon, which happened as she predicted. Rebelling against such clockwork predicament, Kanon accepts Beatrice’s little challenge and faces the elder sister of purgatory: Lucifer. Both are fighting with their magical swords, but due to her arrogance, Lucifer of Pride is overwhelmed by Kanon’s unexpected strength and sheer determination. Although Kanon won against her, Beatrice cunningly insists she said “the seven sisters”, and thus, the other 6 arrive, cornering Kanon completely. However, Shannon decides to intervene and shields him, though it is futile. Before they are about to be tortured to death by the witch, Genji steps in and gives them a deserved rest, killing them painlessly. Although Beatrice is annoyed by this killjoy, Ronove respects Genji’s devotion and grants him a peaceful death as well, much to his master’s dismay.
Since there are 4 deaths, there are still 2 sacrifices required for the first twilight, hence the sisters of purgatory immediately chase after Gohda, who didn’t have the time to understand what was going on.
As the cook was taken down, the stakes are attacking their last prey: Kumasawa. However, unexpectedly, the old servant manages to repell them with ease. No matter how the sisters attack her, they can’t get through her very thick magical barrier. Nonchalant, “Kumasawa” asks them to bring her Beatrice, but the golden witch is already there, figuring already who it is.
Soon after that, “Kumasawa” transforms herself, and it is no one else but Beatrice’s teacher.


Overal Thoughts:

…I couldn’t wait for any better than this (well I’m exaggerating, but heh).
Honestly, I’m as pumped as I was for Episode 1-5: the adaptation was really an adaptation to its truest sense.
I was pretty much enjoying this episode, nodding each time new elements were unfolding.

For one, they allocated a very good pace and period for Rosa’s flashback, and Beatrice p0wning Battler with the deadly “no more than 18!” red line.
Kanon’s fight was pretty nice (albeit simple I will give you that), and it was rather a good way they introduced the sisters like this.
Speaking of which, Lucifer and Leviathan’s seiyuu are really pretty good (Leviathan sounds very deep, but I can see that it WILL fit her nicely, so long the whining is there, but the crying will be funny I guess), it is a shame we couldn’t hear Belphegor at this point.

Furthermore, they finally used more of the original BGM, especially hope for Beatrice and Rosa. To begin with, I don’t get why they didn’t use hope even once before this point: it is the flagship “peaceful” BGM that has many remix within the game soundtrack… it is basically umineko “you” track. Ah well…

That said, even though this episode was really marking a lot of points, there is still few flaws: quality only. I mean… there is a lot of awkward design here and there (Genji and Kanon looking for Shannon for example), and few things are questionable… I mean, what’s with Beatrice’s face (8th screencap)…? It doesn’t even match the voice or the context, it looks silly at best.
And… well, it is another type of humiliation, but they rather used another occasion for a big fanservice with Lucifer’s shirt (and her shirt sure restrain her chest…).
Anyway, they are minor, hence I will give it a 9/10. If they keep things like this, it will just make me very pleased, giving justice to this Episode.

*sigh* again quite belated, I hope I will catch up the anime soon (Yes, I know that 3/7 aired today). Next will be the dual analysis for Episode 3-1 and 3-2.

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